Manchester United
No. Name
  1 Fabien Barthez
  6 Rio Ferdinand  63'
  2 Gary Neville  48'
  27 Mikael Silvestre
  5 Laurent Blanc
  69' 22  John O'Shea
  11 Ryan Giggs  19' 67'
  69' 25  Quinton Fortune
  18 Paul Scholes
  77' 21  Diego Forlán
  4 Juan Sebastián Verón  26' 42'
  7 David Beckham
  8 Nicky Butt
  20 Ole Gunnar Solskjaer  77'
  19 Lopez Felipe Ricardo
  3 Phil Neville
  14 David May
  17 Michael Stewart
  • 19
    • Ryan Giggs Goal
  • 26
    • Juan Sebastián Verón Goal
  • 42
    • Juan Sebastián Verón Yellow Card
  • 44
    • Georgios Anatolakis Yellow Card
  • 44
    • Christian Karembeu Yellow Card
  • 45
    • On: Luis Abonizio Souza Edu Dracena | Off: Stelios Giannakopoulos
  • 45
    • Jose Moedin Ze Elias Red Card
  • HT
    • Halftime
  • 48
    • Gary Neville Yellow Card
  • 59
    • On: Alekos Alexandris | Off: Peter Ofori Quaye
  • 63
    • Rio Ferdinand Yellow Card
  • 67
    • Ryan Giggs Goal
  • 69
    • On: Quinton Fortune | Off: Ryan Giggs
  • 69
    • On: John O'Shea | Off: Laurent Blanc
  • 73
    • On: Christos Patsatzoglou | Off: Giorgos Amanatidis
  • 77
    • Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Goal
  • 77
    • On: Diego Forlán | Off: Paul Scholes
  • FT
    • End Regular Time
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Match Commentary

90' That's the end of the game - a stroll for United, who have seen off a poor Olympiakos side 4-0
90' Djordjevic hits a shot from just outside the area - it's very well struck but a little too high
90' United playing out time - then Fortune loses the ball with a poor attempted pass to Diego Forlan
90' Two minutes of injury time will be added here...
89' Olympiakos attack - up goes the offside flag. That's almost it for the night
88' Karembeu hits a long-ranger: Barthez can't hold on, but Ferdinand is on hand to tidy things up inside the United area
88' The visitors will be glad to see the end of this game - it's been no fun for them at all
87' Beckham tumbles under Karembeu's challenge on the edge of the area - but the Olympiakos man got the ball
86' One pass too many, and the move breaks down. As Olympiakos launch a forlorn forward move, O'Shea is there to clear
85' Veron, in midfield, at walking pace. All the time he could wish for. Now Neville, now Beckham...
84' Djordjevic tries a shot as Olympiakos win it again - United block
83' Neville is well forward - the ball doesn't reach him but in steps Veron to win it back once more
82' Beckham again - this time he crosses towards Fortune, who puts his header too high
81' He hits it from distance, but that's over the crossbar
80' Silvestre coming forward... Butt finds Beckham in a bit of space
79' Towards the last ten minutes, and the home side are revelling in their time and space, just knocking the ball around
78' Karembeu lets fly from long range, and O'Shea blocks it. That was well struck by the Frenchman
78' Forlan is on and Scholes makes way. Can Forlan finally get his goal from open play tonight?
77' And, as you'd expect, the finish is crisp and clean. It's 4-0 to United, and it's been every bit as one-sided as that suggests
77' Veron finds Scholes, who nicks the ball through to Solskjaer inside the area...
75' It doesn't lead to anything... Diego Forlan could be joining the fray soon. He's warming up
75' Fortune perseveres after a poor pass from Silvestre on the left - and he regains possession. Good work from the substitute
74' Ferdinand's back on his feet - no cause for alarm for United and their multi-million pound signing
73' Ferdinand down after a challenge - a clash of heads. Amanatidis comes off and on comes Christos Patsatzoglou
72' Silvestre goes into the area and is challenged by Amanatidis. Vague appeals for a penalty, appeals which leave the referee disdainfully underwhelmed
71' Fortune, picked out well by Beckham, drills in a shot which is blocked
70' Karembeu gets a low drive in from the edge of the box, but that's not going to pose any problems for Barthez
69' Just over 20 minutes to go, the home side sitting pretty
68' John O'Shea and Quinten Fortune on, Blanc and Giggs off
68' Beckham challenges Djordjevic heavily - it's a bit of a hack, but the England skipper gets away with it
67' The deflection left the keeper stranded and the ball bounced low inside his near post
66' It clips off a defender and leaves Eleftheropoulos completely helpless. Strange goal - but it's 3-0 to United
66' Giggs can cross from the left for the home side now...
