Bolton Wanderers
No. Name
  22 Jussi Jaaskelainen
  2 Anthony Barness
  63' 3  Simon Charlton
  18 Nicky Hunt
  26 Emerson Thome
  5 Bruno N'Gotty  74'
  16 Ivan Campo
  4 Kevin Nolan  9'
  10 Jay-Jay Okocha  2' 80'
  7 Stelios Giannakopoulos  17'
  69' 9  Henrik Pedersen
  6 Youri Djorkaeff
  84' 15  Ibrahim Ba
  14 Kevin Davies
  1 Kevin Poole
  25 Varela Javi Moreno
  • 2
    • Jay-Jay Okocha Goal
  • 9
    • Kevin Nolan Goal
  • 17
    • Stelios Giannakopoulos Goal
  • 20
    • Juan Pablo Angel Goal
  • HT
    • Halftime
  • 54
    • On: Ronny Johnsen | Off: Olof Mellberg
  • 56
    • Juan Pablo Angel Goal
  • 57
    • On: Thomas Hitzlsperger | Off: Gareth Barry
  • 63
    • On: Simon Charlton | Off: Anthony Barness
  • 64
    • Gavin McCann Yellow Card
  • 68
    • Darius Vassell Yellow Card
  • 69
    • On: Henrik Pedersen | Off: Stelios Giannakopoulos
  • 74
    • Bruno N'Gotty Goal
  • 77
    • On: Marcus Allback | Off: Darius Vassell
  • 80
    • Jay-Jay Okocha Goal
  • 84
    • On: Ibrahim Ba | Off: Youri Djorkaeff
  • 89
    • Lee Hendrie Yellow Card
  • 90
    • Dion Dublin Yellow Card
  • FT
    • End Regular Time
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Match Commentary

90' Both of Villa's goals had more than a hint of luck about them, but they will welcome any small mercy on a night when they let in five. It should make for an excting second leg, as Villa will have to come out all guns blazing.
90' That was a superb Cup encounter, capped off by two fine free-kicks from Okocha - the second being out of this world
90' And there goes the final whistle
90' Foul by Dublin - he's furious with the decision, claiming he won the ball. Referee Durkin shows the yellow card.
90' Davies breaks through, but his touch lets hum down and the chance is gone
90' Three minutes to be added
89' Villa playing keep-ball
88' Bolton look to keep the ball in the corner now, happy to preserve the three goal advantage for the second leg
87' Hendrie gets an unnecessary booking for kicking the ball away
86' Davies does brilliantly to win the loose ball from Delaney. He finds Okocha in the box, who lays it off for Davies. Davies dummys for the Campo shot, and it's well over
85' There's some late Villa challenges going in now, clearly the players are crestfallen after working hard to get back into this
84' Okocha wins the adulation of the Bolton faithful with a few tricks, and in the end Hendrie rockets the ball out of play in frustration
83' Another change for Bolton. Ibrahim Ba is on for Youri Djorkaeff
82' Two free-kicks from the Nigerian master before he departs for Tunisia and the African Nations Cup, how Bolton will miss him
81' What an unbelievable strike by the Nigerian. He struck it with the outside of his right boot, it bent round the wall and flew into the top corner. Absolutely superb - world class. What a humdinger
80' GOAL!!!!!
80' Free-kick to Bolton a yard outside the box, Dublin was holding back Pedersen. It's on the left edge, Okocha steps up to take it...
80' Djorkaeff wants a penalty for handball against Dublin, it was accidental
79' Okocha tries one from 20 yards, straight at Sorensen
78' Bolton taking their time over things now. Happy with the scoreline?
77' Darious Vassell is replaced by Marcus Allback
76' After working so hard to get back into the game, Villa face a two-goal deficit again - at least they have those precious away goals
75' Hitzlsperger shoots from 20 yards, and again it's straight into the grasp of Jaaskelainen
74' N'Gotty's header was perfectly placed into the top left-hand corner of the net. Hendrie was on the post, but was too short to keep it out. 4-2! It's a Villa thriller!
73' GOAL!!!!!
72' Corner to Bolton. Djorkaeff takes, and it's met by the unmarked N'Gotty...
