No. Name
  1 Artur Boruc
  5 Gary Caldwell   OG71'
  2 Andreas Hinkel
  22 Glenn Loovens  86'
  11 Daniel Fox  52'
  18 Massimo Donati
  56' 7  Scott McDonald
  6 Landry N'Guemo  58'
  76' 20  Patrick McCourt
  46 Aiden McGeady
  8 Scott Brown
  13 Shaun Maloney
  9 Giorgos Samaras
  56' 10  Marc-Antoine Fortune
  24 Lukasz Zaluska
  3 Lee Naylor
  48 Darren O'Dea
  16 Willo Flood
  • KO
    • Kickoff
  • 43
    • William Gallas Goal
  • HT
    • Halftime
  • 52
    • Daniel Fox Yellow Card
  • 56
    • On: Marc-Antoine Fortune | Off: Giorgos Samaras
  • 56
    • On: Scott McDonald | Off: Massimo Donati
  • 58
    • Landry N'Guemo Yellow Card
  • 69
    • On: Abou Diaby | Off: Andrey Arshavin
  • 71
    • Gary Caldwell (OG)
  • 76
    • On: Patrick McCourt | Off: Landry N'Guemo
  • 84
    • Gaël Clichy Yellow Card
  • 86
    • Glenn Loovens Yellow Card
  • FT
    • End Regular Time
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Match Commentary

92' That's that. Arsenal have been the better side but both goals owed much to luck. Gallas's back scored the first and Gary Caldwell turned the second into his own net. Celtic have it all to do next week at the Emirates. Thanks for your company.
90' Two minutes of the match left. Their fans are in full voice. Long journey back for them eh?
88' Two minutes for Celtic to rescue their Champions League dream.
88' Hinkel tries an overly ambitious ball looking for McDonald when a simple ball for Brown was the right option.
86' Loovens is the latest to get a yellow after upending Van Persie, who turned the defender brilliantly.
85' Vermaelen gets up to nod Maloney's free kick out of harm's way.
84' Clichy gets a yellow card for a foul but the ref could easily have played advantage. Free kick though.
83' Van Persie slaloms past Caldwell and it takes three players to shackle him in the end.
81' Fortune's had a shocker there. McGeady gives it inside to the striker and he tries to feed in McDonald but woefully overhits the pass. Parkhead howls.
80' Fabregas whacks one in from 35 yards as Chelsea go 3-1 up at Sunderland. Ballack, Lampard and Deco with the goals.
78' You could hear a pin drop at Celtic Park now. They haven't played particularly well, but the two goals they've conceded have been extremely unlucky.
76' Paddy McCourt is replacing N'Guemo. Last throw of the dice from Tony 'pipe and slippers' Mowbray.
75' Denilson swings in a ball for RVP but it sails behind.
74' McDonald fails in his attempt to win a corner and it is only the Arsenal fans who are audible now.
72' Celtic need a goal before the end of the game or else it is curtains.
71' Diaby nips away from N'Guemo and feeds Clichy, he drills in a low ball and Caldwell turns the ball into his own net in trying to prevent it reaching Bendtner.
71' GOAL! Caldwell puts through his own net! Arsenal all but in the Champions League proper.
68' Arshavin is coming off and Abou Diaby is coming on.
67' Two bites of the cherry for Fabregas but his first ball is blocked, the second finds RVP but he is flagged offside. I smell a goal coming here.
66' Superb defending from Gallas as Fortune looks for McDonald in the area. The centre-back got a touch to divert it behind and prevent a tap in for the Aussie. The corner is pitiful.
64' The crowd cheer when N'Guemo gets a free kick off Fabregas, then boo when the Arsenal skipper wins one off Brown.
62' An awful cross from McDonald after McGeady fed him down the right. The game is opening up a touch here.
61' Loovens nods away a corner and Sagna stays down. The Hoops head downfield though and Fortune gives away a free kick with a tug on Denilson.
59' Bendtner picks up a lay off from Fabregas and charges towards the box but hammers the ball wide of the post.
57' N'Guemo gets a card after a late tackle on guess who? Yes, Fabregas. He's out of the second leg next week now.
56' Those substitutions should give Celtic more impetus. They've been poor in this second half so far. In the Premier League Chelsea have just made it 1-1 at Sunderland. Wolves still lead 1-0 at Wigan.
55' Hinkel does well to intercept a Denilson pass and Vermaelen heads clear his cross. Celtic changes; Donati and Samaras come off and Fortune and McDonald come on.
54' Another chance for RVP as Gallas betas DOnati to a 50/50. Again he drags his shot wide. He's not on the ball tonight.
53' Danny Fox gets the game's first yellow after a late tackle on Fabregas. He seems to have been targeted for some naughty treatment.
52' A poor ball in from Maloney flicks off the head of Clichy and hits Bendtner's arm. That could have gone either way.
51' Maloney buys a free kick off Denilson and Celtic can get good ball in the box.
50' Donati is sloppy in possession again and only a slack piece of control from Van Persie prevents Arsenal marauding forward again.
49' Now Denilson has a pop from the edge of the area and the ball flashes just wide with Boruc at full stretch. Celtic have started the half terribly.
48' Now Fabregas heads towards the area and claims a foul off Donati as he hits the turf. Lucky to escape is Donati. Again.
47' An early chance for Arsenal as Arshavin sped into the area, he lays off for RVP but his shot lacked power and limped wide.
46' We begin again...
45' There we are, half time. A pretty even affair, with Arsenal just shading it, but the goal was very unlucky on Celtic. See you in 15 minutes.