65' Veron swings the ball wide to Neville, who crosses early but too deep
64' A misplaced forward pass from United, who frankly aren't being tested tonight
63' No they can't. Silly question, maybe, but you have to ask them. No, honestly. You do
63' Can the visitors brighten things up from this free-kick?
62' It's a plodding second half... Ferdinand is booked for shoving Djordjevic as he tries to burst down the left
62' Throw to United, near the Olympiakos penalty area... Solskjaer is challenged
61' The best moment of the second half so far - nothing comes from the corner, however
60' Beckham plays the ball in to Solskjaer - he meets it first time and Eleftheropoulos palms it behind
59' A change for the visitors: Ofori Quaye is off, and Alekos Alexandris replaces him
58' Beckham on the ball. Songs from the away end again - they're keeping their spirits up despite the current scoreline
57' ...but Karembeu is there to usher the ball away from the danger zone
57' United win possession back and Veron has it. Beckham crosses towards Giggs...
56' Olympiakos on the ball - but it's all happening in the middle of the pitch, and there's no telling pass on the end of it
55' Neville and Butt combine to free Beckham, whose low cross from the right is scraped away
55' At the moment, though, it's hard to see where that would come from
54' They need to create something to inject some belief back into their play
53' There's a demoralised, dejected look about Olympiakos at the moment
52' Scholes makes space for a shot from the edge of the box - it's wide, but only just
51' From the short-corner routine, Beckham is fouled by Venetidis. The free-kick is rather flapped away by the keeper
51' ...and the Old Trafford fans turn up the volume in response
50' Neat play on the left by United - Veron and Beckham involved. Beckham floats the ball in and wins a corner...
49' But the delivery, again, is terrible - straight out of play
49' Free-kick against Ferdinand, who impedes Ofori Quaye down the Olympiakos left
48' Neville gets a yellow card - his challenge on Djordjevic was a little strong
47' Silvestre has lots of room down the left, but overhits his cross and the visitors can bring that away
47' Giggs takes on Karembeu down the left as the home side look to break away - keeper Eleftheropoulos is smartly off his line to claim
46' It's poorly delivered, and Veron is there to head clear for United
46' Olympiakos come forward at the start of this second period. They win a free-kick following Butt's challenge...
45' Edu Dracena replaces Giannakopoulos for the second half - that's a defender for a midfielder
45' That's the end of the first half - United lead 2-0 and it's all pretty easy
45' ...and it brings him a straight red card - surely that snuffs out any lingering hopes Olympiakos may have harboured of getting something out of this game
45' Ze Elias fouls Veron - it's a late and dangerous challenge...
45' A minute of added time to be played
45' Giggs floats this one into the area, where it's cleared easily enough
44' Karembeu makes it three, bringing down Scholes
44' Anatolakis crunches into Veron in midfield and makes himself the second booking of the evening
43' Amanatidis on the ball - he passes to Karembeu, but again they can't break through
42' Karembeu steps in... Veron fouls Zetterberg in a bid to win the ball back and gets a yellow card for that
41' Foul throw by Olympiakos gives United the ball midway inside opposition territory
41' Solskjaer wins the ball back for United, but Butt swipes his attempted pass out of play. Far too much power on that one
40' He's low on subtelty - it's the big noise school of musicianship
40' More songs from the away end, complete with enthusiastic drummer
39' Neville gets into the area, but the ball ricochets off him and Olympiakos have the goal-kick
38' United's followers, by contrast, seem a little subdued. Maybe it's just a bit too comfortable for their heroes at the moment
37' The away fans use that as a cue for a quick sing-song
36' Ofori Quaye bursts away on the break, but dithers and allows himself to be dispossessed
36' Beckham floats it in, and Zetterberg is back to get it away
35' Blanc hits it long: it's cleared as far as Neville, who is fouled by Djordjevic on the right...
