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120' Read our match report on this epic contest here.
120' Abreu with possibly the calmest penalty in the history of football. Hats off to you, sir!
120' From John Brewin in Johannesburg: After a sequence of panicked penalties I could never forget, that was the coollest I have ever seen. Abreu did an Antonin Panenka and a continent mourns. Drama that knows few bounds.
120' You feel for Ghana, and poor, poor Asamoah Gyan. He deserves better from his tournament.
120' What a night in Johannesburg. Has the World Cup over known drama like we have seen in the last half an hour?!
120' Uruguay 4-2 Ghana What a penalty! Abreu chips it calmly down the middle! Uruguay into the semi-finals!
120' Abreu can win the shoot out for Uruguay...
120' Uruguay 3-2 Ghana Muslera saves again! Low to his left again. Match point Uruguay!
120' Adiyiah steps forward for Ghana...
120' Uruguay 3-2 Ghana Pereira hits it way over! An awful penalty!
120' Maxi Pereira to give Uruguay the advantage...
120' Uruguay 3-2 Ghana Muslera saves low to his left!
120' John Mensah next for Ghana...
120' Uruguay 3-2 Ghana Straight down the middle!
120' Scotti for Uruguay...
120' Uruguay 2-2 Ghana Another calm penalty.
120' Stephen Appiah next up...
120' Uruguay 2-1 Ghana A fantastic penalty. High to the right of Kingson.
120' Victorino for Uruguay...
120' Uruguay 1-1 Ghana A great penalty by Gyan! Right in the top corner, what courage!
120' Gyan steps up once again...
120' Uruguay 1-0 Ghana Forlan calmly to the left of Kingson.
120' Diego Forlan to take the first penalty...
120' So here we go...
120' Who can step forward and claim their place in the semi-final?
120' From John Brewin in Johannesburg: Wow, just wow. Unbelievable. One of the most amazing sequences I have ever seen in football. Gyan now has to take a penalty. Suarez was in tears but is now celebrating wildly.
120' Will Asamoah Gyan step forward to take Ghana's first penalty? What must he be feeling now?
120' FULL TIME What drama! Penalties!
120' Gyan's penalty hits the bar! What a climax in Johannesburg!
120' Luis Suarez sent off for clearing the ball off the line with his hand.Penalty!
120' Penalty Uruguay
119' Last minute free kick for Ghana. Can they win it...
119' Muslera scrambles the ball away! A Boateng crosses spirals towards the Uruguay goal, the keeper makes a desperate save!
118' Fucile flicks a Paintsil throw in towards his own goal. Boateng gets his header away and he is so close to winning it for Ghana!
117' Abreu serves his purpose in the penalty box. Heading out for a throw.
117' Gyan again showing tremendous desire, getting to the byline and making Fucile concede a corner...
116' From John Brewin in Johannesburg: Unbelievable passage of play there. It seemed destined for an own-goal DVD near you. Scotti can thank Perreira that Danny Dyer will not be scoffing at him this Christmas.
115' So close for Ghana! Gyan show great strength to hold off Scotti. He twists clear, attempts to shoot, Scotti manages to get a foot on his shot and almost diverts the ball into his own goal! Chaos for a moment there!
113' At the other end, Forlan has a sight of goal. A deep cross arrives on his left foot. He lashes a shot just over Kingson's bar.
112' Ghana almost unlock Uruguay! Appiah arriving at the back post. He should've headed the ball first time, instead he chests it down and the chance has gone.
111' From John Brewin in Johannesburg: Both teams with opportunities and neither are not going forward but there does seems an air of inevitability about the penalties.
109' Scotti with a strong defensive header. Ghana start again, Appiah with a dangerous cross. Gyan gets his head on the ball, but can't guide it on target.
108' Free kick to Ghana, Lodeiro commiting a foul.
107' The pace of the game has tailed off dramatically. Who can blame them? Both teams have given their all in this contest.
106' A clever ball played over the top for Gyan. It's just too long for him, though, and drifts out of play.
105' KICK OFF Ghana start the second half of extra time.
105' Kingson punches the ball clear very well indeed.
104' A Forlan burst down the left results in ANOTHER Uruguay corner.
103' First real contribution from Lodeiro. He finds himself behind the Ghana defence, his low cross is deflected goalwards. Kingson reacts smartly to keep the ball out.
103' Abreu hits the deck looking for a penalty. Pereira's cross is aimed at the big man, Paintsil trips him before the ball arrives. A lucky escape for Ghana.
101' Maxi Pereira gets forward again, Ghana concede yet another corner.
100' The game is far more cagey in extra time. Understandably, neither team wants to lose it at this stage.
99' Gyan is back on his feet, thankfully for Ghana. They're going to need him if they're going to find another goal.
