AC Milan
No. Name
  12 Dida
  13 Alessandro Nesta
  19 Alessandro Costacurta  18'
  65' 25  Jose Vitor Roque Junior
  3 Paolo Maldini
  4 Kakha Kaladze
  10 Manuel Rui Costa
  87' 23  Massimo Ambrosini
  8 Gennaro Gattuso
  21 Andrea Pirlo
  70' 27  Serginho
  20 Clarence Seedorf
  9 Filippo Inzaghi
  7 Andriy Shevchenko
  18 Christian Abbiati
  24 Martin Laursen
  32 Christian Brocchi
  11 Rivaldo
  • 18
    • Alessandro Costacurta Yellow Card
  • 42
    • On: Alessandro Birindelli | Off: Igor Tudor
  • 45
    • On: Antonio Conte | Off: Mauro Camoranesi
  • HT
    • Halftime
  • 65
    • On: Marcelo Zalayeta | Off: Edgar Davids
  • 65
    • On: Jose Vitor Roque Junior | Off: Alessandro Costacurta
  • 68
    • Alessio Tacchinardi Yellow Card
  • 70
    • On: Serginho | Off: Andrea Pirlo
  • 87
    • On: Massimo Ambrosini | Off: Manuel Rui Costa
  • FT
    • End Regular Time
  • 111
    • Alessandro Del Piero Yellow Card
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Match Commentary

120' Shevchenko - scores to Buffon's left. Juve 2-3 Milan, Milan are crowned champions
120' Del Piero - scores to Dida's right. Juve 2-2 Milan
120' Nesta - scores to Buffon's right. Juve 1-2 Milan
120' Montero - Dida saves with his feet down the middle. Juve 1-1 Milan
120' Kaladze - Buffon saves with his feet down the middle. Juve 1-1 Milan
120' Zalayeta - Dida saves to his right. Juve 1-1 Milan
120' Seedorf - Buffon saves to his right. Juve 1-1 Milan
120' Birindelli - scores down the middle. Juve 1-1 Milan
120' Serginho - scores to Buffon's right. Juve 0-0 Milan
120' Trezeguet - Dida saves to his left. Juve 0-0 Milan
120' It's finished all square and we're going to penalties
120' FT: Juventus 0 Milan 0
119' Inzaghi finds Seedorf on the right. Shevchenko is lurking in the middle, Thuram gets in sharply, good defending.
118' Trezeguet goes up for a header but Milan defend well
117' Shevchenko is down with an injury. He's going to battle on, Milan now have two walking wounded
116' Gattuso make another fine tackle in midfield, it will be a shame if he finishes on the losing side
115' Conte pulls it back to Del Piero on the edge of the box, he shoots well over
114' Ferrara looks long for Trezeguet but Nesta heads clear
113' Serginho has time and space on the left for a good cross but not for teh first time his delivery is poor. Oh for Rivaldo...
112' Kaladze looks for Inzaghi in the inside left channel, well defended by Juve again
111' Del Piero is booked for a cynical tackle on Gattuso
110' Seedorf plays Shevchenko through the middle, he's just offside though
109' Serginho gets to the line and pings over a cross. It's far too deep though and the danger is averted
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107' Zambrotta crosses, Nesta almost beheads Conte in the box but the referee says no penalty
106' Milan get the second half of extra time under way. Juve win the call and go on the attck. Zalayeta is fouled on the left wing
105' No silver goal, we'll have all of extra time and if we can't separate them it will be a penalty shoot out
105' HT in ET. Juventus 0 Milan 0
105' Inside the last minute of the first half of extra time, a silver goal now and it would be all but over...
104' Del Piero tries to find some space on teh right wing. Maldini is right with him and the Juve man handles the ball
103' ...Serginho takes it, Maldini wins it but it loops up in the air and Buffon claims it easily
102' Serginho's cross is blocked by Thuram, corner ball...
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100' Inside the last five minutes of the first half, a silver goal now would be crucial. Del Piero tries to find it but shoots over
99' Conte picks up teh pieces on the edge of the box and shoots left-footed. Over the bar
98' Roque Junior is hardly moving but he's back on the pitch. Ambrosini is now at right back and Roqque Junior is just standing in midfield
97' Ferrara has been immense and makes another good interception to see off a Milan attack
96' Conte has looked since coming on but his ball for the overlapping Birindelli is poor and goes straight out
95' Roque Junior is off the field with a muscle problem but Milan have no subs left so he'll have to play on
94' Conte finds space on the right and slips it to Del Piero. He rolls it to Tacchinardi who shoots but it's defelcted
93' Gattuso makes his upteenth challenge in midfield, he's played well tonight
93' Both sides know if they get the first goal they only have to defend until half-time in extra time and under the 'silver goal' rule they win
92' Zalayeta gets on the end of a chipped cross but the angle is against him and he heads into the side netting
91' Juve kick off the first period of extra time. Trezeguet tries an early shot, it's blocked
90' Juve took control early in the second half after being outplayed in the first, but Davids going off knocked them and Milan came back into it. Still, extra time to look forward to now...
