Discrimination in English football rises 38 percent - Kick It Out report

Anti-discrimination group Kick It Out has said incidents of racism, anti-gay abuse and other discrimination have increased by 38 percent from last season in the top four divisions of English football.

The group said that although this could be partially due to incidents having been made easier to report, the increase should serve as "a wake-up call."

It said there had been 111 incidents of discrimination since August, with 64 of those happening at Premier League games and 47 in the other three divisions.

Those figures contrast with totals of 40 and 29 at the same point of last season.

Taking into account the top four divisions of non-league football and the grassroots game, along with social media, a 59 percent increase in incidents of discrimination was recorded.

Racism and anti-gay abuse were the two most recorded forms of discrimination, with biphobia, transphobia and anti-Semitism also being reported.

Kick It Out chair Lord Herman Ouseley said: "Ultimately, tackling discrimination must be a collective effort.

"The leaders across all sections of society and football, as well as the broader public and football supporters themselves, need to take action, report discrimination and help us eradicate hatred."