No. Name
  1 David Seaman
  12 Lauren
  23 Sol Campbell
  3 Ashley Cole
  18 Pascal Cygan
  4 Patrick Vieira
  38' 15  Ray Parlour
  7 Robert Pires
  83' 25  Nwankwo Kanu
  8 Freddie Ljungberg
  78' 11  Sylvain Wiltord
  19 Gilberto Silva
  10 Dennis Bergkamp
  14 Thierry Henry
  13 Stuart Taylor
  22 Oleg Luzhny
  5 Martin Keown
  17 Edu
  • 38
    • On: Ray Parlour | Off: Patrick Vieira
  • HT
    • Halftime
  • 68
    • On: Rufete | Off: Vicente
  • 72
    • Miguel Ángel Angulo Red Card
  • 78
    • On: Sylvain Wiltord | Off: Freddie Ljungberg
  • 79
    • On: Carlos Marchena | Off: Pablo Aimar
  • 83
    • On: Nwankwo Kanu | Off: Robert Pires
  • 87
    • On: Fabio Aurelio | Off: Rubén Baraja
  • FT
    • End Regular Time
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Match Commentary

90' The final whistle goes - it's been a drab and depressing affair and finishes befittingly goalless. Wrap up warm, now
90' Henry fires in a late cross - again Valencia clear - Cygan plays it back in, but it's straight at the first defender
90' More drama in those few seconds than in the whole of the rest of the match, pretty much
90' Straight to the other end - Carew hooks in an acrobatic shot with Seaman looking uncertain, and Sol Campbell hooks it off the line
90' Kanu is denied by Palop - the Arsenal man hooks the ball back towards Wiltord, who miscues it towards goal and sees the effort scrambled off the line...
89' Cole crosses, but it's poor once again. Just a few seconds or normal time are left...
88' Aurelio does well to keep the ball away from snapping Gunners midfielders, but to no avail - the offside flag goes up
87' Then great pace from Carew gives him a difficult shooting chance - he hits it cleanly, but it swings wide of the target
87' Valencia, defending deep, clear it with no problems at all and now they'll make another change. Baraja is off, and Fabio Aurelio is on
86' ...and it's given away. More frustration for the home supporters, but here's Bergkamp with a cross...
85' Arsenal attack again, with time running out at Highbury. It's Wiltord...
84' Carboni hits it well - but wide of Seaman's far post
83' Baraja wins a dangerous free-kick, 25 yards out and central...
82' And Torres gets it clear. It will be a major surprise if this doesn't finish 0-0... Kanu, though, comes on for Pires in a last-ditch move to boost the attack
81' Parlour switches play to Cole on the left - back it goes to Parlour. Cole takes over again...
80' Just for a second, it looks as though Bergkamp has got clear - but the flag goes up and those hopes are dashed
79' Aimar goes off and Carlos Marchena replaces him as Valencia elect to make a switch
79' It causes a major scramble, but Valencia just about get it clear with Campbell looking to take advantage
78' Sylvain Wiltord replaces Ljungberg - and now the flag-kick can be taken...
77' It's a good run, and he forces a corner - but a change is afoot before it can be taken
76' Still the same formula so far, and Ashley Cole looks to make the break for the Highbury side...
75' Lauren fires in a cross, and Albelda clears. Arsenal could be considering another change...
74' Aimar's free-kick is terrible, and the Gunners clear their lines with contemptuous ease
74' Parlour's booked - a foul on Torres, who is limping heavily after all that
73' Can Wenger's men take advantage of their numerical superiority. They have just over 15 minutes in which to do that...
72' He's shown the red card, and the visitors are down to ten. Ljungberg shoots as the action gets back under way - it's well dealt with by the keeper
71' Carboni and Bergkamp battle inside the area - Carboni wins it. Cygan and Angulo tussle in the area, and the Valencia man swings an arm at his opponent...
70' Another Valencia pass goes out of play, and this - there's no escaping it - is an appalling game of football
69' Or has it? Henry gets into the area and only a very good block by Ayala stops a dangerous situation
68' It's as silent as can be inside Highbury, and Arsenal's brief spell of better, higher-tempo play looks to have burned itself out
67' Another moment of the magic, bewitching quality that only the Champions League can provide - Baraja hits a pass straight out of play
66' Henry takes over, and his rather wild effort on goal gets a deflection and goes behind for a corner...
