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Wednesday, November 15
Updated: January 26, 12:37 PM ET
Q & A with Barbara Fusar-Poli

ABC Sports

Fusar-Poli & Margaglio

At the start of the ISU season, Barbara Fusar-Poli sat down with ABC Sports to talk a bit about her recent wedding and expectations heading into the season. Fusar-Poli, along with her skating partner, Maurizio Margaglio, won the silver medal at the 2000 World Championships and are the current reigning seven-time Italian champions in Ice Dance.

ABC Sports: So you got married this past summer. Can you tell us about the day, the ceremony and how special it was for you and your husband?

Barbara Fusar-Poli: So, the ceremony and the day was nice, because it was sunny day. Uh. But the night before was raining, like crazy. And I didn't sleep, because I was watching every moment to see if the weather would change. But it was very nice. I remember when I was in my bedroom putting on my dress, my mom told me that there was a knock at the door. I opened the door and my father saw me for first time, with the dress on. And he was crying.

I said, "No, please, don't cry" - because I had already had on my make-up - and, my mascara was going to run and it was dark. So they put my makeup on again, for the second time. And, when I got out of the car at the church, he opened the door of my car. He was crying again, and my make-up got messed up again. So I had to have my make-up put on maybe three or four times. But the people helping me through this were nice.

There was a lot of people in the church, some friends, some journalists, but nothing special. All the Italian world of figure skating was there. And I was happy. I remember when we came outside after the ceremony, after the rides and everything - the people were outside holding signs with 6.0. on it. And, uh, you nice, and all, uh, sign like this. And I remember it was happy, happy days. Yeah, it was - was, uh, day. It was funny. And I am very happy now.

ABC Sports: Did the win at Skate America last season boost your confidence, because the year before, you were always struggling with the Russians, and you had four teams ahead of you. How did you approach your season, starting with Skate America?

Fusar-Poli: Of course, we were happy in Skate America. It was, really a surprise, in Skate America because we were second after, compulsory and original. And we came in first, after the finale. But I remember it was nice, because we were there but my coach was in hospital, because during the night, she had the start of a heart attack. She was sleeping with in my bedroom and it was a total shock. I hadn't slept all night. It was not nice.

We finished the competition, the free program and we went to the dressing room. After the Russian couple skated people came up to me and said, "You first," you know, like - everybody was in surprise, because we beat a Russian cuople for the first time. And for us it's like, you know, "The Russians?" It was just strange, but we were so happy.

ABC Sports: What did it mean for you last year at Worlds, to come in second, and win the Silver Medal, and stand on the podium, for the first time.

Fusar-Poli: It was new, you know, because it was first time, and it was the World Championships. But for me, I remembered it mostly as an emotional experience. It was wonderful to be first at Skate America, because it was the first time with the surprise and everything also, you know? The World Championship was not as surprising, because I did win before in the European. It was just different competition - but it was the same result. Of course, more, because it was second in the World. But I have to tell you, my feeling was better when I was first, than second.

The night before, when I was first, the feeling was better. So I was feeling, like, "Hey, I am first in the World, you know?" But I am in France, so I have to be careful. But it was funny. Yeah. But I was really am with emotional. I was more emotional in Skate America. I started to cry at Skate America.

ABC Sports: What are your goals - you and Maurizio - what are you goals for this season, with your skating?

Fusar-Poli: Are you really asking me about our dreams?

ABC Sports: Sure.

Fusar-Poli: We finished last season, in the second place. So we have to do better? Just first place, you know? That's our dream. It's why we work - because we want to be first. So we are working for this. Of course, it's, you know, competition. We don't know now what will happen, but we are just working to be first - in every competition. So, that's the way. And, of course, it's difficult, I know. You may not want to listen to what I have told you now, but it is ours to imagine.

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