MLS fines Portland Timbers owner Merritt Paulson for ref criticism

Ask the Ref: Why wasn't VAR used in Orlando? (1:26)

Peter Walton examines the controversial penalty awarded to Dom Dwyer in Orlando City's 3-2 win over Portland, a decision that was not reviewed. (1:26)

Portland Timbers owner Merritt Paulson is being fined by Major League Soccer for comments he made about the match official on social media following his team's 3-2 loss to Orlando City on April 8.

Orlando's come-from-behind win against Portland, who was leading 2-0 late in the second half, was helped along when referee Baldomero Toledo whistled Alvas Powell for a penalty on Dom Dwyer that led to one of Orlando's goals before sending off the Timbers' Sebastian Blanco for a second yellow-card caution.

After Orlando completed the comeback, Paulson wrote on Twitter: "No way in a million years thats a penalty. Disgraceful. How do you not VAR that. Tried it once early but he got us in the end. Joke."

MLS commissioner Don Garber announced the fine -- for an undisclosed amount -- on Monday.