98' Gyan is down and being put on a stretcher, this is worrying for Ghana.
97' Arevalo almost gifts Ghana the lead! Gyan catches the midfielder in possession in the Uruguay box. Scotti gets across and manages to eventually halt Gyan.
96' Mensah down after seemingly clashing with Abreu. There didn't seem to be much in that. He's on his feet and the game continues.
95' Asamoah lets fly from fully 40 yards. He's no Muntari though, his effort is well wide.
93' The corner is headed clear. The set pieces, barring Forlan's excellent strike, have been disappointing.
93' Mensah is carded for what seems to be dissent.
93' Abreu with a diving header behind. Desperate stuff from Uruguay.
93' Ghana win the first corner of extra time...
92' Stat Attack:: Neither team have ever been in a penalty shootout at the World Cup.
91' Ghana have been here before, in the last round against USA. Will that experience help them?
90' KICK OFF Uruguay start extra time.
93' From John Brewin in Johannesburg: Extra-time and both teams have given plenty already. Ghana may perhaps be tired after their efforts against USA with many of their team having been nursed back to fitness. Neither team are sat down, which used to be such a feature of extra-times of days gone by.
93' FULL TIME This one is going to extra time.
92' Ghana clear and look to break. Appiah finds Boateng, his cross is too long and Uruguay have the ball.
91' Is there a late twist in the tale? Throw in Uruguay...
89' Late corner for Ghana...
88' Ghana have a throw deep in Uruguay territory. Paintsil is winding up a long one...
87' Muntari off for Adiyiah
86' The game is drifting towards extra time. Can anyone be the hero?
85' Fucile is the latest Uruguay full back to venture forward. His cross is poor and goes straight out of play.
83' Uruguay looking the more dangerous side as we approach full time. Can they find a winner?
82' From John Brewin in Johannesburg: Suarez got very greedy there as he had options. This has turned into a great game. No need to fear the ides of Japan versus Paraguay.
81' Muslera is unconvincing from the corner, but Uruguay clear and break. Somehow Maxi Pareira finds himself on the edge of the Ghana box, and with better options available he elects to shoot. Wrong decision.
80' Paintsil's long throw is headed behind by Victorino. Muntari with a corner.
80' Uruguay's substitutions suggest Tabarez is trying to win this before extra time.
79' ESPN Stats & Info: Uruguay have scored three goals after the 76th minute in this World Cup while Ghana have scored two.
77' His driven ball reaches Suarez, whose glancing header is well saved by Kingson. The corner from Forlan causes mayhem, as eventually Ghana earn a curious free kick.
76' Sarpei booked for shirt pulling. Forlan over another Uruguay set piece...
75' Cavani to be replaced by Abreu
74' With either of these two teams have the courage to push for a winner?
Forlan and Suarez celebrate.
73' Appiah on for Inkoom
72' Poor clearance from Victorino. It falls to Gyan, he takes one touch to control, and then unleashes a half volley. Good idea, but Muslera is equal to it.
70' Kingson saves from Suarez at his near post! Fucile passes to Lodeiro, who plays a delightful ball to Suarez. He aims a shot at the near post, but Kingson is equal to it. The latest Uruguay corner is cleared.
Diego Forlan's shot goes in.
68' Muntari leaves it for Gyan, who curls the ball horribly wide. Goal kick.
67' Gyan fouled by Scotti. Free kick in a central position 25 yards from goal. Muntari is over the ball...
65' Muslera punches a Gyan cross off the head of Boateng. Ghana come again, Boateng drives towards goal and seems to be brought down by Scotti. The referee says no penalty...
64' Forland with a lovely ball to Lodeiro. The young playmaker slips the ball through to Suarez, who is offside. Uruguay look threatening again.
63' Suarez with a golden chance! Forlan plucks the ball out of the air fantastically. He lifts an excellent ball to Suarez at the back post, who can only guide the ball wide. Nearly for Uruguay.
62' Foul given as Suarez tugs down Sarpei. Uruguay attack again and Cavani's cross is into the arms of Kingson.
61' A moment to forget for Kingson. He allows a tame backpass under his feet and out of play. Yet another Uruguay corner...
60' ESPN Stats & Info: Updated Stat: All four of Diego Forlan's World Cup goals have come against African sides
59' The game is being played at a hectic pace! Really entertaining game at Soccer City!
58' Perez carded for hacking down Asamoah. Nasty.
57' Decent stuff from Ghana. Boateng feeds the ball to Gyan on the inside left. Gyan bends a low effort straight at Muslera, he spills the ball, Muntari tries to pounce but the ball is cleared for a corner.
57' From John Brewin in Johannesburg: A truly wondrous strike from Forlan. Kingson could not work out which way it was going and guessed wrong. That's silenced the crowd.
