Manchester City
No. Name
  1 Peter Schmeichel
  4 Gerard Wiekens
  5 Sylvain Distin
  25 Lucien Mettomo
  41' 14  Eyal Berkovic  80'
  17 Sun Jihai
  70' 10  Shaun Goater
  6 Kevin Horlock
  3 Niclas Jensen
  8 Ali Benarbia
  85' 7  Darren Huckerby
  23 Marc-Vivien Foe
  29 Shaun Wright-Phillips
  39 Nicolas Anelka
  20 Carlo Nash
  16 Paul Ritchie
  • 23
    • Vladimir Smicer Yellow Card
  • 41
    • On: Eyal Berkovic | Off: Lucien Mettomo
  • HT
    • Halftime
  • 47
    • Danny Murphy Penalty - Scored
  • 58
    • Djimi Traore Yellow Card
  • 70
    • On: Shaun Goater | Off: Sun Jihai
  • 73
    • On: Emile Heskey | Off: Neil Mellor
  • 80
    • Eyal Berkovic Yellow Card
  • 85
    • On: Darren Huckerby | Off: Ali Benarbia
  • 86
    • On: John Arne Riise | Off: Vladimir Smicer
  • 90
    • Danny Murphy Yellow Card
  • FT
    • End Regular Time
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Match Commentary

90' Houllier is bought some time, Kevin Keegan and City will have to wait for next season for the FA Cup. Maine Road however, has seen the last of the FA Cup.
90' Liverpool, never threatened, are through with a typically workmanlike performance. City disappointed and were unable to get past an organised Houllier tactical plan.
90' Murphy fouls Huckerby. One last City chance to get the ball into the area from a free-kick. Ball came out to Wiekens but he drives it into a wall of red shirts. The whistle blows...that's the end of it.
90' Diouf is offside so City get a chance to attack. Hyypia heads clear. Then Diouf gets a chance when Schmeichel heads out. He chips from forty yards but just misses.
90' In time added on.
89' Anelka with a rash challenge on Traore. He helps up his former team-mate.
89' Horlock gets a flick on the ball from the free-kick. Schmeichel went up for the corner but had to chase back as Diouf threatens. Jensen saves his Danish bacon.
87' Huckerby breaks. But City again fail to use the ball. Huckerby beats Gerrard and Carragher only to be fouled.
86' City with all the pressure but a lack of bodies on the right meant that Diao could attack. He's fouled.
85' Darren Huckerby comes on to replace Bernarbia and use his pace against Liverpool. For the Reds it's John Arne Riise on for Smicer.
83' Berkovic chips forward only for Hyypia to head away, Smicer is tackled and Foe breaks. Bernabia crosses for Goater who heads over.
82' Liverpool break only for over-ambition to get the best of Gerrard. Neither side really capable of holding the ball.
80' Anelka gets the ball down the wing. All he can do is force a throw.
80' Gerrard plays a first-time through ball only for Schmeichel to claim. But City can break now...
78' Hyypia looked to foul Berkovic. But Goater gets a go before Henchoz clears. A chipped ball for Berkovic is turned on and is fouled? No, says the ref and books the Israeli for a dive.
76' Smicer breaks down the right. He crosses for Heskey but the ball is cleared. The resulting corner is a total waste.
74' Anelka puts Kirkland under pressure from a back pass. The keeper is quick to clear.
74' Diouf is stopped by Jensen. He gets it again and holds it in the corner. Distin clatters him. And is booked.
73' Neil Mellor, who has run hard all day, is replaced by Emile Heskey.
72' Diouf did well before his cross is intercepted. Smicer gets a chance to shoot. He fires over.
71' Berkovic cuts in from the right. Foe takes over possession but swings a boot at it and clouts the ball into row Z.
70' Goater held the ball up before Gerrard intercepts his flick on.
69' Sean Goater is replaced by Sun Jihai. City pushing everything forward now.
68' City pressuring now as Henchoz has to clear desperately away from Wright-Phillips.
