No. Name
  1 Shaka Hislop
  34 Petri Pasanen
  2 Linvoy Primus
  6 Arjan De Zeeuw
  14 Matthew Taylor
  3 Dejan Stefanovic
  72' 22  Richard Hughes  72' 54'
  39 Eyal Berkovic
  11 Nigel Quashie  24'
  7 Kevin Harper
  30 Alexey Smertin  64'
  20 Yakubu Aiyegbeni  69'
  25 Harald Wapenaar
  26 Gary O'Neil
  43 Shaun Cooper
  38 Sebastian Olszar
  • 24
    • Nigel Quashie Yellow Card
  • 45
    • On: Milan Baros | Off: Emile Heskey
  • 45
    • On: Richard Hughes | Off: Dejan Stefanovic
  • HT
    • Halftime
  • 54
    • Richard Hughes Yellow Card
  • 59
    • On: Danny Murphy | Off: Anthony Le Tallec
  • 64
    • Alexey Smertin Yellow Card
  • 69
    • Yakubu Aiyegbeni Yellow Card
  • 72
    • Richard Hughes Goal
  • 82
    • On: Florent Sinama-Pongolle | Off: Bruno Cheyrou
  • FT
    • End Regular Time
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Match Commentary

90' Liverpool played some good football but the home team's desire gave them the edge. A very tight game but Portsmouth arguably deserved it in the end
90' A poor first half was soon forgotten as the second half sprang to life. A couple of dodgy penaly decisions galvanised Pompey and, after they score, there only looked like one winner
90' The whistle sounds and the home fans let out an almighty roar. Portsmouth put Liverpool out of the cup at the second attempt and will face Arsenal: 1-0 the final score
90' Finnan floats a cross in from the right. Pongolle gets up to nod down invitingly into the middle of the box but no Liverpool man is able to get there before an opponent
90' Hamann plays a ball to Murphy in the centre of the field. Early pass looks to release Owen but, yet again, Primus is there to make an interception
90' Yakubu takes the ball into the corner to kill a bit of time
89' Three minutes of added time announced
88' Delay in play as Pasanen receives treatment for a knock
87' Long free kick from Murphy leads to a frantic spell in the Pompey box. Eventually comes out to Finnan whose shot is tame and easily dealt with
86' Frustration boiling over as Baros has a row with the linesman over a decision that went against him. Wasting his own team's time
85' Owen getting more and more involved. Runs at the defence at pace and committs defenders before laying off to the left to Pongolle who is in space. Lines up to shoot but a sliding, recovery tackle from Pasanen blocks the effort.
84' Owen forced to come very deep to get possession but a mistake gives the ball to Quashie. Tries to break forward but Hypia is strong in the tackle and snuffs out the danger
83' Right footed free kick from Gerrard to the back post. Finnan rises unchallenged but his header comes back across the goal when it loooked easier to go for goal
82' Florent Sinama-Pongolle comes on for Liverpool as they try to chase the game. Cheyrou leaves the field
81' For once Owen shakes off Primus. Advances into the box and lets fly with a shot that looks destined for the left hand corner until a flying intervention from Hislop, just getting his finger tips to it. Fantastic save but a goal kick is given
80' Murphy to Owen with his back to goal on the edge of the box looking for space but there is none and Pompey clear
79' Real end to end cup-tie on now
78' Break from Pompey after after apoor ball from Gerrard. Yakubu shjows his strenght to hold off Henchoz. Square ball to advancing Bekovic who plays a delightful ball back into the box. Yakubu gets away but is stretching to make contact and Kirland comes out to put him off. Good chance but Yakubu puts it wide
76' Free kick on the left corner of the Pompey box for Liverpool. Murphy looks to take a quick one and curls the effort just wide of Hislop's left hand post. Hislop looked to have it covered
75' Hopeful ball into the box. Yakubu looks to back into Kirkland and he drops it. Falls to Hughes who shoots but Kirkland is up again to save well
74' Liverpool come again with Carragher who thinks about a cross from the right but shoots instead. Pulls the shot wide left
73' Corner by Murphy finds Gerrard in space at the back corner of the box. Right footed volley looks to be on target but is blocked by Primus
72' Gerrard powers up field down the right. Cross come shot is difficult for Hislop but he jumps well to push the ball out from under his bar
70' Mistake by Hypia lets Berkovic rob him. Ball wide to Harper, back to Berkovic who plays a quick pass to Yakubu on the edge of the box. Cleverly lays it wide left to Hughes who looks to have taken too long before firing a low shot across Kirkland and between the sliding Finnan and Henchoz into the bottom right hand corner. Great finish: 1-0 Portsmouth
