Manchester United
No. Name
  1 Fabien Barthez
  6 Rio Ferdinand
  2 Gary Neville
  24 Wes Brown  3'
  27 Mikael Silvestre
  52' 22  John O'Shea
  11 Ryan Giggs
  90' 21  Diego Forlán
  16 Roy Keane  81'
  18 Paul Scholes  36'
  80' 20  Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
  7 David Beckham
  8 Nicky Butt
  10 Ruud van Nistelrooy  85'
  19 Lopez Felipe Ricardo
  3 Phil Neville
  31 Darren Fletcher
  26 Danny Pugh
  • 3
    • Wes Brown Goal
  • 19
    • Edgar Davids Yellow Card
  • 36
    • Paul Scholes Yellow Card
  • 45
    • Alessio Tacchinardi Yellow Card
  • HT
    • Halftime
  • 52
    • On: John O'Shea | Off: Mikael Silvestre
  • 65
    • On: Rubén Olivera | Off: David Trezeguet
  • 80
    • On: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer | Off: Paul Scholes
  • 81
    • Roy Keane Yellow Card
  • 85
    • Ruud van Nistelrooy Goal
  • 90
    • Pavel Nedved Goal
  • 90
    • On: Diego Forlán | Off: Ryan Giggs
  • FT
    • End Regular Time
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Match Commentary

90' Full-time: Manchester United 2 Juventus 1
90' And that's it, United have won it, but only just
90' Van Nistelrooy is heading for the corner flag to see out time
90' Zenoni finds Olivera but O'Shea puts in a good challenge, goal-kick to United
90' Nedved's cross-shot goes in at the far post, just flicking off Ferdinand on its way. United will have a nervous minute or so
90' GOAL!!
90' Nedved scampers down the right wing and cuts inside Neville...
90' Forlan comes on for Giggs after a limping Beckham signals he's okay to continue. Three minutes to be added on...
89' Camoranesi sends Olivera through. He turns inside Keane and goes down looking for a penalty. The ref isn't interested
88' Nedved's corner is easily claimed by Bartez. His throw sets Solskjaer away. He finds Beckham but his cross is headed away
87' Juve push on looking for a goal but it would surely only be consolation now. Davids finds Pessotto. His cross is turned behind by Butt. Corner...
85' Juve will feel hard done by but United look home and hosed now and set for a place in teh last eight
85' GOAL!! Beckham picks out Van Nistelrooy with a sublime crossfield ball. He gets a toe on it before the keeper. 2-0 to United
85' Brown finds Beckham who is brought down by Pessoto. Bit too far out for a shot but Beckham looks for O'Shea. Juve half clear...
84' Beckham's corner is flicked by O'Shea but goes out for a throw-in
83' Van Nistelrooy jinks past a defender and puts in O'Shea down the left wing. Wins a corner...
82' Pessotto bends in a cross from the left wing. Good defensive header by Ferdinand
81' Beckham looks for Solskjaer with a threaded ball but the falg goes up for offside
80' Solskjaer comes on to replace Scholes and goes straight up front. Keane fouls Davids and gets a yellow card
79' Giggs tries to put Scholes through with a neat backheel. Keeper gets thre first as Scholes looks to be carrying a groin injury.
