No. Name
  1 David Seaman
  3 Wayne Bridge
  68' 12  Phil Neville
  6 Gareth Southgate
  68' 17  Teddy Sheringham
  5 Martin Keown
  2 Gary Neville
  68' 16  Jamie Carragher
  4 Steven Gerrard
  45' 21  Owen Hargreaves
  8 Paul Scholes
  45' 15  Danny Mills
  7 Nicky Butt
  45' 14  Trevor Sinclair
  11 Kieron Courtney Dyer
  45' 20  Robbie Fowler
  10 Michael Owen  4'
  45' 19  Joe Cole
  9 Darius Vassell  55'
  68' 18  Frank Lampard
  22 David James
  13 Nigel Martyn
  • 4
    • Michael Owen Goal
  • 45
    • On: Danny Murphy | Off: Martin Keown
  • 45
    • On: Owen Hargreaves | Off: Steven Gerrard
  • 45
    • On: Trevor Sinclair | Off: Nicky Butt
  • 45
    • On: Danny Mills | Off: Paul Scholes
  • 45
    • On: Joe Cole | Off: Michael Owen
  • 45
    • On: Robbie Fowler | Off: Kieron Courtney Dyer
  • HT
    • Halftime
  • 47
    • Danny Murphy Goal
  • 55
    • Darius Vassell Goal
  • 57
    • On: Pedro Sarabia | Off: Diego Gavilan
  • 60
    • On: Richart Baez | Off: Jose Cardozo
  • 68
    • On: Teddy Sheringham | Off: Gareth Southgate
  • 68
    • On: Frank Lampard | Off: Darius Vassell
  • 68
    • On: Jamie Carragher | Off: Gary Neville
  • 68
    • On: Phil Neville | Off: Wayne Bridge
  • 81
    • Celso Ayala (OG)
  • 81
    • On: Julio Cesar Caceres | Off: Carlos Gamarra
  • 82
    • On: Gustavo Morinigo | Off: Carlos Bonet
  • FT
    • End Regular Time
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Match Commentary

90' An offside flag halts Paraguay in their tracks, and that's the last action of the game - it's a fine 4-0 win for England
90' Into time added on, and it's been an excellent night for England
89' Arce crosses and Santa Cruz, given a free header, can only steer the ball wide. That should have been a consolation goal
89' ...which is cleared. Time ticking away, and the Anfield crowd have enjoyed what they've been watching
88' ...but they recover to come forward and win a late corner...
87' More high-speed passing as England zoom forward again: Paraguay at full stretch to clear
86' Murphy takes his turn to have a shot... it's a curler from the edge of the box, and it's fractionally wide
85' Five minutes left, and England boss Eriksson will be delighted with all his players... the lively Cole nearly adds to that delight with a shot that skims just wide
84' At the other end, Fowler is crowded out as England construct another promising moment
83' A Mills foul gives the visitors a free-kick - Arce hammers it in, Seaman holds on
82' And another change - Carlos Bonet off, Gustavo Morinigo on
81' England are swarming around the Paraguay area again - Sheringham can't turn the ball goalwards this time. Gamarra goes off and Julio Cesar Caceres comes on for Paraguay
80' Lampard's pass goes astray, but the home side won't really care about that now
79' Sheringham's clever run paved the way for that goal, and this is a stroll for England
78' Fowler crosses towards Sheringham, and the ball glances in off Celso Ayala. It's 4-0 to Sven's men!
77' Sheringham takes the chance to cross - it goes right across but England keep it
76' Carlos Paredes volleys goalwards from outside the area: Seaman deals with it well
75' Cole hammers it back across, but it goes all the way through and the end result is a throw to Paraguay
74' Tavarelli spills the ball after an England break...
73' Cole again - England keeping the ball very well
73' Neville crosses, but it's too far ahead of the waiting Teddy Sheringham
72' Mills is on hand to deal with that one, and Cole takes the ball on with some more neat skills...