69' Pressure from Portsmouth, especially Yakubu, forces Carragher into his own corner and he does well to turn and find spce to clear
68' Ball up long to Yakubu from Smertin. Turns inside Henchoz well buy Hypia cuts across him well. yakubu goas down under no contact and is promptly booked for diving
67' Game has realy come to life after the controversial penalty awards
66' Pompey break with Berkovic. Ball over the top for Yakubu to chase but Liverpool, holding a high line to catch him offside, do just that
65' Poor cross field pas from Taylor finds Murphy. Quick diagonal ball for Owen who does well to ride a couple of hard challenges but support is not forthcoming and eventually Pompey clear
64' Finnan delivers a rare decent cross from the right. Lands right where Murphy would have wanted it, in space, but directs his header high and wide
63' Smertin is the latest Pompey man to see yellow after a tackle that was badly timed rather than malicious
62' Was it guilt or lack of confinence? Either way Owen plays a terrible, weak effort to Hislop's left. He gets down easily to save. Justice is done
61' Amazingly the referee awards a penalty. Never a penalty but it has been given
60' Baros finds space to head into the box down the right chanel as Pompey's back line is not level. Murphy plays him in but he takes too long and Taylor gets back to make a fantastic saving tackle
59' Another change for Liverpool sees Murphy replace Le Tallec
58' Le Tallec, coming inside from the right wing tries to curl a low pass round the back of the Pompey back line for the breaking Gerrard. De Zeeuw slides to get in font and nearly puts in his own net but narrowly misses the post
57' Gerrard flights a diagonal pass towards Owen from deep right but it is too easy for Primus to get above him and head clear
56' Carragher side footed pass to Owen on the left hand corner of the box. With Primus on his back he can't turn. Squre pas to Baros who is tackled. Ball breaks to Hamann who fires a poor effort, by his standards, form 25 yards over the bar
54' Quahie to Smertin on the right. Slid rule pass in to Yakubu's feet with his back to goal in thebox. Tries to turn and shoot but Henchoz is in close attendance and takes the sting out of it as it runs through to Kirkland
53' With the pace stepped up Hughes is guilty of a late, sweeping challenge on Baros and rightly enters the referee's notebook
52' Pompey pressure around the Liverpool box. Ball breaks to Quashie who hurrys a shot from distance that only hits Henchoz
51' 'Penalty' inccident looks to have livened up proceedings
50' Berkovic looks to handle in the build up. Lays it out to Harper who plays in Berkovic on the right corne rof the box. Good delivery is bound for Yakubu in the six yard box before Kirkland gets down bravely to claim.
49' Pompey players go crazy and surround the ref. He consults his linesman who corrects the error and the award is changed to a Pompey free kick
48' Free-kick from the by-line just outside the box form Gerrard. Crowd of players go up and a hand touches the ball. Penalty given but Baros was the guilty man
47' Baros is strong and shows pace to escape two fouls as he gets to the by-line. First is allowed to go and then, bizarrely, as Baros now has a chance to cross, the second is given
46' Excellent curving, dipping corner from Taylor elludes the Liverpool defence and Pasanen, arriving late at the back post just fails to connect
45' Liverpool kick off and concede possession stright away. Harper loks to make ground on the right. Beats Carragher but he recovers to give away a corner.
45' Portsmouth also make a switch with Richard Hughes, a holding midfield player, coming on for Stefanovic
45' Change for liverpool as the ineffective Heskey, who has played out on the left, is replaced by Milan Baros who has been out since September
45' Harper and Berkovic have looked dangerous for the home side when they have broken forward but the weather is causing problems for both teams. A swirling wind in an open ground has seen wayward crosses a plenty. Has to get better in the second half
45' The match so far has been disappointing with no real fluid play from either side. Pompey look to have learned from the first leg and are keeping it compact and difficult for Liverpool in the middle. Linvoy Primus, especially, has been like another shadow for Owen.
45' Half time whistle is blown. Still nothing seperates the teams: 0-0
45' Owen gets the ball at his feet in the Pompey box for the first time. A combination of Primus and Pasenan manage to block him and get it away.