56' Suarez fouls Mensah in the Ghana penalty area. Have Ghana got what it takes to come back here?
54' GOAL Forlan with the equaliser! A glorious free kick! bent over the wall, dipping and swerving. Kingson will be disappointed with himself there.
54' Forlan once again over a dead ball...
53' Paintsil the book for a challenge on Fucile.
52' What a waste from Boateng! Gyan heads clear the corner and Boateng streaks clear. Ghana have four against three, but Boateng cannot find a team-mate.
52' First corner of the second half, Suarez is in behind a Vorsah is forced to slide the ball behind.
51' The game is yet to settle down since the restart. Both teams need to calm down a little.
50' Suarez is brought down my Mensah, Uruguay with a free kick just inside the Ghana half.
50' ESPN Stats & Info: Uruguay have completed just 38.7% of passes in the final third, well below the tournament average of 63%.
49' Muntari celebrates his goal
48' The wall does its job, although it seemed to hit Lodeiro's arm.
48' Arevalo booked for a challenge on Boateng. Muntari is over the free kick...
47' Massive shout for a Uruguay penalty! Cavani knocks the ball past Vorsah, and the Ghana defender seems to knock him over. I've seen them given...
47' ESPN Stats & Info: Muntari's goal was 39 yards out, second longest of this World cup. David Villa had the longest at 40 yards.
46' Can Lodeiro provide the spark Uruguay need to get back in this game?
45' Lodeiro on for Fernandez
45' KICK OFF Uruguay start the second half in this Johannesburg.
Fernando Muslera fails to save Muntari's shot.
45' Uruguay are behind for the first time in the tournament. How will they respond after the interval?
45' Find out Ernst Bouwes reflects on an unexpected victory and a proud day for the Netherlands.
45' Find out Ernesto Garrido's thoughts on how Dunga's failings rubbed off on his team against the Dutch.
45' As this game has progressed Ghana have got better and better. They will be full of confidence ahead of the second half. Can Uruguay recover from this blow?
45' From John Brewin in Johannesburg: An unbelievable sound there as Muntari scored. The keeper was lost. Uruguay pay for not taking their earlier chances. Ghana are in a half-time huddle and are imploring each other on.
45' HALF TIME Muntari's wonder goal is the difference between the sides at the break.
45' GOAL Sulley Muntari fires Ghana into the lead! Muntari has the ball 35 yards from goal. Nothing seems to be on for him, so he unleashes a fierce low drive that skips past Muslera! What a goal!
44' Inkoom gets to the byline a floats an delicate ball into the box. Boateng attempts an audacious overhead kick, which is sliced over the bar.
Isaac Vorsah sends a header just wide
43' A snapshot from Gyan, trying to catch Muslera off his line from 40 yards out. It's comfortably saved in the end.
42' Fortunately Fucile is back on his feet, that could've been very nasty.
42' Fucile collides with Inkoom in mid air and lands on his head. He's out cold.
41' Fucile is down and this doesn't look good.
40' Awful. Absolutely awful. Forlan tries to play Fernandez in down the side of the wall, his ball is over hit and it runs out for a goal kick.
40' Forlan over another set piece.
39' Suarez getting fouled by Suarez again, he's coming in for some rough treatment.
38' Immediately Ghana have a chance. A deep ball to the back post finds Muntari. With Musleri rooted to the spot, Muntari can only guide the ball wide.
38' A huge blow for Uruguay. Their skipper forced to withdraw. How will this impact on them?
37' Scotti on for Lugano
36' Richard Kingson makes a save.
35' The flags up against Diego Forlan, Ghana are looking dangerous now.
33' Clever ball from Boateng! He clips the ball towards Gyan with the outside of his left foot, only slightly too long and Muslera can gather.
32' Uruguay seem to have weathered the mini Ghana storm. They need to keep the ball for a while.
31' From John Brewin in Johannesburg: Vorsah's header and Gyan's miss had the crowd in near raptures. One feels that Uruguay need to score soon or else they will be caught by the Ghanaians.
30' Ghana have come to life! A fantastic run from Boateng, he cuts inside and finds Gyan. The striker guides the ball towards goal, only to see it end up just the wrong side of the post. Far better from the Black Stars.
29' So close for Ghana! Vorsah climbs excellently above Lugano, his powerful header is inches wide. First sight of goal for Ghana.
29' Ghana earn a corner after a poor corner from Victorino. So many corners!!!
28' ESPN Stats & Info: All three of Diego Forlan's World Cup goals have come against African nations.
27' The corner is taken short and is eventually headed clear by Vorsah. Ghana are defending so many set pieces.
27' Yet another Uruguay corner. I've already lost count of how many there have been.
26' Diego Lugano is limping for Uruguay, a big worry.
