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94' You can read a full report of the match here and also check out our post-match gallery and reaction... and don't forget to join us for the final.
93' Uruguay have also done exceptionally well at this World Cup and irrespective of this result head back to Montevideo for a party.
93' The Germans are just the second team in this tournament to win after trailing in the second half and it is a fitting end for a side that has brought the most excitement to the World Cup.
93' Germany have won the match 3-2 and claim the not-so-coveted third place at the World Cup.
93' The final whistle blows! Forlan was an inch away from a late equaliser and taking the lead in the race for the Golden Boot.
93' ...Forlan whips the ball over the wall and his shot smacks the bar. So close!
92' Suarez backs into Friedrich and wins a freekick in shooting distance...
91' Germany make their chnage as Ozil goes off and Tasci gets his first taste of the World Cup.
90' Germany want to make a change to run down the clock but Uruguay keep the ball in play as they look for an equaliser.
89' Fucile crosses for Abreu, who has only just come on, but Mertesacker beats him to the header.
88' Cavani goes off and is replaced by Abreu for Uruguay.
86' Forlan is robbed by Boateng. Khedira plays a great pass through to Kiesling, who scoops his shot over the bar from inside the box. How did he miss the target?
85' Uruguay are pushing forward and might get caught on the break as Ozil threatens. A good tackle from Lugano snuffs out the danger.
84' Suarez nutmegs Aogo on the flank but he can't pick out a team-mate with his cross.
83' Uruguay have it all to do again now. Time is ticking away as Germany close on the bronze medal.
82' GOAL Khedira heads in after a quick game of pinball by the Uruguay defence in the box.
80' Jansen goes off for Germany and is replaced by Kroos.
79' Boating whips in a great cross from the right. Kiesling seems to get caught in two minds as to use his foot or his head. In the end he uses neither and the chance goes begging.
78' Arevalo flicks a lovely pass down the line for Cavani, but the striker has tired legs and can't make the most of it.
77' Uruguay have a freekick within shooting distance. Pereira takes it, but blasts his shot over the wall and over the bar.
76' Perez, who has been booked, goes off and is replaced by Gargano.
75' Kiesling turns on the left flank and then beats two players before stinging the hands of Muslera with a shot.
74' Schweinsteiger has a chance to put the ball in the box but delays too long and Uruguay clear for a corner.
73' Will we see Klose at some point? He is only one goal off Ronaldo's World Cup record and has an eye on the Golden Boot himself.
72' Speak of the devil. Cacau goes off and Kiesling comes on.
71' Perez blocks the run of Ozil and Germany have a freekick. They take it quickly and it comes to nothing.
70' Cacau, who has been very quiet all match, shoots over the bar from 15-yards out.
Fernando Muslera looks on as Marcell Jansen celebrates
68' Pereira is still battling hard and gives away a foul after rugby tackling Aogo.
Diego Forlan scores his goal to make it 2-1 to Uruguay
66' ESPN Stats & Info: Forlan now has 29 career goals, to put him second in Uruguay's all-time list, two behind Hector Scarone.
65' Muller hits a shot from distance. He claims it took a deflection and should be a corner. The ref disagrees.
64' Cavani attempts a one-two with Suarez, whose return pass takes a deflection off Schweinsteiger and drops for Forlan. Butt makes a good save from Forlan's shot.
62' Muslera picks the ball up after a touch from Fucile but the ref says it was not an intentional back pass.
61' Cacau crosses and Godin clears acrobatically. Uruguay counter-attack and Butt is forced to make a good save from a long-range effort from Suarez.
60' Perez gets booked for rash challenge.
59' Cacau and Ozil probe the Uruguay defence but it holds firm.
Diego Forlan has five goals in the World Cup
57' ESPN Stats & Info: Germany have not lost a game at this World Cup when holding a lead in the match. (4 wins)
56' You have to blame the goalkeeper for that one. But it makes for an interesting game.
55' GOAL Jansen heads in at the back post after Muslera flapped at a cross.
