Weight rules could revoke finish

PARIS -- British driver Jenson Button could be disqualified and lose his third-place finish at the San Marino Grand Prix because his car was too light.

Race stewards ruled his BAR-Honda was within the weight rules,
but Formula One's governing body said Monday it was appealing the
decision. Regulations state that any car under the weight limit
should be disqualified. The International Court of Appeal will hear
the case in Paris on May 4.

Button placed third behind Fernando Alonso's Renault and Michael Schumacher's Ferrari at Imola, Italy, on Sunday. It was the first time this season he finished a race.

Button's car was held for several hours at the track before it was allowed to leave and the race results declared official.

Disqualification and the loss of the six points would be a blow for Button, who has failed to follow up on last year's impressive performances. He finished 2004 with 85 points, third behind Ferrari drivers Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello. He was a career-best second behind Schumacher at last year's San Marino GP.