78' Montero looks for Zalayeta. Camoranesi looks to pick up the pieces but Ferdinand does well to kick it away
77' Camoranesi makes a run through the middle but Brown cuts out Olivera's floated ball
76' Zenoni finds Nedved in behind O'Shea. He checks inside but his cross is far too deep and goes out for a throw
75' Giggs wriggles free of Tacchinardi, who picked up a booking in the first half. He trips Giggs. Free-kick wide on the left, Beckham takes it but the keeper makes an easy catch
74' O'Shea fouls Zalayeta, who looks more at home playing in the centre forward position. Olivera bends in a cross but Bartez has no problem dealing with that
73' Juve are working hard. Nedved tries to wriggle free but Ferdinand sees it out for a goal kick
72' Neville slips and gives the ball to Olivera. He finds Davids but his ball to Zenoni is overhit. Juve are coming back into it though
71' Keane gets away with a strong challenge and Davids seeks revenge, bringing down the United skipper
70' The ball breaks for Camoranesi whose wicked cross is well cleared
69' Keane finds Van Nistelrooy who gives it straight to Nedved. He finds Zalayeta who goes inside Ferdinand but Neville gets a toe in to give away a corner
68' United play it out from the back. Tacchinardi gets a foot in
67' Ferdinand finds Neville on the rampage again but his cross is weak. Olivera finds Zalayeta who finds Nedved on the right. He chips it in for Zalayeta who wins the header with ease but steers it just wide
66' Olivera, who only flew to England today to take a place on teh bench, goes to the left and Zalayeta moves central. Nedved gives away a free-kick on the edge onf the United box
65' Davids looks for Camoranesi over the top, O'Shea puts it out for a throw. Olivera comes on for Trezuguet
64' Beckham finds Neville over the top of the full-back but Chimenti just beats an Nistelrooy to the cross
63' O'Shea plays it inside to Van Nistelrooy. He gets a break and tries a 20-yarder which just bends wide
62' O'Shea is playing well and gets forward again. Giggs gets a touch and eventually a cross finds Beckham. His header is cleared but United are playing well now
61' Scholes makes another clumsy challenge in midfield. He must be careful with a booking to his name. The free-kcik comes to nothing
61' The referee waves play on as Scholes has an open goal, but he hits the post and the chance has gone. No goal and no penalty
60' Bartez's long ball is nodded into the path of Van Nistelrooy by a defender. Van Nistelrooy goes round the keeper who brings him down...
59' Beckham finds O'Shea flying forward but he just overruns it
58' Juve are starting to look tired as United make the ball do the work
57' O'Shea again finds Van Nistelrooy. He drops it off for Giggs who bends in a wicked cross just out of the reach of Scholes
56' Camoranesi takes on O'Shea but the Irishman takes the ball from him. He finds Van Nistelrooy who wins a free-kick
55' The wall again does its job and Juve clear
54' United break quickly. Scholes is brought down by Zalayeta. Another free-kick in Beckham range...
53' O'Shea straight into the action, bringing down Camoranesi. Ferdinand cuts out a cross and gives away a corner. Brown heads Nedve's kick out
52' John O'Shea replaces Silvestre, who is obviously feeling that ankle knock. Juve have a throw midway in the United half
52' Zenoni finds Trezuguet with a long cross and he tests Bartez with a header
51' Zalayeta find Nedved in teh box and Ferdinand is forced to give away a corner. Nedved takes it and Bartex fists it out for a throw
50' Keane finds Neville free on the right but he slices the cross. Goal kick
49' Silvestre rejoins the fray, although he is still limping
48' Camoranesi floats in the corner and Ferrara gets above Keane but his header loops over the crossbar
47' Zenoni is in again, played through by Camoranesi. Silvestre blocks the cross at the cost of a corner but he looks to have injured an ankle in doing so
46' The second half's under way and Juve are on teh attack again. Zalayeta plays a poor ball though, goal-kick United
45' Half-time: Manchester United 1 Juventus 0
45' Two minutes of additional time. Juve still pressing forward looking for an equaliser. Trezuguet pulls off the shoulder of Brown and nods on for Nedved who just can't get to the ball
45' Camoranesi finds Nedved with a training ground move on the edge of the box but his shot goes well over
44' Scholes commits another foul and has to be careful, having already had one yellow card. Silvestre gives away a free-kick out on the right wing...
43' United look like they're waiting for half-time. Zenoni is free again but his cross is overhit. Juve win it back though...
42' Zenoni, who has switched to right-back, cuts inside of Giggs but his 'shot' goes for a throw-in
41' Beckham comes deep and finds Neville with a great long pass. He looks for Scholes but the defender wins it well
40' Beckham's free-kick hits the wall. Juve look to break but Nedved wastes a good chance to attack
39' Ferrara needlessly fould Van Nistelrooy as he looks to get non the end of another long ball. Looks like Beckham is lining up a shot...