71' ...another free-kick for the visitors after a late Phil Neville challenge
70' It fizzes across goal with nobody able to get on the end of it
69' Paraguay come forward and get in a muddle, but win a free-kick which can be crossed into the England box...
68' Vassell is off, Sheringham on - Frank Lampard, Phil Neville and Jamie Carragher are also coming on...
67' Great work from Fowler and then Cole paves the way for Vassell - the shot is wide, the move was excellent
66' It deflects - but this time to safety for Paraguay
65' ...Sinclair crosses after some neat passing...
65' Murphy fouled midway inside the Paraguay half - more England pressure could arrive now...
64' The visitors trying to build some attacks of their own... they look a little dazed after those two deflected goals
63' Mills collects a clearance and crosses for Southgate, who volleys over the top. One-way traffic
63' Hargreaves takes his turn to zip forward and wins another England corner
62' ...in the end the ball hits the side netting but that could, and maybe should, have been 4-0
61' Mad scramble - Vassell, Sinclair and Fowler all involved...
60' Cardozo off, Richart Baez on as Paraguay make another change
59' Santa Cruz gets into the area, but can't keep a through ball in play - goal kick
58' Hargreaves crosses accurately - Paraguay at full stretch again, and this is good stuff from the home side
57' A change for Paraguay: Gavilan, who deflected Vassell's shot in, is replaced by Pedro Sarabia
56' Vassell again - the visitors rattled - but Tavarelli gets there this time with Fowler lurking
55' ...he hits a shot from the edge of the area, and another big deflection leaves Tavarelli helpless. It's 3-0 to England!
54' Sinclair gets a header in, but the keeper stops it... Vassell takes the ball on...
53' Got all that?
52' So the changes, in full ladies and gentlemen, are: Murphy for Keown, Hargreaves for Gerrard, Sinclair for Butt, Mills for Scholes and Cole for Butt
52' Hargreaves crosses, Vassell can't quite get there under pressure from defenders
51' Now Owen Hargreaves takes up the challenge - the personnel has changed, but the movement is still good...
50' Neat passing, led by Joe Cole, looks for Sinclair - he's crowded out
49' Cardozo tries to find Santa Cruz - it eludes him and England have the ball again
48' Bridge looks to come forward again - Paraguay, this time, clear their lines convincingly
47' His shot deflects over the keeper and loops in to give England a 2-0 lead - the ideal start to the second period!
46' ...but England are coming forward again and the ball falls for Murphy on the edge of the area...
45' Fowler's on the charge - he switches the ball towards Hargreaves but Paraguay, who don't seem to have made any changes, get it away...
45' Plenty of substitutions for England... among them former Liverpool star Robbie Fowler, current Anfield midfielder Danny Murphy and Leeds' Danny Mills
45' At the other end, Gavilan tries a volley from outside the box - it's over the top and the half-time whistle goes with England leading 1-0 thanks to stand-in skipper Owen.
45' Into added time, and England come forward - not for long, as the ball is given away too easily
45' Gerrard again heads clear before Keown finally guides the ball back to Seaman
44' ...which Gerrard heads powerfully away, but only at the expense of another corner
44' More good football from the visitors wins them a late first half corner
43' ...then a superb cross into the England area is only a whisker away from the onrushing Santa Cruz. Very close to an equaliser
42' Paraguay content to knock the ball around at the back - time running out in the first half
41' ...that's cleared for another corner, which Tavarelli punches away
40' Gerrard whips another dangerous cross in, Scholes chests it down and Paraguay scramble it away for a corner...
39' Paraguay yet to muster much genuine threat - but, the first ten minutes apart, England haven't really managed much either
38' Scholes is penalised for a foul in midfield, and Southgate heads clear from the resulting cross
37' There's an appeal for handball against Caniza as he brings down a Bridge cross - nothing doing, says the referee
36' ...the ball breaks to Dyer via a deflection, and keeper Roberto Tavarelli makes a good stop from eight yards. That chance has lifted the mood a bit
35' ...but his cross towards Scholes is cleared before Dyer wins a corner with some good persistence
34' Gerrard tries to change all that...
