AC Milan
No. Name
  1 Dida
  13 Alessandro Nesta
  26 Giuseppe Pancaro
  3 Paolo Maldini
  2 Cafu
  8 Gennaro Gattuso
  86' 10  Manuel Rui Costa
  21 Andrea Pirlo  90'
  20 Clarence Seedorf
  77' 23  Massimo Ambrosini
  22 Kaká
  7 Andriy Shevchenko  8'
  15 Jon Dahl Tomasson
  89' 9  Filippo Inzaghi  89'
  12 Valerio Fiori
  5 Alessandro Costacurta
  4 Kakha Kaladze
  11 Hernán Crespo
  • 8
    • Andriy Shevchenko Goal
  • HT
    • Halftime
  • 59
    • On: Juninho Paulista | Off: Alan Thompson
  • 61
    • Chris Sutton Yellow Card
  • 74
    • Stanislav Varga Goal
  • 77
    • On: Filippo Inzaghi | Off: Jon Dahl Tomasson
  • 77
    • On: Massimo Ambrosini | Off: Clarence Seedorf
  • 86
    • On: Momo Sylla | Off: John Hartson
  • 86
    • On: Manuel Rui Costa | Off: Gennaro Gattuso
  • 89
    • Filippo Inzaghi Goal
  • 90
    • Andrea Pirlo Goal
  • FT
    • End Regular Time
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Match Commentary

90' Sylla gets the last touch. A flattering win for Milan and a bitter defeat for Celtic. The UEFA Cup again looks to be the place for them now.
90' Sutton gets a chance to head at goal but heads over and wide. The game's up.
90' Seven out of seven away games lost in the Champions League for Celtic. They've not shamed themselves but nor do they have any points.
89' Now the misery is compounded. Pirlo free-kick seems to be deflected and Marshall goes the wrong way and can't get back to it. 3-1 to Milan. Hard on Celtic.
89' A familiar story for Celtic in Europe. They've worked so hard to get back in the game and now Milan look to have the points. The move resulted from a Varga error - hard on the Slovak scorer.
88' Shevchenko makes the burst down the right. His pace takes the defence apart and his cross is dragged across to Inzaghi. The poacher stick out a boot and under Balde. 2-1 to Milan!
87' Long balls seem to be the order of the last five minutes. Sylla fouled by Shevchenko.
85' Petrov shoots from distance. Well, well wide. Off goes Hartson. He's had a good night. Sylla's on. Rui Costa on for Gattuso for Milan.
83' Momo Sylla waits in the wings. Sutton nods away a corner.
83' Hartson seemed to win the ball cleanly but is penalised. Nesta and Milan benefit.
81' Camara falls over when he had a chance to make a run. He's looked out of his depth tonight.
80' Kaka and Cafu link up. Milan pouring forward. But Celtic pouring back. Marshall gets up to catch a high ball.
79' Nice move from Celtic. Nice ball from Petrov to Agathe but Dida makes a decent claim for the ball.
78' Inzaghi at it instantly under a tackle from Balde. Kaka tries a speculative one but Inzaghi is nowhere near it as it drifts behind.
76' Cafu offside round the back. Celtic have the diver supreme in Inzaghi to deal with here. Watch out Bobo and Stan!
75' Seedorf goes off for Ambrosini. It's a loud old atmosphere now. Inzaghi on for Tomasson.
74' Celtic defending deep now. They should try and keep the pressure up. Learn from the Milan mistake.
74' Now Milan wake up. They were too happy to sit back on a 1-0 lead. The national disease.
73' Corner comes in and Varga is there to nod home. Shevchenko hustled out and Celtic, deservedly on their second half display, are level. 1-1!
71' Free-kick drifted in. Varga under the ball but Shevchenko heads behind.
71' Corner causes a series of ricochets in the Milan box. Both Sutton and Hartson have shots blocked. It's Celtic with the impetus here.
70' Hartson again makes possession for Camara. The shot is poor again. He had a clear sight of goal but just dribbles to Dida.
69' Agathe's cross deflected to Dida. Kaka down after a tackle by Sutton. The Englishman seems to be putting himself about.
