Bayern Munich
No. Name
  1 Oliver Kahn
  25 Thomas Linke
  5 Robert Kovac
  3 Bixente Lizarazu
  74' 15  Tobias Rau
  2 Willy Sagnol
  13 Michael Ballack
  20 Hasan Salihamidzic
  74' 24  Roque Santa Cruz
  23 Owen Hargreaves
  11 Zé Roberto
  14 Claudio Pizarro
  10 Roy Makaay  73' 86'
  36 Jan Schlosser
  4 Samuel Kuffour
  6 Martín Demichelis
  31 Bastian Schweinsteiger
  34 Piotr Trochowski
  • 35
    • Chris Sutton Yellow Card
  • HT
    • Halftime
  • 56
    • Alan Thompson Goal
  • 66
    • On: Liam Miller | Off: John Hartson
  • 73
    • Roy Makaay Goal
  • 74
    • On: Tobias Rau | Off: Bixente Lizarazu
  • 74
    • On: Roque Santa Cruz | Off: Hasan Salihamidzic
  • 86
    • Roy Makaay Goal
  • FT
    • End Regular Time
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Match Commentary

90' Celtic will face Lyon and need to get points. They can take heart from a fine showing tonight.
90' And they hold on. Bayern had to work hard for their win. Celtic played very well indeed but their efforts fell to the class of Makaay.
90' Celtic clear the corner. And Linke stops Sutton. Rau charges away. Bayern run down the clock.
89' Ballack fires in a long-range grubber. Hedman gets down well to palm away.
89' Sutton miscues when Balde found him with the ball. A tired looking Bhoy.
88' Long kick from Hedman can't find a Celt. Balde is being moved up-front. He'll be the target.
87' But a Celtic corner chance now. Petrov's kick is cleared. Santa Cruz breaks.
85' Makaay now gets a chance to cross. He looks for Ballack but it evades him. Sadly, Hedman missed it too. And it drifts into the back of the net. 2-1 to Bayern and that's hard on Celtic.
85' Rau goes down under an Agathe challenge. A play-acting Rau shows off his supposedly damaged arm.
84' Varga clears. Pressure is intense from Bayern here. Balde clears the ball before Ze Roberto gets a chance after some Santa Cruz magic. The Brazilian misses. A very bad miss too. Not been his night at all.
82' Miller, showing little fear on his big night in the limelight, fouls Hargreaves. Makaay gets a chance for a header. He misses the target by a mile.
81' Agathe got round the back of Rau. But Sutton and Larsson misjudged his run and Kovacs can clear the ball.
79' Pizarro finds Rau, on for Lizarazu. Balde blocks no less than four shots from Ballack, Makaay, Haregreaves and Ballack again. Heroic stuff from the Guinean.
77' Which is cleared. McNamara stopped Makaay getting away as Lennon was beaten for pace.
76' Larsson holds the ball up well to slip in Thompson. Linke comes across to knock behind for corner.
76' A few claps from those hard-to-please Bayern fans.
75' Bayern looking to push home their momentum. But Miller gets back well.
74' Santa Cruz comes on for Bayern. More reinforcements up the front. Celtic are in for a worrying last 15 mins.
73' Bayern score when they looked under more pressure. Celtic must hold their nerve to get a vital point.
72' The ball is crossed in and Varga heads away but only to Makaay. A neat hit and Hedman didn't have time to get to a scuffed shot. 1-1. A great goal from him.
71' Ballack has two efforts blocked before Ze Roberto's cross finds Makaay. He can't beat Hedman from there.
70' A great cross finds Balde with the freedom of Munchen. He heads over. That could be vital.
69' Nice flick from Sutton and the ball is cleared. But then Lizarazu has to head behind a Thompson cross.
68' Miller wins a throw. Kovacs nods away. The ball's where they want it to be.
67' Makaay makes a run. He lays it off to Ballack. Nice hit but Hedman gets across very well. Good save.