66' The Gunners play it forward, but Ljungberg can't find room to create any sort of chance
65' Cygan glances a header back to Seaman from a long ball forward by the visitors
64' Carboni stands his ground superbly to clear both the original cross and the follow-up - Valencia have defended very well
63' Henry wins a corner, though - can that cheer up the hordes?
63' The move breaks down - more groans from what has been a very subdued home crowd
62' ...but Bergkamp is unable to take advantage and it's cleared. Back come the Gunners, and Ljungberg wins a throw near the penalty area
61' Valencia have a throw inside their own half - they give it away...
60' ...because that's been the story of the night at Highbury. Below-par stuff from the Gunners
59' Lauren on the attack for Arsenal. He crosses - and it's too long. No real surprise there
58' It's cleared but played back in - badly. The ball is overhit and goes for a goal-kick
57' It comes to nothing - but a mistake allows Carew to win the ball back and gain his side a corner...
56' Aimar is felled by Cole midway inside the Arsenal half - free-kick to Valencia
55' Much more snap about Arsenal's play in this half - they're raising the tempo and their game
54' Aimar crosses, Cygan intercepts and Arsenal break. Bergkamp gets on the end of a cross by Henry, and keeper Palop holds on well
53' Henry then tries a shot, but it's disappointing by his high standards and skids wide of the far post
52' Pires makes a strong run down the left... Ayala stops him, but this is better from the home side
52' Arsenal's best moment of the game - can it inspire them to a more convincing performance?
51' ...and it's a brilliant stop by Palop. Henry fires goalwards again, and Valencia scramble it clear from almost on the line
50' Again the Gunners give the ball away, but they recover possession and Parlour finds Henry... Ljungberg is there
49' Then, at the other end, Carew finds space on the right but skews his shot so badly that it goes out for a throw
48' He's alright though - play goes on and Bergkamp almost frees Pires down the left. Good defending stops him in his tracks
47' Gilberto is hurt in an accidental collision with team-mate Pascal Cygan... maybe that sums up the state of this game for Arsenal so far
47' But back come the Gunners, and this time they have a corner... Lauren plays it back in and Henry can't quite get there ahead of Palop
46' He wins a dangerous free-kick on the edge of the Valencia area. Pires swings it in, and Palop punches...
45' The second half is under way, and Arsenal come forward with Ashley Cole...
45' That's half-time - it's been a desperately disappointing game so far and thoroughly deserves to be 0-0
45' So here's some more weather - London is in for another frosty night, with light snow turning to rain in the south west
44' Free-kick to Valencia in midfield - a foul by Parlour. It's so bitty and scrappy that it's hard to imagine where a goal will come from
43' Cole tries his luck again, this time from the edge of the area. It's high and wide, but it was an enterprising move by the full-back
42' Parlour wins a free-kick, bursting forward with real purpose. The ball in, however, is poor - very much in keeping with the tone of this game so far
41' Gilberto threads a nice ball into Cole, on the left of the Valencia area. He hits a low shot, which skims across goal
40' The offside flag goes up against him - and that looks a pretty harsh decision. Five minutes of a disappointing first half remaining
39' Palop kicks long towards Carew, who finds Aimar running through...
38' Arsene Weger makes that change - Parlour comes into the fray
37' Vieira, who has been struggling, is set to be replaced by Parlour - the skipper hasn't looked fully fit throughout
37' The home side look slightly affected by their weekend defeat at Old Trafford - the spark just isn't there
36' Bergkamp stands over another free-kick - he whips it into the area and Palop punches clear this time
35' Henry whips the ball in low, and Carew blocks it easily. Good chances have been very thin on the ground in this game so far
34' Free-kick for Arsenal, on the corner of the area. There are plenty forward for the home side here...
33' The referee spots some pushing by Carew, and Arsenal have the free-kick
32' Pellegrino takes a long free-kick for Valencia - it comes off Gilberto and now Valencia have a corner
31' Henry breaks into the area on the left - he attempts an angled shot and Palop saves. Good chance, and good build-up play from the Gunners too
31' He curls it around the wall, but Palop is in the right place to claim comfortably
30' Dangerous free-kick to Arsenal - a foul on Vieira some 25 yards out. This is one for Henry...
