No. Name
  1 Santiago Cañizares
  70' 13  Andrés Palop
  4 Roberto Ayala
  15 Amedeo Carboni  36'
  2 Mauricio Pellegrino  54'
  17 Anthony Reveillere
  6 David Albelda
  21 Pablo Aimar  76'
  14 Vicente
  19 Rufete
  7 John Carew  34' 57'
  89' 12  Carlos Marchena
  11 Juan Sanchez
  68' 10  Miguel Ángel Angulo
  5 Miroslav Djukic
  3 Fabio Aurelio
  22 Gonzalo De los Santos
  20 Mista
  • 34
    • John Carew Goal
  • 36
    • Amedeo Carboni Yellow Card
  • 42
    • Patrick Vieira Yellow Card
  • HT
    • Halftime
  • 49
    • Thierry Henry Goal
  • 54
    • Mauricio Pellegrino Yellow Card
  • 57
    • John Carew Goal
  • 68
    • On: Miguel Ángel Angulo | Off: Juan Sanchez
  • 70
    • On: Andrés Palop | Off: Santiago Cañizares
  • 76
    • On: Francis Jeffers | Off: Sylvain Wiltord
  • 76
    • Pablo Aimar Yellow Card
  • 86
    • On: Nwankwo Kanu | Off: Kolo Touré
  • 89
    • On: Carlos Marchena | Off: John Carew
  • 90
    • Robert Pires Yellow Card
  • FT
    • End Regular Time
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Match Commentary

90' No Treble chance this season for the Gunners. Manchester United are England's sole adventurers in the Champions League as Newcastle lost to Barcelona.
90' Cygan gets the ball - a chance to get it forward? No, that's it and events elsewhere mean that Arsenal are out, out, out.
90' Valencia keep the ball well. But Vicente surrenders possession. Reveillere gets it clear.
90' Rufete's guile wins him a corner as Gilberto slips. Time running out. The corner is wasted.
90' Pires gets away down the left, looked to be fouled by Reveillere. No penalty and Bob is booked.
90' Long ball from Vieira but Palop gets a chance to hold the ball when he misses his target of Jeffers.
90' Five minutes to save it. Arsenal need a miracle.
90' Ljungberg nearly gets through but he has to handball it. Five extra minutes to play though
89' Carew makes way for Marchena as Valencia pack the midfield.
88' Henry holds off an army of defenders but Valencia have numbers back. They want to hold this.
86' Vicente gets the ball but is overdeliberate on the edge of the area.
86' Ljungberg chips through for Jeffers. Offside again.
85' Arsenal's last throw of the dice as Kanu comes on for Toure.
85' Aimar shows his total mastery of the ball by pulling it down, makes space for himself and then shoots just wide.
83' Carew gets round the back. Rufete lurks. But Taylor shows real courage in coming out to claim the ball.
82' Jeffers makes a penalty claim - not like him is it? He's denied.
81' Campbell shepherds the ball out when Angulo had a chance to run on goal.
81' Angulo wins a corner when Cygan comes across to stop his run.
80' Vicente is shoulder charged by Lauren. A free-kick will be aimed at the likes of Carew. It misses it's target though.
79' Aimar shows some real touch. Ljungberg has to foul him.
77' Angulo gets a clear sight of goal but his shot deflects off Cygan. Henry breaks away, beats Carboni and threads Jeffers in. The fox is in the box (sorry) but an errant offside flag stops him in his tracks.
74' Francis Jeffers arrives in place of Sylvain Wiltord. I won't be using that terrible 'fox in the box' phrase though - OK I will.
74' Who will hit it? Henry hits a swinger over the bar. A waste as the keeper was unsighted.
73' Ljungberg was felled by Albelda as a long ball rained in for him.
72' Rufete dazzles two or three Arsenal defenders but can only win a corner. Angulo couldn't get a chance to shoot from his corner.
70' Canizares looks seriously injured in all seriousness. Andres Palop - him of the silly name is the replacement betwixt the sticks.
68' Wiltord gets a shot in. Canizares takes the ball but loses it. Pires fires straight at his face and the keeper goes down injured. He'll take his time one would think.
67' Henry gets the ball but Albelda nicks possession from him. Angulo comes on for Valencia in place of Juan Sanchez as Valencia look to add to their midfield.
65' Pires gets a chance. His shot is charged down. Henry drags one across him but Pires can't get another shot in.
64' Ayala towers above everybody to get a header in. Taylor hangs on for grim life. Carew just misses out on a cross from Vicente. Arsenal under real pressure.
61' Carew troubles Cygan. The cross is aimed for Vicente but Lauren clears. Good defending.
61' Vicente went to ground when he threatened. Carboni shows real pace when his 38-year-old legs pump in chasing a through ball. He runs it out though.
59' Cygan fouls Sanchez. The Frenchman still not enjoying himself.
59' Ljungberg chases hard down the left but loses out on the chance to win a corner.
58' Canizares claims a cross with real poise. Valencia with their tails up.
56' Arsenal teetering now. Still level in Amsterdam.
56' Vicente gets away down the left as Wiltord lets his get away. A good cross and Carew nods in. Taylor gets a hand to it but it's not enough. 2-1 to Valencia!
54' Rufete crosses from the right. The ball loops over only for Carew to get another chance. Taylor makes an amazing save to stop him.
53' Vicente got away down the left. Lauren's last ditcher concedes a corner.
52' Reveillere stops Henry escaping. He gets down the wing in support of a Valencia attack. But Campbell stops a weaving Aimar run.
49' Arsenal fans can be heard for the first time. A chorus of whistles from the Spanish crowd.
47' Perhaps the only way Arsenal were going to get back into the game but it's happened and Valencia are the team staring down the barrel.