90' FT: Juventus 0 Milan 0, extra time to come
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90' Seedorf wriggles past a couple of challenges but his shot is weak and Buffon saves easily
89' Juve look long for Zalayeta but Milan head clear
88' Seedorf takes a free-kick form the right wing, all teh big lads are up but it's far too long and goes straight out
87' Rui Costa is off, Ambrosini is on in the centre of midfield
86' Birindelli gets some space on the left but throws himself over a challenge and the referee, who has had a good game, tells him to get on with it
85' Roque Junior is finding plenty of space on the right and crosses. Juve head clear
84' Inzaghi is caught by Del Piero in midfield and goes down heavily. No booking though
83' Inzaghi wins the ball off Ferrara in his own box and Milan win a free-kick just outside the boz wide out. Rui Costa takes it but Conte heads clear
82' Gattuso crosses for Nesta but Juve hack clear
80' Seedorf plays in Shevchenko on the left. His cross evades Rui Costa but Milan have another corner
79' Trezeguet clears the flag kick. Seedorf finds Rui Costa on the edge of the area but his shot is high wide and not very handsome
78' Shevchenko heads on for Inzaghi. He spins and shoots but Montero defelcts it out for a corner
77' Seedorf finds Serginho on the left wing and he whips over a cross which Inzaghi meets first time, just over though
76' Ferrara crashes into the back of Shevchenko on halfway but both players are back on their feet
75' Tacchinardi brings down Seedorf in midfield and must be careful otherwise he might be the first player ever to be sent off in a Champions League final
74' The ball breaks to Conte and he hits it with everything from 25 yards. His back foot slips though and he skies it
73' Seedorf is hauled down by Del Piero on the right side of the pitch. Looks too wide for a shot but Serginho is lining it up. Easy save for Buffon
72' Serginho comes on for Pirlo
71' Tacchinardi is penalised when looking to work space for a shot. He's not happy but having been booked he'd be better off not complaining so much
70' Gattuso puts in a good looking challenge on Zalayeta but is penalised by the ref
69' Tacchinardi brings down Gattuso with a clumsy challenge, he's booked
68' Del Piero whips in a free-kick, Zalayeta is there first but it glances wide
67' Pirlo's corner is claimed by Buffon. Both sides have a made an enforced change. Roque Junior is on at right back for Milan in place of Costacurta, Zalayeta is on up front for Juve with Davids off, Del Piero moving back into midfield
66' Seedorf is in acres on the left. He has two forwards to aim for but his cross is poor and is hacked clear
65' Zambrotta goes down under a heavy challenge from Nesta on the edge of the area, no foul says the referee
64' Seedorf gets to the byline, Montero blocks the cross and wins his team a goal kick. Good defending
63' Rui Costa tries a one-two with Shevchenko, Juve just get a timely boot in. Milan are back on top at the moment
62' Del Piero looks to get on the end of a long ball towards the corner flag but Maldini is too clever and wins the ball, then a free-kick
61' Milan have a corner as they look to turn the screw. Pirlo takes, Rui Costa meets the header out on the volley but it's well over
60' ...Pirlo takes, Maldini is first there, meets it with a firm header on the penalty spot but it goes wide. fine chance though
59' Milan have a free-kick on the right wing, a good position for a cross...
