No. Name
  1 Santiago Cañizares
  4 Roberto Ayala
  23 Curro Torres
  15 Amedeo Carboni
  2 Mauricio Pellegrino  66'
  6 David Albelda
  84' 22  Gonzalo De los Santos
  21 Pablo Aimar  20'
  71' 20  Mista  77'
  14 Vicente
  19 Rufete
  74' 10  Miguel Ángel Angulo
  8 Rubén Baraja  39' 68'
  7 John Carew
  13 Andrés Palop
  12 Carlos Marchena
  9 Ballesta Salva
  11 Juan Sanchez
  • 20
    • Pablo Aimar Goal
  • 22
    • Dietmar Hamann Yellow Card
  • 35
    • Djimi Traore Yellow Card
  • 39
    • Rubén Baraja Goal
  • HT
    • Halftime
  • 46
    • On: Michael Owen | Off: El-Hadji Diouf
  • 46
    • On: Bruno Cheyrou | Off: Salif Diao
  • 66
    • Mauricio Pellegrino Yellow Card
  • 68
    • Rubén Baraja Yellow Card
  • 71
    • On: Mista | Off: Pablo Aimar
  • 74
    • On: Miguel Ángel Angulo | Off: Rufete
  • 76
    • On: Milan Baros | Off: Danny Murphy
  • 77
    • Dietmar Hamann Red Card
  • 77
    • Mista Yellow Card
  • 84
    • On: Gonzalo De los Santos | Off: David Albelda
  • FT
    • End Regular Time
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Match Commentary

90' A bad start for Gerard Houllier's men. But that's the hardest trip of their group out of the way. From that they can take comfort. Though there's little else positive about tonight for them. Must do better, will say the Frenchman's report.
90' No chance for Valencia to add to a deserved lead. The final whistle blows and it's been a great night for the team from the Mestella as Liverpool have been torn apart by some great attacking play from the Spanish champs.
90' Time petering out for Liverpool. But Valencia still fancy it. Through ball to Carew from Baraja and Dudek saves well from close range.
90' Owen beats three and should have had a penalty. But no, says the referee. A questionable decision.
90' Mista weaves but his shot is blocked. Then the ball is cleared by Dudek.
89' Torres in space and Carew gets a chance to head on goal. Carragher uses his wiles to stop him in his tracks.
88' Vicente does well before Carragher stops him. Valencia fans still singing.
87' Baros runs down a blind alley. Then Heskey misses a header.
86' Heskey and De Los Santos clash. The England man looks hurt. The stretcher's on for him. But, not for the first time, he's OK as soon as it arrives.
85' Ball headed clear. Chance for Riise to launch a throw.
84' Carew offside from a Baraja ball. Marginal decision.
83' Gerrard lashed out at Vicente's calf and was lucky to escape punishment.
82' Off comes Albelda for De Los Santos, long of name and hair.
81' Carboni down the left but he can't keep the ball in. Carew tried an overhead but it was after the play was dead.
80' Valencia enjoying themselves now. Vicente's ball to Angulo. His shot is wide. And high. And awful.
79' Carragher concedes a corner when Vicente threatened.
79' Vicente down the left. Great cut-back and Baraja's shot is just stopped by Riise. Liverpool cut wide open once more.
77' Now Heskey fouls Vicente. Liverpool lose the wind in their sails after Hamann's dismissal.
76' Cheyrou's shot is stopped. Then Mista tangles with Hamann. Handbags and the German is booked. That's his second and he's sent off.
75' More striking threat for Liverpool. They need it.
74' Canizares punches clear as Owen jumped up. Now Baros on for Murphy.
74' Murphy cuts back and shoots. Ayala heads away. Corner.
72' Rufete's cross is poor when he had time and space. He'll play no further part. Angulo comes on and will be a threat.
72' Canizares has the ball back. Valencia's fans dancing and singing. It's been a famous old night so far.
71' Heskey stops Rufete. But a bad ball from Murphy stops a move happening. Vicente down the left.
