Crystal Palace
No. Name
  13 Aleksandrs Kolinko
  7 Hayden Mullins
  2 Curtis Fleming  57'
  5 Kit Symons
  6 Tony Popovic
  16 Tommy Black
  65' 22  Wayne Routledge
  11 Julian Gray
  81' 3  Danny Granville
  4 Danny Butterfield
  10 Shaun Derry
  8 Andrew Johnson
  31 Dele Adebola
  74' 55  Ade Akinbiyi
  1 Cedric Berthelin
  38 Gary Borrowdale
  • 25
    • On: Jerzy Dudek | Off: Chris Kirkland
  • HT
    • Halftime
  • 57
    • Curtis Fleming Yellow Card
  • 65
    • On: Wayne Routledge | Off: Tommy Black
  • 74
    • On: Ade Akinbiyi | Off: Dele Adebola
  • 80
    • Jamie Carragher Yellow Card
  • 81
    • On: Danny Granville | Off: Julian Gray
  • 85
    • On: Igor Biscan | Off: El-Hadji Diouf
  • 85
    • Bruno Cheyrou Yellow Card
  • 90
    • On: Salif Diao | Off: Bruno Cheyrou
  • FT
    • End Regular Time
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Match Commentary

- The Eagles now face a daunting trip to Anfield for an FA Cup replay. Liverpool have to be favourites to win that clash......although they were tonight.
- Liverpool dominated the early part of the second-half and looked the likely winners. But Palace battled back and the Reds will be happy to leave Selhurst Park with a draw.
90' ....Kolinko gets there first and punches the ball away from his goal as the ref blows the final whistle.
90' Biscan chips the ball into the box. Gerrard bears down on the bouncing ball and Kolinko rushes off his line.......
90' Into added time now and Liverpool make a sub, bringing on Diao, to eat up the clock - a measure of Palace's attacking pressure.
90' Routledge has the ball on the right. He sets up Johnson for the cross but he hits the first defender.
89' Fleming and Heskey battle in midfield, neither player giving any quarter. The game still in the balance.
88' ....Routledge clips the ball to the edge of the box and Liverpool scramble it clear.
87' The Eagles win a corner and the crowd find their voices.......
86' Palace are really going for it now and could get caught on the counter attack.
85' .....The Australian heads into the ground, Heskey sticks out a leg and the ball deflects over the bar - it should have been a goal.
85' The cross comes in and Popovic has a free header.........
84' Palace have a freekick and Liverpool make a change. Biscan replaces Diouf.
84' Routledge is causing havoc on the right now. He skips past Cheryou, who grabs the wingers' shirt and gets booked.
83' Routledge picks the ball up on the right. He drives inside, evading three challenges on the way, before Hyypia dives in with a tackle.
82' Palace are coming on strong towards the end of the half. Routledge takes a corner and Dudek punches clear.
81' That will be Gray's last contribution. He is replaced by Granville.
80' Gray has a chance to deliver another freekick from the left.......with the same disappointing result.
79' Johnson tries his luck down the left. He out paces Carragher, who fouls Johnson and gets booked.
78' ...He skips past two tackles and into the box before Symons gets in a tackle.
77' Liverpool build an attack. Gerrard looks around, has no options and decides to go himself....
75' Gray gets hacked down from the throw and Palace have a freekick on the left. Gray takes it and Hyypia heads clear.
74' Gray wins a throw deep in Liverpool's half and Palace pack the box.
73' Routledge attempts the smae trick against Riise. this time the defender has enough pace to deal with the youngster.
72' Palace make another change. Adebola is going off for the equally muscular Akinbiyi.
71' Gerrard plays the ball with the outside of his boot. It's just too long for Owen and Kolinko gathers.
70' Routledge controls the ball, flicks it past Riise and runs around the defender to collect the ball. Riise dives to the floor as if fouled and the ref gives it.
69' Its end-to-end stuff but an injury to Murphy gives both sides time to get their breath.
