Gatti-Damgaard: Round-by-Round

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. -- Arturo "Thunder" Gatti usually has good luck when he comes here.

Saturday night at Boardwalk Hall, Gatti dominated his previously unbeaten opponent Thomas Damgaard with an 11th-round TKO.

Fighting as a welterweight, Gatti (40-7, 31 KOs) showed strong ring generalship, having his way with Damgaard (37-1), who showed willingness to fight. But Damgaard's lack of power rendered him ineffective.

The end came at 2:54 of the 11th round, as Gatti clipped Damgaard's chin with a right hand that hurt the Danish fighter. Referee Lindsey Page saw Damgaard (37-1) was in no shape to continue and stopped the bout.

Gatti said he hurt his right hand in the fourth round, but said he would return to fight in the summer. This was Gatti's first fight since he lost his junior welterweight title via a sixth-round TKO to Floyd Mayweather Jr. in June.

A round-by-round account of the main event between Gatti and Damgaard:

Round 1
Gatti starts with jabs. He looks to lead. Gatti throws left hook with some juice on it. Gatti throws two left hooks to body, crowd roars. Gatti goes lefty with 30 seconds left, goes back to righty quickly. Damgaard throws very few punches.

Michael Woods scores it: Gatti 10-9

Round 2
Damgaard is closing distance. He's a bit busier now. Gatti's defense is solid, head movement is solid. Gatti's right hand lands. Gatti is very relaxed. His straight right is working.

Michael Woods scores it: Gatti 10-9

Round 3
Closer round, as Damgaard closes distance more. Gatti not moving as much. Gatti's six-punch combo gets crowd excited. Damgaard is stalking more, is busier. Gatti works hard out of the corner.

Michael Woods scores it: Gatti 10-9

Round 4
Gatti on his toes. Gatti's three-punch combo works. Damgaard's face is puffier. Two lefts by Damgaard. Damgaard hits Gatti in corner. He
throws seven punches, no answer. Gatti's right at bell is solid.

Michael Woods scores it: Damgaard 10-9

Round 5
Gatti returns stronger. Gatti's left hand lands. Gatti's punches are wide; Damgaard slips many. Gatti scores with nice uppercut. Ref warns Damgaard. Damgaard undeterred.

Michael Woods scores it: Gatti 10-9

Round 6

Gatti goes lefty again. Damgaard's lack of jab really hurts him. Gatti wins a trade. Gatti lands solid right. Gatti's feet are busier. Right uppercut lands for Gatti. Gatti backs up, but is in control.

Michael Woods scores it: Gatti 10-9

Round 7
Gatti is fresh. Damgaard is bleeding from forehead. Gatti combo lands. Gatti dances on toes. Damgaard is relentless, but not that effective. He stalks forward but that's it. Gatti straight left lands well.

Michael Woods scores it: Gatti 10-9

Round 8
McGirt yells "Move!" to Gatti. Damgaard has little reach. Damgaard lands flush left, no effect. Gatti right lands, he doesn't follow. Gatti left lands solid. Gatti's right is strong. Gatti takes last third of the round decisively.

Michael Woods scores it: Gatti 10-9

Round 9
Damgaard is game but … Damgaard arm punches. Gatti isn't moving as much this round. Gatti right rocks Damgaard. Gatti fights better as a
lefty than the lefty Damgaard does.

Michael Woods scores it: Gatti 10-9

Round 10
Gatti jaunty. Gatti in retreat but no danger. Damgaard left lands solid. Gatti left right combo staggers Damgaard. Gatti seizes moment. McGirt tells him to move.

Michael Woods scores it: Gatti 10-9

Round 11
Gatti still moves freshly. Damgaard loses point for holding and hitting. Gatti lands right, leaves. Gatti has Damgaard in trouble. Gatti senses momentum. Gatti lands one-two, follows with right hook that clips Damgaard. Damgaard staggers, his eyes look bad. Referee doesn't count, he waves the fight to an end.

Michael Woods writes a weekly column for Maxboxing.com.