No. Name
  1 Jens Lehmann
  12 Lauren
  3 Ashley Cole
  18 Pascal Cygan
  28 Kolo Touré
  4 Patrick Vieira
  7 Robert Pires
  19 Gilberto Silva
  10 Dennis Bergkamp
  14 Thierry Henry
  9 José Antonio Reyes
  78' 17  Edu
  24 Manuel Almunia
  31 Justin Hoyte
  22 Gaël Clichy
  21 Jermaine Pennant
  15 Cesc Fàbregas
  11 Robin van Persie
  • 42
    • Alex (OG)
  • HT
    • Halftime
  • 59
    • On: Jefferson Farfán | Off: DaMarcus Beasley
  • 66
    • On: Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink | Off: Gerald Sibon
  • 67
    • Andre Ooijer Yellow Card
  • 78
    • On: Edu | Off: José Antonio Reyes
  • 82
    • On: John De Jong | Off: Phillip Cocu
  • FT
    • End Regular Time
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Match Commentary

94' It's good night from Highbury, hope you have enjoyed the commentary.
94' Arsenal were hanging on at the end - too many of their big players didn't perform up to their usual standards, notably Vieira and Henry. However, they have got three points in the bag, and Arsene Wenger will be delighted with that. Unconvincing, yes - but we all know what Arsenal can do when they get going.
93' IT'S ALL OVER! Arsenal have scraped through their first European match of the season. A 1-0 scoreline was just enough for the Gunners, but they'll need to do much better than this in the future, you feel.
93' PSV are all over Arsenal, blocked shots galore in the Arsenal box...
93' Arsenal scramble the ball clear..they are hanging on!
92' It's nearly all over - is there any time left for an equaliser?
90' Henry wastes some time in the corner...the Gunners are hoping for that whistle. It's not been an easy ride.
89' Arsenal try to keep the ball moving but it's just not clicking for them this half. They'll be satisfied to get off the pitch with a 1-0 scoreline.
86' PSV have had plenty of the ball this half but can't unlock the Arsenal defence...
86' Farfan hits a tame volley into the arms of Lehmann, as PSV push bodies forward in a bid to snatch a point.
85' Henry can't get the ball out of his feet in the opposition area. Arsenal would give anything for a second goal, but they don't deserve another one.
83' Henry smashes a ball into the North Bank from a dead ball situation 40 yards out. Wasted.
83' de Jong on for Cocu, attacking change for the Dutch side.
82' Henry tries to play Pires in with an intrictae ball across the face of goal, but he could have run with the ball further. Henry has been a bit off-colour tonight.
81' Lee crosses for Park, who has a free header. Cole does well to block it as he heads the ball into the ground from 8 yards out. Arsenal are edgy...
79' Cole misses the ball and concedes a soft throw to PSV - Arsenal are still scrappy.
78' Edu will shore up that Arsenal midfield. He's looked good for Brazil recently.
78' Reyes off for Edu - Wenger is clearly prepared to hold out for this one nil win. Despite some promising touches, Reyes hasn't had enough of the ball to really influence the match. Standing ovation for the Spaniard.
77' Wow - close from Vennegor Of Hesselink as a looping cross is smashed across the face of the goal by the big striker. The ball bounces off Cygan for a corner, but it could have gone anywhere.It's hotting up here for a rousing finale.
74' Arsenal almost look content with their one-nil win at this stage - can PSV pull a goal back?
72' Good skill from Vieira wins Arsenal a free kick on the left. Bergkamp delivers, Gilberto flicks a header to the far post, and Vieira is just inches away from connecting with his out-stretched leg.
72' Van Bommel screws a shot wide from 35 yards out, PSV are getting into promising positions now.
70' With the score at 1-0 PSV can still grab an equaliser - Arsenal aren't exactly throwing men forward though.
69' Reyes puts Bergkamp through, but Dennis doesn't have the legs to catch up with it and it safely lands in the keeper's arms.
68' Park gets out of trouble thnaks to a foul by Reyes. The chants are coming from the small pocket of Eindhoven fans, Highbury is subdued.
