No. Name
  -- Dindane Aruna  72'
  1 Daniel Zitka
  5 Glen De Boeck  16' 26'
  3 Olivier Deschacht
  6 Michal Zewlakow
  27 Vincent Kompany
  17 Christian Wilhelmsson
  88' 14  Marc Hendrikx  90'
  10 Walter Baseggio
  15 Besnik Hasi
  11 Martin Kolar
  90' 30  Hannu Tihinen
  19 Ivica Mornar
  24 Tristan Peersman
  34 Lamine Traore
  4 Yves Vanderhaeghe
  21 Par Zetterberg
  35 Sherjill MacDonald
  • 16
    • Glen De Boeck Yellow Card
  • 26
    • Glen De Boeck Red Card
  • HT
    • Halftime
  • 46
    • On: Joos Valgaeren | Off: Jackie McNamara
  • 64
    • Stiliyan Petrov Yellow Card
  • 72
    • Dindane Aruna Goal
  • 76
    • Henrik Larsson Yellow Card
  • 80
    • On: Liam Miller | Off: Neil Lennon
  • 88
    • On: Marc Hendrikx | Off: Christian Wilhelmsson
  • 90
    • On: Hannu Tihinen | Off: Martin Kolar
  • 90
    • Marc Hendrikx Yellow Card
  • FT
    • End Regular Time
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Match Commentary

90' Back to Parkhead for these two next time. Join us then!
90' They had the chances and had a man advantage for nearly an hour. Varga's chance was perhaps the turning point but the Belgians deserved their win for their manful effort.
90' That Champions League away curse strikes again. Three games left and Celtic need to win all three.
90' Handball shout. But not given. A vain is Celtic's chance of winning through to the next round as the ref puts the whistle to his lips.
90' Free-kick given for a Thompson handball. The game looks up for the Bhoys.
90' Ball hacked up from Anderlecht. Hedman will do the same. Larsson runs out of space on the edge of the box.
90' Hendrix booked for timewasting. The sub hasn't touched the ball yet.
90' Four minutes added. They are vital to Celtic's Euro campaign.
90' The Belgians waste time with a sub. Off comes Kolar and on comes Tihinen - once of West Ham.
89' Desperate stuff from Celtic. Sutton and Miller fighting hard but it's only a goal-kick for Anderlecht. Added time approaches.
88' And off sets Aruna who has just Valgaeren to beat. He gets in a shot and Hedman has to concede a corner.
87' Chance to launch a throw-in. Miller shows real vision in finding Hartson in space in the box. But Zitka is there when he shouldn't have had a chance.
87' Miller tried to run through but there's no chance to make a run. No joy. The Irishman has continued to sparkle.
85' Agathe beats Kolar but no-one attacks his cross. Hartson angry at the service he's receiving.
84' There's some tired legs out there. Kompany, outstanding all night, is just 17 - he must be tiring. Can Celtic benefit from that extra man?
82' Sutton wins a throw. But Anderlecht are fighting hard for everything.
82' Miller showing neat touches. Celtic mounting pressure. Agathe's cross is cleared. Anderlecht will hold the ball with Aruna. Back to the keeper it goes.
80' More composure now as Thompson flicks on for Miller to run on. But the shot is scuffed. A shame for Celtic.
80' Hedman hammers long. Celtic looking ragged. But Sutton holds up lay.
79' Celtic need a goal desperately now. And off will come Neil Lennon for Liam Miller. An in-form Irishman needs to show his mettle.
77' Cross from Kolar is claimed by Hedman. Larsson gets a chance to turn and shoot. Zitka claims with a little difficulty.
75' Weary header from Petrov. This is not looking good for Martin O'Neill's men.
74' Sutton's flick towards Larsson. Zitka gets the ball and is fouled. He decides to play vigilante and lashes out at Larsson who is then booked. What did I say about the ref having a good game?
73' Wilhelmsson again a threat but Hedman gets the ball. Celtic facing a considerable onslaught.
72' Thompson's kick is headed away. Aruna got away but controlled the ball with his hand. The Ivory Coast man has been a real threat all evening.
71' Wilhelmsson outstrips the Celtic right-hand side. He gets to the by-line. And slips a nice ball to Aruna who finishes from the edge of the six-yard area. 1-0 to Anderlecht. Disaster for Celtic.
