PSV Eindhoven
No. Name
  1 Heurelho Gomes
  2 Andre Ooijer  8' 42'
  5 Wilfred Bouma
  4 Alex
  14 Johann Vogel
  65' 11  DaMarcus Beasley
  6 Mark Van Bommel
  8 Phillip Cocu
  3 Lee Young-Pyo
  35 Gerald Sibon
  7 Park Ji-Sung
  17 Jefferson Farfán
  23 Edwin Zoetebier
  16 Theo Lucius
  22 Csaba Feher
  18 Eric Addo
  15 Johan Vonlanthen
  • 8
    • Andre Ooijer Goal
  • 31
    • Thierry Henry Goal
  • 33
    • Patrick Vieira Yellow Card
  • 42
    • Andre Ooijer Yellow Card
  • HT
    • Halftime
  • 48
    • Lauren Yellow Card
  • 63
    • On: Robin van Persie | Off: José Antonio Reyes
  • 65
    • On: DaMarcus Beasley | Off: Johann Vogel
  • 65
    • Lauren Red Card
  • 69
    • On: Justin Hoyte | Off: Robert Pires
  • 78
    • Patrick Vieira Red Card
  • 81
    • On: Mathieu Flamini | Off: Robin van Persie
  • 90
    • Freddie Ljungberg Yellow Card
  • FT
    • End Regular Time
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Match Commentary

90' It's in their hands but another night of Euro frustration for the Gunners. That hangover is still not abating.
90' Chipped by Beasley but headed away. The nine men have kept their heads. PSV go through as Panathinaikos draw in Trondheim. Celebrations all round on the pitch. Arsenal, riddled by injuries and suspensions, need to win their final game.
90' Ljungberg fouls Farfan and is booked. The last throw of the dice for the Dutch boys.
90' Henry dives to win time. Nothing doing. The ref has had a reasonable game tonight though.
90' Three added minutes. This seems a little low to the crowd and this observer.
89' All PSV now. Corner again but a foul was committed as Park fell over.
89' Lehmann quick to claim the ball when Sibon was right in front of him. Park down the wing and gets in a shot. Lehmann has to palm wide.
88' In low and Alex gets to it. He fails to get it back to Van Bommel though.
88' PSV fans booing as their team struggle. Beasley won a corner but had time to do more. Corner again.
86' Arsenal pressing hard and PSV, with all the possession, are finding it hard to create.
85' PSV with the pressure. They can smell blood. Plenty of space for them to make use of.
84' Van Bommel finds Alex and he climbed high to head the ball wide. Should have hit the target at the very least.
84' Corner forced by Beasley. Henry gets back. Every player is back.
83' Campbell caught in possession. Ljungberg makes the most of a foul to win a bit of time.
81' Lee teases Flamini but his cross is too far for his team-mates to get to.
81' Park gets in a cross and Lehmann deals with it. He needed to.
80' Flamini will replace him. The PSV fans will enjoy his exit.
80' And Van Persie is hurt badly. The sub to be subbed.
79' Collision of heads between Sibon and Van Persie. Vital time to be bought.
77' He takes an age to leave the field. He feels unlucky for his 10th Arsenal red card.
76' Silly foul from Vieira. And that's his second. He's off too. Straight through him. Nine men now. 56 up for the Gunners!
76' 2-2 in Norway now!
76' PSV pushing on here. Arsenal showing character and have to rely on the break.
75' The ball is flicked on from Sibon and Alex just fails to get in a shot on goal.
74' Beasley, on for Vogel, wins a corner. Sibon nearly got to it but couldn't get the direction.
73' Henry took down a lofted ball, cut inside Alex and chipped to Ljungberg. But the ball is straight at Gomes.
73' Hoyte went on the charge. Now Henry has a chance to drift in a cross. PSV fans roar on Ooijer.
71' Panathinaikos were pegged back but are now back in front in Norway. Arsenal need a goal here.
70' Farfan tries to create as he cuts inside. Not a lot doing though. Arsenal holding firm.
