HorseplayerPro: Nose to Nose

It's the world of chat, and we're horse-playing in it. This week, ESPN.com contributing columnist Jeremy Plonk (JayPea) and fellow HorsePlayerPro.com analysts Joe Kristufek (DaKAttack) and Tim Turrell (TimmyT) samba in cyberspace.

Thursday, April 17

TimmyT (4:01:04 PM): Okay, guys, the last stop on the Road to the Kentucky Derby is this weekend at Keeneland in the Coolmore Lexington Stakes, what are your Keno Numbers -- I mean, "picks"?

TimmyT (4:01:50 PM): Or am I being too harsh on horses running over plastic?

DaKAttack (4:03:10 PM): bam, $10 winner and a COLD TRI at Hawthorne

DaKAttack (4:03:25 PM): sorry

TimmyT (4:03:57 PM): Nicely done, now give me the same thing for the Lexington!

DaKAttack (4:04:05 PM): Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

DaKAttack (4:04:38 PM): I'd have a better chance of predicting the Chicago weather for next February

TimmyT (4:04:41 PM): Don't tell me Salute The Sarge!....they'll need a taxi waiting for him at the 1/8th pole!

DaKAttack (4:04:56 PM): You're keying him in your Supers, huh

TimmyT (4:05:07 PM): Negative

DaKAttack (4:05:12 PM): If you twisted my arm really hard and forced me to make a pick...........

DaKAttack (4:05:14 PM): ATONED

TimmyT (4:06:40 PM): BINGO!!

DaKAttack (4:06:40 PM): He didn't get a fair shake in the Illinois Derby

DaKAttack (4:06:40 PM): Pletcher horses like to eat plastic

DaKAttack (4:06:40 PM): He did run one-two in the Blue Grass ya know

TimmyT (4:06:40 PM): Atoned – four consecutive runner-ups in stakes races before the Ill Derby

TimmyT (4:06:40 PM): I can tell you, he looks GREAT over the track here at Keeneland....he's on the muscle!

DaKAttack (4:06:40 PM): So you're telling me we agree in a Polytrack race at Keeneland?

DaKAttack (4:06:40 PM): Now you know we've got no shot

TimmyT (4:06:40 PM): Yeah, that's not good....

JayPea (4:09:51 PM): sorry I'm late

DaKAttack (4:10:21 PM): Nice of you to show up JP....that's a good one

JayPea (4:10:22 PM): what did I miss, Joe picking another 8/5 shot?

TimmyT (4:10:22 PM): Actually, you missed Joe AND Tim picking an 8-5 shot!

DaKAttack (4:10:28 PM): 8-5?

TimmyT (4:10:28 PM): I'll say 3-1 favorite!

TimmyT (4:10:29 PM): 5-2 minimum!

JayPea (4:10:31 PM): I just got back from a trip to the mechanic/proctologist --- $630 for new tires...maybe that's why I'm in love with Racecar Rhapsody

DaKAttack (4:10:31 PM): in love?

JayPea (4:10:32 PM): smelled too much motor oil for last 3 hours

TimmyT (4:10:32 PM): That conjures up scary images in my head!

JayPea (4:10:53 PM): the move RR made on the turn in the Lane's End is worth a second look, lads

DaKAttack (4:11:00 PM): see, he WAS watching racing videos

TimmyT (4:11:12 PM): Well, the price will be right, that's for sure!

TimmyT (4:11:26 PM): And I do like the fact that Robby Albarado stays

JayPea (4:11:29 PM): your boy Atoned has an aversion for finishing...Poly doesn't smile on that

DaKAttack (4:12:12 PM): well, Pletcher also has Behindatthebar, and he likes eating carpet too

JayPea (4:12:28 PM): that's Pletcher's best shot if you asked me

DaKAttack (4:12:28 PM): Pletcher runs one-two again

DaKAttack (4:12:33 PM): And doesn't get a sniff in the Derby....again

DaKAttack (4:12:34 PM): Well, maybe Monba..............

TimmyT (4:12:35 PM): Amazing that before last week, Pletcher was down to nothing....now he could conceivably have FOUR in the Derby!

JayPea (4:13:36 PM): whatever you do, do not discount Big Glen

JayPea (4:13:37 PM): he's the only horse in the race because he should be

JayPea (4:13:59 PM): everyone else is trying to find Louisville with a roadmap and a flashlight....Frankie Brothers knows Glen is this level

DaKAttack (4:14:32 PM): JP, were you throwing darts again?

JayPea (4:14:45 PM): I'm just sayin.....

JayPea (4:14:56 PM): find the HORSE who belongs, not the OWNER who wants to belong

TimmyT (4:15:13 PM): Atoned DEFINITELY belongs!

TimmyT (4:15:22 PM): he finished 2nd in FOUR consecutive stakes races!

JayPea (4:15:50 PM): Yeah, and he's running back on 2 weeks' rest because they want to run in the Derby, dude

JayPea (4:15:54 PM): Atoned belongs in the barn this weekend, and if the Derby wasn't May 3, no way in Hades he'd even be entered

DaKAttack (4:15:59 PM): Speaking of fire and brimstone .... Pyro was horrible on the same track last week, you guys allowing a mulligan?

