Northern Ireland
No. Name
  -- Maik Taylor
  -- Tony Capaldi  64'
  -- Stephen Craigan
  -- Chris Baird  77'
  -- Aaron Hughes
  -- Stuart Elliott
  90' --  Mike Duff
  -- Keith Gillespie
  -- Damien Johnson  29'
  -- Steven Davis
  -- David Healy  74'
  88' --  Ivan Sproule
  -- James Quinn
  79' --  Warren Feeney
  -- Michael Ingham
  -- Steve Robinson
  -- Chris Brunt
  -- Steve Jones
  • 29
    • Damien Johnson Yellow Card
  • 42
    • Wayne Rooney Yellow Card
  • HT
    • Halftime
  • 54
    • On: Joe Cole | Off: Shaun Wright-Phillips
  • 64
    • Tony Capaldi Yellow Card
  • 74
    • David Healy Goal
  • 75
    • On: Jermain Defoe | Off: Steven Gerrard
  • 77
    • Chris Baird Yellow Card
  • 79
    • On: Warren Feeney | Off: James Quinn
  • 80
    • On: Owen Hargreaves | Off: Frank Lampard
  • 88
    • On: Ivan Sproule | Off: David Healy
  • 90
    • On: Mike Duff | Off: Stuart Elliott
  • FT
    • End Regular Time
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Match Commentary

95' Well done Northern Ireland - they were the better side, and shackled England all over the pitch. Eriksson and his men are in for an unpleasant few days...
95' The Northern Ireland players remain out on the pitch, milking the applause and the incredible atmosphere inside the ground. "We are the Champions" belts out from the PA system...
95' Eriksson appears quite gracious as he shakes the hands of the officials and Sanchez. He wanders off down the tunnel in something of a daze.
95' FULL-TIME: Northern Ireland triumph! England were absolutely dreadful; completely devoid of ideas or creative thought and were brilliantly stiffled by the home side.
95' Oooh! Feeney strikes a low shot inches wide of Robinson's far post from just inside the penalty area.
94' Rooney strikes a shot a few yards over the bar from distance. Taylor didn't look too concerned.
93' Feeney breaks with the ball, sprinting through the middle at the heart of the England defence. Ferdinand stops him in his tracks, but the run has wasted a little more time.
92' SUB: Elliott off, Duff on. Sanchez attempts to waste a little more time with a late substitution.
91' Pictures of Eriksson on the England bench show a man preparing himself for an on-slaught.
90' Despite being on the brink of the most humiliating defeat for a long time, England have still to create any real chances.
89' There will be four minutes of stoppage time, much to the disgust of the Windsor Park crowd.
88' Young attempts to break in between three home defenders, but predictably loses the ball. Northern Ireland break, but nothing comes of it.
87' Oooh! A long throw in to the Northern Ireland penalty area is flicked on by Ferdinand, but Owen is inches away from getting on the end of it.
86' Beckham cries for a penalty as he tries to cross in to the area. Nothing from the referee, quite rightly.
86' Oooh! Healy attempts a superb chip from 25 yards, but it drifts inches over the bar. Great effort.
86' Every kick of the ball is being roared on by this wonderful Northern Ireland crowd; there is going to be one heck of a party in Belfast tonight.
85' England win a corner and manage to exert a little pressure, but they can't get a meaningful effort on goal. Taylor has had little to do all game, in truth.
84' Cole slides a low pass in to the penalty area, but Hargreaves just couldn't collect the ball and Taylor gratefully gathers it in.
84' Seven minutes to go; Northern Ireland are on the brink of their first victory over England for 33 years.
83' Eriksson is going to be battered for this; England have been truly dreadful - clueless.
82' Elliot fires the free-kick under the England wall, but Young sticks out a leg and blocks the shot. Northern Ireland have dominated since they went ahead.
81' Johnson is barged by Hargreaves as he attempted to break through the heart of the England defence; the Bayern Munich man was lucky not to be booked for that. Free-kick.
80' Carragher slices a shot high and wide over the bar after collecting the lose ball on the edge of the box following an England corner.
79' SUB: Hargreaves on, Lampard off. Odd change from Eriksson, although Lampard hasn't played well at all. Beckham seems confused as to the tactical make-up of the side now.