68' Adebola latches onto a Butterfield throughball and drives into the box. Carragher slides in from nowhere to make a great tackle.
67' ...Riise drives the ball low, Kolinko manages to get a piece of the ball and somehow the ball spins wide of the post.
66' Cheyrou wins a corner. Murphy will take it quickly.....
65' Butterfield digs out a cross from the rightwing. Adebola manages to get a flicked header from 15-yards out and Dudek collects the ball under his crossbar.
64' Black has not had his usual effect on the game and Liverpool are well on top.
63' Butterfield fouls Hyypia and Palace will make a change. Black is replaced by 18-year-old starlet Routledge.
62' Mullins makes a poor defence header and Heskey pounces on the ball. He finds Owen on the left, whose shot is deflected and trickles to Kolinko.
61' Symons misses his clearence and Heskey bears down on goal. Fleming recovers to make a sliding tackle on the edge of the box.
60' Heskey receives some treatment in the centre circle after being studded on his left ankle.
59' Mullins hits a long-ball for Black to chase. He will get nowhere near it and the ball runs out of play.
58' The ball drops to Cheyrou on the edge of the box. He hits a low drive that Kolinko saves at his fighthand post.
57' Fleming gets booked for a tough challenge.
56' ....Symons and Owen chase the ball and it drifts just wide of the post before either can get there.
56' ....Gray sees the danger and knicks the ball from Owens toe, but Kolinko has come out to the edge of his box and the ball bobles past him and towards the empty net....
55' Murphy spots Owen on a run and slides the ball through the Palace defence from the centre circle.....
54' Riise takes a poor, low corner and Palace have a breather from the Reds' pressure.
53' Some great on touch football gets Diouf free on the right to cross. The ball is whipped in and Mullins concedes a corner - heading over the bar.
52' Cheyrou toe-ends the ball through to Owen. The striker tries to turn towards goal but Popovic is there once again to make the tackle.
51' Riise turns the ball into the box for Cheyrou. The midfielder gallops into the area and wins a corner......which Liverpool waste.
50' Gray skips past a tckle on the wing and finds Adebola. The striker tries a first time cross but hits Carragher.
49' Liverpool are posing a few questions early on and Popovic is called into action once again.
48' Gerrard clips a long-ball forward to Heskey. The target man controls the ball and tries to play it to Owen on the right. Popovic sees the dnager and snuffs it out.
47' Black whips the ball into the box. Popovic gets a free header and forces Dudke into a low save to his right.
46' Hyypia concedes a corner seconds from the restart.
46' Crystal Palace get the second-half underway. There are no further changes to either side.
- The match is finely balanced for the second-half - with a place in the next round of the FA Cup at stake.
- Liverpool marginally edged the early exchanges but Palace battled back to boss the later stages of the first-half.
45' .....Owen is clear through in the box. But the flag is up for offside and the ref blows for half-time.
45' Gerrard and Murphy combine in midfield. Murphy spins and plays a great ball through the Palace defence for Owen........
44' Palace win a throw deep in the Liverpool half. A cross comes in from the right, Johnson can't control the ball on the edge of the box.
43' Liverpool pass the ball around the back four and to slow the game down.
42' The respite only lasts moments as Palace are on the attack again. Black chips the ball to the back post and Riise heads clear for the Reds.
41' Owen gets a chance to stretch his legs and chases a ball into the box. Liverpool win a corner.
40' black hits an up-and-under for Johnson, who shows great control under pressure. He turns towards goal then a heavy touch takes the ball out of play.
39' Diouf rescues a poor ball from Traore but Palace win back possession in midfield.
38' Palace on top now. But as yet no goal for their efforts.
37' Derry feeds Johnson on the right. The wide man puts in a low cross this time which Hyypia cuts out.
36' The corner drops to Butterfield just past the back post. He sells his defender a dummy, floats the ball into the box and Dudek collects the ball for the Reds.
35' Popovic gets his head to the freekick and heads it down into a crowded box. Palace win a corner after a goalmouth scramble.
