No. Name
  1 Francisco Guillermo Magana Ochoa
  5 Ricardo Mendoza Osorio
  3 Carlos Salcido
  2 Jose Jonny Oliva Magallon
  16 Efrain Juarez
  6 Gerardo Torrado  75'
  8 Israel Castro  19'
  18 Andrés Guardado
  70' 7  Nery Castillo
  10 Cuauhtemoc Blanco
  55' 11  Carlos Vela
  9 Guillermo Franco
  76' 14  Miguel Sabah  81'
  17 Giovani dos Santos  85'
  13 Oscar Perez Rojas
  12 José Corona
  15 Jose Antonio Gonzalez Castro
  4 Aaron Rubio Galindo
  • KO
    • Kickoff
  • 8
    • Charlie Davies Goal
  • 19
    • Israel Castro Goal
  • 26
    • Oguchi Onyewu Yellow Card
  • 28
    • Jay DeMerit Yellow Card
  • 45
    • Carlos Bocanegra Yellow Card
  • HT
    • Halftime
  • 55
    • On: Carlos Vela | Off: Cuauhtemoc Blanco
  • 57
    • On: Benny Feilhaber | Off: Brian Ching
  • 57
    • On: Stuart Holden | Off: Ricardo Clark
  • 70
    • On: Nery Castillo | Off: Andrés Guardado
  • 75
    • Gerardo Torrado Yellow Card
  • 75
    • Benny Feilhaber Yellow Card
  • 76
    • On: Jozy Altidore | Off: Charlie Davies
  • 76
    • On: Miguel Sabah | Off: Guillermo Franco
  • 81
    • Miguel Sabah Goal
  • 85
    • Giovani dos Santos Yellow Card
  • FT
    • End Regular Time
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Match Commentary

90' Thank you for joining us for today's gamecast. See you next time.
90' Other than the result, I'd say the most disappointing thing about the game was the willingness to accept defeat on the part of the US by the commentators before and after the game. I found it to be a little unfair to the players who, although seemingly outmatched at times, played had in the most extreme conditions. Well done, boys.
90' Ultimately, the US could not take control of the game, as Mexico held on to it confidently and attacked the US frequently. Had it not been some aggressive defending and a couple nice saves it could have been worse. Mexico also failed to consistently play a solid ball across the box until the second half. So many of their crosses and corners sailed long.
90' Good effort by both sides, and kudos to the US team for managing a goal in a stadium that has allowed so few.
90' And there's the final whistle. Mexico wins the match 2-1.
90' Once last chance for the US as the ball sails into the box, and it's cleared quickly and released to Vela.
90' Ochoa takes a long time to set up and take the corner kick. Smart delay on his part.
90' Loose ball bouncing around the box. Dangerous chance for the US that gets cleared finally by Mexico.
90' Already awarding the Player of the Game to Castro. Nice goal, but he's done nothing outside of that strike.
88' A long ball by Mexico is played to a offsides, where Castillo dribbles away with it until shoved in the back by Howard. Should've been a card.
88' Altidore keeps the pressure on and tries to possess, Mexico clears off the side line.
88' hard corner, punched out by Ochoa and collected again by the US.
87' Holden collects a ball out on the wing and headed out for a corner by Mexico.
87' Long ball into the box for Holden is headed back, then lost.
87' US playing cautiously, trying to set something up.
86' Bob Bradley looks aggitated
86' Dos Santos it a yellow card. He's played well today.
85' Bradley does a nice job of picking up the ball on defense, but playes it softly out wide to nobody.
83' Slow restart, seems like the US would have tried to hurry it up.
82' DeMerit came to double Juarez with Donovan and he simply snuck it past both of them.
82' GOAL!! Juarez with a great hard run to the end line, drops it back to a wide open Sabah who finishes decisively. 2-1 Mexico.
81' Over the endline and some more shoving as Onyewu held on to the ball. No card....yet.
80' The final 10 plans to be intense as Altidore shoves the Mexican defender, who looks to trip Altidore on his way down.
