Bolton Wanderers
No. Name
  22 Jussi Jaaskelainen
  18 Nicky Hunt  29'
  68' 15  Radhi Jaidi  84'
  5 Bruno N'Gotty
  20 Fernando Hierro
  68' 23  Vincent Candela
  26 Tal Ben Haim
  81' 9  Henrik Pedersen
  11 Ricardo Gardner
  4 Kevin Nolan  72'
  6 Gary Speed
  7 Stelios Giannakopoulos  86'
  14 Kevin Davies  59'
  21 El-Hadji Diouf  9'
  1 Kevin Poole
  16 Ivan Campo
  • 3
    • Freddie Ljungberg Goal
  • 9
    • El-Hadji Diouf Red Card
  • 12
    • José Antonio Reyes Yellow Card
  • 29
    • Nicky Hunt Yellow Card
  • 43
    • Robert Pires Yellow Card
  • HT
    • Halftime
  • 59
    • Kevin Davies Yellow Card
  • 68
    • On: Vincent Candela | Off: Fernando Hierro
  • 68
    • On: Radhi Jaidi | Off: Nicky Hunt
  • 72
    • Kevin Nolan Yellow Card
  • 79
    • Mathieu Flamini Yellow Card
  • 81
    • On: Henrik Pedersen | Off: Tal Ben Haim
  • 84
    • Radhi Jaidi Yellow Card
  • 86
    • Stelios Giannakopoulos Yellow Card
  • 90
    • Lauren Yellow Card
  • FT
    • End Regular Time
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Match Commentary

90' Join us later to see if Manchester United are headed for the last four too. 5.15 GMT here!
90' Arsenal through and deservedly so. Bolton's archaic tactics didn't pay off and Senderos martialled them well at the back. Diouf the story of the game. He'll be starting a fight in an empty lift soon.
90' Brazil 70's striker (Soccernet's greatest team) would have scored. But Pele has retired and now, so have the players. That miss was the end for Bolton's cup campaign.
90' And show that, despite that claim being far-fetched, they can play all right. Pires escapes after a multiple pass move and passes to Ljungberg in front of an open goal. He misses. Somehow. A truly amazing gaffe.
90' Arsenal are now 'by far the greatest team the world has ever seen'. Well, that's what their supporters reckon....their team are playing keep ball....
90' Arsenal the stronger and that last four place looks booked. Bolton lagging now.
90' Into added time. Ljungberg gets down the wing. Neat flick to Bergkamp who's clear on goal. His touch, for once, is poor and it's poked wide. Arsenal should have scored.
89' Now's it's gone off again. Tackle by Stelios on Lauren and the gesticulating and pushing starts. Lauren is booked for his grabbing of the Greek. Arsenal want this. Arsenal need this.
89' Arsenal on the break. Bergkamp gives it to Reyes. He holds it up. Just what Arsenal want.
88' Speed's throw is flicked on by Davies and Stelios again has a chance. He heads past the angle of post and bar. Bolton's best chance of the half.
87' Jaaskelainen's long kick headed away by Vieira, who's been far better than in midweek. Lauren though is more panicked in hoofing clear.
86' Arsenal starting to strut. Bolton very tired. It's been quite an effort without Diouf to buy some time with his running.
85' Stelios booked for a nasty foul on Lauren. Another booking. You have to say they've all been deserved. Especially the sending off.
84' Taking their time now, Arsenal. Will we see a restaging of the Cup Final of 2003 when they held the ball in the corner for the last ten minutes? They might need to.
83' Bergkamp bends the ball to the top right corner. Good save from Jaaskelainen and a corner. That's taken short by Arsenal.
82' Stelios fouled by Clichy. Now Bolton have a chance. But Lehmann punches away. And off go Arsenal. Pires and Ljungberg create a chance. Vieira sneaks through but is fouled. Yellow for Jaidi.
81' Ben Haim off and Pedersen comes on for Wanderers. Has a good record against the Gunners, Pedersen.
80' Long hack for Davies is headed away by the imperious Senderos. Pascal Cygan must watch this and wonder when his next game is.
80' Vieira gets a chance to dink it through to Ljungberg. He gets two bites of the cherry but falls to the floor. Bolton clear.
79' Arsenal clear and Reyes is released. Ben Haim is shaken off and he wins a corner.
78' Gardner takes the ball off Flamini and is then fouled. Yellow for the young Frenchman as Gardner was getting away.
77' Arsenal starting to dominate. Bolton feeling the weight of 70 minutes and a man down. Clichy overlaps nicely but Reyes slams it behind. A waste.
77' Played short and Ljungberg is found by Bergkamp. Smacked over when the Swede should have done far better.
