No. Name
  1 Antonis Nikopolidis
  2 Rene Henriksen
  8 Giannis Goumas  57'
  20 Angelos Basinas
  5 Giourkas Seitaridis
  4 Silvio Maric
  14 Raimondas Zutautas
  18 Lucian Sanmartean
  45' 10  Joel Epalle
  6 Markus Münch  50'
  11 Dimitrios Papadopoulos
  83' 22  Miltiadis Sapanis
  19 Michalis Konstantinou
  75' 7  Goran Vlaovic
  33 Stefanos Kotsolis
  35 Jan Michaelsen
  27 Pantelis Konstantinidis
  9 Krzysztof Warzycha
  • 45
    • On: Joel Epalle | Off: Lucian Sanmartean
  • HT
    • Halftime
  • 50
    • Markus Münch Yellow Card
  • 51
    • Rio Ferdinand Yellow Card
  • 57
    • Giannis Goumas Yellow Card
  • 74
    • On: David Bellion | Off: Darren Fletcher
  • 75
    • On: Goran Vlaovic | Off: Michalis Konstantinou
  • 83
    • On: Miltiadis Sapanis | Off: Dimitrios Papadopoulos
  • 85
    • Diego Forlán Goal
  • FT
    • End Regular Time
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Match Commentary

90' A poor game by United's standards saw them make heavy work of a spirited but ultimately poor Panathinaikos side. Ferguson gave some of the youngsters a run to save the big guns for Chelsea in the league this weekend and the game was disjointed. The final ball let down both sides and for the neutral spectator this was a non-event. However, it's job done for United and unfortunately for the Greeks, it's better luck next year.
90' A short corner for United is the final action of the match and they take the win that gaurantees qualification for the next round
90' Over eagerness on the part of Epalle on the edge of the United box sees him take out Silvestre. The United man though is not badly hurt and can resume
89' Ronaldo is back helping out his defenders as the clock ticks down
87' The Greeks are now chasing the game but as with previous attacks, their final ball lets them down and United don't look troubled
87' Bellion again looks lively in an attacking position as Ronaldo gets a ball out to him via Forlan. But the substitute is marginally off-side and is denied a shooting chance
83' Bellion picks up the ball in midfield and surges forward worrying all those around him in green shirts. A fantastically angled pass puts Forlan a yard clear of the defence. His shot is not a great one but it is on target and Nikopolidis can't handle it and it squirms under him and into the net. 1-0 Man Utd and at last something of note has happened in this stupifyingly dull game!
82' The game has produced little in the way of excitement and already looks to be winding down for the end
81' Miltadis Sapanis comes on to replace Papadopoulos
80' Ronaldo comes in field for a change and dinks a little chipped pass to Giggs that is actually helped into his path by a defenders head. Giggs hits the by-line and sends a low cross firmly across the box but noone is coming in to attack it and the goalkeeper collects acrobatically
77' Bellion looks to make an impact using his speed to evade several players before he goes to fast for himself and the ball runs away from his feet just as he bore down on goal, admittedly with a couple of defenders around him
77' Manchester United are getting more opportunities now that they are playing with two up front rather than one with Giggs just off. This time it is Kleberson's chance to waste a half-chance by pulling a snap shot wide
74' Ball breaks across the Panathinaikos area for Forlan who has a clear strike on goal but, despite getting plenty on it, drags it well wide in the end. Should have made the keeper work at least from all of 10 yards
72' David Bellion comes on for Fletcher for Man Utd. For Panathinaikos, Vlaovic replaces Seitaridis
71' The ball has been kicked out of play so that Diego Forlan can recieve treatment for a twisted ankle he picked up without any other player being involved
69' Panathinaikos are coming out of their first-half shell but, despite posession in the midfield they are not getting close enough to suggest they carry much of a goal threat
67' Ronaldo squeezes a near post cross into Ryan Giggs who needed a delicate touch to direct it in goalwards but he connects to firmly and it goes wide
64' The Greeks are looking to force a way through particularly through the lively Maric. He tries a clever one-two with Papadopoulos on the edge of the box but it breaks instead for Munch wide out on the left. Cracks it with his left foot and it's not far wide though Howard would have been favourite had it been on target
63' The tempo has picked up ever so slightly in the last few minutes and the game is begining to be stretched more
62' Panathinaikos free-kick into the box is cleared to Ronaldo who helps the ball to Giggs via Kleberson. Giggs holds the ball up until Forlan overlaps on the left in the box and in space. The pass is perfection but Forlan drags the ball inches wide of the far post with the keeper beaten. Should have scored
60' A surging, determined run through the centre from Maric gets the ball out wide to Much to cross but he over hits it
58' Manchester United free-kick from a very long way out. Ronaldo rolls it for Kleberson to drive along the deck from around 35 yards. The Keeper gets low early and hangs on to the shot
55' Substitute Epalle is looking the most likely to score for Panathinaikos and he gets a half-volley away from the right hand corner of United's box. Howard is more than equal to it though
53' United now enjoying the Lion's share of the posession but are not able to carve anything out
51' A whipped ball in from the Panathinaikos right is missed or left by both Fortune and Ferdinand and when it is finally played, by O'Shea, it is to an attacking player. Ferdinand recovers to put a strong leg in before the shot can be fired
