New 'SS' model will debut at Daytona

INDIANAPOLIS -- Chevrolet will debut an all-new Monte Carlo SS race car for NASCAR Nextel Cup and Busch Series competition in 2006.

The new car
will carry the legendary name and heritage of the "SS" line, relating to
a powerful, new V-8-powered production Monte Carlo SS that is making its debut on the 50th Anniversary of the introduction of the Chevrolet Small Block V-8 engine.

"We've won races in Monte Carlos for years, and it's exciting that we'll have a brand new one to race next year," said four-time Cup champion Jeff Gordon. "The new car looks to be even faster than the one we have this year and I can't wait to get a chance to race it. These cars are so fun and fast to race, and it's great that fans will now be able to come even closer to that experience with the new small block V-8 in the Monte Carlo SS."

The new race car was developed over a 14-month period using the full complement of engineering and design tools available to the people at GM Racing and Chevrolet.

"We worked with all our Chevy teams to get their input on how to make a
better race car, and I believe that shows in our new Monte Carlo SS,"
said Pat Suhy, GM Racing group manager for NASCAR racing. "We spent a lot of hours in our wind tunnel, coast-down test facility and on racetracks to make the Monte Carlo even better. Having the SS name on our new race car is important as it directly relates to the high-performance SS that the thousands of Chevy race fans can buy for the street."

The new race car retains the overall dimensions of the 2005 model, based on the sport's requirements. NASCAR continues to emphasize retaining stock dimensions, which means a good body design is essential for success in stock car racing.

"I believe that in key areas we're able to work with our production
counterparts to ensure that the race car is as good as it can be within
the boundaries defined by NASCAR," said Suhy. "This shows in the front end design which retains some key characteristics that made Monte Carlo a winner and allows us to improve the race version even further. This should allow our teams to enjoy continued success across at tracks where we've historically been successful."

The car will make its competition debut next February in Daytona.