Real Madrid
No. Name
  1 Iker Casillas
  3 Roberto Carlos  73'
  2 Míchel Salgado
  4 Fernando Hierro
  5 Zinedine Zidane
  10 Luis Figo
  24 Claude Makelele
  14 Guti
  6 Ivan Helguera
  9 Fernando Sanchez Morientes
  80' 21  Santiago Solari
  11 Ronaldo  23'
  50' 18  Javier Portillo
  13 César
  22 Francisco Pavón
  16 Flavio Conceicao
  8 Steve McManaman
  19 Esteban Cambiasso
  • 23
    • Ronaldo Goal
  • 29
    • Alessandro Birindelli Yellow Card
  • 30
    • Mark Iuliano Yellow Card
  • 34
    • Gianluca Zambrotta Yellow Card
  • 45
    • David Trezeguet Goal
  • HT
    • Halftime
  • 46
    • On: Gianluca Pessotto | Off: Mark Iuliano
  • 50
    • On: Javier Portillo | Off: Ronaldo
  • 57
    • Antonio Conte Yellow Card
  • 73
    • Roberto Carlos Goal
  • 79
    • Ciro Ferrara Yellow Card
  • 80
    • On: Santiago Solari | Off: Fernando Sanchez Morientes
  • 82
    • On: Marco Di Vaio | Off: Pavel Nedved
  • FT
    • End Regular Time
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Match Commentary

90' The last action of the match. Real have their win but maybe, just maybe they will rue that away goal from the Italians.
90' Solari wins a corner. Real chase that last goal. The ball is fumbled by Buffon and falls to Helguera who again can't compose himself to finish.
90' Buffon came to Juve's rescue by putting off Helguera and saving that Figo shot.
90' Figo gets an opportunity. He drills it left-footed and Buffon palms away. Carlos collects a rebound to cross. Helguera fires over the bar when he was falling.
89' Solari makes space for a left-wing cross. It's cleared. Conte with an overhead clearance.
88' Figo fouls the efferevescent Camoranesi. Juve will take their time. Casillas forced to hack away.
87' Hierro heads away. Zidane tries to find Portillo but the youngster is offside.
85' Real get away. Zidane and Figo running hard on goal but Carlos is ignored and the Portugal star gets a chance to run at the defence. He loses it after a series of jinks and twists.
84' Camoranesi runs on. Del Piero has a shot charged down by Helguera.
84' Figo gets his lollipops out again as he runs at the heart of the defence. He plays a pass sideways to...Zambrotta.
81' Zidane flatters to deceive with a back-heel. Then Portillo is clattered by Cameranesi.
81' Nedved makes way for Juventus. Marco Di Vaio comes on. Marcelo Lippi seemingly wants a goal.
80' Carlos to hammer fact it limps to Buffon. Another addition to the crap free-kicks collection.
79' Solari comes on for the ineffectual Morientes. Tudor comes off for Camaronesi, the dual nationality man.
78' Zidane shows control when he looked to have lost the ball. Ferrara clatters into Figo and it's another booking. The veteran will miss out next week.
76' Guti's ball is intercepted by Thuram on the edge of the box.
76' Carlos stops Zambrotta. Zidane is over-deliberate when a pacy attack is needed.
74' Real's fans singing again. Maybe fortune is on their side. Zidane fouls Del Piero.
74' The Real favouritism school of thought may have some more ammo after that decision. A homer if ever there was.
72' The ball is pumped in. Knocked out and Roberto Carlos drills in a shot. It nestles in the back of the net. An offside flag waves. The ref consults his linesman but no player interfered and that's a goal. 2-1 to Real. Controversial.
70' At the other end Ferrara heads a corner behind.
70' Juve play some steady passing. Then Zambrotta, not for the first time, beats the left hand side of the Real defence and gets a cross in. Del Piero gets the ball only to scuff a shot.
69' Buffon palms away a shot. Roberto Carlos down the left but everyone misses his smashed cross. Better from Real.