71' The clearance comes to Djorkaeff who shows great control and is through, but he opts to lop Sorensen from fully 40 yards and gets it all wrong
70' McCann's cross is flicked on by Angel for Whittingham, his first time shot hits Hunt and goes behind for a corner. Hendrie's delivery is poor
69' Another change for the Trotters as Henrik Pedersen comes on for Stelios Giannakopoulos
68' Vassell goes into the book following a late challenge on Campo. It's a free-kick on the left, taken by Djorkaeff, only for N'Gotty to head wide
67' Samuel is brought down by Thome, again there's strong words between the players
66' Hunt feeds it into the box, Dubin clears
65' Charlton feels Delaney just outside the box on the right. Hitzelsperger plays it across the egde of the box for Whittingham, who hits a defender, It breaks for Hitzelsperger, but he fires straight at Jaaskelainen
64' It's a real fiery game now, it could boil over
63' McCann enters the book for a foul on Hunt, in the corner on the right. Djorkaeff takes the free-kick, Thome heads over
62' A change for Bolton: Simon Charlton on, Anthony Barness off
61' McCann wins the ball and looks to get space for a shot, he's tripped by Hendrie and gets the free-kick. That sets off all sorts of trouble with all players pushing and shoving, which Durkin has to calm
60' Referee Paul Durkin has words with the Villa bench over some matter - you'd have thought it'd be the Bolton bench in bother after the goal
59' Villa win a free-kick for a foul on Whittingham just outside the area. It's tapped to Hitzlsperger but by the time he strikes it he's been closed down
58' A change for Villa, Thomas Hitzlsperger is on for Gareth Barry
57' Angel was stood in an offside position when it hit him on both ocassions. Vassell's effort just hit his shin - goal! It should have been disallowed, but the score reads 3-2!
57' GOAL!!!!!
57' Whittingham suddenly finds space in the box, he fires his shot straight at Jaaskelainen. It comes to Barry, who plays it back across goal first time. Vassell's shot hits Angel, but it comes straight back to him and his shot hits Angel...
57' Villa deal with the corner from Djorkaeff
56' Villa forced into a change, as the injured Olof Mellberg is replaced by Ronny Johnsen
55' Stelios sees his shot bloked, but collects the return and feeds in Hunt down the right, who wins a corner off Delaney
54' Mellberg goes down the tunnel for stitches in a head wound, Villa down to ten for now
53' Djorkaeff delivers, and it look like he went to bend it into the far corner rather than cross it, and Sorensen collects
52' Mellberg picks up a knock in the melee and is off the pitch for this corner. Villa deal with it but McCann then fells Campo on the left flank, free-kick in a dangerous area
51' Corner to Bolton, taken by Djorkaeff. Angel knocks it into the path of N'Gotty and Delaney has to make a fine block to prevent a fourth for Bolton. Corner again
50' Hendrie plays in Delaney on the overlap, and Barness has to knock his cross behind for a corner. Barry's ball is fisted to safety
49' Barry delivers from the left, Jaaskelainen drops the ball onto the head of Barness but gets away with it, claiming at the second attempt
48' Corner to Bolton. Djorkaeff drifts it into the box, Dublin heads to safety
47' Angel works space on the right but his cross only finds Jaaskelainen
46' Villa begin the second period
45' It was a pulsating first 20 minutes, and the rest of the half wasn't far bad either. Bolton almost had the tie won after 18 minutes, but Angel's flukey goal has changed all that.
45' And that's half-time
45' Free-kick to Bolton, Djorkaeff delivers into the box - Dublin heads away
45' Barry's cross finds McCann completely unmarked onthe back stick, he takes a touch and simple has to square it. McCann opts to go for the shot, but Jaaskelainen has come rushing out to block. That should have been 3-2
45' Barness looks for Davies, but the flag has gone up for offside against Djorkaeff
45' Two minutes to be added
44' Free-kick to Bolton 25-yards out. It's Okocha again but this time his effort drops wide of Sorensen's right-hand post
43' Davies does brilliantly to get past his man on the left, he cuts it back for Stelios on the penalty spot but Dublin does very well to stay strong and end the danger
43' Campo fells Barry, free-kick to Villa, taken short
42' Whittingham attempts an ambitious shot from 30-yards, which hits Campo
41' Corner to Villa. Barry takes from the right and Campo has to head behind. Barry floats one in again and this time Hunt clears
40' Twenty minutes without a goal - what on earth is going on?
