Exeter City
No. Name
  27 Paul Jones
  2 Scott Hiley
  20 Alex Jeannin
  5 Santos Gaia
  21 Dean Moxey
  3 Gary Sawyer
  19 Kwame Ampadu  67'
  69' 22  Leslie Afful
  7 Andrew Taylor
  89' 23  Marcus Martin
  4 Danny Clay  90'
  10 Sean Devine
  14 Steve Flack
  74' 9  Jake Edwards
  17 Martin Rice
  6 Chris Todd
  • 9
    • Cristiano Ronaldo Goal
  • HT
    • Halftime
  • 66
    • On: Darren Fletcher | Off: Liam Miller
  • 67
    • Kwame Ampadu Yellow Card
  • 69
    • On: Leslie Afful | Off: Kwame Ampadu
  • 70
    • On: Louis Saha | Off: Ryan Giggs
  • 74
    • On: Jake Edwards | Off: Steve Flack
  • 80
    • On: Mikael Silvestre | Off: Eric Djemba-Djemba
  • 87
    • Wayne Rooney Goal
  • 89
    • On: Marcus Martin | Off: Andrew Taylor
  • 90
    • Danny Clay Yellow Card
  • FT
    • End Regular Time
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Match Commentary

90' FULL TIME: Show me a man who doesn't love the FA Cup, and I'll show you a cold, heartless freak. Great effort from all concerned. The game of Football is a better one for matches like this.
90' What a wonderful second-half effort from Exeter. At times, they've been all over United.
88' United close out the game with some composure. Clay hauls down Ronaldo, earning a yellow card and the respect of the home fans.
87' If you're quiet, you'll be able to hear the achingly-beautiful sound of 9,000 Exeter hearts shattering in the cold, dark night.
86' GOAL! Sensing the danger, United move up a gear: Saha finds Rooney with a lovely ball, and the young England lion rounds Jones before slotting home.
85' Saha finds Rooney on the edge of the box, but his side-foot shot is straight at Jones. Exeter break, and Taylor almost gets on the end of a sloppy back-header.
84' Good scramble! Saha's shot is blocked on the line, triggering a mini-mele inside the six-yard box.
83' Ronaldo is found by Fletcher, and bursts through to the egde of the box. His shot, however, is palmed away by the young Exeter 'keeper. Ding, dang, do.
82' Free-kick to the home side in a dangerous position. Taylor, buoyed by his previous effort, goes through a meticulous psycological preparation before spanking his shot over the bar.
81' Moxey's shot on the edge of the box is well blocked after Devine and Flack caused untold problems following an enormous clearance from Jones.
80' SUB! Djemba-Djemba off, Silvestre on. Defensive substitution from Sir Alex, obviously and rightly worried about a late Exeter flurry.
79' Rooney brilliantly finds Ronaldo with a side-foot cross, but the Portuguese wonder-kid fires horribly over the bar.
77' Rooney bursts through, out-pacing the Exeter defender, but his shot rises high over Jones' bar and Exeter breathe again.
76' Jake Edwards' determination wins a throw in deep in to United territory, but Devine can't get on the end of the resulting cross. I love the FA Cup.
75' Little Leslie Afful sees Ronaldo attempting to take the mickey out of his mate Santos Gaia. Understandably, Afful doesn't appreciate the United superstar's showboating. So, he clatters him. Fair and square, you understand.
73' GOAL! Nooooo! Off-side. Jeannin fires in a low volley from the edge of the box, and Devine deflects the shot past Howard. Unfortunately, the big striker is fully ten yards off-side.
72' Taylor stands over the free-kick. He looks very earnest, stone-faced and determined. His strike is beautiful and true. Only a flying Tim Howard prevents a Roy-of-the-Rovers style equalising goal.
71' Rooney flies in to Taylor and gives away a free kick. He doesn't like it, but it was a bit of a naughty challenge. He can have no real complaints.
70' Flack is felled, giving the very attractive young Exeter physio her moment in the limelight. It lasts only seconds, however; Flack is on his feet before she reaches him.
69' SUB: Giggs off, Saha on. Louis Saha looks such a nice boy with his sensible hair-cut. Rooney curls the free-kick high over the bar.
68' SUB: Ampadu off, Les Afful trots on to something of a hero's welcome. Rooney is felled on the edge of the Exeter box.
67' Ronaldo breaks down the right, but Gaia snaps in to Fletcher and Exeter win the ball again. They look to have real belief in this second half.