33' Bridge and Dyer attempt to combine, but things are a little shapeless for England just now
32' Neville looks for the waiting Vassell, and Gamarra is forced into an excellent clearance
31' Gerrard runs the ball out of play down the right after skipper Owen had combined neatly with Gary Neville
30' Vassell flicks, Dyer chases, Paraguay clear
29' Santa Cruz breaks through for them, but Keown is there to snuff out the danger
28' The Anfield atmosphere has become just a little subdued - Paraguay are settling to their task and have made it hard for Eriksson's side to maintain their early momentum
27' Gamarra heads clear from another cross, and the rebound is scrambled away from Gerrard, who looked ready to unleash another effort on goal
26' Vassell ends up on the turf under challenge as he chases another touch forward... no foul given
25' ...and Paraguay look forward towards the breaking Francisco Arce, who is crowded out
24' Butt plants a pass down the left - no-one can get there...
23' ...great strike from Gavilan, who showed superb technique to slam that ball goalwards
22' Then Gavilan fires in a fierce volley - it's not far over the England bar
21' He chests the ball down, but can't control the shot - it's over the top, but that was the pass of the night by Gerrard
20' Gerrard looks for a long ball to the racing Owen...
20' There's a crispness to England's passing - Bridge gets in a deflected cross and Paraguay are forced to block another Gerrard thunderbolt
19' Gerrard crosses, just a little too high for the waiting Scholes... then the ball eludes England and runs out for a goal-kick
18' Neville intercepts the free-kick, and Bridge plays it forward - to nobody. A little lull in the tempo
17' Dyer gives the ball away to Santa Cruz, and Keown brings him down midway inside the England half
16' Francisco Arce whips it towards goal, and Seaman is there to gather well
16' Butt's penalised for a foul on Santa Cruz - it's a 25-yard free-kick for the visitors...
15' Scholes tries to find Dyer, and the ball only just eludes the Newcastle man. Could have been a great chance for 2-0
14' Vassell has the ball again, and Keown comes forward...
13' Paraguay finally put some touches together - but they're being forced back rather than making inroads
12' ...and there's poise at the back, where Southgate is looking comfortable
11' Scholes and Butt are doing an excellent harrying job on their opposite numbers - the visitors getting no time in which to find a pattern
10' Paraguay's passing is ragged, and they're struggling to keep hold of the ball
10' ...then Owen gets another header in, but this one is wide of the mark
9' More England passing on the edge of the area comes to nothing - Scholes misplaces one...
8' Gerrard belts a shot from long range - it whistles over the bar
7' Gamarra gets a touch, but that's easy for Seaman
7' Paraguay have a free-kick halfway inside the England half after a foul by Butt...
6' Bright stuff by England, who are full of purpose at the moment
5' Superb pace by Vassell gets him onto a Dyer pass down the left, but he can't find a colleague with his low cross
5' Fired-up Vassell looks to race into the area soon afterwards, but Paraguay are able to get that one out of harm's way
5' A magnificent start by England, and the most clinical of finishes by Owen
4' It's floated in by Gerrard, and Michael Owen gets there to head powerfully into the corner. Dream stuff for the stand-in skipper
4' Gary Neville looks for Gerrard - another player on home territory - who is crowded out. Vassell, though, is fouled again and another free-kick goes the way of England
3' It comes to Butt, whose attempted shot is easily blocked
2' At the other end, Vassell makes life difficult for himself to win a free-kick on the edge of the box...
1' Roque Santa Cruz almost traps a long pass forward from Paraguay, who favour getting the ball forward early at times
- An early ball forward looks for Kieron Dyer down the left, but he can't get on the end of it
- England get things under way at Anfield - new skipper Michael Owen and Darius Vassell kick off
- It's the last chance for England's fringe men to impress Sven and earn a place in the squad for the World Cup finals. Join all the action live from 2000 BST.

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