39' Samuel plays the free-kick into the danger area, N'Gotty heads clear
38' Villa win a free-kick for Hunt's jump on Barry. Hunt needs a bit of treatment after falling awkwardly
37' Barry trips Nolan, a chacne to get it into the box from the right flank here. It's played square to Okocha instead, but his shot is wild
36' Thome blocks Angel's goal-bound shot, that would have been close
35' Vassell pushes Alan Davies, sorry Campo, to the floor, that'll be a free-kick
34' Delaney and Vassell both try and work an opening in the box, but the Bolton defence stands firm
33' Dublin goes down under the challenge of Davies while trying to guide the ball out for a goal-kick, the ref gives no free-kick and it ends up being a corner, which comes to nothing
32' Okocha shoots well wide from the edge of the box
31' Good work from Djorkaeff ends with Campo in possession on the edge of the box, he dinks it to the lett to try and create space for the shot but is closed down
30' Stelios fells Samuel, free-kick to the Villa
29' Villa are slightly on top now, looking for a second
28' Hunt finds Davies just inside the box, he chests it and strikes on the volley - well over
27' Whittingham comes forward but holds onto it too long when he had options ahead of him, and is tackled
26' Barry gets the ball inside the box on the left, he opts to take the shot across goal, Jaaskelainen gets a strong hand to it, taking it away from the onrushing Vassell. Another close call
25' Angel is adjudged offside from Mellberg's long ball forward
24' It's end to end stuff here, surely not the end to the scoring
23' Stelios comes forward with pace on the right, crosses into the box Mellberg is there to hack clear
22' Delaney gets forward into the box and pulls it back for Whittingham - only for Nolan to get in with a superb block, that could easily have been the fifth goal of the night
21' Angel was certainly looking to cross the ball, he got it wrong but it looped over the head of Jaaskelained and into the back of the net. This is a real humdinger! 3-1
20' GOAL!!!!!
20' Stelios fouls Samuel on the left flank. Hendrie takes it, only for a Bolton head to get there first. Angel picks up the loose ball, and battles three challenges to keep control. He looks up and crosses into the danger area...
19' David O'Leary and Roy Aitken look shellshocked on the touchline - and who can blame them
18' Stelios, six-yards out, produced real pace, power and precission on the overhead kick to beat Sorensen - Bolton are in dreamland
17' GOAL!!!!!
16' N'Gotty plays forward a long ball from a free-kick just inside in own half, Davies flicks it on and Stelios produces the acrobatic overhead kick...
15' McCann does well and looks to slide one through to Angel, N'Gotty is wise to it and hacks clear
14' Despite the bad start, Villa do look fairly lively up front
13' Angel tries a shot from 25-yards, it lacks any real power and is easy for Jaaskelainen
12' Villa have a real task on their hands now - even though it's a two-legged tie
11' Jasskelainen is able to claim Hendrie's weak shot
10' Worful defending from Villa. Maybe Whittingham had thoughts of the first goal - where he conceded the free-kick. But Mellberg was as much to blame for allowing Nolan to come forward, dink right and place the ball into the corner past the despairing dive of Sorensen. 2-0 Bolton!
9' GOAL!!!!!
8' Nolan picks the ball up just outside the centre circle and bursts forward. Whittingham gives chase but fails to tackle. Mellberg stands off and allows the Bolton midfielder to get into the box...
8' Campo slices a clearance towards his own goal and Thome has to mop up, it comes back into the area but Angel's header lacks power
7' Djorkaeff gets on the end of Davies' flick on and creates space, before shooting weakly into the arms of Sorensen
6' It's a good start for Bolton, but Villa don't look too downtrodden by that early goal
5' Stelios finds Hunt in the box and he looks to get to the byline and deliver, but Mellberg does well to put the pressure on and it's a goal-kick
4' Sorensen was unsighted by the wall, expecting the ball to be played to his right. It wasn't and he was left floundering. Advantage Bolton
3' GOAL!!!!!
3' Nolan is fouled by Whittingham, it's a free-kick to Bolton 25-yards out in a central position. Perfect for Okocha this one. Okocha takes...
2' McCann's cross into the box has Angel backpeddling, he gets his head to the ball but can't keep it in
1' Bolton get the game underway
- Aston Villa welcom back midfielder Gavin McCann and striker Darius Vassell after knee and hamstring injuries respectively.
- Jay-Jay Okocha captains the Bolton side for the last time before heading off to the African Nations Cup. Manager Sam Allardyce makes one change to the side that defeated Portsmouth with Stelios Giannakopoulos replacing Javi Moreno.
- All the action from the Reebok - kicking off at 20.00 GMT

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