66' A change for Celtic as Liam Miller, the youngster, replaces John Hartson. Number 43 is Miller. Sutton goes up alongside Henrik Larsson.
64' Petrov's cross is palmed away by Kahn. Agathe lashes the ball goalwards. Just over the ball. He kept it down well.
63' Thompson kick forces a corner when Kovac nods behind.
63' A foul on Larsson from Sagnol. No card shown and he was lucky.
62' Ballack fouls Varga. Frustration showing now?
61' A long free-kick and Pizarro can only win a corner. That's wasted as Salihamidzic nods the ball down. He was put off by Makaay.
60' What a party in the Celtic end. A few beers will be supped tonight, whatever the result.
59' But Bayern are a wounded beast now. Shades of last year for them and they won't want a repeat of that. Thompson back in his own box to clear a cross now.
58' A great goal. Against the run of play in this half. But Celtic deserve this for all their effort.
57' A great ball across the goal Agathe. Thompson ghost on to the back post and nods home with a diving header. 1-0 to Celtic. Dreamland!
55' Thompson's cross blocked by Sagnol. He does a good job of stopping Sutton too.
54' Sagnol on the burst. But Lennon is wise to his pass. Ze Roberto has to foul the onrushing Agathe.
53' Sagnol's kick is overhit and Hedman is happy to kick it clear.
52' Hargreaves breaks up the play, gives it to Ze Roberto. Lizarazu booms in a cross. Balde clears under pressure from Salihamidzic.
51' Varga stops a Ze Roberto charge. But the ball to Hartson is off-target.
50' Great cross from Makaay. Ballack misses it but Ze Roberto tries to head on goal. He misses the target, another blown Bayern chance.
49' Boris Becker is here tonight. Watch out for cupboards, Boris. They get you into trouble.
49' Nice flick to Makaay but Lennon sweeps up. More Bayern pressure in this half.
48' Flicked on by Linke. Header for Makaay. He hits the top of the net. A glaring miss from the Dutchman.
47' McNamara and Lennon stop Ballack. But Salihamidzic forces a corner.
46' Long hoof from Hedman goes off the end of the pitch. Not much of a spectacle yet.
45' The ball is played around the back by Celtic and then launched for Sutton. Hartson offside from a Lennon slide-rule.
45' The men in green have been well-supported and the thousands who have made the trip clap on their heroes.
45' Just like last season, Celtic have been strong away from home. Bayern frustrated. O'Neill's gameplan working so far.
45' But now Balde concedes a free-kick. Half-time looms and they must clear the ball. Ze Roberto's kick is knocked behind and that is the last action of the half.
44' Ballack makes a penalty claim. He dived when two players outnumbered them in the box.
43' Hargreaves fails to control a through pass. More terrace disquiet. They could be Arsenal so can count themselves lucky.
42' Petrov and Agathe link up the side. Larsson gets a cross in....Hartson nods back. Kovacs had to smash away. Good play all round.
41' Celtic have played the better and more enterprising stuff. Only Kahn stopping them getting a lead.
40' 3-0 to Inter now. Disaster for Arsenal.
40' Thompson with another free-kick. Balde gets up to it. Looping header and a great save from Kahn to stop it dropping in.
39' More boos after a Sagnol pass finds only Balde. Agathe's cross to Hartson at the back post but it misses him. Goal-kick again.
37' Ballack spins on a nice pass from Salihamidzic. Makaay was there but he smashes it into the stalls.
36' Again, it's a period of cagey play. Who can make something? Not Ze Roberto, who's pass can only balloon to Hedman. Bayern fans booing now.
34' Agathe down the wing but the ball is cleared. Ballack bursts away but Sutton stops him. He won the ball but took the man. And gets a yellow card.
33' Salihamidzic creates a chance for Pizarro. A snap shot drifts over the bar.
32' Kahn had no problem in claiming. Celtic's good period needs a goal. Bayern will come on strong surely.