68' Bernarbia's chip is too far for Foe. City unable to get bodies in the box as yet.
66' Liverpool attack. Ball out to Smicer. Mellor waited at the back post but it misses him and Traore tries a shot which is deflected away.
65' Anelka chases a chipped ball. Offside as Kirkland picks the ball up outside his box.
65' Diao gets the ball for a snap shot from Diouf. The Senegal man can't get any power in and it's cleared with ease.
64' Berkovic outnumbered as he attacks the Liverpool defence. And once again Henchoz stops him in his tracks before Mellor wins a corner off Wiekens.
63' Bernarbia holds the ball up for Horlock who fires from long range but misses the target.
61' City dominating possession now. Diao comes across to take the ball. But Jensen's ball can't beat the first man.
61' The ball beats everybody. Horlock hits it back in but Kirkland claims.
60' Wright-Phillips cuts in but is tackled. Corner to City.
59' Liverpool chasing hard as City retain possession. Jihai's cross is weak. Traore hacks clear.
59' Berkovic found space but failed to collect the ball as he ran in on goal. Anelka threatened too.
58' Bernarbia is hacked down by Traore. City seem unable to go forward at all. Liverpool holding their line well at the back. Gerrard breaks with the ball.
55' Diouf crosses. Mellor heads goalwards but Jihai gets in the way.
55' Bernarbia's ball is headed clear by Hyypia. City yet to threaten. They won't this time either as Anelka is offside.
54' Mellor is fouled. Murphy will take the free-kick. The ball goes to Mellor. Diouf runs through but is shepherded out by Schmeichel.
50' Distin goes down injured as City's trainer comes on after a clash with Diouf.
49' Sun Jihai sweeps up when Smicer was bursting through.
47' Traore plays it off the pitch in an attempt to release Diao.
47' The game has already brightened up! Prayers answered in that respect. What can City do now?
45' Which Murphy has no problem in scoring as he sends Schmeichel the wrong way. 1-0 Liverpool!
45' First action of the second half sees Smicer play in Diouf. The African goes down under a challenge. Nothing given but then Foe handballs as Smicer drilled it in. Penalty.
45' Can the turgid first half be followed by an exciting second period? Something needs to brighten up a quiet and under-capacity Maine Road.
45' The last action of an uninspiring half. City yet to flow forward as we expected while Liverpool have been flat for all their possession. Listless is a fair description of that 45 minutes.
45' Taken short to Gerrard. A lofted cross in is headed back to Smicer who volleys into the Platt Lane End.
45' Gerrard plays a poor ball when Liverpool had men forward. But the Reds win a corner.
44' Distin clears and is calm. The ball goes to Anelka who breaks free, cuts inside and shoots. Kirkland goes down low to save. Great football all round.
42' Sun Jihai loses the ball when he had a chance to find team-mates with a cross.
42' Wiekens clears well under pressure. Anelka runs into trouble with little support either side of him.
41' Mettomo is subbed for Berkovic. Kevin Keegan perhaps sensing the need for more bodies in midfield where Liverpool have largely dominated.
39' At the other end. Smicer shoots and his shot squirms to Mellor who slides it wide. Though he too was offside.
39' Wright-Phillips breaks with Bernabia. Anelka couldn't hold the line but was offside.
38' Neither side using the ball particularly well.
37' Mellor shoots. Or rather passes to Schmeichel.
36' Sun Jihai with a chance to cross. Hyypia clears.
36' Distin bundles over Diouf. Liverpool, inexplicably, play back to Kirkland who hoofs out for a City throw.
36' Distin heads clear and the ball went to Diao. Volley troubles the corner flag.
32' Wright-Phillips had a chance to release Anelka but Hyypia comes across well.
32' Diouf wins a throw. And then a corner. Murphy will take again. It's taken short and played back to him. Nothing doing though as the ball goes back to Henchoz.
30' Mellor in space. Cross is too long for Diouf.
30' Liverpool play it around the back. Sun Jihai, again, stops the move in its tracks.