51' Ferdinand again in the action for the wrong reasons as he brings down a Greek player from behind just as he was about to launch a pass forward. For his troubles he earns a yellow card and a knock that requires treatment
49' Ferdinand gets away with some sloppy play on the edge of his own box. He allows a ball to run under his foot and, but for Howard's great positioning, may have let in the lurking Konstantinou
47' Posession is exchanged several times in a cluttered midfield area
46' The sub is quickly into the action and earns a free-kick just inside the United half. From it a corner is won and that in turn is well cleared all the way back to Nikopolidis in the Greek goal
45' Half-time substitution for Panathinaikos sees Joel Epalle come on for Sanmartean
45' The first-half was a thouroughly uninspired and uninspiring affair. Manchester United looked devoid of ideas - with the sporadic exception of Giggs and Ronaldo on their respective wings - of how to break down Panathinaikos' defensive tactics. Very few chances and really not much to commend either team for
45' The referee blows up for half-time
45' Two minutes of stoppage time has been signalled by the fourth official
44' The half is drawing towards a subdued end but with Manchester United looking the stronger team
42' Strong, composed defending from Fortune nullifys a Panathinaikos attack down the right wing - where all of the Greeks' forward energies are being spent
41' Giggs tries to release Forlan with a little dink over the top of the defence for him to chase. The Uruguyan gets there but the angle is not good for a shot. The keeper stands firm and collects at his near post
39' Long ball down the wing has Ronaldo scurrying and it's everything his Greek marker can do to just get a head to the bouncing ball in front of him
37' A chance for United. Forland plays a fantastic defence splitting one-two with Kleberson and he breaks into the Greek box with Fletcher hurtling into the centre to look for the cross. Forlan, however, delays inexplicably allowing Goumas to get back and tackle
36' The game is a scrappy one, with United fielding a slightly unfamiliar team and Panathinaikos defending deep and in numbers. A spark of inspiration is needed
34' Giggs cuts out a sloppy pass and carries the fight to Panathinaikos. Forlan is in support and picks up the pass but the ball into the box is not accurate enough to find a red shirt
32' Konstantinou out muscles Fortune in the centre circle and breaks with it but with no support at all. His only option is to shoot from distance and the effort troubles the corner flag more than it does Tim Howards goal
30' A break is on with Ronaldo surging down the left. A stinging cross is sent in and Kleberson is only fractionally to late arriving in the box to make contact with it
29' Manchester United are having to be patient, faced as they are with a side happy to defend and chose their moments to attack
27' A rare attack from Panathinaikos sees them with three men in the box waiting for the cross. Fortune blocks it with what looks like a hand though appeals from players and fans are muted. Nothing is given
25' After a period of midfield swapsies with the ball Forlan cracked one from all of 25 yards. The ball boucnce in front of the keeper and he did well to turn it round for a corner
23' Handball against Panathinaikos in the centre circle is taken quickly by Kleberson but comes to nothing
21' Ronaldo looks to be worrying the Panathinaikos defence and has already been fouled several times
20' After the slow start Panathinaikos are enjoying a decent spell without creating any clear chances
18' Maric tries to get behind Fortune in the right corner but he is held back and the foul is given before his unneccessary theatrics. The free-kick comes to nothing
16' Panathinaikos are keeping men back but a rare break sees a chance on if the pass could be found to Konstantiou on the right. Fortune and Ferdinand both furiously trying to get back and cover manage to do so just in time and the accurate pass is intercepted
14' Another Giggs break sees him use his pace to escape from any Greek players and this time whip in a cross from a lot deeper but with the same target. Unfortunately it is over hit and Forlan has no chance of beating the keeper to it
12' The first chance of the game comes from a Giggs break down the left, beating two men and getting to the edge of the box. A lovely side footed cross looks to pick out Forlan right in front of goal but the defender does enough to put him off
11' The ball is not cleared and Seitaridis gets to the by-line and cuts a dangerous ball back across the middle that is cleared
10' A ball played in is chested away to safety by Fortune despite appeals from the crowd that he used his hands
9' Fletcher gives the ball away in midfield and invites pressure on to Manchester United
8' Again Ronaldo tries to dance his way through a host of defenders unsuccessfully this time though he looks capable of getting some joy out of them
6' A few players having problems with their footing and the pitch appears to be wet
5' Konstantinou chases what looks like a lost cause deep into the United half, beating Fortune to the ball but fails to earn the corner he was after
4' Papadopoulos goes down under a challenge from Butt as if he had been shot and earns the free-kick
3' Ronaldo stepping over the ball beats a couple of men out by the wing but is unable to put Fletcher through
2' A slow opening as both sides look to settle down and get a feel for the ball with a succession of passes.
1' Manchester United kick-off and Ronaldo is the first to break forward and he falls on the slippery surface
- Join us at 19.45 GMT as Manchester United look to secure their place in the next phase of the Champions League.

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