Q & A with director Bob Mandel:

Q: Talk about the shoot in general (ie - how it went, surprises, best performances, etc.)

A: The best performance, of course, was Brian's. I was surprised that several of the basketball players who had never acted became very good actors, very quickly.

Q: How would you compare this to other films you've worked on?

A: The challenge of this movie was making 200 or 250 extras look like a crowd of five thousand or so. Also, of course to be as authentic as possible with the basketball plays.

Q: Brian Dennehy seems like a nice guy. How did you get him riled up enough to lose it like Knight?

A: He's very well prepared and didn't need "riling up." But, keeping him waiting for very long periods of time could have done the trick.

Q: Dennehy didn't choke anybody on the set did he?

A: No. Although I hear ESPN.com's "The Sports Guy" wore a neck brace, just in case, when he went to his trailer for the interview... (Click here for The Sports Guy's interview with Brian Dennehy)

Q: What's the best memory you'll take away from this project?

A: Without a doubt, watching Brian Dennehy's performance and his respect for the craft of acting.

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