29' Sun Jihai clears up from Murphy's kick. Foe does the same for the next.
29' Sun Jihai plays himself out of a corner when Gerrard threatens. Diouf is tackled by Distin and wins a corner.
27' Smicer shows some neat skill but Foe fouls him.
27' Anelka finds space and turns but his shot is dragged wide.
26' Murphy trips over the ball when Diao plays it through. Wright-Phillips' lofted pass drifts over Hyypia and Kirkland was alert as Anelka threatened.
25' Long ball chased by Anelka but Kirkland is out well to claim.
25' Mellor gets another chance to run. He shoots early but Scmeichel is able to collect.
24' Neat skill from Diouf. Gerrard collects and hits a long ball to the back post. Mellor leaps but heads wide.
23' Bernabia himself takes. Poorly. Mellor collects. Diao's through-ball finds Smicer but he's wandered offside.
22' Gerrard's ball is poor. Sun Jihai collects but is hacked down by Traore. Next Smicer fouls Bernarbia and collects the first booking of the game.
21' Jensen cuts inside and plays a great ball which Anelka narrowly fails to collect. City's best football of the game so far.
20' Hyypia gets a chance to head on goal but mis-times his jump and the effort is weak.
19' Wiekens comes across to clear when Smicer threatened.
18' Kirkland punches clear. Ball out to Wright-Phillips. Carragher barges him and is given a warning. Free-kick, in any case, is wasted.
16' Anelka tried to burst through but Hyypia clatters him. The Finn then fouls Wright-Phillips. Free-kick chance.
16' Sun Jihai deliberates when he had men spare. Liverpool try to break but City clear up at the back.
15' City forced to pass back to Schmeichel. Diouf down the right but his cross finds Mellor offside.
13' Mellor is penalised for a push. The game yet to really sparkle.
13' Wright-Phillips, unusually, wins a header but no-one's there for his flick-on.
12' Foe is robbed by Diao. Diouf down the wing. But Schmeichel claims with ease. Carrgher slides in hard on Wright-Phillips.
11' Mellor looked to be pushed by Wiekens but nothing doing from the referee as a penalty looked a possibility.
10' Liverpool shepherd the ball back to Kirkland. Mellor again has a chance to shoot. It drifts miles over.
8' Mellor'a cross is cleared. Anelka threatens but is outnumbered at the edge of the Liverpool area.
7' Liverpool doing all the attacking. City need an outlet but Diao does well. Mettomo hacks clear but gets lucky to win a goal-kick.
7' Murphy takes, Sun Jihai heads away. Jensen only half-clears and a snap shot from Smicer is saved wonderfully by Schmeichel.
5' Mellor released by Diao and wins a corner.
5' Sun's ball is too early for even the fleet-footed Anelka. Mellor holds the ball up well. But Jensen breaks up the move. Long ball for Smicer gets nowhere as it bounces off his heel.
4' Diouf cuts in. Mettomo clears. Bernarbia, attempting to break, is fouled.
2' Liverpool going forward often. This game perhaps more important to them than City.
2' Liverpool free-kick. Murphy and Gerrard link up. Jensen hussles out Diouf.
1' Wright-Phillips finds space. He slots it to Benarbia, who has a chance to cross, but Anelka is offside.
1' Benarbia slides in to tackle Carragher. Gerrard hits it long but Sun Jihai collects and plays it back to Schmeichel.
1' 'You'll never walk alone' rings out from the away end. The song, not well liked in Manchester, is roundly booed as Liverpool kick off.
- Young striker Neil Mellor lines up for Liverpool as Gerard Houllier shuffles his pack. Kevin Keegan picks Shaun Wright-Phillips to start alongside Nicolas Anelka. Howey and Dunne are absent for City as Mettomo and Wiekens come in.
- Can Nicolas Anelka, spurned by Gerard Houllier in the summer, gain his revenge on his compatriot, add to Liverpool's woe and take City through to the next round?

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