No. Name
  1 Jerzy Dudek
  18 John Arne Riise
  23 Jamie Carragher
  81' 28  Bruno Cheyrou
  30 Djimi Traore
  4 Sami Hyypia
  13 Danny Murphy
  60' 7  Vladimir Smicer
  16 Dietmar Hamann
  17 Steven Gerrard
  21 Salif Diao
  10 Michael Owen
  8 Emile Heskey
  61' 5  Milan Baros
  22 Chris Kirkland
  25 Igor Biscan
  6 Markus Babbel
  9 El-Hadji Diouf
  • 34
    • Rufete Goal
  • HT
    • Halftime
  • 60
    • On: Vladimir Smicer | Off: Danny Murphy
  • 61
    • On: Milan Baros | Off: Emile Heskey
  • 68
    • On: Miguel Ángel Angulo | Off: Pablo Aimar
  • 79
    • On: Mista | Off: John Carew
  • 80
    • David Albelda Yellow Card
  • 81
    • On: Bruno Cheyrou | Off: Jamie Carragher
  • 87
    • On: Vicente | Off: Kily Gonzalez
  • 88
    • Mista Yellow Card
  • FT
    • End Regular Time
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Match Commentary

90' Liverpool must go to Switzerland, and to put it in Kevin Keegan's vernacular, get something. A tense affair for the Reds awaits. As for Valencia, odds on them going all the way must be shortening all the time after another professional show.
90' That last action reflected the game as a whole - wily Spaniards out-thinking Brit grit. Liverpool never looked like getting that equaliser.
90' Canizares does well, as ever in this game, and claims well under pressure.
90' Another chance for Riise to launch a throw. Albelda follows Hyypia around like a limpet. And then clears after a minute of frustration and gamesmanship.
90' Riise has a chance to launch a long throw. It bounces around the area. A Valencia player goes down rather conveniently.
89' Angulo is onside from a lofted ball. He blasts wide and wasteful. Poor finish when he could have finished off Liverpool.
88' Baros did well as the ball is lofted in by Hyypia. Great save by Canizares. Cheyrou doesn't make much of the corner.
87' Mista booked for kicking the ball away.
87' Final Valencia substitution as Vicente comes on for Kily Gonzalez.
86' Cheyrou crosses in for Hyypia. He lofts it over with his head.
85' Baros is fouled by Marchena just as he looked to have lost the ball.
84' Riise to hit? No, Hamann collects the moving ball and hits it a la Wembley 2000. Canizares does better than David Seaman did.
83' Canizares dallies but finally claims the resultant free-kick. Now Baros wins a free-kick from Pellegrino.
82' Gonzalez is tackled - unfairly says the ref. Valencia play keep ball again. But Riise charges. Cheyrou is barged by Albelda.
81' Final throw of the dice for Gerard Houllier as Bruno Cheyrou comes on for Jamie Carragher.
80' Albelda is booked for a sliding tackle on Smicer. Free kick finds Liverpool players queuing up - in offside positions.
78' Mista comes on for Carew.
78' Valencia totally dominant. Dudek rushed out as Carew threatened. The ball bounces across the area and it takes Traore's great tackle to stop Gonzalez.
77' Valencia giving Liverpool a chasing. All the vim and vigour of the Reds is fading. A final push desperately needed.
76' Angulo gets space. Great control and great hit. Dudek palms away.
73' Traore did well to stop a marauding Rufete. Last ditch stuff from the Frenchman. Baraja gets a chance now though. He goes outside Traore and shoots. It's wide and the sound of it crashing off the advertising hoardings is heard at subdued Anfield.
71' Headed back to Dudek. Valencia squeezing the play. The crowd is quietened again. The lone shouts of individual scousers, or wherever they're from, can be heard.
70' Rufete clears long as Carew threatens but the giant if offside. Gonzalez slips on the ball as he bore down on goal. Smicer gets a chance but Torres intercepts well.
69' Baraja and Angulo linked before Gerrard cleared the ball. Valencia are taking the steam out of Liverpool.
