Linesman flattened during Kazakhstan-Latvia Euro qualifier

Assistant referees have to bear the brunt of rage from grown adults, small children, players and managers alike on the sidelines, but things got physical for this poor linesman during Kazakhstan's Euro 2016 qualifier against Latvia on Tuesday evening.

With his mind on other matters, the assistant clattered into a substitute warming up on the touchlines, smashing his face into the player's shoulder before falling to the ground in a manner befitting the finest flops in the business.

Fortunately, an ice pack was on hand to treat the official's head injury, but his pride may be in need of a little TLC too once this story does the rounds courtesy of The Toe Poke.

As you can see from the video, the commentators didn't have a clue what was happening until a replay revealed all.

As the referee has plainly heard before in saltier terms, should he get himself to the optician? That one's up for debate...