70' Aimar's last action of the half. On comes Mista for him. Ayala goes close from a corner. The side-netting billows.
69' Then Aimar dances across the eighteen-yard line. Baraja fires one and Dudek tips the ball over. Good play all round.
69' Carboni stops Cheyrou but Carew stops a good move progressing with a bad ball straight at Riise.
68' But here's one. Hamann's quick free-kick comes to Cheyrou and Canizares pulls off a great close-range save.
66' Owen held close by Pellegrino. Liverpool playing a lot better but they still can't find an opening.
66' Hyypia had space in the box but won it unfairly says the referee with the boot-polished hair.
65' Cheyrou shows neat skill but is held by Pellegrino. Yellow to the Valencia man.
64' Long hoof from Gerrard completely misses Heskey.
63' Vicente does well to cut the ball back to Baraja. His shot flies wide and skewed of the goal.
62' Aimar weaving but Traore does well to hold him.
61' Aimar found space to play it to Carew but underhits his ball. Then the Norwegian gets a chance to fire one just wide of the post.
60' Traore plays it through to Owen but the striker is offside.
60' Heskey beat a defender but Torres held him back. Murphy will take. Carew clears it with an overhead.
58' Liverpool win it back but in their own half. Long ball from Carboni finds no-one.
58' Cheyrou fouls Baraja. Valencia keep the ball by threading it across the back.
57' Vicente's through ball is cut out by Riise. Albelda and Carboni link before the ball is cleared. Gerrard does well before being fouled by Baraja.
56' Hamann plays it wide to Carragher but Vicente does well in the corner.
54' Gerrard looked to be hurt. Riise's shot straight into the wall.
54' Gerrard fouled as he played a through ball. A chance for a free-kick on goal.
52' Hamann comes away with it before Owen is outnumbered. Ayala hacks clear.
52' The game has died down after a good start to the half. Carboni with a chance to launch a long throw.
51' Sportsmanship from Liverpool. They have it back.
49' Owen flicks the ball up for Murphy to shoot. His shot is stopped by Canizares. Albelda is down injured.
48' Carew is offside from an Aimar through-ball. Though the decision looked questionable.
48' Vicente gets the ball from a corner. His cross is knocked long to Owen. Carboni comes across.
48' Aimar in space fires one and Dudek can only tip over.
47' Long ball to Owen and Canizares chases him down. That may be the plan for Houllier.
45' All change and who can say it's not needed. Dudek holds the ball and hoofs it clear.
45' Liverpool get the second-half underway with Michael Owen on for Diouf, Cheyrou on for Diao. Traore will play in the centre of defence. Carragher and Riise to play in defence.
45' A fraut half for fans of Liverpool. Their team offered little in attack while superb goals from Aimar and Baraja took their defence apart. X-rated viewing for Gerard Houllier.
45' Diao heads away when the ball came in for Carew. As the ball lands it's half-time.
45' Carew and Aimar link to get Vicente space. He takes too much time and lashes it straight at Hyypia. Nearly 3-0 without the Finn.
44' Diouf down the right. Ball comes to Gerrard but his shot is stopped, At the other end Hyypia holds off Carew.
43' Heskey gets a chance but fouled Ayala.
43' Liverpool's threat has been scant but a goal before half-time would shake things up. They need something.
41' Canizares had to hoof clear under pressure from Diouf. Riise's long throw is easily cleared by Pellegrino.
40' Liverpool have conceded two goals in their last four games. Unprecedented.
39' Liverpool under the cosh. They're suffering in Spain.
38' Baraja gets the ball from a great knock down from Carew. Baraja lashes it past Dudek from the edge of the box with a daisy-cutter. 2-0 to the Spanish champs!
37' Canizares hits the ball out. Liverpool getting back into things still.
35' Heskey fouls Torres. Looked to be a dive.
35' Free-kick goes wide to Vicente. He can't keep the ball in. Carboni will launch one in. Albelda gets the chance and shoots wide.
34' Traore clatters Rufete. Yellow card.
33' Rufete and Aimar link well. The Argentine dribbles after a great flick and looked to be brought down by Diao. No penalty.