65' SUB: Fletcher on for Miller. Ampadu catches Djemba-Djemba on the shin, incensing the pampered United rich-boys. Gary Neville predictably leads the protests when Ampadu is shown only a yellow.
63' The television cameras pick out some young Exeter fans in the crowd. What a proud moment. They now won't need to bother applying to a TV talent show later in life.
61' Hiley finds Taylor down the Exeter right, and the winger wins a throw in from Gary Neville. Lots more pressure from the home side, and United look a little rattled.
60' "Premiership? You're having a larff. Premiership? You're having a larff..." the home fans chant.
60' Devine is found in the box by a great cross from Moxey, but his shot bobbles wide of Howard's post. Great chance for the big striker.
59' Ronaldo is close to tears after being fouled in the Exeter half. He receives little sympathy from either home fans or players.
58' Exeter swarm back as Giggs launches a counter-attack for the English giants.
57' Scholes is adjudged off-side as he sprinted on to Rooney's through ball. A close call, and he was in 40 yards of space.
56' O'Shea gets involved in a little scuffle with Flack, and cuffs the Exeter striker around the back of the head. Seconds later, everyone's friends. There's a lot of love around St James' Park tonight.
55' Wonderful moment: Scholes pounces on Jones' slip and flicks the ball goalwards, but it stops in the mud just a foot from the line. The United player dives in, but Jones scrambles back to save. Golden FA Cup moment.
54' Hiley beats Fortune and sends over a cross towards Devine, but the wind takes it out of play. Much better start to the half by Exeter.
53' Rooney's volleyed-shot is so terribly mis-hit that Ronaldo collects the ball and breaks down the right and in to the box. He falls over, however, at a crucial moment.
51' Every chance the home side get in this second period, they're throwing the ball high in to Howard's box.
50' Giggs breaks in to the box down the left, though I'm not entirely what to label the end product. It was something in-between an awful shot and a woeful cross.
49' Ronaldo is now being booed by the St James' Park fans. He doesn't seem to win many friends away from Old Trafford. I can't see why.
48' Ronaldo breaks down the left channel and fires a low shot well wide. He claims there was a deflection, but that's simply not true.
47' Ronaldo gives away a free-kick, but Taylor's header is well wide of Howard's left-hand post. Taylor was, apparently, at Manchester United as a youngster. A knee injury curtailed his career there.
47' Jeanin fires a cross in to the United box after a good counter attack, but Neville clears.
46' An early United free-kick is over-hit by Scholes and by-passes everyone in the penalty box.
46' Ronaldo starts the second half on the right, with Giggs on the left.
45' HALF TIME: Exeter have been overwhelmed by the global superstars, but began to find their feet later in the half. And, just one goal down, they're still in the game.
45' Devine flicks an instinctive shot narrowly wide of Howard's far post after a good low cross from Jeannin.
45' Giggs' corner is met by O'Shea, but his header is easily saved by Jones.
44' Giggs fired wide when he should have done a lot better on the edge of the box. Gaia's mistake gave him the ball in a little space 20 yards out, but the Welshman dragged a left-foot shot wide.
43' Devine's strength is causing a problem or two in the heart of the United defence; he just needs to muscle his way on to a loose ball and the holders might be in trouble.
42' Exeter might be looking to use the wind to their advantage in the second half, if they can go in just a goal-down.
41' Gary Neville is livid after a decision on the by-line goes against him. He's lucky to escape a booking after charging towards the referee like an angry bull.
39' Rooney adjudged off-side when well-placed following another excellent ball from Scholes.
37' A deft touch from Hiley prevents Ronaldo sneaking in around the back of the Exeter defence. Most of United's attacks seem to be originating down their left flank.
37' Sean Devine narrowly fails to get on the end of an Ampadu through ball. Howard collects, and immediately sets up a United counter.
36' Djemba-Djemba acrobatically clears, and Rooney chases down the long ball. He's looked eager to please.
35' Scholes lofts a volleyed-pass to Ronaldo, in a little space in a crowded box. But the winger's volley is ugly; high and wide.
34' Rooney and Giggs combine, with the youngster's resulting cross deflecting out for another United corner.
34' Some of Paul Scholes' touches tonight have been excellent. He's stood out for me.
32' Gary Neville attempts a quite audacious shot from a free-kick deep in to HIS OWN half. It was a decent effort, too; the wind took it, and Jones had to claim the ball on his six-yard line.
30' The crowd are very subdued. Which, I think, is a little odd; did they actually expect anything other than to be almost-totally over-run?
30' Successive corners are well dealt with by the Exeter defence.
