No. Name
  21 Magnus Hedman
  6 Bobo Balde
  4 Jackie McNamara
  23 Stanislav Varga  67'
  43 Liam Miller  17'
  75' 2  Michael Gray
  18 Neil Lennon
  19 Stiliyan Petrov
  10 John Hartson  33'
  83' 29  Shaun Maloney
  90' 3  Momo Sylla
  18 Didier Agathe
  7 Henrik Larsson  12'
  9 Chris Sutton  29' 32'
  20 Robert Douglas
  35 Johan Mjallby
  41 John Kennedy
  33 Ross Wallace
  • 12
    • Henrik Larsson Goal
  • 17
    • Liam Miller Goal
  • 29
    • Chris Sutton Goal
  • 32
    • Chris Sutton Yellow Card
  • 32
    • Aruna Dindane Yellow Card
  • 33
    • John Hartson Yellow Card
  • 44
    • Michal Zewlakow Yellow Card
  • HT
    • Halftime
  • 59
    • Christian Wilhelmsson Yellow Card
  • 62
    • On: Martin Kolar | Off: Marc Hendrikx
  • 67
    • Stanislav Varga Yellow Card
  • 75
    • On: Michael Gray | Off: Liam Miller
  • 77
    • Aruna Dindane Goal
  • 83
    • On: Shaun Maloney | Off: John Hartson
  • 90
    • On: Momo Sylla | Off: Shaun Maloney
  • FT
    • End Regular Time
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Match Commentary

90' Celtic have a real chance of going through. They need a win and draw from their remaining games. A great win for the Bhoys!
90' Time ticks on and Celtic preserve their unbeaten record at home in the Champions League. And the final whistle signals that preservation.
90' Hedman gets a touch on Hasi's cross. Respite for Celtic. They're almost home as we reach time added on.
90' Off comes Maloney, who's taken a knock in his short spell on the pitch.
89' Balde fouls Mornar. A theatrical scream wins a chance to get the ball in the mixer.
89' Balde smashes away as that man Aruna looked to get on the end of a cross.
88' Time ticks on. Celtic look assured of that win. They're seeing out time. Letting the Belgians hold the ball but not letting them do much with it.
86' Lennon has to run hard to win the ball and lose a throw.
86' Maloney knocked off the ball by Wilhelmson. Lennon fouls Kola. The free-kick is shepherded back to Hedman.
85' Aruna is the man to threaten once more. But Balde stays on his feet and forces him into conceding a goal-kick.
84' Wilhelmson does well only to give the ball straight to Larsson. Celtic need to keep the ball away from danger.
83' Anderlecht having more possession now. And Michael Gray comes on as defensive cover.
82' Off goes Hartson. Shaun Maloney on for him. The youngster will run at the tired legs in the Anderlecht defence.
81' Balde gets back to chase and win a throw. No need for anxiety for Celtic. They need this win desperately.
80' Larsson releases Sutton and the Englishman crosses deep. Hartson swings at it but scuffs wide. Petrov was behind him and perhaps had the better chance to score.
80' Surely the Belgians can't force a draw? Celtic need to take the sting out. Aruna booed. And Lennon has to get back to cover.
78' Mornar penalised for baulking Varga. Hedman gets a chance to get the ball up away from the danger are.
77' Mornar booed as he takes....Hedman saves. Wilhemson gets in a shot on the rebound. No-one back to help Hedman and Aruna smashes home. 3-1 now. Hedman heroic but he must be angry that his defenders were so slow to react.
76' Aruna shows Balde a clean pair of heels and is clearly fouled. Penalty!
74' 'Only one Liam Miller'. Apparently.
74' No chances to be taken with him and he limps off. There'll be a substitution. Miller gets a standing ovation for a glittering show.
72' Larsson holds the ball up until he errouneously runs the ball out. Martin O'Neill contested that decision. Miller is down with what looks like cramp.
71' Sutton and Miller get back to chase hard. Anderlecht finding it hard to get through.
70' Hartson hustled out by Tihinen. They've had quite a battle.
69' Aruna gets space but across comes Balde to get the ball away. Celtic resolute in defence tonight.
