Ajax Amsterdam
No. Name
  26 Nigel de Jong
  1 Bogdan Lobont
  16 Petri Pasanen
  5 Cristian Chivu
  2 Hatem Trabelsi
  13 Maxwell
  8 Richard Witschge
  4 Tomas Galasek
  70' 22  Abubakari Yakubu
  10 Steven Pienaar
  90' 15  Wesley Sneijder
  7 Andy Van der Meyde
  9 Zlatan Ibrahimovic
  84' 11  Hossam Mido
  21 Joey Didulica
  3 Andre Bergdolmo
  24 Jelle van Damme
  28 Nourdin Boukhari
  • 40
    • Ashley Cole Yellow Card
  • HT
    • Halftime
  • 70
    • On: Abubakari Yakubu | Off: Tomas Galasek
  • 75
    • Patrick Vieira Yellow Card
  • 79
    • On: Francis Jeffers | Off: Dennis Bergkamp
  • 79
    • On: Ray Parlour | Off: Sylvain Wiltord
  • 84
    • On: Hossam Mido | Off: Zlatan Ibrahimovic
  • 86
    • On: Giovanni Van Bronckhorst | Off: Robert Pires
  • 90
    • On: Wesley Sneijder | Off: Steven Pienaar
  • FT
    • End Regular Time
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Match Commentary

90' With Roma, previously pointless, thrashing Valencia 3-0 in Spain the group is no clearer. This group could go right to the wire.
90' Honours even between the two teams for the second week running. Arsenal didn't deserve the win but neither did Ajax in a game of no clear cut chances.
90' A long Lobont hoof is the end of it.
90' Arsenal's last chance? They encroach. And then waste a free-kick.
90' Maxwell and Chivu combine to get the ball clear.
90' Pienaar comes off for Sneijder, an 18-year-old.
90' Mido fouls Vieira. van Bronckhorst takes the kick. Knocked away and nearly at the feet of Van Der Meyde from Witschge.
90' Panic in the Ajax defence. Henry nods down. van Bronckhorst fires across but Jeffers cannot get there. Nearly a golden goal.
88' Mido shrugs off Keown and shoots from nearly forty yards. Ambition.
87' Henry's kick is headed away by Mido. He gets it back but gives away a goal-kick.
87' Pires is replaced by van Bronckhorst, not a popular man in the ArenA considering his Feyenoord past.
85' Henry wins a free kick.
85' Ajax again hold the ball. Arsenal chase shadows. But Pires wins it back.
84' Van Der Meyde's kick is very poor and Cole, in the wall, knocks it away.
83' Free-kick to Ajax. Zlatan comes off to be replaced by Mido, the Egyptian starlet.
82' Chivu's ball to Trabelsi is poor. But he makes up for it by stopping Jeffers.
81' Henry drops his shoulder and shoots. Lobont claims with scant trouble.
80' Arsenal keep the ball after some Ajax pressing. Witschge fouls Gilberto.
78' Subs for Arsenal: Wiltord and Bergkamp replaced by Parlour and Jeffers.
77' Zlatan showed brilliant skill. Pienaar forces Keown into a mistake. But Zlatan fouls on the one-two.
76' Van Der Meyde beat Lauren and Gilberto came across well.
76' Free-kick will be bent in. Witschge misses everybody with his effort.
75' Vieira is carded for a foul on De Jong. Harshly.
74' Zlatan bears down on goal - he threads it to Van Der Meyde, seemingly in on goal but his feet let him down.
74' Chivu gets a towering header in to clear away. De Jong completes the job.
72' Pires gets a run at the chance. He gets away but his shot is over the bar.
71' Keown did well to head away when Maxwell was lurking behind and may have had a chance to shoot at Seaman.
70' Pires and Henry combine to give away a goal-kick. Frustration for the Gunners continues to mount.
69' De Jong fouled Campbell when he had a chance to get through on goal.
68' It beat everyone except Vieira. He hits a snap-shot which Lobont catches first time.
68' Van Der Meyde clips Pires on the knee. Free-kick to be taken by Bergkamp.
66' Chivu and Witschge show real composure in stopping an Arsenal move in its tracks.
65' Trabelsi's pace is such that he charges offside before Pienaar can deliver.
64' Pires plays Wiltord through on the right. His cross knocked behind by Pasanen. Pires' kick is really poor.
62' Zlatan controls well. But he is outnumbered and the ball is knocked clear. Bergkamp goes down under a Galasek tackle.
62' The Romanian skipper fires over the bar.
61' Ajax with a slow build up. Zlatan stopped by Gilberto. A free-kick given. Chivu will hit.
60' Witschge on the chase. Campbell came across well to get the ball clear.
59' Zlatan heads away. Wiltord loses possession.
58' Henry wins a corner from Trabelsi.
58' Vieira is chasing hard. But Chivu is equal to anything so far thrown at him.
57' Van Der Meyde troubles Arsenal. Ajax having the better of this.
56' Vieira stops Pienaar's turn. Henry couldn't get away.
55' Henry hits a great effort from fully forty yards. No corner given as Lobont looked to knock behind. Maybe an offside.
54' Henry is fouled by Galasek. He makes sure he wins a free-kick.
53' They threaten again. Seaman claims a cross. Zlatan had nearly escaped. Ajax are stepping it up.
52' Ajax spring into action. Trabelsi and Pienaar create a chance for Zlatan. Lauren knocks behind for a corner.
50' Nice stuff. Maxwell gives it to Van Der Meyde. Great ball with Zlatan ready to nod in. Lauren just does enough.