44' Well, that shakes things up a bit. Expect Arsenal to be a little more patient now and commit less men forward. Celtic need an equaliser, at least.
43' Fabregas was brought down by Caldwell and hammered the free kick towards goal himself, the ball hits Gallas on the back and nestles into the bottom corner. Fortunate? I should coco.
43' GOAL! Gallas!
41' Similar effort at the other end as Hinkel dinks a little ball into the area, Sagna and Gallas block Samaras out of it and Brown hits the loose ball right at Alumina from 16 yards.
40' Bit of space for Arshavin but he runs the ball a little too far and Loovens cam get a partial block on his shot. Boruc claims.
39' Gallas brings the ball forward and gets into the box. Fabregas' cross is for RVP though and Caldwell betas him to it.
37' Almunia claims the corner and gets a love tap from Caldwell that he makes an absolute meal of. Get up.
36' Hinkel's ball down the line is chased by McGeady and Vermaelen chests behind. Corner.
34' Donati rages at the ref after Celtic were given an advantage but failed to use it, then Song gets a free kick instead. Donati hauled him back and is lucky to escape a card.
33' Fabregas finds RVP on the left side of the box but his blind slip inside looking for Arshavin was a little early.
31' Clichy nicks the ball off Samaras then megs Hinkel and is brought down. Free kick wide left.
30' RVP and Sagna work a nice crossing opportunity but it is wasted as Bendtner isn't in the box. Arshavin was in there but he's a passenger to an aerial ball int he?
29' That should have read strong by the way, not string. Though he did string the pass too strong, if you like. Shut up? Yep, agreed.
28' Fabregas knocks a delightful ball over Caldwell looking for RVP but it was ever so slightly too strong. Super pass.
27' Celtic have reasserted themselves in the last 15 minutes. A decent contest in prospect.
26' A tidy one-two between McGeady and Hinkel sees the wee winger gallop away but as he tries to slip inside Song he is tackled superbly.
24' Nice break from Arsenal as Sagna whipped in a cross. Loovens got up to clear.
23' RVP goes off but I'm guessing he'll be back presently. Oh look, he's back already.
21' Van Persie gets a stray boot in the leg as Caldwell beat him to an aerial ball.
20' N'Guemo looks a decent player, the classic midfield spoiler.
18' What a good passage of play, Van Persie's free kick was cleared then McGeady streaked away with the ball, he chips a ball in looking for Brown but Vermaelen raced back and hacked it out of play. Superb defending.
17' Donati brings down Van Persie on the right edge of the area after a prolonged Celtic shout for offside. Chance. RVP over the free kick.
16' Arshavin looks in the mood here. He looks to swap a one-two with Fabregas but Caldwell gets a toe in.
14' Superb tackle from Hinkel as Arsenal look to break. Before that Mcgeady miscontrolled in the area when well placed. Took his eye off it for a minute it looked like.
13' A good spell of pressure from Arsenal as Denilson, Song and Fabregas exchange passes in front of Celtic's box. Loovens brekas it up.
12' First sign of menace from Arsenal as Arshavin and Bendtner create a chance for Van Persie. His shot is blocked and though Arshavin tucks in the rebound he was offside. By a mile.
11' Fox delivers and Caldwell gets a free header but he is off balance and it sails over the bar.
10' Crorner for Celtic as Brown looked for Samaras. Vermaelen knocked behind.
9' McGeady presses Song well and nearly nicks the ball but Arsenal get the throw.
8' Arsenal's excellent pressing of Caldwell forces the defender backwards and Fabregas nearly gets to the ball before Boruc.
7' Good challenge from Hinkel as Arshavin looked to skip down the left flank.
5' Denilson fires in a pass looking for Van Persie, who had made some space, but the ball was too heavy.
4' Fabregas misplaces a pass meant for Bendtner. Arsenal struggling to find the zip in their passing early on.
3' Two decent balls into the box from Danny Fox. No-one there to make hay though.
2' Celtin snap into their visitors with the sort of snap as you'd expect. McGeady looks like he's playing as a second striker off Samaras.
1' We're off...
- What a noise the Celtic massive makes on European nights. Its about as noisy as they'll get one fears, mind.
- The cameras pan in on a slightly rotund chap (I'm being kind) belting out "You'll Never Walk Alone," as is customary in there parts before a big game.
- Good news for Arsenal as Denilson, Fabregas and Sagna have shaken off their knocks and start. Wenger fields exactly the same team that smashed Everton. This is a huge game for the Gunners.
- Good news for Arsenal as Denilson, Fabregas and Sagna have shaken off their knocks and start. Wenger fields exactly the same team that smashed Everton. This is a huge game for the Gunners.
- The teams are in as you can see, and Tony Mowbray has sprung a slight surprise by starting Georgios Samaras up front rather than Scott McDonald or Marc-Antoine Fortune. I reckon he'll pack midfield and try to avoid an Everton-style mauling.
- Arsenal: Almunia, Sagna, Vermaelen, Gallas, Clichy, Song, Fabregas, Denilson, van Persie, Arshavin and Bendtner. Subs from: Mannone, Diaby, Eduardo, Ramsey, Silvestre, Eboue and Gibbs.
- Celtic: Boruc, Hinkel, Caldwell, Loovens, Daniel Fox, N'Guemo, Scott Brown, Donati, Maloney, McGeady and Samaras. Subs from: Zaluska, Naylor, McDonald, Fortune, Flood, McCourt and O'Dea.
- Join us at 1945 BST, to see if Arsenal can cope with the cauldron of Celtic's Parkhead in the first leg of their qualifier for the Champions League.

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