67' Oijer is booked for bringing down Vieira. He's looked PSV's best player so far. Still time for them to equalise.
66' Sibon is replaced by the wonderfully named Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink. Sibon was getting tired.
64' Henry's effort is blocked by the top of the wall and PSV escape.
64' Free Kick just outside the PSV box, after Bouma brings down Henry. Dangerous position.. surely Henry will fancy it?
63' Van Bommel blasts a free kick wide from distance. This is PSV's best spell of the game but they don't look overly threatening.
62' A dangerous ball by Vogel sparks confusion in the Arsenal box, but Lehmann claims the ball after Sibon is inches away from getting a header on goal.
61' Arsenal are still struggling - all Henry can do when presented with a good passing chance is gift it to the goalkeeper
60' Farfan replaces Beasley. The Peruvian should offer some pace to PSV's attack.
59' PSV work the ball down thr right and Park loops a header onto the roof of the net. Not too far away from an unlikely equaliser.
58' Hiddink is bringing on Farfan to freshen things up for PSV - I wonder if Wenger will make any changes - looks like they could do some fresh ideas.
56' Cygan's loose pass to Cole sums up the start to this half - untidy.
56' Bergkamp tried to put Gilberto clear but all they get is a throw in deep in PSV territory.
55' Lauren does well to head the ball away from Beasley, as PSV look to press higher and higher up the pitch.
54' Chelsea are two goals to the good - that man Drogba has scored in Paris after Terry's opener.
53' The tempo has slowed once more - it looks like the first half an hour all over again.
52' Gilberto's lovely pass to Reyes is pounced on by Zoetebier. Arsenal are looking hungry...
50' Alex is alert enough to cut out a pass that would have put Jose Reyes through on goal
50' Free kick given against the lanky Sibon for a high boot against Cygan. Must be hard to keep thos long legs down!
49' Sweeping move by Arsenal finds Reyes, who's ball to Vieira is cut out.
48' Arsenal are beign pressed more by PSV but still look confident in possession. PSV start to come into the game more, too.
47' Henry and Cole combine well but PSV get the ball clear.
46' If PSV come out attacking surely they will be punished by the counter attacking unit of Arsenal - it'll be interesting to see how they approach this now.
46' The second period is underway, with Arsenal looking to build on their first half goal.
45' Replays show that Pires was unlucky to have that goal disallowed. PSV will need to come out with some new ideas in the 2nd period. It also looks like Vieira's shot went in off Alex - Own Goal.
45' Arsenal play a bit of keep-ball to see out the half, as the half finishes 1-0. They are good value for their lead. Patient passing has broken down PSV, who are finding it tough. The flood gates could open in the second half.
45' 1 minute of added time. PSV need that whistle.
44' Reyes tears down the left flank and squares past the keeper. Agonisingly his cross isn't picked up by any of the Arsenal players lining up. PSV are on the ropes whenever Arsenal break.
43' On the balance of play, Arsenal deserve their lead. It's come at a great time too, just before the half time whistle. Maybe Arsenal can push on from here.
42' GOAL! BREAKTHROUGH FOR ARSENAL. Henry breaks through two challenges on the left and squares for Vieira. His flick is helped in by Alex - we'll give it to Vieira though. ARSENAL 1-0!
40' Free kick to Bergkamp from the right hand touchline - good chance to whip in a dangerous ball.
39' ITS A DISALLOWED GOAL! Henry fires one in from range, and the keeper makes a great save. Pires follows in and scores with his head, but the flag goes up. That was very close indeed - we'll need a closer look at half time. Replays look like he may have been onside... still 0-0
38' Van Bommel shots from long range into the arms of Lehmann - all PSV can muster are long-range efforts.
36' Vieira heads wide from the resulting corner, although the ball was behind him. A difficult chance, still no joy for Arsenal.
36' Alex blocks a fierce Henry shot for a corner - ouch!
36' PSV's gameplan is working so far, but its not pretty viewing for the neutral. Arsenal can't find their rhythm yet.
35' Bergkamp loses the ball...not for the first time
34' Arsenal can't get a spell of pressure going as PSV break up most of their moves early on.