75' Corner to Arsenal. Reyes wins it off Gardner.
75' Ljungberg offside as Reyes played the ball. Cardinal sin. Arsenal need to keep possession.
74' Free kick pumped in. An infringement is blown. Nice header by Stelios but Lehmann saves. It wouldn't have counted anyway.
73' Lauren clears as Davies chases. Long throw flicked on Jaidi. Lehmann's cap comes in handy under the hot sun. He catches and distributes.
71' Reyes fouled by Gardner. Bolton fans don't like the decision. Reyes fell over and that won the free-kick.
71' Clichy fouled by Candela. Nice luxuriant hair from the French full-back.
69' Davies dummies but Toure isn't looking for a vendor. Now Reyes on the attack. Long ball poked through. Reyes wants a corner. He won't get it.
68' Hunt off because of that booking tightrope. Big Sam knows he won't do much with nine men on the field.
67' Subs for Bolton. Off go Hunt and Hierro. On come Jaidi and Candela. Hierro looks tired. He's worked hard.
67' Toure has a dig from a short free-kick. Jaaskelainen saves on his knees.
65' Vieira fouled by Stelios. Blatant too though the Greek proclaims his innocence.
65' Off goes Clichy down the wing. Hierro and Vieira clash but nothing from the ref. Lauren goes off on a charge now. Bolton tiring perhaps?
63' Bolton get a throw. Time to launch another one in. Ljungberg does well to get it clear. Hierro has to foul him.
62' Now Reyes gets it back underway with a fine run and shot. The keeper saves well. Better from him.
61' Toure concedes a foul on the edge of the area. Hierro hits the wall. And Arsenal can go forward. But Bolton come back. Nolan's pass to Speed. Cleared. Handball by Toure. Yes, by accident.
59' Reyes loses the ball. Not a happy camper, the man from Seville. Poor chap wants his mam's patatas bravas.
58' Davies fouls Senderos. His fifth foul and he'll be booked. The Swiss is down and the physio scampers on.
58' Hierro fouled. Yep, long ball again. Push on Davies? The crowd bay for a penner. Toure the accused. Not guilty the verdict.
56' Davies offside. Will a chance come? The ten men with the iniative but a goal down.
56' Nolan and Stelios nearly sneaked in. Arsenal are having trouble dealing with the Bolton approach.
56' Davies fouled as he turned. Another dead ball. Another launchpad for a long ball.
54' Bolton at it hammer and tongs. Not comfortable for the Gunners. Senderos slips this time but Nolan's hook is aimless. Lehmann, wearing a nice cap, catches the ball.
53' Flamini lost the ball and Stelios charges on but Senderos confirms his growing reputation with a great tackle and a calm pass out of defence.
52' Clichy kicked Stelios and another chance to bombard is with us. N'Gotty begins the Blitzkreig but the ball is headed away by Clichy. Another ball in is eventually scooped away by Senderos.
51' Arsenal trying to keep the ball and take out the Bolton sting.
51' Davies tries to turn but runs out of pitch. He's been working like a donkey.
50' Diouf pictured in the stands. Silly, silly boy.
49' Lehmann forced to hack away as Davies charged him down. Long throw attempt from Bolton. The ball misses everybody including Stelios who dips below the ball.
47' Vieira fouled by Speed and fell to the ground again. His reputation for diving is preceding him.
47' Davies and Clichy clash. The Frenchman didn't like the tackle. Maybe he should just get on with it.
46' Arsenal on the break but a Gardner foul stops him. Cynical but stops the gap getting bigger.
45' No changes. Arsenal heading for five semi-finals in a row.
45' The boos ringing out mean that Lehmann is the goal and the game is set to restart.
45' Short corner finds its way to Pires. Slide rule to Bergkamp and a shot follows. But Jaaskelainen is equal to the task. The last action of an eventful half.
45' Clichy raids down the wing. Nicky Hunt gives away a corner.
45' Hunt smacks in a long ball. Offside flag creeps up hours later. Strange decision.
44' But now it's Reyes on the ball. But his lack of belief shows in his over-deliberation.
43' Bolton fired up. It's been a difficult half for the Arsenal defence.
43' Nolan gets in a cross. Claim for handball. Throw instead. Guess what. Long throw. Lehmann claims a hot potato.
42' Pires goes through and dives clearly. He's booked for that. Perhaps unluckily as the tackle came in.
41' Toure and Davies battle over a long ball. Toure wins out. But Hierro steps in to clear the ball.
40' Pires fouled by Nicky Hunt. 'One more,' says the ref. Bolton narrowly escape going down to nine.
