Russian commentator walks out midway through match, live on air

One Russian commentator became so incensed by witnessing a succession of poor refereeing decisions that he was left with no option but to abandon his microphone live on air.

Covering the recent second-tier match between Tekstilshchik Ivanovo and Torpedo Vladimir, commentator Vladimir Nikolsky was initially irked when the referee refused to award a penalty for a blatant foul in the area.

With the score locked a 1-1, the Tekstilshchik goalkeeper brought down a Torpedo striker inside his 18-yard line only for the referee to give a free-kick outside the box instead.

The resulting set-piece was then handled inside the area by a Tekstilshchik defender, only for the ref to once again turn a blind eye.

It was at this point that the injustice became too much for commentator Nikolsky, who branded the official a "disgrace to Russian football" before removing his headphones and storming out of the gantry.

"I become emotional when I see that our team is being hurt," Nikolsky told Russian broadcasters RT after the final whistle.

The match went on to finish 1-1, with Torpedo -- who hire Nikolsky to cover their matches as part of Russian league rules -- confirming that they will not be punishing their commentator for walking out.

"He is not just an employee of the club, but a fan like me," said fan club president Valery Puzanov.

"If Nikolsky is punished, the club and the fans will support him. He did everything right."