80' Corner by Dos Santos, deflected harmlessly to Howard.
79' Torrado got the yellow card for the scrap earlier for putting his hands on the neck of Feilhaber.
78' The quick counter by Mexico is halted with another US foul. No card this time.
77' Nice work by Cherundolo to take the ball forward, but a terrible ball towards Altidore.
76' Nice corner by Mexico, dove on by Howard.
76' Substitution US: Davies out, Altidore in. Looks like Davies was cramping up.
75' Davies was sitting on the ground and Castillo cane and tried to pick him up, Feilhaber came in and shoved Castillo.
74' Uh oh, a scrap at the top of the box. It looks like the US may have been stalling and the Mexican players took offense and some shoving ensued.
74' Dos Santos shot is deflected by what appeared to be a hand ball, but called out on the US.
73' Dos Santos fouled outside the box. Dangerous free kick for Mexico. Too bad Blanco's not in.
72' Holden clears with little pressure on him. Should've picked his head up.
72' Ball ahead for Davies who's just offsides. Good call by the linesman.
71' Substitution Mexico: Guardado out Castillo in
71' Great cross by Holden into the box, barely missing a diving Davies.
70' Onyewu takes the ball from the and works to Donovan who clears to Holden.
70' US trying to slow the play down by working the ball back to Howard.
69' Another hard tackle by DeMerit, also playing with a yellow.
68' Onyewu makes a hard foul, dangerous with his yellow. Then is pushed by the Mexican player as he tries to hold on to the ball.
68' Donovan goes after the the ball and makes a bad pass into the box
67' Realistically it wasn't a great chance, but they have been few and far between this half.
67' Nice run by Davies to make a play in the attack for Donovan, but swollowed up by the collapsing Mexico defense.
66' Ball by Dos Santos into the middle where is it swung on by Guardado who gets more of Cherundolo than the ball.
66' A long ball for Davies, but I'm not sure Davies even made a move towards it.
60' Great interception of a Mexican attack by Onyewu who clears to Holden who is fouled
65' Mexico retains possession and slides a nice ball across the penalty strip, right to the US defender.
64' Guardado tries to dribble through the middle and has it stole.
63' Dos Santos takes it to the end line hard, and runs into great coverage by Bocanegra and support by DeMerit
61' Mexico settling into a groove, and the US is allowing them to do so.
60' Vela takes it to the 18 box and flops. Good no call by the referee.
60' Cherundolo loses the ball coming through the middle and it's stolen easily and brought back by the recent sub Vela.
60' US playing too safe right now
59' Guardado with a nice ball to the back post to a wide open Dos Santos who las loads of time to collect and shoot. Great save by Howard!
57' Substitution US:Ching and Clark out, Feilhaber and Holden in
57' Cleared to Davies who apparently committed a foul. Not sure there was one there.
56' Dos Santos plays to Torrado in the middle, and won on a solid challenge by DeMerit and cleared.
56' Substitution Mexico: Blanco out, Vela in. fatigue issues or not, this is a good thing for the US.
55' Magallon plays to Juarez, then to Osorio, who passes it a long way back to Ochoa. The fans are not pleased.
54' Looks like Mexico is preparing to sub in Vela up top.
53' A long ball by Torrado sails long with no real danger. It seems Guardado mis-timed his run.
53' Onyewu plays it back to Howard's feet, who's clear is won by Mexico and brought back in
52' Cherundolo plays a long ball up to Davies who fights, but can't win from the double team.
51' Finally a decent corner by Mexico where Franco connects on a volley that misses the mark.
51' Another cross into the box by Guardado, headed out of bounds by Onyewu.
50' Nice ball into the top of the box by Mexico, where it's spun on, then booted away by the US defense.
48' Ching all over the ball now when Mexico's defense has the ball.
48' Nice build up for the US, but Bocanegra could not hold on to the long ball across the field.
47' Again, US seems to be playing off them in their own half.
47' Mexico back setting them selves of, going towards the left side this time.