29' Valencia inside their own half - they move forward stylishly, and Lauren makes a sliding challenge to deny Palop
28' Bergkamp hits a shot which deflects - straight at keeper Palop
27' Lauren battles on the right-hand side and wins another corner. This is more like it...
27' Pires takes, and Pellegrino is there with a firm clearing header
27' Can they engineer a breakthrough from this set piece?
26' Bergkamp fights for a high cross into the area, and that wins Arsenal a corner...
24' Lauren and Vicente tangle, and the Valencia man tumbles to the ground... the referee waves play on
24' Cygan clears up from a Carew flick... half a century ago, a killer smog enveloped large parts of London during a spell of cold weather
23' Bergkamp tries a long-range shot - it's high over the top, though
22' Then Valencia get a dangerous cross in - the Gunners defence looks uncomfortable, but nobody from the Spanish champions can get the all-important touch
22' The best move of the game by Arsenal - that could so easily have brought them a breakthrough
21' ...who can't bring it under control and the opportunity goes begging
21' Vieira now - he finds Pires and he finds Bergkamp: it's a great cross towards Ljungberg...
20' Campbell battles with Carew and wins the ball well just outside his own penalty area
19' Ljungberg chases another long ball forward... again the keeper is there
18' Carbonari takes a throw - and when the ball comes back to him, a gruesome miscontrol sees it slide out of play
17' Valencia are winning the ball from Arsenal pretty easily just now - the Gunners' customary slick passing is nowhere to be seen
16' Henry on the corner of the area - his cross is charged down. It's still cold
16' It's very cold in London tonight - people are strongly advised to turn their heating up. It may even snow
15' Not much going on in the game, so here's a weather report...
15' Arsenal give the ball away again - Angulo plays it high towards Carew, but Seaman is there again
14' Rodrigues Vicente races towards the area after a ball over the top - he tries a shot, but it's feeble and Seaman gathers with no problems whatsoever
13' Bergkamp and Cole link - and Pires is in on the far side of area. He shoots, but it's straight at Palop
12' Vicente on the left for Valencia - Lauren clears the danger with a good challenge
12' Henry is back defending, and gets plenty of power on his header away
11' Carew tries to change all that - he takes on Cygan and wins his side a corner in front of the North Bank...
11' A fairly shapeless opening to the game so far - neither side able to hit any kind of rhythm as yet
10' Pires attempts to trick his way through on the right - Bergkamp flicks the ball into the area, but it just about runs through to keeper Andres Palop
9' Valencia's free-kick now... Aimar heads on but Seaman gets there ahead of the waiting Angulo
8' He tries a shot, but slices it well wide at the Clock End of Highbury
8' Good play by Pires - he finds Henry and the ball falls to Gilberto 25 yards out...
6' Angulo is crunched by Cole - free-kick to Valencia, who might have felt an advantage could have been played there
5' Cole and Cygan get in each other's way - Carew tries to get there but can't quite make it. Uncertainty from Arsenal...
5' A miscontrol by Baraja gives the Gunners possession, but Aimar does well to force a throw for his side midway inside the Arsenal half
4' Vieira hassles and harries on the left, but the throw goes to the visitors deep inside their own half
3' Cygan links with Bergkamp - Cole gets in on the left and Pellegrino is there once more
3' Then the ever-dangerous Henry is on the chase again - Pellegrino stops him
2' He attempts a slide-rule pass through to Ljungberg, but the visitors deal with that easily enough
2' It goes all the way back to Seaman, then forward to Henry...
1' Vieira wins the ball in the air and the Gunners look to move forward - they win a free-kick on halfway against Torres...
- They launch the ball long, and immediately Miguel Angel Angulo finds space on the right... he crosses, but nobody's there to get on the end of it
- Valencia get the game under way - can they do to Arsenal what they did to Liverpool in the first phase?
- Arsenal look to build on their fine win in Roma against Spanish champions Valencia. Follow all the action from 19.45 GMT

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