68' Celtic's fans choose to goad Rangers now. Contrasting fortunes for the two clubs over the past two days.
66' Sutton back in defence to head away. Petrov runs out of room as Celtic go on the counter.
65' Crowd frustrated as Hartson is penalised for a foul on Tihinen. Varga booked now for lashing out at Aruna. The African is a wind-up merchant par excellence.
63' Mornar looked to swipe at Varga. He's booed. The atmosphere turning into a continual boo.
62' Lennon fouls Baseggio. A chorus of boos. A bitty game now.
61' Aruna thwarted and the ball is smacked away. On will come Martin Kolar for Marc Hendricx of Anderlecht.
59' Larsson charges down the right. But Kompany gets it clear with a hack.
59' Larsson gets his angle wrong and gets too much bend and height on it. They'll forgive him here at Parkhead.
58' Wilhelmson hand-balled as Sutton came on his blind-side. Chance for Larsson to shoot?
56' Hartson fouled. But Celtic aren't being too adventurous with that massive lead.
56' And again Balde stops Aruna. Petrov holds the ball up at the edge of the box. Hartson gets space to shoot and clatters a shot. Zitka gets down well to stop it.
54' Hartson shakes off Tihinen. But the ball is cleared as numbers were getting forward. Balde has to stop Aruna.
53' Petrov heads away as Aruna lurked. And Agathe mounts a charge.
53' Aruna takes down a chipped ball. But Hedman and a group of defenders stop him in his tracks.
52' Poor ball evades Agathe. Not much fluidity going on. Nor is there any as Hartson wanders offside.
51' Larsson wins a throw. Celtic keep working hard. He gives away a free-kick now.
49' A foul on Hartson. But Miller can't create anything.
48' Anderlecht have the ball to a chorus of boos. Tihinnen comes to get to a cross but Agathe just does enough to put him off.
47' Drop ball and it's back to Hedman. Hartson can't find Petrov with his flick-on.
46' A knock to Hasi and the ref stops play because it's a head injury.
45' Off we go again...and McNamara has a chance to launch in a free-kick. For once the head of Hartson misses.
45' That's the last real action of the half and the three goal salvo for the Bhoys has given them a lifeline in their group. The flair of Larsson and Miller especially has destroyed Anderlecht.
44' Liam Miller again in space down the right and the keeper Zitka just gets it clear. Miller has been outstanding. A real find is the Irishman.
44' Ball played out to Agathe. Hartson heads behind him and Varga slashes wide of goal.
43' Larsson holds off one heavy challenge but then Kompany clatters him. Free-kick thirty yards out. Zewlakow booked for the first tackle.
43' Hasi gets tround the back. Varga clears. And Hedman sweeps up at the back.
42' Anderlecht listless as they fail to mount an attack. Celtic press hard and force a mistake. Miller out wide and his ball comes in. Larsson can't direct it in with his heel. It's cleared before Sutton can get to it.
40' Hedman claims the ball with ease. Celtic sitting back deep. They've been disciplined tonight. And great going forward too.
38' Aruna and McNamara tangle. The African shows his anger. He'll need to calm down. Meanwhile, Larsson strays offside from Hartson's ball.
36' Aruna weaves to a chorus of boos - he plays in Baseggio but his shot is blasted wide. The jeers ring out.
35' The play is bitty now. Celtic's job is all but done. Anderlecht all but done in already!
34' The boos still ring out for Anderlecht. They didn't endear themselves a couple of weeks ago.
33' Hartson joins Sutton and Aruna in the book. It's degenarating from the flowing stuff of the first 25 minutes.
31' Chaos in the box as a long chip finds Varga unsure of where he is. Aruna in there but handballs clearly. He's booked and will miss the game with Lyon - good news for the Celts.
30' Larsson takes a knock. Anderlecht won't put the ball out. Aruna and Sutton clash. Miller involved too. Henrik finally gets some treatment.
29' Martin O'Neill delighted! And rightly so. It's been a good couple of days for the Bhoys - what with Rangers' gubbing in Manchester!