33' Gilberto gets to the corner flag thanks to Pires' ball, but he can't even get a corner as the ball bounces off him and then out of play.
32' Cocu's long range effort is easily gathered by Lehmann.
31' Henry whips in a free kick from the left hand side with real venom, and it takes the keeper two attempts to gather the ball. Good effort.
30' News from Paris - 1-0 to Chelsea as Terry heads in a Lampard corner. Arsenal are still waiting to get their campaign up and running.
29' Reyes and Henry get in each other's way and another good position is wasted by Arsenal on the left hand side.
28' Arsenal's first goal doesn't look too far away as PSV sink deep into their half. Arsenal are dictating possession.
26' PSV let Cole squeeze a ball into Pires who, from six yards out, should do a lot better with his scuffed left footed shot. Just wide...
25' Cygan misses an easy header but Sibon wastes a great crossing opportunity.
24' Lauren robs Beasley of possession as the American looked to run past the Arsenal right back. This could be interesting battle on Arsenal's right hand side.
22' The Eindhoven keeper Zoetebier is having trouble clearing the ball, as he slips twice in a minute to the amusement of the Clock End!
21' Its fairly dull so far, as netiher side have had a telling chance. We're stilling waiting for the game to warm up a bit...
20' Lee cuts out a Vieira pass on its way to Robert Pires.
19' Reyes to Pires, Pires to Henry, but nothing comes of a nice little triangle of passing.
18' Johann Vogel flashes a shot well wide after a promising spell of possession for the Dutch.
17' Bergkamp is being restricted so far, as Arsenal try to establish some sort of balance up front. Reyes and Pires have been quiet so far.
15' Cygan shepherds a ball out from Park. The Highbury crowd are fairly quiet at the moment.
14' Bouma's pass is cleared by Lauren after a good spell of possession by PSV
13' Henry plays an exceptional ball into the left channel, but a great tackle keeps out Reyes' shot. Arsenal's corner is cleared before Henry flashes a shot into the side netting. Arsenal are taking control.
12' Lee Young-Pyo wastes a good crossing chance for PSV as they get into the final third for the first time.
11' PSV look to be sitting very deep - they letting Arsenal have plenty of the ball.
10' The first shot of the night comes in from Henry. Deflected for a corner, which is gathered easily by Zoetebier.
8' Vieira falls over in the box after a ball by Lauren - nothing was going to come of that though.
7' Vieira's clever ball to Reyes just escapes the Spaniard and PSV's keeper is there to hack the ball away.
6' Gilberto makes a telling tackle in the middle of the park as both sides struggle to get a real foothold on the match.
5' PSV's Sibon is brought down foolishly by Cygan on the half-way line. The Dutch side look organised so far.
4' The Gunners are getting plenty of possession without looking too threatening...
2' Vieira drives the reds forward but Pires gives the ball away. A controlled start by the Gunners.
1' PSV kick off and allow their players to get a feel of the ball
- The teams are out on the pitch as the atmosphere builds inside Highbury, can Arsenal carry over thier sensational domestic form?? We'll soon find out...
- PSV: 21-Edwin Zoetebier; 2-Andre Ooijer, 4-Alex, 5-Wilfred Bouma, 3-Lee Young-Pyo; 7-Park Ji-sung, 6-Mark van Bommel (capt), 8-Philip Cocu, 11-DaMarcus Beasley, 14-Johann Vogel, 35-Gerald Sibon
- Here's the team news - it looks like Arsene Wenger is going for the kill, with Jose Antonio Reyes playing from the start. Ten minutes till the big kick off. Arsenal: 1 Jens Lehmann, 3 Ashley Cole, 18 Pascal Cygan, 12 Bisan Lauren , 28 Kolo Toure, 7 Robert Pires, 19 Gilberto Silva, 4 Patrick Vieira, 10 Dennis Bergkamp, 14 Thierry Henry, 9 Jose Antonio Reyes The substitutes include Robin Van Persie
- Arsenal will look to get their Champions League challenge off to a good start at home to PSV Eindhoven. Join us live from 19.45 BST.

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