35' Karembeu fouls Giggs on half-way - free-kick to Fergie's blue-clad outfit
34' United are enjoying lots of possession, comfortably in control
33' Scholes does superbly to win the ball in midfield, but Antzas gets a crucial touch to keep it away from the lurking Solskjaer
33' Meanwhile, back at the plot...
33' The former boss of Cambridge and a fan of the route one game, in case you didn't know
32' Beckham almost latches onto a loose ball outside the Olympiakos area - the clearance is hoofed away in a way John Beck might have appreciated
31' ...his hooked effort flies over the crossbar and United build again
31' Another free-kick coming up, though - Butt the offender. Almost in the same place, and it leads to a shot from Antzas...
30' It's rolled to Zetterberg, who hits a low shot and sees it blocked easily enough
29' Free-kick to Olympiakos - this one can be crossed in. Djordjevic taking charge...
28' Beckham tries to find Silvestre but doesn't - it's an overhit pass
27' Zetterberg on the ball, but his side can't make headway - they're getting crowded out and want too much time to make things happen
27' Olympiakos simply ripped apart by the skill and speed of that movement and thinking
26' He produces a sublime chip from just outside the area - and, with a touch of real panache, United go 2-0 ahead
26' But there's no respite - Beckham links with Veron and the Argentina midfielder is through...
26' Beckham tries to pick out Scholes once more... Amanatidis gets there to head back to his keeper
25' More bright football from Fergie's men, who have had much the better of proceedings
24' Scholes again gets into the Olympiakos area - this time Eleftheropoulos makes a brave and well-timed dive at his feet to end that threat
23' More danger for the visitors, and there could well be yet more here...
22' He goes to ground, but the referee waves away penalty claims
21' Scholes gets into the area and tries to nick the ball away from Eleftheropoulos...
20' A perfect morale-booster for Fergie's side, who will be pretty much home and dry with a win tonight
19' ...and he makes no mistake, firing a low shot past Eleftheropoulos. The home side lead 1-0 - and they deserve it on the balance of play
19' Giggs gets into the area - the ball is blocked but rebounds to the United star...
18' Karembeu misplaces a pass, but Giggs is unable to get on the end of it just outside the Olympiakos penalty area
17' Not for long - good play from the visitors who string an excellent spell of passing together, ended by an offsie flag against Giannakopoulos
16' Amanatidis on the ball as Olympiakos keep it at the back: Silvestre quickly gets in to win it back
15' Veron looks wide to Beckham - uncharacteristically, his first touch is poor and United lose possession
15' Solskjaer tries to control a difficult bouncing ball down the left but fails, and the visitors have a throw
14' A good challenge by Neville, who has made an excellent start to this match
13' Olympiakos really struggling to make any sort of headway here - but suddenly Djordjevic gets a cross in and Zetterberg isn't far away from connecting. Dangerous moment, right out of the blue
12' Beckham floats another pass forward - offside against Solskjaer
11' Butt hooks a long ball forward into Solskjaer's path - he can't quite get there but it's another statement of intent by United
10' Karembeu tries to get his team moving forward - but the attempted pass wide is too strong and there's nothing for the home side to worry about there
9' Ofori Quaye hits a long-range shot, but it zips wide of Barthez' goal
8' Then Veron gets into the area and shoots - defnders do their job as the ball is blocked and then hooked away
7' From the flag-kick, there's a huge scramble - Scholes and Solskjaer keep the ball in the danger zone but can't find a way through
6' The ball is cleared but Neville gets there to fire in a long-range shot which is tipped away by the keeper. Good effort...
5' Veron is brought down after surging onto a Giggs flick just outside the area - free-kick
4' Barthez kicks long downfield - Veron tries to find Solskjaer, but the flag goes up for offside
3' The United number seven delivers the corner, but it's to high and Olympiakos don't have to worry about that one
2' Beckham floats the ball in and keeper Eleftheropoulos concedes a corner, touching it behind
1' Silvestre is fouled after a burst down the left - an early and dangerous free-kick to United...
- Olympiakos enjoy a spell of early possession at Old Trafford, knocking the ball around well. Both sides are in their change kits for some reason
- The Red Devils can all but secure their progress to the next round with a win over the crack Greek outfit. Join us at 19.45 BST.

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