69' A handball in the area shout from Celtic waved away as Hartson's header is deflected. Aruna charges down the other end but another poor shot from Anderlecht.
67' Corner to Celtic. In comes Thompson's ball. Larsson heads down and away from goal.
65' Agathe having increasing joy down the wing but Hartson was nowhere near. This is getting frustrating.
64' The game is becoming stretched. The ten men may tire but they show little sign of that yet.
63' Now Petrov is booked for a lunge on Aruna, who reacquaints himself with the deck once more.
62' Larsson fights hard to chase down a lost cause. But his cross is hacked away.
61' Anderlecht the better team. Balde stops Aruna this time though.
60' The Swede will be OK. His ears could be burning.
59' Mornar in the clear...Hedman charges out and he can only lob wide. Another let-off. Hedman goes down injured - to the boos of the Anderlecht faithful.
57' Now Varga is the man as Mornar threatens. Lennon loses the ball but wins it back from Mornar. Anderlecht with the impetus. Hedman makes a good catch.
56' Balde is again the rock ( Paul Burrell would be proud). The Guinean gets it clear.
55' Aruna, who's been impressive, goes to ground. A dangerous position for Anderlecht to get the ball in.
54' Sutton's pass is erroneous. Larsson didn't read him. Celtic need to show more creation.
53' Corner to Celtic. Petrov's ball drilled in but it ends up in the stand. Another chance.
52' Hartson fails to win a corner as Agathe's neat work comes to nothing.
51' Celtic have to fight off a corner. And can breathe when Mornar is offside. They probably can't believe that miss. Soccernet can't!
49' The ref angers the fans by mistakenly giving a corner. The resulting rebound comes to Thompson...through Larsson and Varga surely cannot miss. He can. His flailing leg only knocks the ball wide of goal!
48' Absolute scenes of chaos in the Celtic box as Lennon and Varga deflect Baseggio's shot away. The home team starting the brighter.
47' Aruna dives over Varga. And wins a free-kick.
47' Zewlakow holds off Larsson. It seems that McNamara's hamstring has failed. Bad news for the Bhoys skipper.
46' Lennon shows strength in keeping off Kolar. There's a gag in there somewhere.
45' Off go the Celts! Sutton fails to link with Larsson. Valgaeren booed by the home team. They've done a fair bit of that tonight.
45' A half-time sub for Celtic. Off goes McNamara and on comes a Belgian in Joos Valageren.
45' That's the half over. Celtic have an advantage but only in terms of men on the field. The Belgians are fighting hard after the dismissal of De Boeck.
45' Last chance for an attack from either side. Mornar gets it in shaking off Varga and slotting a ball inside. Wilhelmsson sits back on his shot and fires over.
45' Lennon nearly caught in possession. McNamara gets the ball away.
43' Aruna shows his class in beating and holding off three. Varga gets a tackle in and Lennon completes the job. The ten men in the ascendancy.
42' Varga concedes a corner. But Hartson heads away. Every manjack fighting hard on both sides.
42' Agathe fought hard to win the ball but his pass is overhit. Celtic haven't created much since that disallowed goal.
40' Petrov gets up well to nod away a crossed dead-ball. And Hedman gets time to launch a goal-kick.
39' McNamara brings down Mornar. A free-kick chance for the 'Beligans'.
38' After all the praise the ref is starting to lose it as he denies Anderlecht an advantage.
38' Agathe's overlap sets alarm bells ringing. Thompson brought down but again the ref waves play on. McNamara sweeps up at the back.
36' Sutton shows great control but then fizzes a shot just wide of the angle.
36' Aruna beats Balde and then dives. No card again. This ref doesn't dish 'em out for simulation.
35' Plenty of incident. And on a second look that wasn't a penalty either. Referee Fritz Stuchlik is having an excellent game.
34' Larsson looked to be brought down after shaking Deschadt. No penalty says the ref. No card either.
33' Hartson shakes off a defender. But is tackled back. The Welshman isn't likely to be granted the freedom of Brussels after this.
31' Great cross from the left...Larsson heads at goal. The keeper can only palm into Hartson's path. He heads home but there's an offside flag - a decision that was contentious.