31' Kovacs fouls Larsson. The Swede hurt. Celtic will launch one into the box.
29' Until Sagnol breaks, and Makaay fires wide of the post. A few boos ring out from the Bayern faithful.
29' No free-kick but Celtic continue their attacks.
29' Sutton looked to be fouled as Larsson's shot is blocked.
28' Hargreaves drifts a dipper round the post and wide of the post. Hedman struggled to get there.
27' Bayern playing a cagey game, though Celtic are even cagier. Ze Roberto's theatrics win a free-kick from Agathe.
25' Larsson offside from a Hedman goal-kick. A tactic we're likely to see a lot of tonight.
21' Back to Germany and the attrition continues. That's until Sutton breaks and crosses for Hartson. Just a bit too high for him.
21' And at Highbury it's 2-0 to Inter - Wenger's face probably a picture.
20' Varga clears a Ze Roberto flick. Both teams defending well.
20' Here, Celtic are holding their own. But Ballack gets a chance. He shoots from 40 yards. Doesn't even beat the first man.
19' In London, it's 1-0 to Inter as Arsenal take a setback.
19' Chipped ball from Ballack for Makaay but Hedman does well.
19' Two corners forced. But Bayern clear up some snatched efforts from both Thompson and McNamara.
17' Petrov released after a dribble from Larsson.
17' Agathe fouls Ze Roberto. But Thompson gets the ball and hits it long. Kahn has to charge out to head out.
16' Foul on Ze Roberto from Petrov. Sutton stops Linke's charge. He's done well in midfield so far.
15' Makaay has a breath of a chance but the ball squirts back to Hedman. Celtic waste possession and Kahn has it.
14' Varga's follow-up doesn't trouble Kahn.
14' Chance to get the ball in for Thompson....Drilled in and Kovac is strong to claim it with his head.
12' Not much of a spectacle so far. But few can have expected it from these teams.
11' It came to little though. Sagnol breaks up another Celtic attack.
10' Kahn stone-faced after Hartson was allowed to get in a shot.
9' Kovac does well under pressure from Larsson. Bayern build slowly.
8' Salihamidzic uses his pace but can't keep the ball in play. Goal-kick.
7' Which Thompson overhits. And the ball goes back to Kahn. A chance wasted really.
6' Agathe down the right. Bayern have to scramble the ball away. Sutton was lurking. Corner.
5' Long ball from Thompson to Larsson but Kahn is out to claim.
4' Hargreaves forced to play it all the way back to Kovacs. Celtic clear through Lennon.
3' Lizarazu feeds Ze Roberto. Varga gets the ball away.
3' Celtic pressure now. McNamara hits it for Sutton but the ball is cleared. Hartson is offside when the ball is played back.
2' He misses Hartson's head and it's a throw-in. Balde gets it back. He wins a throw too.
1' Larsson forces a handball from Kovac. Thompson hits the ball long.
- Bayern get the game underway. They choose a slow build-up. Kovac hassled by Larsson. Ballack loses the ball on the edge of the Celtic box.
- The traditional Celtic huddle breaks up and it's away we go.
- A sea of hoops greet the teams. A vast contingent from Scotland, Ireland, London, whereever.
- A few injuries for both sides - Bayern are without Deisler while Valgaeren, Mjallby, Crainey and Lambert are all absent for the Bhoys.
- And Celtic: Hedman, McNamara, Balde, Varga, Agathe, Thompson, Petrov, Lennon, Sutton, Hartson, Larsson
- Here's the starting line-ups: Bayern - Bayern Munich: Kahn, Sagnol, Lizarazu, Kovac, Makaay, Ze Roberto, Ballack, Pizarro, Salihamidzic, Hargreaves, Linke.
- After last season's adventures, it's the big boys and they don't come better than this - FC Hollywood themselves, Bayern Munich.
- A 'monumental challenge' - in Martin O'Neil's words - awaiting Celtic at the Olympic Stadium. All the action here from 19.45 BST

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