67' Milan have been thwarted by Celtic's hard work. But the Bhoys still need that goal.
66' Long ball and Camara had a chance to threaten but hesitated. Dida could only parry.
66' Good cross by Petrov. But Nesta clears. And then goes down under a challenge. He claims the elbow. Not given.
65' Hartson winning most things in the air. If he had a decent foil then Celtic could be in business. Henrik would have done something by now.
63' Shevchenko chased down by Balde. The Guinean wins a goal-kick for his team.
63' A total mix-up between Dida and Cafu. Sutton just lacking the pace to get the ball and profit.
61' The stretcher's on. The theatrics have achieved their objective.
60' Sutton fouls Gattuso. Booked. The Italian makes the most of that one.
58' Sutton shot blocked. More Celtic pressure but Varga gives the ball away.
57' The little man has the skill to trouble Milan. Time to see what he can do.
57' Thompson looked like he was on the burst but pulls up as he looked to mount an attack. It's a hamstring. He'll be out for some time. Juninho to come on for Celtic.
56' Hartson is a menace but Nesta clears. Hartson looking the likely man to get the breakthrough.
54' Thompson gets space, looks up and shoots but this time shoots wide. Another wasted effort.
53' Celtic looking more comfortable but the Milan attacks are such quicksilver that caution should still be preached.
52' Kaka and Shevchenko create space for Tomasson but Balde comes across well. Cafu then drifts offside.
50' Hartson and Camara link again. Camara's shot is again straight at Dida. Two good chances wasted there.
49' Thompson pings in a corner. Balde was highest but Hartson perhaps had the better chance. It come to naught anyway.
47' Hartson flick to Camara. He drags a bit wide though and fires a weakish shot. Dida claims with ease.
47' Sutton and Camara had a chance to link but both were leaden-footed.
47' Pancaro fouled by Sutton. No flow so far. Cafu tries to add it. Camara fouls. Now Sutton fouled by Shevchenko. The Englishman swung his elbow. But missed luckily for him.
45' Nesta marshalls Hartson well. Petrov chases down Pancaro. Celtic need to pressure up the pitch.
45' Off we go again. Celtic need to see far more of the ball in the Milan half.
45' No stoppage time in the half. Celtic have hung on grimly and have struggled to contain that forward line. 1-0 so far. It could have been more.
44' Shevchenko seizes on a Balde error. He slide rules it to Kaka but his instant effort is well saved by Marshall. The keeper has earned his corn the neet!
43' 9,000 Celtic fans at the game tonight. Not seen much of their team save for blood, sweat and tears in defence.
42' Balde palms off Shevchenko. No prisoners taken there. Lennon penalised for a high kick. The ref seems to be favouring Milan somewhat.
41' Hartson fouled. Dead ball opportunity. Thompson drifts it in. Foul given. Milan attack instantly, choosing not to even stop the ball. If they'd have scored then controversy would have been the order of the day.
39' Kaka gets a shot in. But it drifts wide of Marshall's goal.
38' Shevchenko's shot blocked by Varga. Celtic camped in their half. Milan have the freedom of the Giuseppe Meazaa Stadium until the edge of the bos where the Bhoys are holding firm.
38' Agathe gets to a Pirlo cross. Two attackers would have had time to score.
37' Cafu down the right. Shevchenko begging for the ball but not getting it. Another corner.
36' Seedorf waits for the chance to float in a cross. Lennon heads away with an attacker right behind him.
35' And another too. Seedorf and Pirlo go for the same ball and Celtic can breathe again. All the pressure down one end.
34' Truly brilliant ball by Pirlo. Perfect weight but Cafu can only win a corner. Celtic clear that.
33' Thompson cross deflected but Dida averts the threat of a corner. Instantly Milan break. Knock-down by Tomasson and Shevchenko shoots. Balde hurls himself at it and it's a corner. Change of pace the difference in this game.
31' Celtic enjoy some time on the ball. But Sutton loses the ball as Gattuso tracks back.
31' Thompson gets time to get a cross in. Dida claims as Sutton lurks with intent.