30' Was Aruna brought down? No, he dived and the ref saw that. He gave no penalty but not red either. Mornar gets a chance now. But he blazes over.
28' Another contentious decision as Mornar is penalised. The Belgian equivalent of the 'referee is a w**ker' is ringing out. Hartson thinks he was pushed by Baseggio but no dice from the ref this time.
27' Thompson's corner finds Larsson. He can't get the angle right and hits the backboards. Has to go down as a miss.
26' Larsson takes the resulting free-kick. The ball rattles off the wall. Corner. The crowd don't like the ref!
25' But here could be a turning point. Hartson turns De Boeck and is brought down. A second bookable for the Belgian. He's off!
25' Ball goes all the way back to Hedman. Breathing space in frantic encounter with little quality.
23' A mess in defence as Wilhelmsson gets space. His chip is snatched clear by Balde. But Baseggio drags wide. A let-off.
22' Balde again wise to danger as he clears a Wilhelmsson cross.
22' Petrov's pass is just off target as Larsson charges through.
21' Balde shows composure and pace as Aruna got away from him only for a long leg to thwart him.
20' Scrappy action in midfield. But Anderlecht come away with the ball. Varga holds firm.
19' Aruna messes up a pass out wide. The crowd didn't appreciate that.
18' Nice link play from Sutton, Thompson and Larsson but the Swede is thwarted by De Boeck.
17' Larsson and Sutton link but Sutton is stopped on the edge of the area.
16' Aruna shows some skill but it's miles from goal. Agathe tracks back to win a goal-kick.
15' Larsson clattered by De Boeck. Yellow card for the Anderlecht captain.
14' Baseggio breaks. But Lennon stops him only for Sutton to lose the ball.
14' Good claim from Hedman. Hopefully he'll put those Munich woes behind him.
13' Mornar wins a corner. Somehow, as no Celt touched the ball.
12' Balde is again cool. The Belgians are far more threatening. Confidence building. Mornar stopped by McNamara and attempts to win a penalty.
11' A mistake from McNamara allows a Belgian attack. Mornar fails to get a clean hit and Celtic breathe easily.
10' Balde sweeps up across the back as Mornar charges. Larsson holds the ball up for Sutton but the Englishman lashes miles over. End-to-end.
9' Suddenly the Belgians show. A nice chip from Deschadt rattles the bar and Baseggio snatches at a chance. A let-off.
7' Martin Kolar stops Agathe's burst. Long throw from Varga. Hartson ruled to have fouled De Boeck.
6' Hedman gets it back after Celtic harry hard.
5' Foul throw given for Belgian encroachment. But Anderlecht get it clear.
5' Sutton caught by a high foot. Larsson gets in space but his chip goes to Zitka when Hartson was lurking.
4' Lennon penalised for a foul. Larsson tracks all the way back. And then chases all the way back to Zitka.
3' Petrov gets a tackle in. Good pressure from Celtic. As you'd expect.
2' Flick on from Sutton is easily gathered by Zitka.
2' Sutton can't get to Varga's throw. Hartson wins another. And another.
1' Agathe nearly got round the back. Last-ditch tackle stops the speedster.
- We're underway as Anderlecht kick off. They go back to keeper Zitka. And mount an attack out left. Wilhelmsson chooses to turn back.
- Celtic: 21-Magnus Hedman; 4-Jackie McNamara, 6-Bobo Balde, 23-Stanislav Varga, 9-Chris Sutton, 8-Alan Thompson, 17-Didier Agathe, 18-Neil Lennon, 19-Stilian Petrov, 7-Henrik Larsson, 10-John Hartson
- Anderlecht: 1-Daniel Zitka; 3-Olivier Deschadt, 5-Glen De Boeck, 6-Michal Zewlakow, 27-Vincent Kompany, 10-Walter Baseggio, 11-Martin Kolar, 15-Besnik Hasi, 17-Christian Wilhelmsson, 19-Ivica Mornar, 26-Aruna Dindane
- Anderlecht are struggling with injuries and could be there for the taking. They're a typically patient Belgian side.
- Liam Miller, two goals at the weekend, has to drop for the Bhoys bench as Alan Thompson and Chris Sutton pass fitness tests.
- That great Celtic win over Lyon needs to be followed by a decent performance in Belgium. Join us 19.45BST.

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