EBay: No Boston medals for profit

EBay says it is monitoring listings to ensure nobody uses the auction website to profit off the Boston Marathon bombings.

Remaining up is a medal from this year's race whose proceeds will go directly to charity.

Jonathan Resnick says when he read on a runners' discussion board about people selling their medals, he realized "it was the least I could do to make something good from something bad." The winning bid for Resnick's medal will go to the American Red Cross of Eastern Massachusetts through eBay's program for charitable giving.

EBay says its policy "does not allow listings that graphically portray, glorify or attempt to profit from human tragedy or suffering."

Boston Athletic Association spokesman Marc Davis says: "What people choose to do with their medals is, and always has been, their prerogative."

Boston Marathon organizers say they've been overwhelmed by public support after bombs killed three people and injured hundreds more at the finish line of their race.

Speaking for the first time since the April 15 attacks, Boston Athletic Association President Tom Grilk says the tragedy has spawned a massive outpouring of assistance. Grilk and Boston Marathon race director Dave McGillivray say the tight-knit running community has come together even more since the bombing at the world's most prestigious marathon.

Grilk says the B.A.A. has not yet decided how to accommodate all the people who say they want to run or volunteer next year to show their support.

Grilk also said the organization has donated $250,000 to The One Fund Boston, the charity set up to help victims of the bombing.