Man United ace Alexis Sanchez once ran 8km after forgetting car keys

While some Arsenal fans might beg to differ, Alexis Sanchez is generally regarded as a hard-working kind of fellow.

While the Manchester United new boy's willingness to graft is rarely called into question, an anecdote dating from his time playing in Italy really serves to encapsulate his impressive work ethic.

Recounting the tale to United's official website, Italian journalist Pietro Oleotto shared a memory of Sanchez from during his Udinese days back in the mid-2000s.

"Once, after training, Alexis drove into Udine to do some shopping. But he accidentally locked his keys and mobile phone in his car," Oleotto recalled.

"I'm not sure what most people would have done, but he just ran home. He jogged the 8km from the heart of the city to his house in the hills.

"Bemused locals saw him in his club tracksuit running and called us at the paper. It was typical of Alexis to turn the situation into an improvised cross-country run."

While we'll never be able to get our heads around the concept of embarking on a "spur-of-the-moment 8km run" you simply have to admire Sanchez's commitment to the cause.