25' Kingson saves again from Suarez! Ghana switch off as Suarez is played in straight from a throw in. Suarez turns, his vicious strike is excellently saved.
24' First shot at goal for Diego Forlan. Cavani slips the Atletico man in. He exchanges passes with Arevalo before bending an effort high and wide. A warning for Ghana.
Kevin-Prince Boateng fights for the ball with Uruguay midfielder Diego Perez.
22' Forlan's ball is over hit and runs out for a goal kick.
22' Suarez brought down by Vorsah, there have been a lot of set pieces in this game so far. Forlan over the dead ball again...
21' Comment from John Brewin: Kingson belied his status as Wigan third-choice with an odd save. And that looked a very harsh yellow card.
20' A fantastic delivery from Muntari, Mensah and Vorsah look to get on the end of it, but Fernandez heads clear.
19' Fucile booked for a foul on Asamoah. He won't play in the semi-final. Dangerous free kick for Ghana.
Forlan goes on a run.
17' A smart save from Kingson! Cavani's flick on deflects off Mensah, and fortunately for Ghana straight at Kingson.
16' Forlan turns and runs at Ghana again, they are starting to look a bit edgy. Mensah clears for another corner to Uruguay.
15' The whistle blows for a push by Alvaro Fernandez, a wasted opportunity for Uruguay.
14' Uruguay starting to put the pressure on. They have another corner...
13' Kingson gets lucky! Forlan's powerful free kick is straight at the goalkeeper. He can't hold it however, and is fortunate to hear the referee's whistle after tustling with Luis Suarez.
12' Forlan's free kick finds Lugano alone at the far post. His cushioned header falls for Arevalo, who floats the ball harmlessly into Kingson.
11' Foul by Muntari on Fernandez, another chance to get the ball into the danger area...
10' Poor from Inkoom, losing possession in the midfield and Luis Suarez is released. Suarez forces his way past Vorsah before curling a right-footed effort at Richard Kingson, who just manages to keep hold of the ball.
9' Cavani launches a long-range pass towards Suarez on the far side, just too long and it's a Ghana goal kick.
7' A poor delivery, the chances is wasted and it's a Uruguay goal kick.
7' First chance for Ghana, a free kick out wide for a foul on Gyan.
6' From John Brewin in Johannesburg: Soccer City appears to be behind the Ghana team - there have been plenty of public calls for local backing. But there was definitely some excitement during that burst from Diego Forlan.
5' Mensah with a solid headed clearance from the second corner, Arevalo volleys well wide.
4' Forlan's low corner was creeping in at the near post before Inkoom hoofs it behind.
4' First corner to Uruguay, Vorsah dispossessing Suarez.
3' Forlan makes an excellent burst through the middle, his through ball forces Fernandez slightly too wide and his cross is a poor one.
1' Uruguay looking to keep the ball and settle into a rhythm. First offside decision goes against Luis Suarez.
- First foul of the game, Mensah going through the back of Luis Suarez.
- KICK OFF Ghana get the match started.
- Stat Attack: Uruguay have made more defensive clearances than any other team, 58, and have completed the second highest amount, 19.
- Stat Attack: Ghana's Asamoah Gyan tops the list for most shots at the tournament with Argentina's Lionel Messi on 23.
- The teams are making their way out onto the pitch, the time is almost upon us.
- Another man in a rich vien of form is Ghana's Asamoah Gyan. The striker, who wears the number 3, has been a talismanic figure for the Black Stars so far in this World Cup.
- In Diego Forlan and Luis Suarez, Uruguay have two of the tournament's most lethal front men. Both will still have designs on claiming the golden boot, and will be eager to find the net tonight.
- This match represents an excellent chance for Uruguay. Blessed with extremely talented attacking players, the prospect of a semi-final with Netherlands will be one they'll relish.
- The question will be whether or not Ghana can handle the pressure of being Africa's only remaining team. If they win today, they'll be the first African nation to reach the semi-finals of a World Cup.
- Uruguay start with Mauricio Victorino in place of Diego Godin, Alvaro Fernandez also comes in for Alvaro Pereira.
- Ghana include Sulley Muntari in the starting eleven for the first time in the tournament, with Isaac Vorsah returning to the starting line up at the expense of Jonathan Mensah.
- After the fireworks in Port Elizabeth earlier today, lets hope the second quarter-final of South Africa 2010 can live up to its billing. Uruguay face the team with a continent in their corner, Milovan Rajevac's Ghana.
- Join us at 1830 GMT on Friday to see whether Ghana can become the first ever African nation to reach the World Cup semi-finals.
- Ghana are the sole African representatives left in the World Cup, but Firdoose Moonda believes South African support for the Black Stars is only superficial. Meanwhile, Uruguay will be without influential defender Diego Godin for the match.
Ghana fans celebrate on the streets of Johannesburg after beating USA.

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