45' Two minutes of added time to be played
44' Free kick just outside the area, on the right, is aimed at Taylor past the far post but the delivery only finds Henchoz
43' Gerrard loses possession with a sloppy ball that Smertin cuts out. Smertin sets off towards goal and Gerrard, trying to make amends, jumps in with a tackle and gives away a foul
42' Free kick from Hislop is met by Hypia and then returned virtually the full length of the pitch to the keeper
41' Atmosphere is a bit flat after the game has failed to produce many real chances
40' Cross is flicked on by Hypia but Pompey stand uo and clear. Only as far as Carragher who lobs in another ball aimed at Owen. Owen tries the spectacular with an over head kick but makes no contact with the ball. Would have been good - but wasn't
38' Patient build up play from Liverpool until the ball is worked out right to Finnan. Good first time ball into a dangerous area but Pasenan is underneath it to put behind for a corner
37' Pompey play from flank to flank to get the ball wide to Taylor. Looks to find Harper at the far post but gets too much on it and in goes behind for a goal kick
36' Gerrard powers forward to the edge of the Pompey box. Slips a perfectly weighted ball inside Pasenan for Heskey to go one-on-one with the keeper. No conviction in the shot and Hislop saves well
35' Carragher long throw into the box. Pompey clear but only to Hamann. Back out to Carragher who is tackled by Pasenan when in a good position to cross
33' Primus, getting tight on Owen, over eager in tackleing and gives away a foul in the centre circle
32' Break on for Pompey. Yakubu lays back to Berkovic who plays a decent ball into the path of Harper on the right. His first touch lets himself down and Carragher clears
31' Game has yet to come to life as both sides seem cautious in their attacking play
30' Ball out to Le Tallec on the right. Steadys himself but, with time, his cross is not good and only finds the roof of the net
29' Harper collects midway in the Liverpool half. Goes right then cuts back to make some space before finding Yakubu on the edge of the box. Ball gets caught under his feet and the move breaks down
28' Good break down the right from Le Tallec who is full of industry. Pushed out towards the touchline, however, and well policed by De Zeeuw
27' Short Liverpool corner. Carragher right footed inswinger from the left. Hypia arrives late and competes for the ball with his own man, Cheyrou. Ball goes over and Cheyrou is hurt
25' Gerrard swings a ball into the box from very deep on the right. Inches away from the head of Le Tallec. Ball comes back to him and he tries again but this one is not so good.
24' rom all of 35 yards out Gerrard tries a shot but it is deflected to safety
23' Straight away gives a foul in the Reds favour as if to compensate. Books Quashie for a foul on Heskey and replays show he is spot on. Quashie tried to get the ball but was late and caught Heskey's ankle
22' Referee accidentally gets in the way of the ball to hold up a Liverpool attack
21' For the first time Liverpool look to play controlled passing football from the back
20' Poor defensive header from Hypia. Smertin plays to Berkovic who plays a diagonal ball on the right for Harper to chase. He is not offside but the flag is raised for Yakubu who was. Mistake by the linesman
19' Gerrard whips in a fast cross right into the six yard box and, with men following up, Hislop does well to hold onto the ball
18' Stefanovic upends Gerrard out on the right, level with the penalty spot, after Gerrard had turned him inside out
17' Corner in is well met 10 yards out in front of goal by Stefanovic but the pompey man puts it well over
16' Harper gives to Berkovic on the right corner of the Liverpool box. Looks for the return to get behind the defence. Carragher reads it and puts behind fir a corner
15' Cheyrou looks to beat Pasenan on the left stepping over the ball. Hits the by-line and puts in an adifficult ball for Hislop to deal with. At full stretch he palms it away to safety
14' Harper and Smertin work some space on the left and the Russian crosses but far, far too long
13' Niether team establishing themselves in the game as of yet
12' gerrard, throwing himself into every challenge is pulled up for handball on the half way line
11' Gerrard corner. Heskey rises highest to meet it but he is stretching back and can't put enough power or directio on it and it loops over the bar
10' Ball into the box from Heskey aimed for Le Tallec his deflected behind for a corner
9' Gerrard plays a typical flighted, diagonal ball looking to exploit Owen's pace. Primus gets across and upends Owen, fairly, in the process of tackling him
8' Players are struggling to get a hold of the ball sometimes in windy conditions
7' Le Tallec plays a deep cross from the right that reaches heskey on the left wing. Tris to find his way into the box but Pasanen holds him up well and breaks the attack down
6' Gerrard surges into the Pompey box but loses a bit of control. He and Owen leave it for each other allowing De Zeeuw to clear up field
5' Smertin, then Berkovic show good feet to find room in the centre of the pitch. Berkovic plays Yakubu through but Henchoz sticks to him and an outstretched leg clears
4' Taylor, in lots of space on the left. Opts for an early cross from deep but plays it too long and Kirkland collects
3' Harper evades a Carragher challenge and powers into the box. A combination of defenders clear the danger but Henchoz colides with his keeper. After a bit of treatment Kirkland is back on his feet
2' Berkovic goes for goal by whipping a curling lox drive the near post. Kirkland's first action and does well to get down
1' Yakubu and Henchoz go shoulder to shoulder out on the left, level with the six yard box. Th referee awards in Yakubu's favour. Free kick
- Pompey kick off and immediately find touch
- In blustery conditions on the South coast a place in the FA Cup quarter-finals against Arsenal is the prize on offer
- With 14 players unavailable to Harry Redknapp due to injuries, suspensions and cup-tied players, the Pompey side picks itself. The substitute hero from the first match, Matthew Taylor, plays from the start.
- Gerrard Houllier starts with Owen, Heskey and Le Tallec and Cheyrou in the same team, signalling an desire to take the game to Portsmouth. Inspirational captain Steven Gerrard starts despite his partner expecting a first child at any time.
- Liverpool travel to Fratton Park on Sunday for their FA Cup fifth-round replay against Portsmouth. Join us for commentary at 14.00 GMT.

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