32' Liverpool gaining composure. Valencia have lost a bit of a head of steam.
31' Carboni's cross is poor and Dudek claims. Heskey is then penalised for a rough tackle.
30' Heskey in space. He beats the defence, rounds Canizares and then shoots. Off both posts and out from the narrowest of angles. Great chance narrowly missed.
29' Offside decision gives Liverpool the ball. Long hack by Carragher. Pellegrino heads away.
29' Carragher hoofs away when he had to keep the ball. Desperate stuff from him.
28' Carew tackled on the touchline. He's then penalised for a push.
27' Riise will take. Canizares will take with ease.
27' Riise's ball wide is poor. Carboni though runs out the ball for a Liverpool corner.
26' Gerrard attacks but his cross is stopped by Baraja.
25' Baraja plays it wide. Rufte out to Torres. Great cross finds Vicente. The ball gets stuck under Carew as he pounces on the rebound.
24' Aimar threaded in by Rufete but numbers mean he loses the ball.
22' Liverpool gain respite at a throw-in. But offside lurks Diouf.
22' Free-kick headed away by Traore. Long ball finds Diouf offside.
21' Aimar fouled once again. Hamann is booked.
19' Liverpool yet to attack. Valencia took them apart.
19' Lovely work from Valencia. Nice interplay from Aimar and Baraja. One-two through and Aimar places it through Dudek's dive. 1-0 Valencia!
18' Nice move from Valencia as Rufete put clear on the right. His ball is headed clear. All the attack from the Spaniards.
18' Vicente takes. Carew heads it wide after getting up well.
17' Baraja's shot results in a corner.
17' Dudek warned over taking his time over goal-kicks. Rufete gets the ball. Aimar fouled again by Heskey. The England man escapes.
16' Vicente gets the ball once it's cleared. Rufete's ball finds Aimar offside.
15' Diouf stopped by Aimar. Vicente's run and cross results in a corner.
14' Aimar turns and is fouled by Diao. Yellow card? No, he gets away with it.
13' Dudek with a long kick. Valencia deal well. Vicente attack.
12' Liverpool win a free-kick when Baraja fouls.
12' Rufete down the right. Baraja's cross evades Vicente. Hit far too hard for him.
11' Long ball only comes to Canizares. Valencia confident.
11' Carew then penalised for a foul. Time to breathe for Liverpool.
10' Rufete given the ball by Aimar. His cross is cleared. Then Carew dallies when he was onside. Liverpool under pressure.
9' Hamann does well. Then Heskey tackles. Long ball finds Carew though. His cross misses Rufete. Albelda crosses in but Murphy clears.
8' Diao forced to clear under pressure. Carboni to throw one in again.
7' Straight into Canizares's hands. Poor delivery from Spud.
6' Diouf given a reducer by Albelda. Murphy to take a free-kick....
6' Torres to launch a throw. Carew collects. Hyypia stops him and the Norwegian is penalised for holding his shorts.
5' Baraja plays it safe. Canizares plays the ball out. Throw deep in the Liverpool half.
4' Traore hustles out Carew to win a goal-kick.
4' Dudek takes a long time. Heskey's nod down. Gerrard and Diouf link. But Traore can do little to keep the ball in.
3' Vicente dribbles and is fouled as two Liverpool players surround him. Free-kick is taken short and fails to create anything but a goal-kick for the Reds.
2' Carew chases a long ball down and forces a throw. Another long one from Carboni.
1' Rufete on the burst but Traore thrashes it away.
1' Valencia on the attack immediately. Long throw by Carboni. Hyypia heads away.
1' Valencia kick-off. Big man Carew threads it back. The Spanish force a throw. The ball cleared by Heskey.
- No Michael Owen for the Reds despite Gerard Houllier's promises to go on the attack. Valencia, the Spanish champions, present quite a threat to them. Strong in defence, accused of being boring. Sound familiar?
- The toughest match Liverpool will play in the first phase. How will they fare in Fortress Mestalla? Find out here from 19.45 BST

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