67' Zambrotta beats four players and when Del Piero was going through a Hierro hack came to the rescue.
67' Cross came in from Birindelli. Del Piero gets up to head wide. Another chance.
66' Ferrara shows his age when Portillo chases back. But Buffon bails him out.
64' Figo shows neat skill but a left-foot cross is poor. Salgado tries to shoot but his chip serves as a back-pass to Buffon.
62' Makalele and Zidane are over-deliberate when a hoof clear would have sufficed.
62' Juve force a corner. Zambrotta's header had Casillas wavering but he's happy to watch the ball drift over.
61' Figo cuts in. He loses the ball. Guti gets a, he's tackled. Nedved and Conte can't make much of a chance to break.
60' Juve on the attack. But an offside flag stops a move in its tracks. Zidane is hurried when he has a chance against his old club.
58' A Real break but Buffon gets a Figo cross.
57' Del Piero gets a chance. Zambrotta takes Carlos apart. But the snap shot is deflected behind. Casillas gets the resulting corner clear.
57' Conte is booked for a foul on Guti. The cards are mounting for the old lady.
56' Zidane has to hack clear. Real are showing signs of worry.
54' Zambrotta beat Carlos and got a cross in. Del Piero was slow to control when Trezeguet looked the favourite.
54' But Conte comes back on. Guti plays a pass out to Carlos who lashes the ball off for a corner.
52' Figo cuts in and gets a shot in. He doesn't hit the target. Conte goes down. He looks in pain.
51' Zidane can't find a way through. Pessotto stops his pass.
50' Morientes fails to get to a Figo pass. Frustration growing.
49' Hierro hammers away as Nedved threatens. Portillo comes on.
48' Things suddenly don't look quite so bright for Real Madrid.
48' Ronaldo looks to have played his last part in the game. Javier Portillo will replace him.
47' Figo beats two men to get a cross in. But Buffon catches the ball.
47' Zambrotta's cross evades everyone but Real were troubled by his diagonal ball.
46' Trezeguet lost the ball but then robbed Makalele to win it back.
45' Real kick off. And they need goals. Iuliano has been replaced for Juve by Pessotto.
45' No further action to speak of and the ref puts and end to a first half which have dominated but find themselves level.
44' Against the run of play but the Italians won't care a fig. Real's fabled defensive problems let them down.
44' And at the other end....chaos in the Real area. Del Piero's bad pass deflects into Trezeguet. Two bites of the cherry and he knocks it in. 1-1 and a vital, vital away goal.
44' Morientes gets a chance. But he leans back on a Ronaldo flick to fire over.
43' Del Piero and Trezeguet try to link but fail again. They've been frustrated.
42' Nedved heads away. Del Piero concedes a free-kick. Which is overhit for Roberto Carlos. Thunderthighs can't keep it in.
41' Figo charges down the right and wins a corner off Birindelli.
40' Figo on the charge. Ronaldo gets a touch. Zidane gets the ball, weaves when he had a chance to shoot but then holds off three defenders with a spin. His cross is just too high.
37' Del Piero gets a chance but he can't hook it over. He then loses it when he gets a second chance.
37' Zidane brilliance. He turns and releases Figo but a corner is the result. Which Salgado, perhaps wanting to emulate his full-back partner, thrashes it fully twenty feet wide and over the bar.
36' Guti gets back well as Thuram charges. Juve finding it hard to service their forward line.
35' Lovely move finds Figo on the wing. Ferrara climbs on Morientes and Buffon can head away.
35' Ferrara thwarts a charge from Morientes. Canny defending from the veteran.
34' Zambrotta is booked for a heavy tackle on Roberto Carlos. Juve have a few players on sudden death already.
33' Birindelli is fouled by Ronaldo's silly hack.
33' Ronaldo beats Iuliano but not Tudor. He hits the deck but no foul is given.
32' Zidane skids a shot from distance which Buffon takes two attempts to stop.
31' Helguera stops a Nedved ball out to a galloping Thuram. He was fortunate.
