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Saturday, March 24, 2001
Men's World Championship flashbacks

ABC Sports Online thought it would be interesting to take you back over the recent memories of the Men's competition at the World Championships. Take a moment to reflect on some of the moments that led to this year's World Championships in Vancouver, Canada.

2000: Yagudin makes it three straight
While his chief competitors faltered, Russian Alexei Yagudin kept his nerve, hitting two quadruples in an expressive free program to win his third consecutive world figure skating title. Elvis Stojko of Canada finished second despite falling on his opening quadruple. And American Michael Weiss won his second bronze with just six triple jumps -- perfectly respectable in the pre-quad era not so very long ago, but not exactly what he had planned.

1999: Yagudin retains world title
Alexei Yagudin used his quad to create the difference between him and Evgeny Plushenko to win the championship. American champion Michael Weiss took the bronze medal. Weiss grazed the ice with his free leg on his quad attempt, not getting credit for it. Another American, Tim Goebel, completed the first quad salchow-triple toe loop in a world championship and came in 12th.

1998: Yagudin edges Eldredge for men's crown
It might be the beginning of a long championship journey for Alexei Yagudin. And it might not be the end of the road for Todd Eldredge. Yagudin became the second-youngest man to win the World Figure Skating Championship on Thursday night. He edged Eldredge, even though the five-time American champion outskated the 18-year-old Russian in the free skate.

1997: Stojko wins men's title at world championships
Elvis Stojko of Canada regained the men's title at the 1997 World Figure Skating Championship by using a quadruple-triple combination to rally from fourth place. Stojko completed the quad-triple combination, the same history-making combination he did at the Champions Series final. He also added seven more triple jumps in a routine that earned him a perfect 6.0 from one judge.

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 Alexei Yagudin wins his second World Championship in 1999 (Courtesy: ABC Sports)
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 Alexei Yagudin wins the 1998 World Championship (Courtesy: ABC Sports)
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 Elvis Stojko won the 1997 World Championship (Courtesy: ABC Sports)
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