29' Ronaldo flicks a back-heel in to Rooney, and his dinked cross only narrowly evades Giggs.
28' Moxey gets on the ball, but his pass to Flack is overhit and United build again. A one-nil scoreline will encourage the minnows.
27' Ronaldo's left-wing cross finds Giggs six yards out, but his header drifts just wide.
25' Jeannin slings a long cross in to the box, Howard misses his punch by two foot, but Devine can't direct his header on target.
24' Ronaldo bursts in to the Exeter box with real purpose on his young face. His pass, however, is utterly woeful.
23' Exeter are having major problems finding Devine and Flack up front. The defenders seem to be by-passing the midfield with hopeful balls, but the United defence are mopping up easily.
22' Taylor gets his head on a Flack cross, but he can't direct it goalwards. Exeter's first chance of any description; that should settle some nerves.
21' Scholes is found brilliantly by O'Shea, but his left-foot shot is saved low-down by Jones. An offside flag spares Scholes' blushes.
20' Miller slips Rooney through, but his shot from the edge of the box is well saved by Jones. Pele would have scored there...
18' Sean Devine's cross goes out of play and Howard gets a touch of the ball. He should have brought a book with him tonight. Milan Kundera's The Unbareable Lightness of Being, perhaps.
17' Ronaldo fires over from 20 yards when well-placed.
16' Scholes finds Ronaldo with a great ball over to the left wing. Djemba-Djemba's shot from the edge of the box is blocked.
14' Giggs fails to find Rooney with a lofted right-foot ball in to the box. The young England striker hasn't had much chance to impress in the early stages.
13' Scholes almost finds Miller bursting through the middle of the Exeter defence. The home side have barely touched the ball for about 10 minutes.
13' Giggs gets the ball on the right wing and finds himself faced by four Exeter defenders. He wins a corner, Liam Miller shoots well wide.
12' Phil Neville is seeing plenty of the ball in the early stages. That can only be a good thing for the Conference side.
11' A Scholes strike is well blocked on the edge of the box. Good dedication from the home defence.
10' Before the goal, I was just about to tell you that if Paul Jones, the 18-year-old Exeter goalkeeper had kept a clean sheet tonight, he would have been presented with a luxury holiday to Egypt.
9' Replays show restrained celebrations from Sir Alex Ferguson on the United bench after Ronaldo's strike. He's much too cool to get excited about such a trivial strike.
8' GOAL! Ronaldo fires low in to the far corner after Paul Scholes slips in the winger down the left channel. Great finish from the youngster.
7' The wind seems to be proving a bit of a problem for the Premiership high-flyers; a few longer passes are going astray.
6' Stevie Flack sends Phil Neville to the turf. Free-kick, but United decide against throwing a high ball in to the box, and instead choose to build from the back.
6' This time Ronaldo's cross is fired across the six-yard box, Jeannin putting the ball out for another corner.
5' Phil Neville skins the full-back and fires in a low cross, but it's cleared for a corner. The home fans seem strangely subdued. Perhaps they're nervous.
4' the "Who are ya? Who are ya?" chants ring out again as Djemba-Djemba gives the ball away, though this time I don't think they're ironic.
3' Ironic chants of "Who are ya? Who are ya?" as Ronaldo fails to chase down a long ball. Small town wit never fails to amuse me.
2' Exeter are having plenty of the ball in the early stages. Devine's cross is palmed away by Tim Howard.
1' Isn't it nice to hear stories of a good FA Cup run being able to wipe out a club's debt, as has happened to Exeter? That said, it's difficult to see a similar thing happening to Manchester City or Leeds...
- The Grecians kick-off. Scott Hiley - a former Manchester City right-back - hoofs the ball up field and the home side win an early throw.
- As for the weather; a strong south-westerly breeze is blowing across the ground, the air temperature is hovering at 7 degrees celcius, while it's 6 degrees at ground level, and there is a 32% chance of rain.
- It's a 9,000 sell-out at St James' Park tonight, and a terrific atmosphere. Imagine little kids hanging from trees outside the ground, crazy middle-aged men dressed as Alexander the Great, and legions of old women wrapped in scarves and swirling rattles. It's that kind of night.
- Sir Alex Ferguson has resisted the temptation to throw all his big guns in to this FA Cup replay, though the inclusion of Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo proves Ferguson really means business.
- The first game was one of the greatest FA Cup shocks of all time. Could this be the greatest FA Cup shock of all time? And we're not talking about a match-winning performance from Djemba Djemba! Join us 19.45 GMT!

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