Two Khan-Judah undercard fights off

Two notable fights scheduled to take place on the undercard of the Amir Khan-Zab Judah junior welterweight unification bout at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas have been called off -- both for the second time.

• The junior welterweight title eliminator between Lamont Peterson (28-1-1, 14 KOs) and Victor Cayo (26-1, 18 KOs) fell off the card because of issues between promoters Golden Boy and Warriors Boxing over the option agreement between them in the event Cayo won.

• The welterweight fight between Joel "Love Child" Julio (37-4, 31 KOs) and Antwone Smith (20-2-1, 12 KOs) was canceled because Julio had a family emergency, causing him to leave his Miami training camp last weekend for an extended period.

The Peterson-Cayo fight, which will determine a mandatory challenger for the winner of the Khan-Judah bout, will now head to an IBF purse bid on July 5, Warriors Boxing promoter Leon Margules told ESPN.com on Wednesday.

Margules, who promotes Cayo, and Golden Boy had reached an agreement on the fight to take place July 23 rather than go to a purse bid.

"But Golden Boy came back to me and wanted to be my partner on Cayo if he won and I said OK, for a couple of fights," Margules said. "We would co-promote him. Then the documents came back giving them control of my fighter and they wouldn't agree to a full 50-50 promotion. They came to me in the first place, so if they didn't want to agree to 50-50, no deal. When I told them that, they said they are passing on the fight. So now it goes back to a purse bid.

"We didn't pull out of the fight, we pulled out of the deal. When I insisted on a 50-50 deal on the options they wanted to control the fighter during the option period and have final say on my fighter. I said no. If it's a true 50-50 deal we both have to agree, not them having the tie-breaker."

Peterson-Cayo was originally scheduled to take place April 29 on ESPN2's "Friday Night Fights," but was postponed because Cayo suffered a shoulder injury in training.

Julio and Smith were scheduled to headline a "Friday Night Fights" card on May 11, but Smith withdrew because of an injury and Julio went on to dominate Anges Adjaho for a decision in the new main event.

The fight was scrapped again after Julio's mother and sister were injured in an auto accident in their native Colombia over the weekend.

"I guess this fight is not meant to be," said Jolene Mizzone, matchmaker for Main Events, Julio's promoter.

Mizzone said Julio's mother had broken ribs and that his sister also was injured.

"But he had to go down there to take care of them," Mizzone said. "He flew down there right away to take care of them. I was giving it a couple of days to see if he was coming back up but he's not coming back yet. He's the only down there to care of them, so the fight is not happening."

Dan Rafael is the boxing writer for ESPN.com. Follow him on Twitter @danrafaelespn.