39' Flamini and Reyes carve out an opening on the edge of the box. But Kevin Davies gets back to fight and win the ball.
37' Bolton continue to threaten by the one route - route one. Clash of styles and not pretty at all. the quality of Arsenal is winning out though.
36' Ball pumped in and Speed looked to be going through. Hierro gets to the ball and shoots but screws wide.
34' Ljungberg and Bergkamp put pressure on a tiring Bolton. Speed involved with Toure. Crowd up in arms.
32' Vieira is OK. Sack of spuds was the phrase for that. Big bloke too.
31' Vieira goes down after a tackle by Hierro. A smack across the face but Bennett lets off the Spanish legend.
30' Davies baulked by Senderos again. No penalty again.
29' Ljungberg gets through and gets in a shot. Jaaskelainen saves and gathers at the second attempt.
28' Free-kick causes chaos in the Arsenal area but Vieira steps in to stop the danger. Hunt stops the break with a cynical foul and is booked.
27' Arsenal weathering a considerable Bolton storm. The ten men have worked hard. Will it catch up with them?
25' Lehmann got the next one with ease.
24' Vieira stops the effervescence of Stelios after he overlapped on a Davies flick. Corner driven in by Speed and knocked behind by Bergkamp.
23' Davies the threat now and goes down. Senderos gets away with it - rightly so too.
22' Gardner nine-irons the ball in. Stelios gets another chance but no pace means no goal. Lehmann catches.
21' Lovely interchange between Reyes and Bergkamp sends the Spaniard through. Keeper's legs comes out to quell the danger.
20' Ljungberg and Gardner clash now. The Swede penalised. Long ball nearly bounces to Stelios but Lehmann gets to it.
19' Bolton's approach has been agricultural. Long ball the order of the day.
18' Toure clears when Lehmann's call is not heard. Long throw headed back to Stelios but the Greek can only head straight at Lehmann.
17' Vieira the master in the air. Ben Haim lashes wide.
17' Handball from Toure. Set piece to be boomed in.
17' Long ball for Reyes but Jasskelainen comes out to claim.
16' Lehmann goes up for it and is clattered by Davies. More German theatrics. No booking.
15' Long throw again. Davies tries to win a corner but a throw will have to do.
14' Vieira the target for a threaded pass but the big man runs it out.
13' A wrestling match in the area as Davies is the target for a long throw. The ball is scuffed clear eventually.
12' Now Reyes gets involved. Swinging arms meet with warning from Steve Bennett. The Spaniard is booked.
11' The tackles are flying in. It's looking like the needle is fully out.
10' Hierro launches the ball into the area but Lehmann, who made a meal of the slap by Diouf, catches it.
9' Bolton's dream in tatters. Total lack of discipline has lost them their best attacker this season.
8' He's off after just 8 minutes. An attack on Lehman? No-one seems to be sure. Lehmann is hurt. The linesman saw him being hit in the face.
6' Diouf fouled by Toure. Long ball to be pumped forward. Diouf chased the knock down. And then hell breaks loose as he thought he was fouled.
6' Clichy overlaps but Ben Haim stops him in his tracks.
5' Clichy on the burst. Ball comes to Reyes but he turns into trouble. There was a chance to shoot blown.
4' Diouf can't keep the ball in. Bolon won't give up, one feels.
3' Just what Wenger ordered. The class of Arsenal showed there.
3' But suddenly Arsenal wake up. Great run from Pires and a ball drifted into Ljunberg on the charge. He chips Jaaskelainen and the ball trickles in. 1-0 to the Arsenal!
2' Ball cleared. Ljungberg gets it away. Nolan clatters him. But no foul.
1' Vieira is big enough to deal with that and clear the ball. Bolton putting pressure on. Senderos steps in to clear.
- Bolton get it under way. Stelios down the wing and wins a throw off Gael Clichy.
- Ashley Cole on the bench with a 'hamstring strain'. Gael Clichy comes in. Could this be to do with tabloid revelations?
- And the ref is Steve Bennett. So Arsenal without Henry. Could this be the end of their season?
- Arsenal: Lehmann, Lauren, Senderos, Toure, Clichy, Ljungberg, Flamini, Vieira, Pires, Bergkamp, Reyes. Subs: Cole, Van Persie, Taylor, Fabregas, Eboue.
- Here's the teams: Bolton: Jaaskelainen, Hunt, N'Gotty, Ben Haim, Gardner, Nolan, Hierro, Speed, Giannakopoulos, Diouf, Davies. Subs: Poole, Pedersen, Jaidi, Campo, Candela.
- The FA Cup represents Arsenal's only real chance of silverware this year, but Bolton stand in their way. Join us live at 12.15 GMT.