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Monday, January 8
Updated: March 1, 10:58 AM ET
Q & A with Maurizio Margaglio

ABC Sports

Fusar-Poli & Margaglio

At the start of the ISU season, Maurizio Margaglio sat down with ABC Sports to talk a bit about his love for family and expectations heading into the season. Margaglio, along with his skating partner, Barbara Fusar-Poli, won the silver medal at the 2000 World Championships and are the current reigning seven-time Italian champions in Ice Dance.

ABC Sports: Last year was a significant year for you and your partner, Babara Fusar-Poli. You got on the podium at the Worlds and it was definitely history making for Italian skating. What was going through your mind when you were going into Worlds? How did you mentally focus, for the championships, to get you that medal?

Maurizo Margaglio: Our season last year was amazing, and it was very surprising for us. To start in Skate America last year was quite fantastic because we were there against the Russians, and they were before us. It was a very hard situation for us. We skated wonderfully.

We won Skate America. That was the big, big surprise for us. That victory gave us a lot of confidence in ourselves. Of course, you work years to have this kind of result. But, in ice dance, you know that you have to wait until you have more passions. Last year was really surprising for us. Then, of course, during the season, we started to understand and to believe that we were really good -- it was very strange for us.

We didn't start with this idea, in September. But we changed this, after October. After Skate America, we started to think that we can go to the podium, really. There was more and more confidence for us. Of course, at the World Championships, it was a very hard situation for us because we were in Russia.

ABC Sports: One of your coaches moved to the States. It seems everyone is moving to the United States for different reasons whether it's facilities, freedom, money. How come you and Barbara did not go to the States and train?

Margaglio: We talk, Barbara and I, about that, many times. But, we decided that for us, it's better to stay in Italy, and to go sometimes in United States. That's because we have two beautiful coaches here, too and they can follow us, 24 hours a day. But now, we go often to United States, doing shows, and people are starting to call us. We have a lot of things to do in Europe now, too. So we don't want to really change our life here. And we are feeling great. We are growing up every year. There is no reason to change. But for us, it's different. Our coaches are still coaching in Milan. So, for us, it's natural to stay here.

ABC Sports: Was it important for you to stay near your family? Was that an important factor when you made the decision?

Margaglio: Of course. The family was one of the most important reasons that we stayed in Italy. Maybe this was more important to Barbara than I, but it is still very important. I think she wants to be close to her family. It makes her feel more confident. I would like to go to United States, but I am skating with Barbara and I can't do a crazy thing, like leave her here and go alone to United States. That would make no sense. So I said, "OK, I love my family, too. I love my city. And I can stay here." It was fine.

ABC Sports: You and Barbara are very lucky that you have coaches that can be with you all the time, and have a good facility. That's unusual, isn't it? The fact that you practically skate on an ice surface, almost by yourself.

Margaglio: Yes, that's true. Our ice rink is in a city in the mountain. And they give us the facilities for the entire summer, every year. They give us five hours on the ice, conditioning, the gym, pool, ballet ... everything. So we have to thank them. And, of course, in Milan, we have a very nice ice rink, and we can skate every day there. That rink is a huge facilities. But, this is after many years. I mean, we gained these privileges with our good results competing and everything. Now we are kind of a symbol for this ice rink. So we are helping each other. We help them by doing shows with them, and doing a lot of stuff in the ice rink. And they are giving us hours of free ice time.

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