Who had the best year?

Let's play Family Feud with the various sports. Then you tell me who had the best 2003.

Out of 100 average people asked for their first reactions, survey says:

Steroids, 90.

Corked bats, 5.

Inflated salaries, 3.

Never watch, 2.

National Footbal League
Survey says:

Cell phone, 65.

Joe Namath., 20.

Gambler's paradise, 15.

Survey says:

Huh?, 99.

Best game ever invented, 1.

Survey says:

Pot holders, 50.

Season too long, 40.

Can't shoot, 5.

Inmates own asylum, 5.

Survey says:

Wrecks, 50.

Brewski, 50.

College Footall
Survey says:

Playoff needed, 99.

Texas sucks, 1.

College Basketball
Survey says:

Office gambling pools, 40.

Coaching scandals, 30.

Player scandals, 29.

Referee scandals, 1.

Ice Hockey
Player fights, 95.

Player-fan fights, 1.

Player-referee fights, 1.

Player-coach fights, 1.

Player-Zamboni driver fights, 1.

Owners losing money, 1.

Good-looking women, 100.

Tiger Woods, 100.

Dog Shows
Survey says:

Same ones always win, 90.

Nothing to scoop, 10.

Horse Racing
Survey says:

Seabiscuit, 70.

Funny Cide, 30.

Horse racing has had two good years in one, as a spectator sport complete with past and present feel-happy stories, and as a gamble as well.

Seabiscuit could win an Oscar or two.

Baby-boomers with all that time and money on their hands are naturals for the race track.

It is ironic to note that some of those who predicted the collapse of horse racing have lost those particular jobs.

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