79' Gillespie wins his side a corner as his cross is deflected behind by Cole. The home side have been excellent in the last twenty minutes or so.
78' SUB: Quinn off, Feeney on. Quinn has done well for the home side; he has been physical and strong and won a few big headers as the game has gone on.
77' Cole does well to beat Capaldi out on the right wing, but his cross from the by-line drifts out of play. Goal-kick.
76' The crowd are electric at the moment; they won't be able to believe what their seeing. This would be a massive result - and they probably deserve it.
75' SUB: Gerrard off, Defoe on. Attacking change from Eriksson, who needs a couple of goals to prevent a truly almighty backlash from the media tomorrow morning.
75' Eriksson prepares to make another change; England are looking desperate at the moment.
74' Replays are showing that Young was playing Healy on-side, despite the long and loud protests of the England platyers.
74' Northern Ireland are 16 minutes away from a truly historic victory; remember, they have not beaten England here at Windsor Park since 1927...
73' GOAL! Davis clips a great ball over the top of the England defence to Healy. The striker collects the ball inside the area and crashes a superb right-foot shot in to the far corner.
73' Beckham takes the corner quickly, but Taylor comes through a crowd of players to claim the ball unchallenged.
72' Beckham finds Young with a nice pass inside the full-back, and England win a corner when Hughes flies across to put the ball out.
71' Gillespie breaks down the right and sends a low cross in to the middle. Robinson shows great bravery to take the ball, and he earns a boot on the head from Quinn for doing so.
70' With England lacking invention or drive, and Northern Ireland showing little desire to throw anyone forward, the match is drifting quite aimlessly at the moment.
69' Owen is fouled by Capaldi down near the corner flag. Beckham takes the free-kick quicky, clipping a cross in to the middle, but Rooney mis-hits his volley and Taylor can save easily.
68' Credit to Northern Ireland; they have stuck to their task very well and not allowed England any time on the ball.
67' Gerrard clips a ball over the top of Baird towards Ashley Cole, who had made a good run in behind the full-back, but the pass is a little to strong and the ball runs out for a goal-kick.
66' This has been the worst England performance I have ever seen. There has been no creativity, no invention, and not a lot of ambition.
65' Owen is fouled on the left-angle of the penalty area. Beckham whips the ball in to the near post, but Rooney's flicked header flies over the bar.
64' England look shambolic at the moment; this system doesn't bring the best out of anyone. Beckham is being very disciplined and is remaining in a deep-lying role, but he has had nothing to do - he should be up-field, firing in some crosses.
63' Good play from Gillespie out on the right wing, as he skips past Young and Gerrard before sending in a tempting left-foot cross. Robinson collects easily, but the home side are coming in to the game.
62' Beckham is robbed of the ball just inside the England half, but Quinn can't capitalise on the mistake as he chooses the wrong option with a pass.
61' An hour of dreadful football. Real mind-numbing stuff.
59' Oooh! Taylor makes a superb save from Lampard's volleyed shot from 20 yards. The referee doesn't spot the goalkeeper's touch and gives a goal-kick.
58' Eriksson and McClaren look at each other for a moment or two; if they were at at an Italian restaurant with a candle between them, you could say it was a look of love. Instead, they're at a football match and it is actually a look of desperation.
57' Ashley Cole dinks a nice cross in from the left-hand side, but England have no-one coming in from the far post and Northern Ireland clear.
56' England haven't looked any better in this second half than they did in the first. Lampard and Gerrard in particular have been anonymous.
55' Oooh! Quinn cracks a great volley narrowly wide from 25 yards. Robinson didn't look too concerned, though it was quite close to his near post.
55' Nice play out on the right wing from Cole, as he cuts on to his left foot and sends over a teasing cross that drifts a yard or so wide of the far post.
54' Robinson has to be brave to dive at the feet of Davies, who had been slipped in down the left channel by a cute little pass from Quinn.
53' SUB: Cole on for SWP. One Chelsea man replaces another in a like-for-like swap from Eriksson. England remain in their 4-5-1 formation, though they have looked distinctly toothless so far.
52' Oooh! A moment of danger for England as a header across goal puts Robinson under pressure, though the referee rules that Healey had fouled the goalkeeper as they jumped for the ball.
51' Eriksson prepares to make a change, with Joe Cole stripping out of his tracksuit.
