No. Name
  22 Chris Kirkland
  23 Jamie Carragher  44'
  21 Djimi Traore
  47' 24  Florent Sinama-Pongolle  47'
  4 Sami Hyypia
  3 Steve Finnan
  85' 17  Josemi
  7 Harry Kewell
  8 Steven Gerrard  86' 55'
  6 John Arne Riise
  14 Xabi Alonso  28'
  18 Antonio Nunez
  5 Milan Baros
  81' 33  Neil Mellor  81'
  1 Jerzy Dudek
  2 Stephane Henchoz
  15 Salif Diao
  28 Stephen Warnock
  • 26
    • Rivaldo Goal
  • 28
    • Xabi Alonso Yellow Card
  • 42
    • Anastasios Pantos Yellow Card
  • 44
    • Jamie Carragher Yellow Card
  • 45
    • On: Florent Sinama-Pongolle | Off: Djimi Traore
  • HT
    • Halftime
  • 47
    • Florent Sinama-Pongolle Goal
  • 55
    • Steven Gerrard Yellow Card
  • 70
    • On: Ivan Rezic | Off: Giorgos Georgiadis
  • 78
    • On: Neil Mellor | Off: Milan Baros
  • 79
    • Gabriel Schurrer Yellow Card
  • 81
    • Neil Mellor Goal
  • 84
    • On: Milos Maric | Off: Stelios Venetidis
  • 85
    • On: Josemi | Off: Steve Finnan
  • 86
    • Steven Gerrard Goal
  • 87
    • On: Yiannis Okkas | Off: Silva Giovanni
  • FT
    • End Regular Time
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Match Commentary

- Captain Steven Gerrard was once again the driving force and it was fitting that his wonder strike put Liverpool into the next phase and dumped Olympiakos out of the competition.
- What an amazing match. It looked bleak for the Reds at half-time but a dramtic three goal comeback has put Liverpool through to the knockout stage.
90' Gerrard takes a short corner to Sinama as the clock ticks down......that's it the ref blows for full-time and Liverpool are through.
90' Rivaldo whips in the freekick, the ball skips off the grass in front of Kirkland but the keeper pulls it into his grasp.
90' Rivaldo knicks a freekick off Josemi in the dying seconds and it's brown-trouser time at Anfield....
89' Djordjevic hoists in a freekick (that he has nudged forward about 10-yards from the original position) but Carragher heads it clear.
88' Josemi hoofs the ball clear from the rightback position as valuable seconds tick away.
87' Anfield errupts! It looked like a long road back at 1-0 down but the skipper has put Liverpool within minutes of making it into the next phase.
86' ...the skipper smashes a low shot past Nikopolidis' desparing dive and into the back of the net. GOAL!
86' Time is ticking away but the Red tide is relentless. Gerrard shapes to shoot from 30-yards....
85' Both sides make a change. Maric replaces Venetidis and Josemi replaces Finnan.
84' Nikopolidis can't deal with a cross and the ball spills to Kewell. The forward tries to make sure of a clear shot but in the end delays his strike too long and a golden opportunity goes begging.
83' Mellor beats Anatolakis and takes a tumble in the box. The ref again waves play on...maybe correctly this time.
82' There was a definate penalty in the build up but it doesn't matter now. Liverpool still need a goal to go through.
81' Razic brings down Carragher in the box, but the ref waves play on. Sinama knocks in a cross and Mellor is there to poke it home from five-yards out. GOAL!
80' Schurrer scythes down Sinama and gets booked. More importantly Liverpool have a freekick.
79' Liverpool are forced into making a change. Baros, who has just recovered from a hamstring strain, is replaced by Mellor.
78' Oops! We have had a few technical problems but all you have missed is a routine save from a Kewell header.
73' Razic gets a second chance to cross. Giovanni shoots on the turn but can only watch his effort disappear over the horizon.