47' Pires and Henry link up, the Frenchman gets away. And he scores a typical strike past Canizares by placing it into the bottom corner of the net. 1-1!
47' Henry slaps it wide. A terrible waste.
46' Ayala fouls Vieira. Free kick chance. Henry will take...
45' Ljungberg is fouled by Reveillere. Free kick is cleared by Ayala. Reveillere then clears when Henry gets a shot in.
45' The second half is upon us. Neither side has made a change but Arsenal must alter the fate of this tie.
45' A troubled half for the Gunners. The next 45 minutes will determine their European future.
45' Aimar loses the ball when he is crowded out. The last action of the half.
45' Vicente with more skill. Gilberto slides in to foul him.
45' Sanchez can't get to the ball. Arsenal breathe easier - half-time could be an oasis for them.
44' Vieira slides in on Carew, is beaten but recovers well. Corner to Valencia though.
43' Reveillere beats Toure with a dink and then muffs an attempt at a cross. Arsenal could have bade goodnight if he'd have found his team-mates.
42' Carew loses control of the ball. Vieira clatters Rufete and receives a yellow card - he misses the next match - if there is one.
41' Reveillere's ball hacked away by Gilberto. Rufete wins a throw.
40' Valencia flourishing now. Carew threatens but Ljungberg clears.
39' Cygan, a man in total panic, gets his wires crossed and has to concede a throw. He's been pinpointed as a weakness.
39' Vicente bewitches Lauren with some real skill. Campbell nods away. Arsenal under the cosh.
38' Rufete goes down under a Toure challenge. A swinging arm looks to be the cause. The Argentine made the most of it though.
37' Chaos as Taylor charges out to clear a backpass. Arsenal need to recover their calm.
36' Carboni crops Wiltord when the Frenchman looked to turn.
35' Disaster for Arsenal - as things stand they will go out.
34' Albelda shows real calm on the ball. A lovely move from Valencia as Aimar draws out Cygan, slips the ball through Gilberto's legs and Carew fires a daisy-cutter home! 1-0 Valencia!
32' Carew is fouled as he escapes from Vieira. Valencia move forward en masse.
31' Aimar's free-kick is awful and misses the target of Carew completely.
30' Vicente is fouled by Lauren as he looked to be escaping down the left.
29' Rufete is offside from a long Aimar ball.
29' Gilberto crashes a header in from Henry's kick. Vicente and the bar stop it going in. A close call.
28' Wiltord played through. He shoots against the legs of Ayala and it's an Arsenal corner.
27' Henry gets a cross in. Ljungberg can't get to it in time to shoot.
27' Cygan slides across to stop Sanchez getting away. Lauren charges but Henry can't claim his pass.
25' Reveillere had a chance to overlap but lost the ball. He concedes a free-kick. Which is wasted by Arsenal as they too concede a free-kick.
24' Offside flag was waving - perhaps errantly. In Amsterdam Antonio Cassano's goal means that Roma are level. Arsenal will still go through into the quarters.
23' Ball is drifted across to meet Henry's charge. He misses the goal.
23' Aimar and Vicente link up only for Henry, of all people, to clear.
22' Rufete wins possession, Campbell heads away but Carboni wins a corner.
21' Albelda plays a poor pass. Pires and Wiltord link, but Henry's cross is overhit.
20' Henry is crowded out in the corner. And a Pires pass is poor when he had a chance to build an attack.
18' Aimar jinks past Gilberto but is brought down. Valencia choose to take the kick quickly.
16' Toure concedes a corner but Vicente dallies on the ball and loses out.
16' Reveillere's interception stops Henry from getting away.
15' Cygan puts Taylor under pressure but the keeper clears. Carew can't get away down the left and Toure stops his progress.
14' But now Arsenal keep the ball only for Ljungberg's touch to desert him. Valencia can't break and Sanchez loses the ball himself.
13' Scrappy passage of play as both sides' passing moves break down.
11' Vicente hits straight into the wall. Rufete teases Toure but loses out to the African and concedes a goal-kick.
9' Albelda's cross headed away by Cygan. Foul gives Valencia a free-kick.
9' Vieira has to clear with his head. Ayala was lurking. Carew goes down under a challenge from Cygan. No penalty.
8' Pires finds space down the right. He can't get a cross in. Valencia break at pace. Rufete down the right. Aimar gets a shot charged down. Corner.
6' Henry is released by Pires and is away down the left. He fires into Canizares' hands.
6' Toure nearly gets to a corner won by some more Henry skill.
5' Valencia play the ball across the back. But Henry escapes down the right. Ball in is cleared hurriedly by Reveillere.
5' Gilberto concedes a free-kick. But now Rufete handballs.
4' Pires gets away only to screw a shot wide.
3' Rufete and Sanchez link up but the ball drifts out of play. In Amsterdam, Ajax take an early lead. Arsenal need a draw if that scoreline persists.
2' Carew bursts through but falls over. Arsenal clear.
2' Henry lofts the free-kick far too high and Cygan can't get to it.
1' Albelda slides in on Ljungberg and concedes a free-kick.
- Arsenal get the game underway. Henry threatens immediately and gets a shot in. Canizares stops the shot and Reveillere clears.
- For Valencia there's no Kily Gonzales or Baraja. But Pablo Aimar and Vicente Rodrigues are admirable replacements. Can Arsenal be the first English side to score at Valencia's ground in the Champions League?
- A vital clash in the Mestella and Arsenal have their big guns back - Vieira and Campbell brave injuries. Van Bronkhorst, ran ragged at the weekend, is replaced by Kolo Toure at left-back.
- Can injury-hit Arsenal get the draw they need to take them through at the Mestalla? All the action here from 19.45 GMT

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