46' US appears to be putting a little more pressure on the Mexican back line as they try to play the ball out of the back. Good.
46' Looks like Altidore will stay on the bench for a few more minutes.
46' The second half is under way!
45' Of course, with this match-up, it's never a shock to see someone ejected.
45' With the heat and the altitude, we may see a more sluggish US team in the second half, and as a result could see a rise in hard fouls. With some of the late tackles we've seen already, it could get ugly and I wouldn't be surprised to see a red card.
45' Despite the goals by Davies and Castro, the man of the match so far has to be Blanco. Reasserting himself in this rivalry by simply making his presence felt on every Mexican threat. He has been dominant on the ball in the center of the US defensive third.
45' While very talented, the knock on Altidore is that he sometimes seems to take plays off. I seriously doubt that will be the case in this game, which has been wire-to-wire intensity from both sides. Expect a couple fireworks from the youngster early on should we see him.
45' I would also expect to see Jozy Altidore enter the game in replace of Brian Ching, who has done little thus far.
45' With 3 of their 4 defenders already holding yellow cards, I would expect Bob Bradley to make a change on his back line if the Mexican pressuring attack continues.
45' Mexico has done a great job of controlling the pace of the game inside the US half. The US on the other hand, can't consistently release the pressure consistently. The result is a US team that is wearing itself down trying to react to this constant pressure, rather than taking control on their own.
45' And there's the whistle. The teams go into the half tied at 1-1.
45' Osorio playing in the US half and putting a lot of pressure on the US defense.
45' Osorio playing in the US half and putting a lot of pressure on the US defense.
45' Bocanegra booked for a yellow this time on a long sliding tackle.
45' Onyewu plays a poor ball back to Howard who has to chase it down to avoid a corner
44' Mexico moving the ball across the back line, the US content to let them
43' Guardado plays a long ball out to Franco on the far side, and it runs over the end line for a goal kick
43' Blanco again receives a pass 25 yards out and is able to turn. His shot is blocked easily
42' Looks like Ching tried to go through the defender, as opposed to around him
42' A Mexico player goes down as the corner is played
41' Davies being bumped by Castro in the box and the referee tries to calm things down
40' Donovan on the ball, another long ball into the box and deflected for a corner by Osario
40' Ching collects on the wing and it taken down for a free kick along the sideline about 40 yards out
40' Off of Bradley for a Mexico corner, where it again sails long and taken out of the back by Davies
39' Juarez makes a nice overlapping run inside the box, but his put back in the middle is stolen by Onyewu
38' Ching called for another foul
38' Davies loses the ball and it lands on Blanco's foot who slides a dribbler through the middle right to Howard who collects
37' Nice sliding interception by Clark, but again right back to Mexico in the midfield.
37' Another poor clearance attempt by the US and back to Guardado on the wing
36' Mexico keeps the ball and moves it all the way back to the defense
35' Goal kick by Mexico won by Blanco and collected out to Guardado on the wing who sends another long cross over everybody
35' Donovan plays a nice ball to the far post where Onyewu just misses connecting for a header
34' Churundolo takes the ball in and is tripped up just outside the box for a dangerous free kick and Guardado gets a yellow card.
33' Nice ball to Davies from Dempsey who cuts back and has it stolen and cleared away
32' Torrado to Blanco in the middle, nicely intercepted by the US defense.
32' Dangerous spikes up challenge by Dos Santos. No call.
31' Mexico taking their time out of the back, maintaining possession
30' long ball up front to Franco, who collects and loses posession
30' Collected by Dos Santos who takes a long shot over the bar
29' Great shot by Blanco off the free kick, deflected out by Howard
28' Guardado to Dos Santos just outside the edge of the box, where's he taken out by DeMerit who receives a yellow card.
28' Some more nice play down the wing for Mexico, which results in a harmless cross for a goal kick
27' Onyewu all the way up to half comes flying in to a free ball and draws a yellow card.