72' Gerrard waits for the ball to drop in the area. Anatolakis somehow manages to get a vital touch on the ball with the skipper preparing to shoot.
71' Gerrard plays a poor ball to Kewell and then again to Sinama as Liverpool struggle to find a way through the Greek team's back four.
70' Olympiakos make a change. Rezic replaces Georgiadis.
69' Nunez chases Finnan's through-ball but the winger hasn't got the pace to keep it in play. Goalkick.
68' It's another scrappy patch. Olympiakos have managed to drop the tempo.
66' Gerrard can't get enough whip on the freekick and Nikopolidis watches the Liverpool skipper's shot sail over the bar.
65' Alonso spreads it wide for Kewell, who gets past Pantos and is then hauled down. Pantos should be issued with his second yellow card.
62' Baros jumps for a header, the ball bounces to Gerrard, who lashes a shot past Nikopolidis...but the ref has already blown the whistle for a foul.
61' Kafes megs Carragher but Hyypia steps in to make a challenge in the box.
60' Rivaldo is forced wide as he races towards goal. The striker shoots anyway and misses the target by a distance.
58' Liverpool work it out to the left flank. Kewell crosses but hits it too deep for his waiting teammates.
57' Finnan whips it in from the right but there is a disappointing amount of red shirts in the box.
55' Georgiadis can't control a long pass as Olympiakos fail to offer a threat - as they have for most of the match.
54' Gerrard wins the ball in midfield, over runs it and then makes a high tackle on an Olympiakos midfielder. He gets booked, and rightly so.
53' Gerrard makes a 50-50 challenge with Pantos, who comes off worst. The ref calls the captains over for a word to calm things down.
51' Baros chases after a lost cause, gets blocked off and then charges into Anatolakis. Tempers are rising.
50' Giovanni wins a soft freekick and then roles around on the floor to milk the incident.
49' Sinama cuts it back for Nunez, who smashes his shot into Schurrer and behind for a corner.
47' A perfect start to the second-half for Liverpool. Only two more goals are needed and the Reds have got some belief back.
46' Kewell beats Pantos on the left, flashes a cross across the face of goal and Sinama pokes it home. GOAL!
45' Olympiakos get the game underway and Liverpool have brought Sinama on to boost their attack.
- Oh dear! Liverpool are 1-0 down and need at least three goals in the second-half if they want to continue in this competition.
45' Gerrard takes yet another Liverpool corner. Carragher climbs all over Giovanni at the far post and Olympiakos get a freekick to relieve the pressure.
44' Georgiadis lunges at Kewell and picks up a yellow card that will see him suspend for the next game.
43' Rivaldo has to leave the pitch so he can't take the freekick. Djordjevic deputises and draws a save form Kirkland.
42' Giovanni flicks it to Rivaldo, who knicks the ball away from Carragher and gets studded as a result.
41' Pantos gets booked for tugging back Riise.
40' Monaco are now winning 3-0 in Deportivo so, barring a miracle, Liverpool will have to find three goals without reply from somewhere.
38' Rivaldo slithers to the floor amidst four Liverpool players and somehow wins a freekick. Carragher heads the Brazilian's cross clear.
37' The game has got a bit scrappy. Liverpool could really do with a goal before the break to boost their spirits.
35' Kewell takes a tumble and wins a freekick. Alonso opts to take it quickly but hits his shot into row Z.
34' Gerrard pings a 50-yard pass to Riise, whose cross is put behind at the near post for a corner. Olympiakos clear.
33' Finnan drives forward. Baros leaps well but heads the defender's cross narrowly wide.
32' Olympiakos push forward with Georgiadis as their fans make themselves heard at Anfield. Traore makes a well timed tackle.
31' Kewell wins possession for the Reds. I thought that was worth a mention.
29' Riise and Traore combine down the left. Traore gets a return pass but can't deliver the ball into the box with any conviction.
28' To make matters worse Monaco have taken a 1-0 lead in Deportivo. Liverpool need to score three goals now.