49' Campbell concedes a free-kick. Taken short for another slow build-up.
48' Ball balloons nearly into Zlatan's path. Campbell clears. Lauren has to do a similar thing when Trabelsi lashes a cross in.
46' Ball drifts out from a Maxwell hoof. Lauren heads out as Zlatan comes across.
46' The Gunners, after a leisurely stroll back to the pitch, start off. Wiltord is stopped from an attack.
45' Ajax have a gameplan and so far it has stopped Arsenal getting at them. 0-0 reflects a rather drab half.
45' Henry nearly creates a final opening with a wonderful piece of skill. His cross is stopped by Pasanen. The last action before the ref blows up - though not in the explosive sense.
45' Into added time, of which there is one minute left of an even half.
44' Ajax looking to want to play out the half here. Van Der Meyde offside when a ball is sprayed across by Trabelsi.
43' Van Der Meyde is obstructed. Ajax build slowly but the ball is slipped to Van Der Meyde. Lauren comes across to stop him.
41' Campbell plays it back to Seaman with Zlatan threatening.
41' Henry plays the ball through. Wiltord chases but Lobont shepherds it out.
40' Bergkamp is thwarted by Chivu on the edge of the box.
40' Zlatan glitters on the ball but his flick can't beat the defence.
39' De Jong is fouled. Vieira is booked.
38' Cole on the goal-line heads clear with Seaman in no-man's land. Van Der Meyde nearly got in there when the ball was crossed. Testing times.
37' Trabelsi is fouled by Pires. Free-kick chance for Ajax. Chivu to hit.
36' Neat flick from Henry. Bergkamp finds Wiltord. Ball fired in. Lobont hacks clear.
35' Pienaar's threaded pass is stopped and Arsenal break. Wiltord goes down a blind alley and Ajax can clear.
34' Pires gets away. Bergkamp down the right channel. He fires across goal. Henry could have made it. A waste for Arsenal.
32' Pienaar ruins a neat move by fouling Cole. Ajax passing it around very nicely indeed.
30' Chivu is wasteful when he could have released Zlatan.
30' Zlatan shows great skill, beating two men and threading it wide to Van Der Meyde. He charges in for a cross but Seaman claims.
28' Bergkamp can't control the ball. Pires has it but all of the Ajax team are behind the ball.
28' Witschge sweeps up in midfield. Pienaar turns. Trabelsi runs into Pires.
27' Cole concedes a free-kick. Ajax again keep the ball.
26' Taken short and kept rather than thrown at the goal. Keown clears away. Berkamp shows good control but is outnumbered.
25' Zlatan gets a chance when Trabelsi makes a run. The ball loops away for a corner.
23' Galasek stops Pires in his tracks. Van Der Meyde wins a throw.
23' Witschge is sold short by Van Der Meyde. Arsenal play that slow build-up again.
22' Bergkamp can't get away from the Ajax defence. The tale of the tape so far.
21' They keep it at the back for an age. And are roundly booed to that end.
20' Zlatan wanders offside. Ajax lose the ball. Arsenal content to keep it now.
19' Maxwell tries to play in Pienaar. His flick evades Zlatan.
18' Pires breaks into a charge. Chivu slides across to stop at the last gasp.
18' Ajax well-organised at the back. They'll let Arsenal keep it as long as they can get back in numbers.
17' Trabelsi careers down the wing. A throw-in to Ajax. Zlatan can't chest it down to Pienaar.
16' Now Ajax keep it. Gilberto comes across to smash Pienaar to the ground. Arsenal break. Wiltord gets space but smashes wide.
15' Bergkamp nearly got in when the ball was hit long. Pasanen dithered but Bergkamp can't get enough on the ball. Goal-kick.
13' Lauren fouls Van Der Meyde. Ball back with Ajax. But Henry of all people does well to claim it. Vieira strides forward.
12' Arsenal dominating possession with Pires himself dominant. Wiltord and Henry link. But Ajax force them back.
10' Ajax clear the ball. Arsenal shwoing the better attacking stuff at present. Pires roasts Trabelsi but loses the ball.
10' Keown is wasteful. Seaman forced into hurried clearance. Cole chases hard, showing real skill.
9' Pires holds the ball for an age, showing strength and vision to find Gilberto. He can only fire wide and high however.
6' Van Der Meyde threatens but shows poor control.
6' Ball crossed. Back-header from Pires reaches Lobont's hands.
6' Bergkamp chases down the channel. Cole backs him up. He wins a corner.
5' Chivu picks up the ball. Ajax go down the left. Zlatan loses it. But they get it back. Slow build-up.
4' Bergkamp is fouled. Gunners play keep-ball rather than go for the throat.
3' Pires threatens. He's stopped but Arsenal keep it. Henry tries a shot from the edge of the area but a good save stops him.
2' Seaman comes out to clear. Good anticipation. Chivu gets time on the ball. Ajax move breaks down when Cole comes across.
1' Van Der Meyde threatened but Gilberto takes the ball only to be fouled.
1' The Gunners need a win here in a cauldron-like atmosphere. Their fans may be feeling the effects of the local amenities but the locals are used to it. Their team takes the kick-off.
- A first choice line-up for the Gunners while Ajax, still understrength, pick the same team as last week. Only Martin Keown of the two teams didn't start last time out. Pascal Cygan steps down.
- Arsenal travel to Holland in need of a win to boost their hopes of reaching the last eight. Join us from 19.45 GMT

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