50' Northern Ireland win a free-kick in a dangerous position, on the left-corner of the box; Gillespie curls the ball in, but it is overhit and drifts out for a goalkick.
49' A long ball down the middle almost catches Ferdinand and Robinson, as Quinn attempts to steal in between theml the goalkeeper comes to the edge of his area to collect and end the danger.
48' Owen does well to turn Hughes and win a free-kick for his side, though it comes to nothing. Beckham went down very easily after a challenge with Davis; another free-kick.
48' More nice build-up play from England, but Baird again defends well at the far post, heading calmly back to Taylor with Rooney steaming in behind him.
47' Rooney clips a great ball in to the area towards Owen, but Hughes had tracked the striker's run and heads clear.
46' England scored their opening goal in the reverse tie very soon after coming back from the half-time break, and they will be desperate to do so again.
45' Northern Ireland restart the action.
45' There doesn't seem to have been any changes at half-time. Rooney and Beckham chat as the two jog out on to the pitch.
46' HALF-TIME: England leave the field looking dejected, frustrated and downright angry. Rooney has a few choice words for Ferdinand, who mutters something in his ear as he jogs past towards the tunnel.
45' Oooh! Owen attempts an over-head kick, but his effort from eight yards is straight at Taylor. Good effort, unlucky to find the goalkeeper.
44' Eriksson remains calm on the England bench, but he is going to need one heck of a half-time team-talk to lift his side.
43' England are looking so very frustrated at the moment; they have played very poorly and have been thwarted at every turn by the Northern Ireland defence.
42' Another foul goes against Rooney, infuriating him further. McClaren is forced to come out in to the 'technical area' to tell the England youngster to calm down.
41' The free-kick is aimed towards Elliott at the back post, but it is narrowly over-hit. Rooney is still fuming about being booked; he is dangerously close to boiling-point at the moment.
41' Rooney is booked for a challenge on Gillespie. Replays show that the England man lead with his arm as the two jumped for a header. Rooney is furious, and has to be restrained by Beckham.
40' Quinn is starting to win a few more balls in the air as the half progresses; if Northern Ireland can get on the end of a couple, they might be able to create something.
39' For the first time, England build nicely from the back, with Lampard releasing Cole in to a touch of space on the left wing. Unfortunately, the full-back's cross is dreadful and goes straight out for a goal-kick.
38' Ferdinand can't see any options for a pass, so he dallies about on the ball for a few seconds. There doesn't seem to be a great deal of urgency from England at the moment.
37' Oooh! A moment of madness from Ferdinand as he allows a tame header to run towards Robinson, unaware that Elliot was stood behind him. The England goalkeeper is alert to the danger and hacks the ball clear.
36' There is still a very good atmosphere inside the ground, with the Northern Ireland fans really getting behind their side.
35' Although they have created almost nothing of their own, they have managed to restrict England to just a couple of long shots; they have pressed and hassled very well.
34' Healy is getting absolutely no support from his team-mates; whenever England lose the ball deep in the Northern Ireland half, their only 'out ball' is a long hoof up field, where the striker is battling against four defenders.
33' For some peculiar reason, the referee has asked stadium officials to turn off the big screen; he is apparently upset that the crowd can see replays of controversial moments of action.
32' Northern Ireland manage a shot; Elliot controlling a long throw in to the area, but Ferdinand blocks inside the six-yard box.
31' In the first half-hour of the match, I can think of one meaningful shot on goal. It's been poor fare from both sides.
30' Rooney shows great strength to hold off his marker as he collects the ball after drifting in from his position on the left-wing. He barges his way past a couple of players, but his pass to Lampard is woefully over-hit.
29' ...Beckham chips the ball in to the penalty area, but Johnson climbs high to clear with his head.
28' Lampard is brought down by Johnson as he ran through the middle. The Northern Ireland midfielder is booked for the challenge. Free-kick, 35 yards out...
27' Oooh! Beckham crashes the free-kick from 25 yards against the cross-bar. Great effort from the England captain; Taylor was well beaten.
26' Young is felled by Davies, who had raised his foot quite high. The England right-back limps away as Beckham lines up the free kick.
25' Lampard and Gerrard exchange a nice one-two on the edge of the penalty area, but Gerrard's shot is blocked.
25' Northern Ireland, playing only Healy up front on his own, haven't got as many options as England when they get the ball in midfield, and seemingly look a little clueless.