69' Gomes gets in to stop a through ball to Van Persie.
68' Pires goes off as Justin Hoyte replaces him.
68' Van Persie gets his first chance to run at goal. Plenty of space but an attempt to lob the ball is ludicrously ambitious.
67' Lehmann not altogether convincing but he gets the ball away.
66' Lee down the wing as he exploits the gap where Lauren once was. Corner to PSV.
65' Henry races away trying to be the extra man for the Gunners. His shot is dragged and Gomes can save. He makes tough work of the corner too but PSV have the ball back.
64' Is that 55 off for Arsenal now? First since February.
64' Lauren fouls Lee and that's one course of action for the ref to take. Lauren goes and he can rue trying to get a fellow professional booked. Silly tackle too.
63' Lee gets round the back but Lauren does well in getting the ball away.
63' Corner ball results in an offside when Van Bommel tries to get the rebound straight back in.
62' Van Persie comes on for Reyes.
61' Van Bommel makes a superb surge through the Arsenal defence. His shot is venomous but Lehmann palms it behind.
60' Robin Van Persie warms up to a chorus of boos from the sidelines.
60' Foul given as Cocu pushed on the edge of the Arsenal box.
58' Cole slides in on Park Ji-sung as he slipped away on the break.
57' Lauren fouled by Van Bommel. No attempt to get his opponent booked however.
57' Getting scrappy in the middle now. Neither side really creating too much. A long way to go now though.
56' Vogel stops a Fabregas charge from coming to anything.
54' Van Bommel's pass to Park Ji-sung was stopped by Cole. He needed to get there.
53' Chipped ball aimed for Campbell, who claims a tug on his shirt. Nothing doing. More ref baiting from Dido's alleged lover.
52' Henry fouled. Free-kick for Arsenal.
52' Van Bommel on a run into the box and falls over. He doesn't even try and claim a penalty.
51' Reyes gets in a snap effort. Gomes flops it to the floor but Bouma steps in to stop Ljungberg.
50' Reyes looks to get away but Alex charges back to tackle before he could release Henry.
50' PSV force an opportunity but Vogel drags his effort wide. A wasted chance since they have been few and far between for the Dutch side.
47' Lauren with a handball. He's walking a tightrope.
47' Ljungberg fouled after some keen PSV defending. Lauren booked for asking that an opponent should be booked. Quite rightly too.
46' Ooijer smashes the ball in and Campbell clears. Toure and Lauren link at the back.
45' Arsenal get the game back underway. And they need a goal or two to steady the nerves.
45' 1-1 at half-time. An improving half as far as Arsenal were concerned.
45' Long ball to be launched. Sibon edges on but no direction. That's the end of the half.
45' Into added time. Pires out wide. But Reyes fell over. Farfan fouled.
44' A real period of pressure by PSV. Arsenal hemmed in but they get the ball cleared and Campbell wins the free-kick.
42' Sibon clattered by Campbell. Sol protests his innocence. Then again he always does.
41' Henry fouled as he beats Ooijer. He goes down and resumes his limping. Wasted free-kick from Pires.
40' Ball cleared only as far as Farfan. His shot is blocked by Campbell. The Peruvian gets another chance but Lauren stops his darting run.
39' Another corner as Campbell heads behind. And Toure concedes another.
38' Respite as Reyes is treated. Van Persie prowls the touchline.
37' Lee Young-pyo's shot is blocked by Toure. Ball cleared. And Reyes goes down. He looks to have banged his arm.
36' Sibon just stood there like a lemon when the ball came in. Owls fans will recognise that pose.
36' No, taken short and Park Ji-sung is tackled. Long throw time.
36' PSV gaining some time on the ball. Park Ji-sung is fouled. A chance to loft the ball in?
34' A wasted corner as pushing is penalised by the referee.
34' Van Bommel wastes a good chance to build a move when Farfan was cutting in. Henry wins a corner down the other end. Bouma really being tested.
32' Vieira booked for a foul. He didn't like that. Nor did his manager.
