No. Name
  1 Gianluigi Buffon
  5 Igor Tudor
  60' 15  Alessandro Birindelli  75'
  25 Lilian Thuram
  4 Paolo Montero  16'
  2 Ciro Ferrara
  11 Pavel Nedved
  19 Gianluca Zambrotta
  65' 25  Marcelo Zalayeta
  16 Mauro Camoranesi
  26 Edgar Davids
  3 Alessio Tacchinardi
  10 Alessandro Del Piero
  80' 18  Marco Di Vaio
  12 Antonio Chimenti
  7 Gianluca Pessotto
  13 Mark Iuliano
  8 Antonio Conte
  • 16
    • Paolo Montero Goal
  • HT
    • Halftime
  • 60
    • On: Alessandro Birindelli | Off: Igor Tudor
  • 61
    • Patrick Kluivert Yellow Card
  • 63
    • On: Gaizka Mendieta | Off: Juan Román Riquelme
  • 65
    • On: Marcelo Zalayeta | Off: Gianluca Zambrotta
  • 69
    • Garcia de la Torre Gabri Yellow Card
  • 73
    • On: Gerard | Off: Xavi
  • 75
    • Alessandro Birindelli Yellow Card
  • 77
    • Javier Saviola Goal
  • 80
    • On: Marco Di Vaio | Off: Alessandro Del Piero
  • 82
    • On: Luis Martínez | Off: Marc Overmars
  • FT
    • End Regular Time
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Match Commentary

93' Barca came back to grab the vital away goal, and will now fancy their chances of finishing the job at the Nou Camp in 13 days time
93' Juve took the lead but failed to build on that, especially with Barca looking far from at their best
93' The final whistle goes
93' ...somehow Di Vaio sends the ball a couple of yards wide on the right-hand post. A wasted chance
92' Zalayeta nods the ball on to Di Vaio, he's through on goal and surely it must be a late winner for Juve...
92' Zalayeta spots the clever run of Nedved in the box, he takes the ball forward a few paces but can only fire into the side netting
92' Juve win a corner. Camoranesi takes put can't get the ball past the first defender at the near post
91' Mendieta is late on Nedved, fouls a big feature of this encounter
90' Three minutes to be added on for stoppages
89' Juve looking for one final push to take an advantage back to the Nou Camp
88' ...Bonano goes to punch clear, the ball hits Di Vaio and goes behind for a goal-kick
87' Nedved is fouled by Puyol and it's a free-kick ina dangerous position on the left. Nedved fires in a shot on goal...
86' Nedved is tripped by Saviola as Juve looked to break, the referee looks set to book Argentinian striker but changes his mind
85' The final change of the game sees Luis Enrique return from an injury lay-off, he replaces Marc Overmars
84' ...Buffon makes a good stop to deny Kluivert, Barca almost completed the comeback
83' Kluivert suddenly finds himself through after cutting in from the right. There's no support so has to go himself...
82' A final change for Juve as Marco Di Vaio comes on for Alessandro Del Piero
81' Juve win a corner. Nedved's kick finds Camoranesi at the back stick, he puts the ball back across the face of goal but the referee blows up for pushing
80' Motta needs a bit of treatment after going down awkwardly in that move
79' Saviola's shot hits a defender, deflects back onto his own knee and then runs into the right corner of the net. Barca are level, somehow!
78' GOAL!!!
78' Kluivert picks out Reiziger with a great ball down the left flank. Reiziger is able to square the ball for Saviola...
78' Suddenly Juve have four on two in a quick break, Del Piero steps in from the left, but by then numbers have got back and his shot is blocked
77' Mendieta takes the free-kick from the right, but the ball is headed clear with ease
76' Birindelli catches Overmars late, and that's a booking for the Juve man
75' Camorensi goes down inside the D under a challenge from Puyol. No free-kick!
74' Camoranesi comes forward with purpose, but Mendieta brings him down. Mendieta is then fouled by Davids after the restart
73' Lopez Gerard comes on, Barca's second change, with Hernandez Xavi replaced
72' Thuram tries to feed a ball forward, there's four in advance of the French defender, but he plays an abysmal ball to goalkeeper Bonano
71' 71 minutes gone, and it's still awful
70' Motta is sent tumbling by Ferrara, free-kick
69' Corner to Juve, it bypasses everyone and Overmars clears
68' Birindelli robs Gabri, and the Barca man then pulls back his opponent - that's a booking and Gabri misses the second leg
67' Marcelo Zalayeta replaces Gianluca Zambrotta
66' Motta gets the ball just inside the box in the left and plays in a low cross. Kluivert steps over the ball and Xavi takes the shot, only for Birindelli to make a fine block
65' Tacchinardi plays a ball through the centre for Del Piero, he fails to read the move and Puyol mops up
64' Free-kick to Juve for a handball by Reiziger. It's taken short down the right and eventually Ferrara delivers a ball over the top - into the hands of Bonano
63' A change for Barcelona now as Gaizka Mendieta replaces Juan Riquelme
62' Zambrotta thinks he's win a corner off Gabri, only for the referee to point for the goal-kick
61' Kluivert foolishly trips Zambrotta and receives a yellow card for his troubles
60' Juventus make a change. Igor Tudor is replaced by Alessandro Birindelli
59' Davis gets in a great tackle on Puyol, who was looking to break down the right
58' Nedved is furious after being adjudged offside when sent free down the left
57' ...Bonano gets down well to push the ball round his left-hand post. Oh so close to a second for Juventus
56' Davids' shot is week, and that enables De Boer to get back and clear the ball, but it's only as far as Del Piero who tries the overhead kick...
