Arjen Robben 'glad' he admitted to World Cup dive against Mexico

Arjen Robben has told The Observer he stands by his decision to admit to diving during last summer's World Cup.

During Netherlands' 2-1 comeback win over Mexico in the round of 16, Robben had two shouts for a penalty turned down by the referee before a third appeal was given.

After the game the winger admitted diving on one of the first two occasions, when fouls were not given, but claimed the third time was a legitimate foul.

His performance led to criticism from Mexico coach Miguel Herrera, who accused the Bayern Munich player of "three dives."

Of his apology last June, Robben explained: "I'm glad I said it. There was lots of controversy and everyone was speaking about it. I was honest and I got punished.

"There was some negative publicity but I'm still 100 percent sure I did the right thing in talking openly. There was one mistake I made in the game against Mexico...

"I thought someone was about to kick me and, in the end, he pulled his leg backwards just as I started going down. But it had absolutely no influence on the game.

"It was not a claim for a penalty. It's behind me now... well, maybe not in Mexico. I actually think lots of other players were doing worse things."