54' Khedira is crowded out by three defenders as he attempts to create an opening on the right flank.
53' Cavani attacks to keep Uruguay on the front foot.
52' That was great goal from Uruguay. A brilliant build up and a great finish. Forlan is now on five goals too... bring on the Golden Boot?
51' GOAL Arevalo drives down the right and plays a great one-two on the flank before whipping in a cross that Forlan volleys in from the edge of the box.
50' Schweinsteiger takes down Forlan before the striker cna launch a counter-attack. No yellow card from the ref though.
49' Great goalkeeping that from Butt, but Suarez should have given him no chance to save the second shot.
48' Cavani drives into the box and Butt rushes out to save his shot. The ball drops to Suarez, whose follow-up shot is again saved by Butt from close-range.
47' Jansen wins a corner off Fucile. Schweinsteiger whips in the delivery and Muslera is saved by one of his defenders.
46' Germany get the second-half underway. No changes by either side.
45' ESPN Stats & Info: These two teams have combined to score 13 second-half goals in the tournament but Germany have conceded only one after half-time - the goal that eliminated them against Spain in the semi-final.
45' Spain's David Villa and Netherlands' Wesley Sneijder both have five goals too in the race for the Golden Boot and they go head to head in Sunday's final, that you can also follow on Soccernet. To get you in the mood here is the preview.
45' Germany's Muller will certainly be up for the fight in the second-half with the Golden Boot at stake and Uruguay's Suarez will want to silence all those fans that are booing him.
45' Well it was an enjoyable first-half with a nice ebb and flow as each side enjoyed a spell of supremacy.
45' That's the final action of the first-half as the ref blows for half-time.
45' Schweinsteiger lofts the ball into the box. Friedrich sets himself for a spectacular volley but he is a centre-back and totally messes it up.
45' ...Pereira runs at goal. He twists and turns but Mertesacker sticks with his man and makes a good tackle in the box.
44' Schweinsteiger takes the corner. Fucile turns the ball behind for another corner. This time Uruguay clear and go on the attack...
43' Schweinsteiger takes a freekick. His shot hits the wall and goes behind for a corner.
Edinson Cavani celebrates his goal
41' Forlan plays a great throughball for Suarez, who looks up and then shoots wide of the far post from the tight angle.
40' Forlan drives forward and rides a strong challenge from Friedrich on the edge of the box, but the striker can't keep control of the ball.
39' ESPN Stats & Info: Germany have already taken more shots in the match than they managed against Spain in the semi-final.
38' ESPN Stats & Info: Cavani's goal was the first Germany has allowed in the first half hour at this World Cup.
37' Jansen looks down at the sodden pitch after shanking a cross into row Z following some great build-up play down the left flank.
36' Then rain is really pouring down in Port Elizabeth.
35' Muller and Schweinsteiger combine in midfield. Muller plays a throughball for Ozil to chase but it is cut out by the Uruguay defence. Good football though.
Thomas Muller slots the ball past Fernando Muslera
33' Forlan takes the corner and Mertesacker heads it clear.
32' Perez wins back possession for Uruguay. Caceres wins a corner.
31' Jansen plays a pass down the line for Ozil, who crosses. Lugano stumbles as he clears, but clears he does.
30' Suarez, who is being booed at every touch, cuts inside and plays the ball into Cavani, who turns in the box but just can't get a shot off. Nice move.
29' ESPN Stats & Info: If results hold, Thomas Müller will win the Golden Boot over Villa (ESP)/Sneidjer (NED) based on more assists.
28' Suarez played the ball left for Cavani, who took a heavy touch but managed to recover in time to poke the ball past Butt in the German goal.
27' GOAL Cavani stabs the ball in for Uruguay.
26' Muller to Ozil, who crosses for Khedira. It was a flowing move but the flag is up for offside.
25' Friedrich clears from under his own bar from the resulting corner.
24' Suarez's shot is blocked and loops up in the air. Forlan is waiting to head it in but Mertesacker blocks the striker's effort.