27' Nunez didn't hold his position in the wall and was punished for leaving a gap. Alonso gets booked for a bad challenge.
26' The Liverpool wall disintegrates and Rivaldo's strike goes straight through the gap and into the back of the net. GOAL!
25' Rivaldo will take it himself....
24' Rivaldo beats two players, puts Carragher on his bottom and draws a foul from Hyypia on the edge of the box. Great stuff from the veteran.
23' Baros lines up a strike from the edge of the box but the Olympiakos defence close him down quickly and his shot is blocked.
22' Hyypia clears with a towering header that sets Nunez racing clear. The Spaniard crosses early and Baros is inches away from converting.
21' It's still 0-0 in Deportivo.
20' Alonso whips in a freekick from the left. The cross is poor but Gerrard sticks out a leg and diverts the ball against the post. So close to the opening goal.
19' Liverpool's players are seeing plenty of the ball. Nunez works in Kewell on the edge of the box, but the Australian's pass is cut out.....again.
17' Kafes, an outfield player who wears number one, misplaces his pass and slices it out for a throw.
16' Nunez moves out to the right but a flowing move breaksdown with guess who? Yes, that's right. Kewell.
15' ...Rivaldo whips it in and Gerrard is forced to head over his own bar. Rivaldo takes the corner and Gerrard clears again.
14' Hyypia is called into action again, but this time uses his hand. Freekick......Rivaldo waits to take it....
13' Stoltidis hits a pass with the outside off his right boot. Hyypia spots the danger and cuts it out before Rivaldo can latch onto the through-ball.
11' Schurrer slices his clearance and Liverpool have a throw, deep in Olympiakos territory. Kewell has a free header at the back post but can't get any power on his shot.
10' Giovanni puts pressure on Finnan. The fullback deals with his presence and heads the ball back to Kirkland.
9' Carragher tackles Stoltidis, Nunez breaks down the right but can't get over the half-way line.
7' Kewell overhits Riise's return ball and a Liverpool attack falters on the left flank.
6' Giovanni and Rivaldo link up. The latter Brazilian wins a freekick and then fires a quickly taken shot over the bar from 30-yards.
5' Schurrer lumps the ball up the pitch for Rivaldo to chase. Kirkland races out of his box and hoofs it clear.
4' Hyypia connects at the near post but the centre-back's header hits the side netting.
3' A great start from Benitez's team. Gerrard races itno the box and wins a corner off Pantos.
3' Baros rises and diverts the ball goalwards. Olympiakos clear off the line with Liverpool claiming a goal....the ref blows his whistle and penalises Baros.
2' ...again it goes near post and Nikopolidis punches behind. Yet another corner, which Gerrard will take.
1' Nikopolidis comes off his line to pluck the ball out of the air at his near post. But the Reds have another corner....
1' Riise motors down the flank and wins an early corner. Could it be a dream start?
1' Liverpool get the game underway, wearing their all red strip and kicking from right to left.
- Liverpool have top scorer Milan Baros back and the Anfield crowd are in good voice. The Reds are up for this one.
- Olympiakos: Nikopolidis, Pantos, Anatolakis, Schurrer, Venetidis, Georgiadis, Kafes, Stoltidis, Djordjevic, Rivaldo, Giovanni. Subs: Giannou, Kouloucheris, Castillo, Maric, Okkas, Rezic, Vallas.
- The team charged with the task is this: Kirkland, Finnan, Carragher, Hyypia, Traore, Nunez, Alonso, Gerrard, Riise, Kewell, Baros. Subs: Dudek, Henchoz, Diao, Josemi, Sinama Pongolle, Warnock, Mellor.
- The Reds need a 1-0 win, or victory by two clear goals, to guarantee progress to the next phase - irrespective of Monaco's result.
- Join us for all the action from the Champions League as Liverpool battle to reach the next phase of the competition, standing in their way will be Olympiakos. Kick-off 19.45pm

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