eBay pulls Gordon helmet after bids top $10 million

Robby Gordon's helmet is no longer available.

Online auction site eBay pulled the item on Wednesday afternoon after bids topped $10 million.

"We do pay attention when bidding gets out of control," said eBay spokesman Hani Durzy.

The helmet was worn by Gordon during Sunday's Sylvania 300 at the New Hampshire International Speedway. An angry Gordon threw the helmet at Michael Waltrip's car after the two got into an accident. Proceeds from the helmet were supposed to generate money for the Harrah's Employee Relief Fund, which is raising money for Harrah's employees who have been affected by Hurricane Katrina.

A statement on RobbyGordon.com read: "It is our hope that the auction will resume in a relatively short period of time. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding in our efforts to raise money for the Harrah's Employee Relief Fund."

Durzy said that another reason the site pulled the auction down is because it violated eBay's charity listing policy. eBay requires that sellers either include a letter from the charity or that the organization is among eBay's list of charities.

"People started asking me almost immediately after the race if
they could have my helmet, and rather than just giving it away,
we'll use it to raise more money," Gordon told The Associated Press. "Obviously I'm
still angry about getting wrecked intentionally, but at the end of
the day I still have a house to go home to which is a lot more than
a lot of people can say."

Gordon was fined $35,000 and stripped of 50 points for the incident. He was also placed on probation for the rest of the season. Gordon has reportedly made a $20,000 contribution to the Harrah's fund and is making a 10 percent contribution from the sale of Harrah's racing merchandise and collectibles on his Web site and from track-side sales.

Darren Rovell, who covers sports business for ESPN.com, can be reached at Darren.rovell@espn3.com.