29' Good determination by Lennon. Thompson plays it down the channel to Camara but the Senegal man loses it far too easily.
28' Milan play it slow but suddenly Pancaro bursts out wide. Agathe stops the ball's pace and Marshall claims.
26' Shevchenko advances with intent. But Tomasson wanders offside meaning the Ukrainian must keep going. He's stopped eventually.
26' Celtic get a half-chance. Hartson wrestles with Nesta and Cafu to knock the ball down. Camara hurries his shot and smashes over.
24' Kaka on the burst down the left. His cross palmed away by Marshall. The keeper has to get up to stop a Cafu effort.
23' Corner taken by Agathe. Varga gets up to it but direction is lacking and it drifts behind.
22' Free-kick chance. Set-piece possibility. But Shevchenko gets back to head behind.
21' Pancaro is thwarted twice. Sutton fouled by Pirlo.
19' Lennon sitting just in front of the back four. Defence the order of the day.
18' Cafu out on the right. He's stopped but Celtic's radar is well off and the ball is back with Milan's men.
17' Pirlo charges but is up-ended. Celtic hanging on a bit here.
17' Ball cleared to Pirlo. His shot ricochets off Petrov but the linesman deigns not to give a corner.
16' Seedorf gets around the back. Balde has to hack behind to concede a corner.
15' Kaka, who's a real threat, is fouled. Free-kick 30 or so yards out. Taken short by Pirlo and back to Seedorf who shanks it into the stand.
14' Camara gets in a cross. Hartson well placed but Nesta nods away with ease.
12' Celtic need to weather the storm. And also support Sutton and Camara, who are both yet to get close to being a threat.
10' Petrov's ball nearly squirmed loose as Dida flaps. It's poked away.
9' Celtic get time on the ball. Milan pressing hard though. Agathe is tackled. So is Petrov. Lack of belief the problem there.
9' Maldini stops Camara's run. Showing all his experience.
8' Celtic were asleep and paid for it. Milan sense blood and are pouring forward. Seedorf now has a shot blocked.
8' Kaka shows his class in gliding past two opponents. Interchanges twice with Shevchenko and the Ukraine man is through. Valgaeren's slide too late and Marshall is beaten. 1-0 to Milan!
6' Milan attack broken up and Celtic break. Petrov needs too much time. He's tackled. Game developing some impetus now.
6' Seedorf cool in stopping Agathe. Dida can clear. He's perhaps too cool but is fouled.
4' Mistake in the Celtic defence. Valgaeren loses it. Ball squirms to Kaka. Instant shot well saved by Marshall. Resultant corner wasted as Cafu strays offside.
3' Petrov fouled. But Celtic waste the kick. Nice passing move sees Pirlo on the charge. Valgaeren clears the ball.
2' Not much in the early salvos. Martin O'Neill will just want to keep it tight.
1' Milan playing across their defence. Celtic chasing shadows. Long ball to Tomasson but he's offside.
1' Celtic kick off. An early Hartson break stopped by Maldini.
- The Bhoys go into their huddle. Boos ring out. This a must not lose game for the men from Parkhead.
- Celtic: 22-David Marshall; 6-Bobo Balde, 23-Stanislav Varga, 5-Joos Valgaeren; 17-Didier Agathe, 18-Neil Lennon, 19-Stilian Petrov, 8-Alan Thompson; 9-Chris Sutton, 10-John Hartson, 27-Henri Camara
- Line-ups: AC Milan: 1-Dida; 2-Cafu, 13-Alessandro Nesta, 3-Paolo Maldini, 26-Giuseppe Pancaro; 8-Gennaro Gattuso, 21-Andrea Pirlo, 20-Clarence Seedorf; 22-Kaka; 7-Andriy Shevchenko, 15-Jon Dahl Tomasson
- That front three of Andriy Shevchenko and Tomasson, with Kaka behind them.
- No Juninho for Celtic as Chris Sutton, with that admirable European scoring record, comes in to rough up the hairdos of the Milanese pretty boys.
- Join us for kick-off at 19.45 UK time as Celtic travel to the San Siro to take on the might of AC Milan in the Champions League.

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