55' Zambrotta goes on a bursting run down the left, he cuts the ball back to Davids...
54' Kluivert shows his frustration after Gabri's ball forward finds nomansland. Terrible stuff
53' Xavi fires a week shot into the arms of Buffon - he should have tested the keeper more from that position
52' Overmars breaks down the right and plays a nice ball to Xavi on the penalty spot...
51' Saviola is fouled by Davids, and that's a free-kick to Barca
50' The game's not improved in the early stages of the second half. Still a dour affair
49' Nedved plays a ball out right to the right - there's no-one there and the fans make their disgust a vocal one
48' Nedved breaks down the right and tries to cut inside - Gabri does well to win the ball
47' Thuram comes forward but is muscled off the ball by Overmars
46' Barcelona get the second half started
45' A poor first half, but Juve deservedly have the advantage thanks to Montero's goal from close range
45' No added time, and the half-time whistle goes
44' Corner to Barca. Xavi delivers from the right but a black and white shirt gets there first to clear
43' Xavi finds Riquelme just outside the box. He looks to come inside but Thuram is there to get a block on the shot
42' Camoranesi tries to thread the ball through to send Del Piero in on goal, but the flag goes up for offside
41' Saviola does well to hold off the challenge of De Boer down the right before crossing for Kluivert, but Buffon is there to claim
40' Barca enjoy a bit of possession at last, sweeping the ball around
39' Thuram balloons his cross into box, it's a woeful attempt that gives Barca a goal kick
38' The ball comes in from the right, Tudor wins the header but again puts it over the bar
37' There's a mix-up between Puyol and Bonano, which gifts a corner to Juve
36' The flag goes up for offside aganist Kluivert - he's far from happy with the decision
35' Camoranesi finds some space on the right and tries to pick out Nedved in the box. Motta's challenge needs to be spot on, and it is.
34' Riquelme's shot is easy taken by Buffon, it lacked power
33' Del Piero is tugged back on the left wing. Nedved drills in the ball into the box but it's headed clear
32' Xavi takes the corner, but Buffon comes out brilliantly to pluck the ball out of the air
31' Overmars breaks down the right and wins a corner off De Boer
30' Nedved finds Camoranesi down the right flank, He stands the ball up for Tudor ten yards out but he heads over the bar when unmarked. He should have done better there
29' This game's about as exciting as an evening down your local garden centre. Great stuff...
28' Camoranesi works his way into the box and goes down, but the decision is a goal-kick to Barca
27' Juventus probe on the edge of the box... and then work the ball back into their own half
26' Now Gabri is helped to the floor by Davids, free-kick to the visitors
25' Saviola and Riquelme link up well, but Kluivert doesn't make a run - meaning the throughball finds only Buffon
24' Nedved tackles Motta from behind, and Barca get a free-kcik in centre field
23' Juve beginning to take a hold of the game now
22' Zamrotta's cross from the left it too strong. Camoranesi picks up the loose ball but De oer is there to clear
21' Del Piero tries a snap shot from the edge of the D which is easy for Bonano to collect
20' Juve happy to play the ball around in their own half right now
19' Kluivert's header loops straight into the hands of Buffon
18' Montero picked up the loose ball and slammed it into the roof of the net. Juve have the lead!
17' GOAL!!!
16' The corner is taken short, Nedved whips it to the back stick, Montero wins the header only for Del Piero to then see his attempt blocked by Bonano. It falls to Montero again...
15' It's going to be Nedved from the left, Kluivert diverts the ball behind for a corner
14' Now Del Piero goes down under Puyol's late challenge. Surely the referee must get a card out soon
13' Overmars again crosses from the right, this time Montero gets a boot to the ball and Juventus push out
12' Overmars looks to square the ball for Kluivert but Tudor is wise to the danger and ends the move with a sliding challenge
11' Xavi tries a hopeful shot from 25 yards, but drags his effort wide of the right up-right
10' Juve win a free-kick in a good position on the right, Puyol fouling Del Piero. Nedved delivers into the arms of Bonano
9' Another foul, this time by Reiziger on Thuram, quickly followed by Tudor on Saviola
8' Now Xavi goes down in a central position, Taccinardi the offender. De Boer strikes a poor shot from 30 yards which Thuram clears
7' Riquelme's delivery from the right is is poor and the defence clear with ease
6' Gabri fells Overmars, and almost straight away Davids become the offender against the same player
5' The delivery is poor and De Boer heads clear
4' Nedved plays the ball in to Camoranesi in the box, the Barcelona players call for handball but it's not given and the home side win a corner
3' A slow start to the game, played in the Italian style rather than the Spanish
2' Kluivert looks to play the ball inside to Overmars but the Dutchman has moved on and the defence mops up
1' It's a wet night in Turin, Barcelona get us under way
- All the action as Barca and their near perfect Champions League record arrive at the home of the Serie A champions. Kicking off at 19.45 BST

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