68' Aimar, who's been a naughty boy of late, is subbed for Miguel Angel Angulo. A great performance from the Argentine tonight.
67' Diao headed forward but there was no-one to collect.
66' Owen is fouled by Albelda. Gerrard will chip the ball in.
65' Aimar wanted to do the spectacular. He fails with a terrible volley.
64' Valencia look shaken by Liverpool's grit. But Smicer concedes a foul.
63' 2-1 to Borussia Dortmund as Tomas Rosicky beats Arsenal's David Seaman from the spot.
61' Smicer is stopped as Owen plays him in out wide. Carboni cleared.
61' Traore slides in well to stop Carew in his tracks after a great ball from Aimar.
60' Substitutions for Liverpool. Baros on for the improving Heskey and Smicer for Murphy, who had struggled all night.
59' Gerrard swings in a cross. Pellegrino knocks away.
59' Milan Baros is an imminent arrival on the field. Rufete is wasteful after a great swinging pass from Baraja.
57' Heskey is strong with players all over him. Good turn but the shot is dragged wide.
57' Heskey tackled by Pellegrino. Whacked clear. Aimar fouls Hamann again.
56' Rufete down the wing on the counter. Gerrard gives it back to Aimar. Cleared after some head tennis. Nervous moments for both teams.
54' Corner dances through everybody. Chance for a header from Hamann after Canzares forces it away. Rufete's thigh keeps it out.
53' Murphy does well to thread it wide to Riise. Rufete, poacher turned gamekeeper, has to tackle back. Corner conceded.
52' Rufete's cross is headed away. Gonzalez threatened. Traore did well to tackle him. Baraja hold the ball only to be fouled.
51' Pellegrino knocks it back to Canizares. Aimar slides in on Hamann. And concedes a foul.
50' Hamann wastes it as Heskey didn't read the ball. Riise booms a crossed ball for Owen. He's not tall or quick enough to collect it.
49' Riise holds off Rufete, who's been giving him plenty of trouble all night. Murphy wins a free-kick.
48' As good a chance as that of Gerrard before half-time. But better from Liverpool.
48' Heskey finds space down the right. He slides it across to Owen, through on goal with just Canizares to beat, which he fails to do.
46' Valencia press the ball. Aimar comes away with it only to be tackled by Traore.
46' Liverpool choose to play it safe and cool to start with. Diao, on the left this half, will attempt to add much needed width.
45' Hit long for Owen. He gets nowhere near.
45' A roar greets the Liverpool kick-off. Forty-five minutes of vital football for the Reds lie ahead.
45' Half-time and it's been a frustrating evening for the Reds of Liverpool. Valencia have the class and the guile to hurt them and that's showed. A lucky goal from Rufete but not a lucky lead for the Spaniards.
45' Riise's header stopped another Rufete run. And that is the last action of the half.
45' No matter, a free-kick. But that's wasted too and Aimar comes away, only to sell Rufete short.
44' Long throw by Riise is knocked clear by Pellegrino. Heskey, at last, gets the ball. His cross knocked into Owen but the header's direction is very poor.
43' Liverpool struggling here at home. Valencia have enjoyed all the possession.
42' Aimar down Dudek's throat. He punches rather softly. But Liverpool eventually have the throw.
41' Carew finds space. He shoots. Dudek can only palm it away from goal. Corner again.
40' A golden chance for Gerrard as Owen slides it wide. The goal gapes....but he fires right at Canizares.
38' Corner is turned away by Gerrard after Rufete had again shown some skill down the wing.
37' Over in Germany it's 1-1 as Dortmund's Koller equalises an Henry opener.
37' Heskey lingers offside too. He's been rarely seen tonight.
36' Dudek has to slide in when Aimar threatened. Carew is offside.
36' Marchena is fouled by Diao. Valencia's players protest to a chorus of boos. A throw-in is given.
34' Valencia have been the better side though that was a lucky goal. Liverpool, yet to create a chance of note, have to improve.