28' But now a corner...Hartson flicks and Sutton is on the back post to head in unchallenged. 3-0 to Celtic. They're back in business!
27' Great skill from Larsson. He feeds Miller who bursts out wide and delivers a hanging ball for Petrov. He rattles the bar.
25' Agathe stops Aruna - a man not well liked by the Parkhead faithful for his acrobatics in Brussels. Agathe is cheered.
24' A mis-kick by Zitka but Celtic can't capitalise. But suddenly Miller gets out wide to play in a cross from the right. Zitka flaps but Larsson can't get the ball to head for goal. Nearly 3-0!
22' Miller and Petrov cause havoc on the left. Sutton's cross is knocked away by Tihinnen.
21' Hartson penalised for a knockdown. Celtic defending deep now.
20' Anderlecht gain some respite in mounting an attack. Free-kick to be bent in by Bassegio - Hedman calls and claims.
18' Sutton and Kompany collide. That hurt both of them but they'll keep going.
17' What a fantastic goal. Liam Miller showing his undoubted potential with a calm finish. Celtic in dreamland.
17' Larsson linking well. And the ball is played into Hartson...Miller down the left-hand side of the box and drills a shot into the back of the net. 2-0 to Celtic. O'Neill does the jack-in-the-box!
14' Miller on the burst now. But he too is profligate in possession.
14' Petrov had a chance to break but couldn't find Hartson. Lennon wins the ball back with a crunching challenge.
13' Balde climbs to head away. The Celtic fans belt out the song that celebrates Larsson and denigrates Alan Shearer.
12' Who else but Henrik? Martin O'Neill does the pogo on the sideline.
11' Nice ball out wide to Agathe. A nice cross too and Larsson stoops to angle a header down and to the keeper's right. 1-0 to Celtic!
11' Corner again to Celtic. The ball is cleared and Varga's header can't find a team-mate. The Belgians so far resolute in defence.
9' Miller run out in the corner after a nice knock-down by Hartson.
9' Larsson is fouled as he leaps. Balde tries to win a corner but fails.
8' An Anderlecht attack launched by Mornar. Good cross is nodded away by McNamara but a warning sign to Celtic.
7' Hedman kicks long. Hartson's flick is collected by Zitka as Larsson lurks.
6' Aruna has an injury and is making the most of it. He hobbles off after some wait.
5' Blade hacks Hasi's kick away. Now the Belgians exert some pressure. McNamara nearly made a mistake but was alert in clearing.
4' Anderlecht yet to get out of their half. But then Varga fouls Mornar who shakes him off with a neat touch.
3' Overhit, as is Lennon's shot on the rebound. It drifts into the stand.
2' Larsson hounds keeper Zitka. Sutton forces a corner.
2' Celtic dominating early possession. A free-kick chance is cleared.
1' Sutton gets a chance to release Larsson but his pass is rather askew.
1' Long ball is collected by Stanislav Varga. Hedman takes his time.
1' The Belgians will kick off. The atmosphere is bouncing. Ninety minutes of European destiny.
- Anderlecht: 1-Daniel Zitka; 3-Olivier Deschacht, 6-Michal Zewlakow, 27-Vincent Kompany, 30-Hannu Tihinen, 10-Walter Baseggio, 14-Marc Hendrikx, 15-Besnik Hasi, 17-Christian Wilhelmsson, 19-Ivica Mornar, 26-Aruna Dindane,
- Anderlecht have lost skipper De Boeck after that dismissal a fortnight ago and 17-year-old Vincent Kompany continues to marshall their defence alongside former West Ham man Hannu Tiheninen.
- Celtic: 21-Magnus Hedman; 17-Didier Agathe, 4-Jackie McNamara, 23-Stanislav Varga, 6-Bobo Balde, 43-Liam Miller, 18-Neil Lennon, 19-Stilian Petrov, 7-Henrik Larsson, 9-Chris Sutton, 10-John Hartson
- Celtic really need a win - they need revenge for that defeat in Belgium. They're without Alan Thompson but gifted Irishman Liam Miller steps in.
- Celtic know they must win to stand a real chance of progressing to the knock-out stages. Join us from 19.45 GMT for live commentary

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