Fifth-round draw delay plunges Carabao Cup deeper into farce

Just as with almost every round to date, the draw for the fifth round of the Carabao Cup has been the subject of self-inflicted ridicule.

The nonsense began a day or two beforehand when the EFL announced that Matt Dawson (ex-England rugby player) and Phil Tufnell (ex-England cricketer) had been drafted in to perform the draw for England's secondary football cup competition.

Cometh the big day, and cometh the big debacle, with Carabao forced to delay the draw multiple times after the event was besieged by "technical glitches."

Of course, this proved to be of great amusement to the watching world, who have already seen the League Cup slide further into farce under the stewardship of Carabao than ever before.

Organisers eventually gave up on the live stream and went ahead with the draw anyway -- and only revealed it through a pre-recorded video one hour and 45 minutes after it was schedule to begin.

That move -- and the fact that the four Premier League giants all avoided each other -- led to even more head-scratching and some accusations.

Twitter took the blame for the technical glitches, but the entire affair was hardly the positive PR shot in the arm the Carabao Cup so desperately requires. What a mess.