34' Rufete finds space. He plays it wide to Torres. Slid ball to Carew. He cushions it for Rufete, charging in. He smashes it off Hyypia into the net. 1-0 Valencia!
32' Rufete's cross is knocked clear at the right time by Hyypia.
31' Valencia have a throw. They choose to pass it across the back under little pressure from Liverpool's forwardds.
30' Diao and Gonzalez tangle in midfield. Murphy intercepts only to give the ball away.
28' Owen looked to be clear but the offside flag is waving, rather questionably.
28' Corner comes to Aimar. Neat flick to Baraja but the Spanish international lashes over the bar. Best chance so far.
27' Carragher does well to shepherd a long cross away from Gonzalez. Traore concedes a corner as Carew has the ball.
26' Riise launches a long throw. It's long allright - straight to Canziares.
25' Torres slips to let Riise charge forward. Marchena comes across to clear.
24' Aimar showed neat control of a long ball before a poor pass inside. He then gets stuck in on Diao. Foul given.
23' Aimar and Hamann show some steel in the midfield. The little Argentine showed some real grit but the ball finds its way back to Dudek.
22' Rufete's ball is intercepted by Riise. Thrashed away. Liverpool try to build a move. They fail but Pellegrino is forced into a hack clear.
21' Hyypia slides in to stop Carew's charge down the right.
21' Owen finds space on the left of the box. Textbook Owen as he finds room to shoot with his right foot. He blazes it wide this time though.
20' Riise stops a through-ball by Rufete. And again. The Viking eventually gets it clear.
19' Aimar will hit.....he does - over the bar with a rising shot.
18' Carew beat Hyypia but is fouled by the Finn. Outside the box. Free-kick chance on goal for Valencia.
17' Long cross from Gerrard is knocked into Owen. Headed away. Owen is stopped. Carboni knocks it across before Albelda is fouled.
16' Back to Dudek. Riise hits it long too. Marchena slices the ball out of play.
15' Conference around the ball. Baraja smashes it into the ball and Carboni slashes it out of play.
13' Baraja and Albelda combine to give the ball away. Gonzalez wins a handball appeal off Traore.
12' Murphy comes away with it again and Aimat tackles him. Hamann bails him out with a great tackle.
11' Valencia play keep-ball again. Murphy is dogged after losing the ball. But Diao's ball is to no-one. A lack of width cost Liverpool.
9' Gonzalez stopped by Gerrard. Aimar shows great control and Gonzalez booms in a cross. The bar is rattled but Liverpool clear.
8' Gerrard tries a long ball to Heskey but he gave it too much gas. Canizares collects for a goal-kick.
7' Throw out wide. Gerrard lofts in for Diao. Albelda gets the ball clear. Hamann slides in on Aimar and narrowly escapes a booking.
6' Baraja out wide. Valencia hold the ball. They'll be patient.
5' Riise charges down the left. His ball is knocked clear. Valencia gain time and space in the midfield area.
4' Gerrard's ball to Diao. He heads wide and the ball is hacked away by Carew.
4' Murphy to curl in rebounds for Diao. Ball slips through but Heskey misses it. Corner though.
3' Carew and Aimar link before Riise blocks a long volley from the giant. Owen and Murphy break before Owen is fouled.
2' Dudek kicks long and Owen finds the loose ball. He's tackled at the last and it goes off for a goal-kick.
1' Baraja holds the ball in midfield. Rufete's long ball finds Gonzalez but he can't keep the ball in.
- Valencia kick off to a chorus of boos. Attack is broken up immediately. The scousers don't like their opponents it seems.
- No Ayala or Vicente for Valencia. Kily Gonzalez and Carlos Marchena come in for the Spanish champs.
- Emile Heskey has shaken off his injury and takes his place alongside Michael Owen in the Reds' line-up in this vital game on Merseyside. Revenge for that defeat at the Mestella?
- Will it be revenge for the Reds after their Spanish lesson on Match Day One? Find out with live commentary from 19.45 GMT

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