26' Out to the wing for Donovan by Ching, who loses it on an attempt to involve Dempsey in the play
25' Good change of field by Blanco who feeds to Guardado
25' Foul on Ching, weak push, but a Mexico kick in their own zone.
24' Dos Santos collects a nice flick at the top of the box and shoots one just barely wide of the post.
24' Donovan loses on some rough defensive play
23' Passed through the middle to Torrado who loses it back to Donovan
23' Mexico's goal kick is bounced around in the center circle and finally hit out of bounds for a throw by Mexico.
22' Dempsey switches the field to Bocanegra who had moved forward.
21' Pass down the wing to Franco and offsides.
21' Mexico taking time with a free kick out of the back.
19' US's inability to clear the ball was finally taken advantage of
19' GOAL!! Castro ties the game with an absolute crank from 25 yards out.
19' US continues to lose the ball trying to clear, and Mexico continues to press.
19' US playing on its heels as Mexico attacks the box.
18' Blanco calls for a foul infront of the US 18. Not gonna happen.
18' Mexico's defense working the ball well out of the back
17' Long switch of field by Mexico and passed into the box for Franco who can't hold on to get a shot off
16' Nice set play by Blanco who collects a drop pass and has a clear shot. Struck low to Howard.
16' Hard tackle by DeMerit, a little late on it and Mexico has a free kick about 40 yards out
15' Mexico corner cleared easily by the US
15' A deflection by the US goes out for a corner, despite Howard's efforts.
14' Headed around in US half, Mexico retains possession.
14' Long ball for Blanco, too far and goes out of bounds.
13' Inswinger that sails out to the corner of the box where it is misplayed by Guardado.
13' Corner Mexico
12' null
12' Another long goal kick by Howard, shut down by Mexico and brought back the other way.
12' Torrado has a weak shot that Howard lets go wide.
12' Mexico takes out of the back, and switches the field with Torrado.
11' Cleared to the far side by the US
11' errant hand ball by US.
10' Mexico possessing into the US zone and sends one forward, gobbled up by Howard.
9' GOAL USA!!!! Ball by Donovan forward to Davies who tucks it into the far netting.
8' Great tackle on Dempsy by Magallon
8' Long corner to Onyewu who heads it back, kept alive by Onyewu
7' Long goal kick by Howard, which is forced over the end line by Mexico. Corner US.
6' Another cross by Blanco to Guardado on the far side, who launches a shot over the goal.
6' Mexico pressing and handling the ball easily around the US goal.
6' Down the far flank by Mexico, and retains posession.
5' Dempsy wins it in the middle and a long ball in the middle by Cherundolo, where Ching was waiting, but fouled.
4' Blanco takes it to the end line and crosses. Easy clear for the US.
3' Miexico into the US corner and drilled into the stands by Onyewu.
3' Charlie Davies puts some pressure into the box and Ochoa scrambles on top of it.
2' Guardado takes a rip on goal. Solid save by Howard.
2' Blanco plays a ball forward and denied by a header
1' Ochoa plays out of the back, Mexico moves forward
1' Cross by Bocanegra sails long, throw in US
1' USA moving from right to left on your computer screen
1' And we're off!
- Had a feeling Blanco wasn't going to miss this one.
- Starting line-up for Mexico: Ochoa, Juarez, Osorio, Salcido, Magallon, Castro, Torrado, Blanco, Guardado, Dos Santos, Franco
- Starting for the United States: Howard, Bocanegra, Onyewu, DeMerit, Cherundolo, Donovan, Clark, Bradley, Dempsey, Davies, Ching
- Current CONCACAF qualifying standings: Costa Rica (4-1-0, 12 pts), USA (3-1-1, 10 pts), Honduras (2-2-1, 7pts), Mexico (2-3-0, 6 pts)
- Getting ready to go at Estadio Azteca. At 7,200 feet, over 100,000 fans are gearing up to watch as the United States, 0-18-1 in Mexico City, try to add one to the win column in Azteca.
- Join us at 4:00 PM ET for the live play-by-play of the World Cup qualifier between the United States and Mexico!