TimmyT (4:16:16 PM): I feel Pyro was overrated going in, and all he has done is validate that opinion. You can run bad on Poly and use that as an excuse, but you can't run THAT bad.....Street Sense got beat here too, but he still FIRED!

TimmyT (4:16:40 PM): I'm TOTALLY out on Pyro, let him beat me....plus, I think when horses lose that bad it takes some of the starch out of them

JayPea (4:16:47 PM): I don't care how overrated you think Pyro was, there's no way you thought he was 10th in that race

JayPea (4:17:08 PM): so don't come with the "I told ya so's"

TimmyT (4:17:08 PM): I didn't think he was 10th, no....but I didn't like him...and STILL don't!

DaKAttack (4:17:31 PM): Pyro's run was a complete puzzler, but if you like him, the price goes way up in the Derby

TimmyT (4:17:39 PM): You know who I like, and if he won by five lengths, he can't warm up Big Brown!

DaKAttack (4:17:47 PM): Let's see how Pyro trains at Churchill

JayPea (4:17:55 PM): he ran 1/100th of his ability at Keeneland

DaKAttack (4:18:03 PM): I'd like Big Brown too if I had him at 150-1 in Vegas

JayPea (4:18:13 PM): Pyro may not win the Derby, but it doesn't take Mike Watchmaker to predict that

TimmyT (4:18:16 PM): He was flattered by terrible horses at Fair Grounds

JayPea (4:18:36 PM): the same terrible horses who came back to win the Wood and Bay Shore and run second in the Ark Derby?

TimmyT (4:18:36 PM): Yes, Big Brown beat nobody either, but it's the WAY he did it!

DaKAttack (4:19:03 PM): um, are you two saying, the, um, crop isn't very good?

TimmyT (4:19:12 PM): Who says I like ANYTHING coming out of the Wood or Ark Derby!?

DaKAttack (4:19:23 PM): TOUCHE

DaKAttack (4:19:28 PM): I'll leave now

DaKAttack (4:19:31 PM): Just IMed PamAnderson302 and told her to bring the mud

TimmyT (4:19:33 PM): I like two horses! Big Brown and Colonel John

JayPea (4:19:33 PM): If Tomcito wins the Lexington by 5, we'll feel much better about the horses Big Brown beat

DaKAttack (4:20:09 PM): haaaaaaaaaaaa TOMCITO by 5.............that's the best one yet, I'm stayin'!

TimmyT (4:20:12 PM): Tomcito is a slug!...and if he runs 10th, it won't make me feel ANY less about Big Brown

DaKAttack (4:20:20 PM): Time out!

DaKAttack (4:20:41 PM): Eight Belles...........in.............the Derby?

JayPea (4:20:53 PM): If she is, she'll run 18th

TimmyT (4:20:54 PM): If they were smart, hell no!

TimmyT (4:21:02 PM): But she's owned by a used car salesman!

TimmyT (4:21:12 PM): So they're probably going to run!

DaKAttack (4:21:22 PM): but wait

DaKAttack (4:21:29 PM): the figures tell us she fits

TimmyT (4:21:35 PM): On paper she fits, absolutely

DaKAttack (4:21:40 PM): it's a slooooow crop, remember

DaKAttack (4:21:47 PM): she could be Winning Colors or Rags to Riches

JayPea (4:21:48 PM): Watch her races - she throws her head around every time....she was unprepared at start of Fantasy in a 4-horse field

TimmyT (4:21:54 PM): But if I owned her, I'd run in the Kentucky Oaks and be 6-5

JayPea (4:21:55 PM): do that against 19 others and see where you end up

DaKAttack (4:22:20 PM): She tosses her head around cause she wants to run

JayPea (4:22:21 PM): Joe, it didn't take Winning Colors 6 starts to clear her non-winners of 2

TimmyT (4:22:36 PM): Good point, JP....

DaKAttack (4:22:38 PM): trust me

DaKAttack (4:22:47 PM): a filly should never run against the boys

DaKAttack (4:22:58 PM): unless she's proven herself superior against the girls

JayPea (4:23:09 PM): If she breaks anywhere like she did in the Fantasy, it won't matter, man

JayPea (4:23:21 PM): She will be bounced around, cut and battered before they get under the wire the first time

TimmyT (4:23:24 PM): Larry Jones has ZERO interest in running in the Derby....if she runs, it's because he was FORCED to enter her

DaKAttack (4:23:33 PM): just playing devil's advocate here

JayPea (4:23:46 PM): hey, Rick Porter is the same owner who fired John Servis --- I'm just sayin....

TimmyT (4:23:50 PM): Plus, like all the rest, they don't want any part of Big Brown

JayPea (4:24:04 PM): Tim, settle down on your 9/5 shots

TimmyT (4:24:22 PM): He's 150-1 on my tickets!

DaKAttack (4:24:26 PM): JP, not sure you got enough air in those new tires

JayPea (4:24:39 PM): Been that kinda week.......

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