24' England are finally managing to make some meaningful progress in this match, with SWP looking increasingly dangerous out on the right wing.
23' Capaldi does very well to rob the ball off SWP, who had collected a very lose header from Elliot inside the Northern Ireland half.
22' Oooh! Capaldi's mistake gifts possession to SWP. The Chelsea winger runs at the Northern Ireland defence, but he is shepherded widder than he wants, and his shot is eventually blocked.
21' Oooh! Rooney rather scuffs his 30-yard shot, but it ends at the feet of Owen inside a crowded area. The England striker tries to turn and get a shot away, but the Northern Ireland defence scramble it clear.
19' There is a good tempo to the game; it is benig played at a fast pace and with great enthusiasm from both sets of players. But it is also very scrappy; lots of lose passes and mis-control.
19' England win another corner following some good defending from Baird. Beckham's set-piece is half-cleared to SWP on the edge of the box, but his touch lets him down.
18' Lawrie Sanchez is warned by the fourth official after he ventures out of his 'technical area' to bark out some instructions.
17' Carragher is being uncharacteristically adventurous so far; a couple of times he has brought the ball out of defence and ran at the Northern Ireland back-line.
16' Owen has the first shot of the match when he fires in a right-foot effort from the edge of the box. It's well-struck, but takes a heavy deflection and trickles to the keeper.
15' Rooney and Beckham are still being booed; I assume it is because they are the two highest-profile England players, though that still doesn't really explain the hostile reception fully.
14' England are pushing high up the pitch and aren't allowing the Northern Ireland midfield any time on the ball; the middle third of the pitch is very congested.
13' It's been another sloppy start from both sides; England haven't managed to get going yet, and the home side can't seem to string any passes together.
12' Gerrard almost picks out Rooney, charging through the middle, but Baird rises high to flick the ball back to his goalkeeper.
11' Beckham is showing considerable discipline in this holding role, but England look very disjointed.
11' Beckham slices another long ball out to the right wing for SWP to chase, but it is slightly overhit and it runs out for a throw-in down near the corner flag.
10' Rooney flies in to a challenge with Gillespie; everyone is really fired-up for the game tonight; I wouldn't be surprised to see a few yellow cards.
9' Lampard is back on the field, but doesn't seem to be moving all that freely at the moment. He looks grumpy.
8' England are still down to ten men, with Lampard off the field, but the home side can't get the ball and use it to their advantage.
7' Lampard is down and requires some treatment after getting a kick on his ankle. He limps off to the sidelines; a cause of concern for England.
6' Quinn hooks the ball out to the right wing for Gillespie to chase with Cole, but the England man shows good pace to reach the ball first and put it out for a throw.
5' Carragher clumsily gives away a free-kick when he fouls Healy. The home side crowd the England area, but the set-piece is poor and doesn't beat the first England defender.
5' A great run from Carragher as he collects the ball forty yards out and drives in to the penalty area, though Gillespie manages to prod the ball out of play.
4' England win another corner through good play out on the right wing by SWP; he could torment the home side if he is feeling 'up for it' tonight.
4' Beckham's corner is aimed towards Rooney at the near post, but Northern Ireland scramble the ball clear. Already, England are mounting a little pressure.
3' England win a corner when SWP dances past his marker and his attempted cross-shot is deflected behind.
3' It's been a good start by the home side; they aren't letting England have any time on the ball, harrying the visitors.
3' Lawrie Sanchez is patrolling the sidelines in a nice suit; he looks like an estate agent.
2' Beckham is booed on his first touch, as is Rooney; I couldn't tell you why that is.
1' England win an early free-kick inside their own half after a foul by Feeney on Cole.
- England's last defeat in Belfast was in 1927. Think on that, readers.
- England will line-up with their new 4-5-1 formation, with Beckham continuing in his role in front of the back-four, and Rooney stuck out on the left-wing.
- For the first time in over eight years, Northern Ireland have named an unchanged side.
- There is a fantastic atmosphere inside Windsor Park tonight; it's party-time for the fans inside this tiny little stadium.
- As expected, Wright-Phillips keeps his place in the England side as Joe Cole makes way for Michael Owen.
- England will be within touching distance of qualification should they win at Windsor Park. Join our expert summariser from 19:45 BST

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