31' Arsenal playing the football we know they're capable of at last. And it pays off instantly.
30' Henry out wide. He links well with Ljungberg in a one-two. Bouma lets Henry slip through and he smashes home. 1-1! A lifeline.
29' Cole nearly benefitted from a mistake but good defending from Ooijer bails out PSV.
28' Van Bommel looking strong in the tackle. One wonders why he's not in the Premiership this year.
27' Nice link from Henry and Ljungberg but Reyes sneaks offside.
27' Park Ji-sung the target out wide for a ball but he fails to get there.
26' He's back on but with a bit of a the walking sense.
25' That's a poor kick and Pires hacks away. Henry on the sidelines feeling something ruefully. His heel not something else, you dirty mind you.
24' Poor corner and Farfan breaks with real pace. Park Ji-sung wins a corner. Real speedy break there.
23' Henry getting more involved now. Alex has to clear behind the goal.
22' Panthinaikos are winning in Rosenborg - not a good scoreline for the Gunners at all.
22' Bouma's slip gives Henry the chance to get in on goal. He slides in a shot into the sidenetting. A poor finish.
21' Pires and Henry try to link but Bouma is cool under threat and clears the ball off Henry for a throw.
20' Gomes catches a deflection after a poor Pires cross attempt.
19' Pires' kick is too high and too shallow in angle.
19' Cole and Pires link before Van Bommel fouls the left back. Free-kick to Arsenal.
17' Henry spins and lifts over a ball for Ljungberg to chase. Gomes is quick to come out.
16' Ooijer gets the ball back to his keeper when Reyes threatened. Van Bommel tried to get past Cole but the England man defended well.
15' But this time Vieira gets it clear. PSV have spotted a chink in the armour and they'll attempt to expploit it all night.
14' Farfan forces Toure into heading behind. More danger from a corner?
13' Arsenal seek to put some moves together. Park Ji-sung is keen in the tackle.
12' Vieira stopped on a run. PSV resolute and confident. Henry offside and he's got his face on already.
11' Ball out wide to Cole is snuffed out by Lee Young-pyo. And PSV break. Sibon was the target for a through ball.
9' Arsenal need to recover their stroll if they are to succeed on the European stage.
9' A poor start for the Gunners. The PSV gameplan really paid off too.
8' And Van Bommel smashes in a ball and Ooijer gets to the near post and bullets a header into the back of the net. Arsenal's marking was atrocious. 1-0 to PSV!
7' Sibon is the target for a flick. He knocks down to Farfan and the goalward volley pings off Lauren to go behind for a corner.
6' Henry finds space to turn but wafts a through pass wide of his team-mates and straight to Gomes.
4' Henry fails to get on the way from a snapped ball from the right. A half-chance.
4' Pires pulled up lame as he attempted a flick. Cole down the other end stops Farfan with some neat defending.
3' Van Bommel to take. A big crowd awaits Lehmann. He flaps as ever but is saved by a whistle from the ref.
2' Free-kick to PSV. Van Bommel's punt deflected off for a corner.
1' Near mix-up in the PSV defence. Ljungberg and Reyes could not capitalise though and the Dutchmen get it clear.
- PSV get the game underway. Long ball to Vogel but he loses the ball.
- Can Arsenal throw off their recent blip and their Euro hoodoo?
- And we have a German ref for a vital game in what could be a cauldron-like atmosphere.
- Arsenal: Lehmann, Lauren, Toure, Campbell, Cole, Ljungberg, Fabregas, Vieira, Pires, Reyes, Henry. Subs: Almunia, Van Persie, Flamini, Cygan, Senderos, Pennant, Hoyte.
- Here's the teams: PSV: PSV: Gomes, Ooijer, Alex, Bouma, Lee, Van Bommel, Vogel, Cocu, Park, Farfan, Sibon. Subs: Zoetebier, Beasley, Vonlanthen, Lucius, Addo, Feher.
- Join us live @ 19.45 GMT as PSV target revenge for defeat at Highbury.

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