30' Iuliano heads backwards for Buffon. He kicks away.
29' Ronaldo is clattered by Iuliano. And the Italian is booked.
29' You guessed it. He wakes up the sleepers on Row Z with another aimless howitzer.
28' He of the slick hair and lantern jaw gets up. Roberto Carlos...........
27' Figo is baulked by a heavy Birindelli challenge.
27' Tudor does well under pressure. Del Piero's control is poor when he's played in.
26' Figo shows the Juve defence a number of lollipops but his finish ain't so sweet and drifts into the crowd.
25' Real want another and Zidane gets a cross in. This time it's cleared. Nedved breaks and his shot is clutched by Casillas.
23' He shuts the boo-boys right up by running on to a flick from Morientes and side-footing with genuine power past Buffon. A great goal from the best striker in the game. 1-0 Real!
22' Ronaldo is stopped in his tracks and is given the bird for his failure from the crowd.
21' Again Juve clear. Figo, on the burst, had a pass intercepted.
21' Figo's kick hits Hierro but he nods in the wrong direction.
21' Ronaldo cuts in but numbers get back to clear. Morientes can't head at goal. A corner is forced.
20' Figo's cross is nodded away from Morientes.
18' Ronaldo has a shot charged down. Figo drags an effort wide.
17' Birindelli's fine challenge stops a Figo charge.
16' Real are casual but effective at the back. Ronaldo makes an attempt at a penalty claim. No dice from the ref.
15' Ronaldo is fouled on the edge of the area. Free-kick.....guess who to take? No, Zidane takes a dipper and forces a save from Buffon. Maybe Del Bosque reads Soccernet after all.
13' Trezeguet gets a snap-shot in. He's offside though.
12' Guti threaded a reverse ball and Zidane miscontrols. A collector's item.
12' Zidane is offcolour with a pass. Juve get it clear.
11' Casillas punches away. Thuram runs the ball out for a goal-kick.
10' Conte's shot skips up and out for a corner.
9' Juve happy to play possession football. Salgado eventually concedes a throw.
8' Of course. He smashes into the stands. Why does he take them when Zidane and Figo are in the team? God knows. Part of his contract we reckon at Soccernet. Fact: He's terrible at free-kicks.
7' Free-kick. Carlos to leather it....?
7' Helguera's stretch is in vain. Trezeguet gets a shot in but Carlos' back stops it getting goalward. Not that a corner is given.
6' Guti plays in Ronaldo who outpaces Ferrara but can only scuff at Buffon.
5' Real are thwarted in an attempt to build an attack. Ronaldo's flick can't find Morientes. Nor can a Figo cross.
3' Fifo fouled as he cuts in. Birindelli the criminal.
3' Juve on the attack. Thuram gets a cross in. Panic in the area as Hierro heads away when Casillas came to punch. Nedved can't get enough neck power into his header. Madrid were lucky too.
2' Figo down the right. His cross evades everyone but Carlos lashes it again - this time off for a throw-in.
1' Makalele played into trouble. He's fouled.
1' Figo gets it out right. Zidane outnumbered and Carlos, no surprises here, smashes wide.
1' Juve get us underway. A long hit forward and Makalele sweeps up.
- Real aiming for that tenth European title and Juve for their third. A dampish evening in Madrid and the fans are getting behind their team.
- Juve will miss the wiles of Paolo Montero and Edgar Davids. Tudor and Conte take their places.
- Perhaps most surprising of those is the selection of Morientes alongside Ronaldo. McManaman's omission is less of a heart-stopper.
- Teams: Real: Casillas, Salgado, Hierro, Helguera, Carlos, Makelele, Guti, Zidane, Figo, Morientes, Ronaldo. Juventus: Buffon, Ferrara, Iuliano, Thuram, Birindelli, Tudor, Conte, Zambrotta, Nedved, Del Piero, Trezeguet
- All the action from the Bernabeu as the holders enterain the champions of Italy. Kicking off at 19.45 UK time

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