58' Shevchenko beats two men but Ferrara is in hard again, clearing well
57' Ferrara plays right through Inzaghi but the referee waves play on
56' Trezeguet tries to put in Zambrotta but Gattuso is in again
55' Gattuso, always keen to tackle anything that moves, brings down Del Piero from behind
54' Shevchenko beats one challenge but Davids is sharp to see off the danger
53' Shevchenko finds some space on the left but Ferrara is sharp in the tackle and closes out the move
52' Rui Costa dances past a couple of challenges but tries a difficult ball to Shevchenko when he had an overlap
51' Thuram crosses from the right for Del Piero. He wins the header but is adjudges to have fouled Costacurta
50' Thuram gets down the right ring but Pirlo wins it and clears for Milan. Juve have started well though
49' Costacurta crosses, Inzaghi gets up for it but his header is weak and skids wide
48' Del Piero whips is a cross from teh right wing, Conte connects with a great diving header but it smashes off the bar and out. Del Piero takes another corner but Milan clear
47' Juve win an early corner, Del Piero takes but shevchenko clears well
46' Juve kick off the second half. Conte is on for Camoranesi
45' Everybody predicted a low scoring affair but there's been plenty of attacking flair and chances without a goal for either side. It's all set up for a cracking second half
45' HT: Juventus 0 Milan 0
45' Kaladze shoots from the edge of teh area, comfortable save by Buffon
45' Inzaghi looks to work space for a shot, good block by Thuram
45' Milan win a corner at the other end, the ball breaks to Gattuso on the edge of the area but his shot is poor
45' A scramble ensues in the Milan penalty area, Nesta denies Ferrara of all people with a fine challene. There are three minutes added on
45' Juve win another corner. Camoranesi takes, Tacchinardi gets his head to it but the connection isn't solid enough
44' Camoranesi slips Del Piero down the right of the Milan defenders, he shoots and Duda saves sharply. Camoranesi's corner is headed clear
43' Montero is back to his normal centre half position, Birendelli at left back
42' Tudor is down after a chellenge from Shevchenko. He looks badly injured and there's a stretcher's out. He limps off but he can't continue, Birendelli's on
41' Milan seem to be getting after Del Piero, he's got a bloody face and he's taking a couple of hefty challenges
40' Rui Costa finds some space on teh edge of teh box and shoots, it goes just the wrong side of the post from a Milan viewpoint, good chance though
39' Rui Costa slips round a couple of tackles and looks for Shevchenko. It's just too heavy and Buffon is out to claim
38' Gattuso gets to the line around Davids but his cross goes straight out of play
37' Seedorf is caught in possession but Camoranesi gives it away as Juve look to break
36' Del Piero is down with blood coming from a cut below the eye. Nesta caught him but it looked accidental
35' Del Piero crosses from the spot-kick, Trezeguet is there first but he's pushed his way in and the ref gives a free-kick
34' Camoranesi backheels to Thuram as Juve break. Seedorf stops it with a foul on Zambrotta
33' ...Pirlo takes it and looks for Nesta, well defended by Tudor and Ferrara between them
32' Shevchenko gets to the line and chips in a cross. It evades Inzaghi but Milan win a corner...
31' Montero hurls down Seedorf, again he's lucky to stay out of the referee's notebook
30' Juve break through Davids. Trezeguet just fails to get on the end of his ball
29' Seedorf looks over the top for Shevchenko, Juve head clear though
28' Zambrotta comes in from the left and finds Del Piero. He looks to curl it into the top corner but it was always going over
27' Davids jinks past a couple of players and tries to play in Camoranesi, Dida is quick off his line
26' ...Pirlo takes, it bounces nicely off the back of one Juve player for another to hack clear
25' Seedorf just fails to find Inzaghi with a great ball, Tudor gets across to clear for a corner...
24' Davids tricks a couple of Milan players with a lovely shake of the hips, he's started very well
23' Rui Costa brings down Camoranesi in midfield but Milan clear the free-kick
22' Pirlo collides with Davids and goes down holding his face. He's up though and no action from the ref
21' Ferrara makes another timely intervention to prevent Milan breaking through the middle
21' Del Piero whips in the free-kick, Seedorf heads out. Thuram tries a shot but it's well over
20' Zambrotta again leads the break for Juve, Costacurta brings him down and is booked
19' Great save from Buffon. Shevchenko crosses for Inzaghi, he meets it with a diving header but the big keeper gets down well and gets a hand to it
18' ...Seedorf flicks it on but Juve scramble it clear
17' Gattuso makes a good overlap run on the right and crosses, corner ball...
17' Zambrotta and Del Piero try to work a one-two but it goes out for a throw
16' ...Del Piero takes, Maldini heads it upwards but the ref has spotted a foul and it's a free-kick to Milan
15' Zambrotta is fouled near the corner flag, good position for a cross...
14' Shevchenko, who is seeing a lot of the ball, comes inside and tries to work a one-two, good challenge by Ferrara
13' Montero plays through the back of Shevchenko, hard foul but no booking
12' ...Pirlo takes it but it's too deep and flicked out for a Milan throw on the far side
11' Maldini finds Shevchenko on the right wing, great control, Ferrera gets back and concedes a corner...
10' Ferrera lanches a long ball from the left back area but Milan are holding a high line and it skids on too far
9' Thuram gets forward on the right, lovely ball in, Trezeguet is first to it but he heads wide, good chance went begging there
8' Goal disallowed. Shevchenko's deflected shot from Inzaghi's pull back hits the back of the net and he celebrates, but Rui Costa was in front of the keeper offside and the goal is disallowed
7' Shevchenko plays in Inzaghi on the left. He falls to the ground and appeals for a penalty, no says the referee
6' Pirlo is robbed in midfield by Davids. Gattuso foulsTacchinardi
- The first all-Italian Champions League Final - live commentary here from 19.45 UK time.

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