Mass: Longoria will reign as AL MVP

"There's always next year," they say. Well, next year is here. We surveyed ESPN's fantasy staff to find out a bit about what they think is in store for fantasy owners in 2010.

Reality check

Your fondest sports wish for 2010 is:
The U.S. Men's national team advances from group play and makes a solid showing at the World Cup.

Why will this happen/not happen?
No Charlie Davies leaves us without a finisher up front, and Oguchi Onyewu's knee injury will hurt us big-time on defense.

Any sport, who is your biggest sleeper pick for 2010?
Nolan Reimold. People are going to forget about him after Adam Jones and Matt Wieters are selected. Could be 25-25.

Any sport, which player do you fear will let you down, but you feel compelled to keep drafting him anyway?
Lastings Milledge. I can't help it. He's got a 20-20, .300 season in him. I just know it.

Which player has let you down one too many times and is now "dead to you"?
Anthony Gonzalez. He was supposed to be the "next Marvin Harrison" in Indianapolis. Instead, he's had about as long a tenure as William Henry Harrison.

Let's talk football

Who will be …

… the first quarterback drafted in fantasy football leagues? Tom Brady.
… the first running back? Chris Johnson.
… the first wide receiver? DeSean Jackson.
… the first rookie? C.J. Spiller.
… the NFL MVP? Matt Schaub, especially if the Texans can get him a second receiver to go along with Andre Johnson. No offense, Mr. Walter.
… the fantasy football MVP (most value for draft position)? Dwayne Bowe.
… fantasy football's leading scorer? Drew Brees.

The name game …
Which player would you rather draft in 2010?

Frank Gore or Ray Rice? Ray Rice.
Terrell Owens or LaDainian Tomlinson? Terrell Owens.
DeSean Jackson or Brandon Marshall? DeSean Jackson.
Vernon Davis or Antonio Gates? Antonio Gates.
Jay Cutler or Kyle Orton? Jay Cutler. He can't possibly throw that many picks again, right?
Fred Jackson or Jonathan Stewart? "The Daily Show," even if Jackson's all Buffalo ends up with at running back.
Knowshon Moreno or Beanie Wells? Beanie Wells.
Shonn Greene or LeSean McCoy? LeSean McCoy. Brian Westbrook's time has passed.
Miles Austin or Roddy White? Roddy White.
Steve Smith or Steve Smith? Hard to go wrong with saying Steve Smith. … What? Too easy? OK. Without Jake Delhomme, Carolina's version will excel.

Playing with numbers:
Predict the 2010 stat.

Tom Brady's passing touchdowns: 33.
Michael Vick's total touchdowns: 15.
Adrian Peterson's total yards: 1,562.
Chris Johnson's total yards: 1,930.
Terrell Owens' touchdowns: 8.
Brett Favre's games played: 0.
Kurt Warner's games played: 0.
Matt Forte's average draft position: 47

Play ball!

Who will be …

… the second player taken in fantasy leagues? Hanley Ramirez.
… the first starting pitcher? Roy Halladay.
… the first closer? Jonathan Broxton.
… the second catcher? Talk about falling off a cliff! Brian McCann.
… the AL MVP? Evan Longoria.
… the NL MVP? Prince Fielder.
… the AL Cy Young? Felix Hernandez.
… the NL Cy Young? Matt Cain.
… the AL Rookie of the Year? Desmond Jennings.
… the NL Rookie of the Year? Stephen Strasburg.
… the fantasy baseball MVP (most value for draft position)? Nyjer Morgan.
… The highest-rated player on Player Rater? Albert Pujols.

The name game …
Which player would you rather draft in 2010?

Hanley Ramirez or Alex Rodriguez? Han-Ram.
Tim Lincecum or Zack Greinke? Lincecum. Greinke's last season was as good as it gets for him. Lincecum could well win another Cy Young.
Roy Halladay or Chris Carpenter? Carpenter.
Ryan Braun or Matt Kemp? Kemp.
Yovani Gallardo or Josh Johnson? Johnson.
Prince Fielder or Ryan Howard? Fielder.
Adam Lind or Josh Hamilton? Lind.
Aaron Hill or Ben Zobrist? Hill.
Evan Longoria or Mark Teixeira? Teixeira. He just doesn't get MVP because there are too many Yankees to choose from.
Mariano Rivera or Jonathan Broxton? Broxton.

Playing with numbers:
Predict the 2010 stat:

Roy Halladay wins: 16.
Cliff Lee wins: 18.
Mark Reynolds home runs and batting average: 38, .253.
Joe Mauer's batting average and home runs: .327, 24.
Chone Figgins' and Ichiro Suzuki's stolen bases: 47, 18.
Matt Capps' saves: 31.
Javier Vazquez's wins, ERA and WHIP: 14, 3.95, 1.18.
Stephen Strasburg's wins, ERA and WHIP: 12, 3.72, 1.30
Grady Sizemore's HR/SB: 31, 22.
Alfonso Soriano's average draft position: 139.

Mad gabs

Fill in the blanks to formulate 10 predictions for 2010. Do not limit yourself to football or baseball

In 2010, Syracuse will play for the national championship in hoops.

There is no way that Eric Mangini will coach another game for the Browns.

• Padraig Harrington will be this year's Masters champion.

If the Mets get through this season with no major injuries then they will earn the NL wild card.

Chad Ochocinco will be the next big sports star to get a VH1 reality series.

There will be 12 players who take no-hitters into the ninth inning …

… but only one player who retires the side in order once he gets there.

Matthew Berry will get his own ESPN series where viewers get to write in and make him do wacky stunts, such as attempting to replicate Fonzie's shark jump.

This is the year that Brett Favre finally plays his last football game.

2010 will forever be remembered as the year Belarus shocked the world by winning the Olympic gold in hockey.

Have we missed anything?

What question do you wish you had been asked on this survey?
What three early "sleepers" from smaller conferences might make some NCAA tournament buzz?

And the answer is?
Old Dominion (beat Georgetown and almost beat Missouri), Western Carolina (beat Louisville) and the Ivy League champion (Cornell or Harvard -- both with solid play against Big East opponents).

What question are you glad you weren't asked?
What do you think happens in the final season of "Lost"?

Sucker! Now you have to answer.
My best guess is that the season starts the same way Season 1 did, with the plane crash, and slowly déjà vu sets in and they realize they're repeating an endless loop. They finally realize the only way to change things is to crash the plane themselves before the island's "magic" snares them.