23' Plenty of possession but not cutting edge once again for Uruguay.
22' Germany on the attack again. Jansen whips in a cross that takes a deflection and is claimed by goalkeeper Muslera.
21' ESPN Stats & Info: In their record 99th World Cup match, Germany have scored the opening goal for the 60th time.
20' Forlan and Suarez combine, but a heavy touch from the former means the move breaks down. Uruguay's three forwards are very isolated at times.
19' Uruguay were just getting into the game when that goal came.
18' That is Muller's fifth goal of the World Cup and he is tied with the likes of Spain's David Villa for the Golden Boot.
17' GOAL Schweinsteiger takes a shot that Muslera can only parry and Muller taps in the rebound.
Bastian Schweinsteiger fights with Jorge Fucile
15' Fucile has pushed forward to try and get things going for Uruguay but their final ball is invariably a poor one. No way through as yet.
14' Caceres switches the play from left to right. Cavani hits a cross into the box on the volley but there is nobody in there for Uruguay.
13' Muller combines with Ozil, whose shot is blocked. Uruguay attack but give the ball away very cheaply.
12' Fucile darts past two German defenders and then goes down looking for a freekick but the ref correctly waves play on.
11' ESPN Stats & Info: With 13 goals, Germany are the highest-scoring team at this World Cup so far.
Uruguay are hoping to defy the prediction of Paul the Octopus
9' Ozil delivers the corner and Friedrich heads against the bar. So close for Germany!
8' Uruguay defend it at the expense of another corner.
7' Mertesacker makes a good tackle on Suarez. Germany are on the attack. Aogo disguises a cross and plays a good ball in for Schweinsteiger, who wins a corner.
6' Forlan dinks a shot over the wall but his effort doesn't dip enough to drop into the far corner of the net... good effort though.
5' Forlan hits a freekick straight into the wall. The ref has blown for a handball in the wall so Forlan wil get a second chance.
4' Aogo went over the top of the ball, but luckily Perez can continue.
4' Aogo takes a heavy touch and seriously fouls Perez trying to win the ball back. Yellow card from the ref but it should have been red.
3' Schweinsteiger is brought down by Fucile so Germany have a chance to sling the ball into the box. Muller puts the ball in the net but the flag is up for offside.
2' Germany enjoy the early possession but Muller's attempted cross is picked off.
1' Uruguay get the game underway, kicking from left to right, wearing all light blue. Germany are in all black.
- Paul has only been wrong once since Euro 2008 and the stats back him up as the last seven third-place matches have been won by European teams.
- ESPN Stats & Info: Paul the Octopus has correctly determined the outcome of every Germany match (including an upset loss to Serbia) at this World Cup. It was again called upon and selected Germany to win this match.
- The flag waving and chest pumping is over and now it is time for the football. With the pressure off in this play-off let's hope for a good game.
- The Uruguay players looked up for this match during their anthem. Now it is the turn of Germany.
- Sepp Blatter has shaken hands with all the players and now it is time for the national anthems.
Miroslav Klose warms up prior to kick-off
- ESPN Stats & Info: No World Cup third-place match has ever gone to penalties.
- For Uruguay, skipper Lugano returns at centre-back, along with Godin.
- Muller returns from suspension and Jansen starts on the left in place of flu-stricken Podolski.
- Klose is just one goal behind Ronaldo's goalscoring record for the World Cup (15) and was seen warming up so he might feature off the bench.
- ESPN Stats & Info: Germany have played in four World Cup third-Place matches, winning three.
- ESPN Stats & Info: This will be the Uruguayans' third time in the third-Place match, having already lost to Austria (3-1 in 1954) and Germany (1-0 in 1970).
- Both teams have put strong teams out for tonight's game but the big team news is that record-chasing Miroslav Klose misses out for a flu-hit Germany.
- Join us at 18.30 GMT as Germany take on Uruguay.
- Who will snatch third place in the 2010 World Cup? Check out our preview for all the crucial team news and facts.

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