34' Palace are enjoying their best period of the game unitl Gray hits the deck to win a freekick.
33' Johnson v Riise again. This time The Palace player skins the defender and gets in a good cross that Adebola is inches away from turning goalwards.
32' Johnson doesn't fancy taking on Riise at leftback. He opts to cut the ball back and Liverpool get possession.
31' .......The Frenchman shoots first time from the edge of the box. He gets a pathetic connection and the ball trickles out for a goalkick.
30' Riise crosses from the left. Gray makes a poor defensive header that drops to Cheyrou.......
29' The match is finely balanced as Liverpool probe the Palace defence.
28' Carragher gets penalised for a foul throw - he tried to steal too many yards.
27' Heskey flicks on a Carragher clearence. Owen chases it down but Kolinko is off his line to clear the danger.
26' The game restarts and Liverpool are straight on the attack. Murphy drives at the defence, shoots from 20-yards out and Kolinko palms the ball into the ground and collects at the second attempt.
25' Dudek comes on for the injured keeper and takes his place between the posts.
24' Meanwhile, Kirkland has been injured during the collision with Adebola and is stretchered off.
23' ...The ball bobbles towards the post. Johnsoin gets in a shot from wide and Liverpool clear the ball off the line.
22' ...Kirkland rushes off his line and collides with Adebola as the striker tries to shoot....
22' Adebola makes a run from the midfield. Black makes a run out left , the defnce opens up and Adebola drives into the box......
21' .......Palace clear and Johnson charges down the rightwing. He cuts inside, drives inot the box and then over runs the ball.
20' Riise lines-up a long throw.......
18' Diouf gets the ball on the right. He has nowhere to go and tries a shot that eventually goes out for a throw.
17' Black tries to find strike partner Adebola with a throughball. Riise spots the danger and steps in to clear.
16' Symons cuts the ball back for Butterfield on the right. Butterfield's cross is too deep and Liverpool have a goalkick.
15' Palace are putting pressure on the Liverpool players and force a throw deep in Reds territory.
14' Fleming plays a searching ball down the right. Johnson chases but can't keep it in.
13' Cheyrou treads on the ball in midfield and Butterfield takes possession. Palace can't do anything with it.
12' Gray takes on Gerrard. He has no idea where to go and tries a speculative long-shot that hits Hyypia.
11' .......The England striker can't control the header, the ball bounces off the top of his head and over the bar.
10' Cheryou helsp Heskey out on the right and makes room for a cross. The Frenchman whips the ball inot the box towards Owen......
9' Adebola and gray try to work the left flank, but Murphy steps in to break up the attack.
8' Heskey turns his defender and races towards goal. He fires off a weak shot from the edge of the box and Kolinko gets his body behind the ball.
7' Derry slides in on Murphy and gets an early booking.
6' Palace try another long-ball over the top for Johnson to chase into the corner - that could be the order of the day for the Eagles.
5' Its cleared as far as Johnson who whips in a cross. Adebola rises highest but can't direct his header and the ball flies past Kirkland's lefthand post.
4' Butterfield attempts to slide a ball through the Reds defrence for Adebola - Hyypia makes an important interception.
4' Gerrard looks long for Owen. The striker hasn't made a run so Gerrard backheels to Murphy.
3' Owen picks the ball up in the midfield. He plays a through-ball for strike partner Heskey but Symons steps out of the back three to collect the ball.
2' Black hoofs a long-ball forward for Johnson to chase, Riise recovers with his pace and concedes a throw.
1' There is a great atmosphere inside Selhurt Park as Liverpool kick-off in their all white away kit.
- The players come out onto pitch as whisps of smoke drift across the stadium from the pre-match fireworks.
- Palace striker Adebola will look to cause the Reds' defence a few problems with his physical presence, while Black will use his guile.
- Henchoz is suspended so Traore comes into the Liverpool defence and Cheyrou palys instead of Smicer.
- Join Soccernet as First Division Crystal Palace attempt to send Liverpool - who have just rediscovered how to win - crashing out of the FA Cup.

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