38' Nedved breaks free and Silvestre gives away a free-kick. Davids tries a shot from all of 35 yards which flies wide
37' Beckham is tracking back well, and he needs to be with Zenoni getting forward. He wins the tackle and a throw
36' Juve win back possession and Davids jinks inside two before Scholes wins it back. Davids chases down Giggs and wins the ball and Scholes is booked for a clumsy challenge on Tacchinardi
35' Trezuguet sweeps the ball out wide and Nedved comes deep to pick it up. Butt gets a good challenge in and wins the throw just inside his own half
34' Silvestre overruns the ball and is injured in a challenge with Tacchinardi. He struggles back to his feet as play continues
33' A long ball from Bartez finds Scholes offside. From teh free-kick Trezuguet gets a break and finds himself clear but chooses to shoot early and it fizzes over
32' Nedved, who is drifting all around the United defence, looks for Trezeguet but just fails to find the Frenchman
31' Montero goes down under a challenge from Butt but the referee isn't interested
30' Giggs is back with a patched up cut. Zalayeta looks to get in behind Silvestre but Brown comes across and is fouled
29' Giggs has picked up a cut above the eye after the corner...seems to be the in thing for United's stars this week. He goes off for treatment
28' Nedved's kick is met by Trezeguet but the ball skids out harmlessly
27' Camoranesi sneaks down the right wing and Neville heads his cross out for a corner
26' Zalayeta bursts into the box and beats Neville to a cross but his effort is easily saved by Bartez
25' Butt finds Scholes hovering just off Van Nistelrooy. He looks for the Dutchman but he just strays offside
24' Beckham finds Neville sneaking round the back with the free-kick but his cross-header comes to nothing
23' Giggs finds Beckham in the centre circle, Davids clips his ankles and gives away a free-kick
22' Beckham comes deep to pick up the ball but Unjited again look hopefully towards Van Nistelrooy with no luck
21' Montero looks for Trezeguet with a long ball. Ferdinand wins the header but Nedved picks up the pieces and arrows in a shot from 25 yards which clips the outside of the post
20' Davids finds Zenoni again on the charge, Neville and Beckham see the danger off though
19' Ferdinand finds Van Nistelrooy with a driven ball, Montero fouls him and Davids booked
18' Good spell by Juve and the crowd are getting restless. Zalayeta tries a flashy flick but United mop it up
17' Zenoni again creeps forward but his cross is easily cleared by Ferdinand
17' Butt finds Scholes who looks for Van Nistelrooy. Ball breaks to Neville but his cross is cleared
16' Van Nistelrooy looks up for it. Holds the ball up well and just fails to pick out Giggs who was free on the left
15' Long ball to Van Nistelrooy flicked to Beckham, wins a throw. Van Nistelrooy beats two men but stopped inside the box by the third
14' Good spell of passing sees Silvestre free on the left, squared to Beckham 20 yards out, good block on the shot
13' Davids finds Zalayeta in the inside left position, weak cross caught by Bartez
12' Silvestre's long ball flicked on by Scholes to Giggs, good challenge by Montero
12' Nedved's kick is forced away by goalscorer Brown
11' Nedved finds some space behind the front two, finds Zalayeta out wide. Beckham blocks his cross at the expense of a corner
10' Zenoni looking to get forward from left-back, Neville gets a good block. Juve keep possession until Camoranesi's loose ball
9' United break it up but Juve having a good spell of pressure, Camoranesi's through-ball just cut out by Neville
8' Montero beats Van Nistelrooy to the ball and picks out Trezeguet
7' Long ball from Beckham almost picks out Giggs who would have been in on goal
6' Neat interchange by Beckham and Scholes but Van Nistelrooy flagged off-side
5' Davids looks to get involved with a neat wide ball but Pessotto's cross is well overhit
4' Beckham's corner met by defender Wes Brown with a powerful header. Reserve keeper Chimenti could have done better. United in front
3' GOAL!!
3' Scholes, playing just off Van Nistelrooy, wins another corner kick through sheer persistance...
2' Defender first to his cross, corner kick. Giggs and Beckham work a short one, wicked cross by Giggs comes to nothing
2' Van Nisterooy fouled by Montero 35 yards out, quick free-kick sets Neville away...
1' Juventus kick-off and go straight on the attack but Gary Neville gets a foot in
- Juventus, who have lost a host of stars with flu this week, had their problems compounded when Conte was injured in the warm-up, Zalayeta coming in
- Meanwhile United showed just one change from the team which lost to Arsenal at the weekend, Nicky Butt coming in for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.
- There is little sign of the rift between David Beckham and his manager, with the England skipper named in the starting line-up to face Juventus. Full team news to follow
- Will Fergie's boys put the boot in on the flu-struck Old Lady? Join us for all the Wednesday night action from 19.45 GMT

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